Slippery Condom Cums Off

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My wife and I have been fighting lately. Every little thing seems to set us off. At night I started to go into the spare bedroom and fire up the computer. I went straight to a sex chat site I know. After a few weeks of talk I met a woman named Cindy. I was upfront and told her I was married but unhappy. She told me that she was in her late thirties and divorced.

One thing led to another and we started to talk more intimately. I told her I would love to have her in bed with me. As our chat progressed we came up with a plan to meet each other. We would meet half way and get a motel room for a weekend. I told my wife I was going to drive and visit my brother for a weekend. She didn’t bat an eye. I think she was glad to see me go.

On one Friday afternoon I left work early and drove to the motel we chose to meet at. Cindy sent me a photo of herself. I knew what to expect. She was on the chunky side and she looked to have big breasts. I didn’t care she was overweight. Cindy eventually drove into the parking lot. We had a kiss outside and then went to get our room.

Once we got settled in, we didn’t waste any time. Cindy did tell me I needed to wear a condom. She wasn’t on the pill. I made sure to stock up before I left. We got into bed and I put the rubber onto my dick. Cindy was on her back as I began to rub my cock across her wet slit. I thought she might have an orgasm before we even started. My cock got Yozgat Escort very hard rubbing all over her folds. I finally pushed my dick into her pussy.

Cindy was a vocal lover. She was moaning and begging to be taken. She placed her legs around my back as I fed her every inch of my rod. We must have really getting into it. The condom slipped off my cock. We stopped for a moment to get our bearings. To my surprise Cindy reached for the rubber and threw it to the side.

“I want to feel your bare cock,” she told me.

In the heat of the moment I pushed my cock back inside her. I have to admit it felt so much better. We continued on. I was really pounding her pussy at one point. I knew I was getting close to cumming. I told Cindy I was close and I was going to pull out. She didn’t acknowledge me. She kept her legs strapped around my back. I lost control and I sent a stream of my cum into Cindy’s belly.

I just kept firing my load into her pussy. I could feel Cindy’s pussy going into convulsions. I didn’t slow down. I kept ramming her hole until it felt like I was getting soft. Finally Cindy released her legs from around my back and I pulled free.

“I couldn’t bring myself to let you pull free. It felt too good.” Cindy told me.

I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head. It was stupid of us to fuck raw like that. What if I impregnated her? We got cleaned up after that Yozgat Escort Bayan and went to get some dinner. We ended up talking and the talk was centered around sex. We both couldn’t wait to get back to our motel room. Once we got back we undressed and got onto the bed.

Cindy used her mouth on me. She sucked me right down to the root. Once I was rock hard she mounted me. Cindy lowered herself onto my hard pole. We didn’t use a condom. I knew it was stupid but Cindy didn’t seem to care by now. She just needed to be fucked. As she rode my pole I reached up and cupped her large tits. All that tit play seemed to get Cindy steaming hot.

“Pull on my tits Rich!” She practically shouted.

I did pull on her pink nipples. I also brought my hips up and fed her my bare cock. Her pussy felt so hot and tight. Sex with my wife never felt this way. I couldn’t believe how much sexual energy be both had. Maybe it was all that pent up frustration from not getting sex at home. I knew I din’t have much cum left in me. It didn’t seem to matter. Cindy was having these tremendous orgasms. I did manage to give her a small dose of my seed this time.

After that second round we were both spent. The evening came quickly and we both fell asleep naked on the bed. Saturday was more of the same. Cindy got on her hands and knees that morning. I guided my cock to her hole and I fed her my bone. I had my hands Escort Yozgat on her hips as I gave her every inch of me. I could look down and see her big tits swaying as I pounded her hole.

You might have guessed it. Cindy took more of my cum. She actually craved taking my sticky cream from me. There was no turning back now. Cindy was like a nymph in bed. We no sooner would finish one session and she would clean up. She would suck my cum stained cock and we would go again. I guess that our time together was short. She wanted my dick as much as possible.

We did end up taking a break. My cock was feeling sore. I could see it was red looking. That didn’t stop us for long. Sunday morning we had our final lovemaking session. Cindy mounted me one last time. I made sure she was well satisfied before we parted. I worked on her tits once more as Cindy bounced up and down my fat prick. She just couldn’t get enough cock it seemed. Unfortunately the time came for us to part.

Cindy wanted to know if we would see each other again. I said I wanted that as well. It would be a matter of finding time to get away from the wife. We kissed one last time and I drove home. I wasn’t missed by my wife. She barely grunted at me when I walked in the door. I knew right then that it wouldn’t be difficult to see Cindy again.

Cindy and I have been texting and a few times we talked on the phone. I think that Cindy has fallen for me. She keeps telling me that our sex together was the best she ever had. I have been nervous about all that sex we had with using protection. Cindy hasn’t mentioned any problems so far. I am crossing my fingers. I know I need to be back in her pussy soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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