Small Town Vibes Ch. 01

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Small Town Vibes Ch. 1

All characters are eighteen years of age or older. This is a work of fiction. The names; characters; events; and locations are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, or things, is coincidental. This new adult story contains scenes of transformation; mind control; exhibitionism; and lesbian sex, first times, and masturbation.


“Samantha, please. Don’t stop; I need you,” Taryn pleaded with a hushed voice, as Sam slowly slid down the wall. Panic jolted through her heart, as she watched Sam’s jaw grow slack. Her vacant wide blue eyes dilated, and stared through Taryn, unseeing.

“Sam, get up. I can’t lose you again…” Taryn attempted to hoist her back onto her feet, but Sam used what little strength she had left to clutch the front of Taryn’s soft yellow and pink heart print pajama top, and shoved her back. Sam’s body suddenly tensed. Eyes rolling back, she uttered a guttural sound. Spasms wracked her body, as a dark wet spot spread across her grey pajama boxers; spurting through the cotton as she came uncontrollably.

“I’m here, Sam! I got you,” Taryn reassured her, holding tight against the thrashing.

Sam gasped and moaned, and then fell limp. The orgasms came to a rest, leaving the pooling puddle beneath her, seeping into Taryn’s pant leg. Gently, Taryn laid her onto the sidewalk. Long wavy scarlet hair draped over her light-skinned face. Taryn brushed it from Sam’s eyes. Unconscious, saliva trickled from her chin.

Hooking her scrawny arms underneath Sam’s armpits, Taryn grunted, trying to lift her with all her might. Sam’s dead weight was far too heavy to move. It didn’t matter that Taryn was an inch taller, at five-foot-seven; Sam was a few pounds heavier. With Taryn’s physique, she wasn’t sure if she could even move fifty pounds, let alone carry someone more than twice that amount—not that she ever had to lift anything heavier than her backpack full of textbooks around school.

However, after what they had discovered, she wasn’t sure if she had even done that before. Together, they had made so much progress; she didn’t want to lose it all again; especially not Sam. Without help, she knew she wouldn’t be able to get Sam out of here, like this.

“I’m not leaving you,” Taryn grunted, gripping her by the waistband. A futile effort. Grabbing her by the wrists, Taryn attempted to drag her instead. She managed to move her about a foot, but it made Sam’s wet pajama boxers slide down her hips.

Panting, the wind gusted over the foothills, whipping Taryn’s long straight raven-black hair about, and threatened to knock her over. Clutching close her purple zippered hoodie, weakness radiated through her limbs.

“Oh no…” It was starting to affect her too. She was almost out of time. Pulling up Sam’s boxers, she kissed her one last time on the lips. “I’m sorry,” Taryn whimpered. “I’m sorry…” Heart pounding in her chest, the familiar tingling sensation rushed through her core.

Regretfully, she let go of her girlfriend’s hands, and bolted down the dark street. Her arms and legs became heavier by the second. It was already too late. Everything had been for naught. Would they still be the same next time, or would it drive them into insanity?

Following the light, she made her way to the rural town gas station. Seeking shelter under the tall awning provided some protection from the powerful gusts. Her bare feet stung from the cold hard concrete. Sun bleached fliers and advertisements were displayed in the windows. “Change” and “you” were the only words still visible on the Bubble Scrub ad. The man’s face was distorted, and unrecognizable, from some kind of water damage. One poster stood out from the others—it was actually an index card. It had a simple illustration of a cartoon mouse with a blindfold, and a third eye wide open on its forehead.

A loud indistinct noise from a radio played from inside the building. Pulling on the door, it was locked. Peering inside, she could barely make out the contours of the empty counter from the flickering fluorescent light outside.

“Hello? Let me in, please!” she called out. There was no response. The radio broadcast suddenly crackled, and cut out. A loud series of beeps began playing in a pattern.

– …. . / .– .. -. -.. …

— ..-. / -.-. …. .- -. –. .

.- .-. . / -… .-.. — .– .. -. –.

Taryn yanked on the door frantically. Sweat dripped down her face; her skin burned hot. A surge of artificial euphoria flooded her system. “No… I’m not ready yet! I don’t want to…” A gasping moan caught in her throat. Her muscles tensed and contracted. Panting heavily, an intense arousal overwhelmed her. She felt her loins lubricating, as the light gradually shined brighter. The world around her became blurry.

She shrugged out of her jacket, trembling. Doubling over suddenly, spittle shot through clenched teeth; her black horn-rimmed glasses clattered on the ground. Gasping for air, her body tensed. Drool dangled from her lips. zayıf gaziantep escort Vaginal muscles contracted. A gush of ejaculate splashed between her legs. Another orgasm; another squirt.



Taryn’s body locked into a constant orgasmic plateau. Her juices flowed unnaturally, like a steady stream down her slender legs; the same way that happened to her lover. Collapsing to her hands and knees, she tried to crawl away but could barely move. Rolling onto her back, she convulsed.

Her torso felt tight and constricted. There was a deep popping of bones as she writhed in a euphoric haze. The hammering of her heart thundered in her ears. The lights of the gas station burned blindingly bright. A silhouette darkled above her. Having lost her words, she reached out to grasp at the figure but caught only air. The figure spoke to her, but the voice was muffled by the rushing in her ears.

Helpless, Taryn dropped her hands to her sides. Spit trailed from the corners of her mouth. The shadowy figure crouched down. She felt a tug at her pajama top. The soft fuzzy cotton fabric fell limp around her, as the air caressed her exposed breasts. The waistband of her favorite pajama pants pulled open, and suddenly the elastic went slack on the right side. The left side followed suit a moment later. There was a tearing sound going down her legs, one at a time.

The light gleamed off of the sharpened scissors. Another motion towards her arms. Her clothes were being cut off of her body. Paralyzed, it unwillingly added to her arousal. Lastly, the individual attended to her white classic brief panties. A small cut down the center, severing the waistband. A forceful rip down to the gusset. Another cut on the hip, and then the other. One swift motion, and her panties were torn from her naked body. Taryn could do nothing but come.

“…troublesome…” was all she could make out. The woman’s voice was calm, but annoyed.

Summoning her last shreds of willpower, she forced herself back onto her hands and knees. Exhausted, it took everything she had just to keep herself propped up. A bizarre sensation tingled within her breasts. With blurry sight, she watched as her skin pulled tight against her chest. In sync with every orgasm, her breast tissue shrank little by little.

Horrified, she pulled herself towards the door; clinging onto the handle as best as she could, but she was unable to pull herself up. Amid the weird and unsettling popping of bones and joints, her whole chest felt narrower. Whatever was happening, threw off her normal center of gravity.

The menacing being shook its head, and stood up. Squinting, Taryn battled against the blurriness, but still couldn’t make out any details from the blinding halo behind it.

The relentless contractions subsided, and Taryn’s body went flaccid. Her throbbing head was fuzzy; intoxicated by the fierce afterglow.

“Relax. Breathe,” the woman’s voice said.

.– .- -.- . / ..- .–.

The world went dark.


“Mmn…” Taryn stirred; her face nuzzled against her three-foot tall plush teddy bear. Bleary-eyed and confused, she groggily glanced around. A soft illumination of the orange streetlights shined through the slats of the blinds, leaving horizontal beams across her bedroom. The clock radio on the nightstand glowed with a red 4:30 a.m. Old 90’s rock music played softly from the local low powered radio station, MARE-LP.

The strange and vivid sex dream lingered in her mind, and left her horny. She never had a sex dream before, let alone dream about her best friend from school. Rolling over, she pulled her oversized teddy bear with her. Her lower lips were slick, and begging for attention. Slipping her hand into her fuzzy pink pajama bottoms, her panties were soaking wet. She must have had an orgasm in her sleep. With a dream that intense, it didn’t surprise her.

Groaning, she was still sleepy, but too turned on to ignore her arousal. Masturbation was never her forte. Often times she politely ignored her sexual urges, by being focused on her writing, or school work. Not that she had the privacy to do much, living in a tiny apartment with her aunt. However, this was not one of those times she could simply ignore. She had never been this aroused in her life.

Being naked always made her feel uncomfortable, but rubbing her vulva through her pajamas wasn’t cutting it. She wanted to feel the way she did in that dream. Vulnerable. Naked. Being out in the open, with Sam… Was it Sam who cut her clothes off? The details eluded her. It vaguely involved Sam, and they were doing something; but what stood out the most was the arousal. Nevertheless, she wanted to be naked for once, and was too tired to be bothered by it.

Wriggling her pajama pants down to her shins, she stacked up a few pillows, and mounted them; hugging her stuffed animal. Eyes closed, and hips grinding, she was already close. Stealthily playing with herself, she quickly lost gaziantep zayıf escort what little inhibitions she had in the moment. Panting louder, and heavier than normal, she felt emboldened enough to unbutton her soft pajama top, and expose her meager breasts. She hated her small chest, but lost in the moment, she didn’t care.

“Oh…” she moaned, sitting upright. Her pajama top slipped off her shoulders. Inspired by her dream, she gripped the hem of her plain white panties, and tugged hard. Yanking again, the cotton and elastic refused to yield. Frustrated in her lack of strength, she threw caution to the wind. Bucking her hips aggressively, the bedsprings began to squeak.

The sensation that she was about to pee her panties hit her the second before she came hard. Initially she thought she had just wet her panties, but realized that she had squirted for the first time. She didn’t remember where she had learned of the concept of female ejaculation, but she had no idea she could do it, much less gush such volumes. Diving down, she hugged her teddy bear tight, humping her pillows wildly. She was quick to come a second time.

Shifting her body, she pulled her panties and pajamas down to her ankles. The primal sexual hunger from her dream persisted. Squeezing the pillow between her thighs, her fingers combed through her thick, unshaven pubic hair. Her fingertips moved on instinct, and vibrated rapidly over her swollen clitoris. Letting out another moan, she came a third time. Her head was swimming, and her pillow was thoroughly soaked with ejaculate. Rolling over, she buried her face into the neck of her stuffed animal.

She was left utterly spent; her vaginal muscles contracting a few more times. Eyes closed and jaw slacked, she basked in the afterglow. Taryn wasn’t prepared for how incredible it felt. Had she truly experienced a real orgasm before? She thought she had, but the difference was night and day. If this was what it was really like, then she had been missing out.

What did she do differently this time? The dream certainly helped—the details now mostly lost to her. Was it because she took the risk of being louder, and stripping down? Exhausted, she meditated on her technique.

“Come on, get up. Gonna be late.”

Taryn jolted awake with a gasp; not realizing she had fallen back to sleep. She jumped as Aunty Liz tossed a pair of grey shorts and a purple tank top on her blankets. It was morning, but the sun hadn’t come up over the hillside yet. What was the rush? School didn’t start until later—final exams?!

Hit with another burst of adrenaline, she sat up in bed, panicked. She thought she had finished all of the tests. Glancing over at her nightstand, her dark blue mortarboard and graduation tassel perched atop her lamp. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she breathed a sigh of relief. Yesterday was grad night. No more high school, and no more finals, for good.

“Don’t scare me like that,” Taryn said, brushing her hand under black bangs. Her mind gradually waking up, she watched as Liz rummaged through the dresser drawers, plucking out a pair of socks, bra, and fresh white classic brief underpants, and then tossing them onto the bed. Blushing, Taryn hastily covered up her underwear as best as she could; suddenly realizing her pajama top was still scrunched down to her forearm.

“I can dress myself, Aunty Liz!” she said, embarrassed. Hiding underneath the blankets, she drew them up close to her neck, until her bare shoulders were no longer exposed.

“Twenty-three, skidoo,” Liz said.

“Twenty-three what?” Taryn wrinkled her nose.

“Come on, kid. Get up. I need to finish packing your stuff before I head off to work.” Liz yanked the blankets away, revealing Taryn in all her nakedness.

“Hey!” she shrieked, covering her chest, and snapping up her knees.

“Look, I don’t care what you do with your stuffed toys at night. It’s none of my business, but do it on your own time. You’re eighteen years old, and I’m not going to babysit you anymore.”

Stammering, Taryn grabbed her large stuffed animal, and held it as a shield in front of her. “I’m not—I wasn’t! I-it was hot last night!”

She saw her. Aunty Liz saw everything. Of all the mornings to burst in like this…

Mortified, Taryn pulled the blankets over her head, and scrambled to button her top. It reminded her of the excitement from the dream. She mentally scolded herself over the awkward timing of everything, as she hiked up her panties, and pajama pants.

“I know exactly what you were doing, and again, I don’t care. You’re a big girl now, and you can experiment all you want. But right now, you need to get going.”

Popping out from under the blankets, she sighed, hiding the still damp pillow underneath. “Last night was exhausting, and it’s the first day of summer vacation. Can’t I sleep in for once? What’s the rush?” Taryn whined.

Putting on her glasses, she sat up. The dresser drawers were open, along with her closet gaziantep zayıf escort bayan door. Her small computer desk was empty, and cardboard boxes piled up on the floor.

“I took care of you for six years. This is the last favor I’m doing for you. After I drop your stuff off, you’re on your own from now on,” Liz said.

“What are you talking about?” Taryn asked, perplexed. Liz grabbed a handful of underwear, and stuffed it into one of the boxes. Taryn’s heart skipped a beat. “What’s going on? What are you doing?”

“You’re moving out,” Liz said plainly.

Nonplussed, her jaw dropped. Her brain wouldn’t process what she said. Taryn watched as her aunt snatched up her giant teddy bear, and dumped it into another box, before plucking the rest of her smaller plushies from the windowsill.

“You… You’re kicking me out of the apartment, because I touched myself one time?! I’m sorry if I was too loud—I promise I’ll never do it again!” Taryn pleaded.

Liz groaned, and threw her head back in frustration. “Oh, for f—no! For the last time, I don’t care what you do; who you do; or how you do it in bed. I don’t want to know about it, and I don’t need to know about it. That’s your business.”

Turning beet red, Taryn never heard her aunt raise her voice before. Panicking, she tried to think of anything and everything she could have possibly done to have made Aunty Liz so mad that she’d be tossed out onto the street so suddenly.

Sighing, Liz continued. “I’m taking my apartment back. I know it’s sudden, but long story short: I’m pregnant, and I met a guy, so I can’t take care of you anymore. I really want this to work out, and you being here complicates things,” she said, grabbing a bunch of clothes and hangers from the closet.

Taryn barely heard a word she said. Tears welled in her brown eyes. “J-just like that?” Taryn’s voice quivered. “No discussion? No debate? Not even a warning?”

Liz cringed, and rested her hands on her wide hips. “I’m sorry. I should have talked with you about it. I got to talking with Bray; one thing led to another—”

“Bray? You slept with Bray?”

Liz folded her arms and frowned.

“The cowboy creep?”

“Hey! I don’t judge you for cramming stuffed animals into your granny panties at night.”

“I do not!” Taryn shot back. “And they’re not granny panties!”

“Yes, Taryn, they are. And you can shop for them yourself from now on.” Liz held up a pair of her plain classic brief panties before balling it up, and tossing it into a box.

“But you’re getting rid of me, so you can be with Bray?”

“I know the rumors, but once you get to know him, he’s a really sweet guy,” Liz said. “And if all goes well, he might just become your new uncle.”

Taryn became light-headed. Most guys didn’t bother her—often chasing after girls with bigger breasts. Bray on the other hand, had the reputation around town for manipulating any young woman he could seduce. She saw him routinely pestering the poor lady working at the Family Market. Just thinking about him having sex with Aunty Liz made her skin crawl.

“It’s not that I don’t care about you. I’ve got everything already set up for you, and I think you’ll really like it,” Liz said. Taryn was too spaced out to hear her. “I need this to work out between me and Bray, because I won’t be able to raise the baby on my own. Bray doesn’t do well with ‘distractions.’ We’d all be better off if you had your own place.”

Taryn struggled to fight back the tears. Staring, she was at a loss for words.

“Breakfast is on the table. Hurry up and take your shower, and get dressed; he’ll be moving in later this afternoon. I’ll drop your things off on my way to work,” Liz said.

“Where?” she squeaked. “Where am I going to go? I haven’t even gotten my first paycheck yet.” Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Liz sighed. “Don’t start crying. I told you, it’s all taken care of,” she said, pointing to an opened envelope on the nightstand. “You’re actually the lucky one. I’ll never be able to afford a place like that, in my lifetime.”

“I don’t understand. Couldn’t we have talked about this first?” Taryn could barely get the words out.

Liz picked up the letter, and slapped it into Taryn’s lap. “Honestly, I didn’t think you’d win. Congratulations,” she said with a hint of jealousy.

Pulling out the letter, it was printed on a high quality paper stock. The letterhead listed that it was from the Helpful Housing Initiative. Hands shaking, she blinked through the tears, trying to read.

According to the letter, she had been the winner of their contest. It stated that the project had been selecting young former Pony Valley High School students, eighteen to twenty-three years old, to live in a brand new custom designer home; fully furnished, and all expenses paid. After twelve months, she, and another randomly chosen roommate, will start paying for the utilities from then on. However, the house, and the plot of land, will be co-owned by the two winners.

Logically, something like this would be a boon for any teenager just starting out on their own—aside from having to share it with a total stranger. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to get such an incredible head start. However, having this sprung on her so suddenly? Not even asking her if she wanted to enter this contest? Had she known Aunty Liz wanted her to move out she would have applied for her job much sooner.

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