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Angela White

I have arrived early and I have had time to relax. I am wearing an open necked shirt and trousers and luxuriating in the sensual feel of my bare feet against the thick carpet. I am waiting for you to arrive at the hotel room we have booked to play out my fantasy.

Eventually you arrive, dressed formally, slightly stiffly, as if from work. You are wearing a tailored dark suit, the jacket emphasising your waist and he skirt flaring slightly where it ends demurely just above your knees. Your legs look slim and shapely in sheer black, emphasised by the modest heels of your ankle boots. The crisp white collar of your blouse shows above the lapels of your jacket, and there is just a touch of gold and light at your throat where the teardrop dangler flashes its studded diamond.

You grin when you enter, then compose yourself into a more serious expression, but still you come straight to me, take me in your arms and lift up on your toes to kiss me. I can feel by the softness of your lips and the hint of passion in your kisses, that you are as keen as I to take this fantasy further. I feel myself start to stiffen, charged up by the touch of your lips and the feel of your soft cheeks under my caressing fingers.

You reach under my shirt and begin to caress my back, very gently. I undo the two front buttons and slip open the front of your jacket before, very slowly, starting to open the buttons of your blouse, one by one. Eventually, when your jacket and blouse are both falling open I reach behind you and delicately unclip your black lacy brassiere.

Your breasts are not especially large, but I love that smooth soft swell of them under my hands, and the way your nipples start to grow against my exploring fingers. You continue kissing me, stroking my back and sides, for while before you pull back slightly and take both my wrists in your hands, pulling them away from your breasts. You firmly move my hands back up to your face, so that I can stroke your cheeks, your shoulders and your neck. You look up into my face and smile. This is a familiar smile to me and I understand that you want to stop what was doing and allow you take control.

You move back towards me and again start kissing me softly, sensually, on the lips. As you do so your hands move to my shirt front and you undo the buttons one by one, pausing between each button to caress my chest or tickle my nipples. I can feel myself becoming increasingly aroused. You sense this and mischievously press yourself against me, moving your hips in a slight circular motion, pressing your sex against mine.

When you reach the final button your hands slip off my chest, over my shoulders and slide the shirt down my arms so that it falls to the floor. You then at your mouth to the rhythmic patterns made by your hands, licking my skin, biting me gently, kissing first my collarbone, then my nipples and then Yozgat Escort gradually moving down my chest as you allowing yourself to slip to your knees.

Once kneeling before me you unbutton the waistband of my trousers, slide the zip down and free the tip of my penis so that the swollen glands just protrudes above the elastic of my briefs.

You give a little smile of satisfaction and lean forward to tickle the tip with your tongue as you slide the trousers down my legs and encourage me to step out of them. You then, without withdrawing your tongue on lips, make a small encouraging sound and slip your fingers into the waistband of my briefs to, pulling them down so that they fall to my ankles were I can kick them away. I am acutely aware of my own nakedness, will you still fully dressed, but the feeling which is driving me almost to distraction is the sensation of your soft lips closing around me and velvet welcome of your warm mouth.

In my mind I could stay here all day, in a state of ecstasy from the wonderful sensation of your mouth around me, your tongue caressing me, your lips massaging my shaft, and your warmth and love enveloping me. We both know, however, that forever is impossible. In fact, if you continue this for even a few moments longer, your chance of taing he fantasy further will be over rather sooner than either of us would wish.

You know this only too well, and you release me, stand up and take a step back.

You slowly look me up and down, pausing to lick your lips as your glance passes over my cock. You glance around the room, and then turn your attention back to me, as if considering your options. You seem to come to a decision. When you step towards me again, you put your hands against my chest and gently push me backwards. I step away, responding to the pressure. I have only taken two paces when I feel the sofa behind my knees. You push suddenly, harder, and I fall back on to the sofa into a sitting position.

You step back and look at me, almost quizzically. I am suddenly aware that I am sitting here naked while you are still fully dressed, albeit with your beautiful pert breasts peeking from your open blouse.

You make a decision and step forward lifting my hands and placing them on the back of the sofa, my arms outstretched, making me feel even more exposed. You press them down, indicating that I am not to move. You glance down at my erect penis and curse your lips, then you step back again looking at me with a half smile your head slightly tilted as if in thought. Suddenly your smile broadens a new step towards me again. Keeping your gaze on my eyes you reach down and take the tip of my penis between your thumb and forefinger, just below the bulge at the end of the shaft. You slide your fingers up and down just a centimetre or so, holding me very gently. You know that this arouses me and excites Yozgat Escort Bayan me almost more than I can bear sometimes. You then straighten up, take one of my hands from the back of the sofa and place it on my cock, arranging my thumb and forefinger in the same way as yours held me just a moment before. I know you want me to stimulate myself while you watch.

Once again you moved back until you are standing a few feet away from me. Slowly you reach up and cup your face with your hands and then gradually move your fingers down your cheeks, stroking your neck, sliding over your chest and cupping your breasts. You take your nipples between your fingers and tease them gently. You are still smiling, but your eyes are now half closed as you turn your focus in on yourself, concentrating on your own pleasure. I know, however, that you are still watching me, watching my hand moving gently up and down my now very erect cock.

You slide your hands further down, across your stomach, down your thighs outside your skirt and then down to the hem of your skirt.

With one happened on each side you gradually begin to hitch your skirt up, centimetre by centimetre, lifting the hem slowly. I know what is coming because this is a fantasy I have spoken to to you about before. Gradually, as your skirt lifts, the lacy tops of your stockings are revealed, and then the golden brown of your tanned thighs, and finally your brief sheer black panties. You slide your hands on to your bare thighs and for a minute you stroke them the way that you know I love to, because you want to tease me. You then left your thumbs and tuck them in the elastic of your panties, pulling them down. As they fall to the floor, and you step out of them, your skirt falls again, concealing the beautiful gap between the top of your stockings and the tops of your thighs, hiding your sex, cutting me off from the place I long to touch and kiss.

You move away again, and this time you seem satisfied. You stand there, your legs slightly apart, and lift your left hand to your face. Slowly, still smiling you slip two fingers into your mouth and suck them gently. I know what this represents for both of us and my excitement grows. Gently you sliding your wet fingers out of your mouth and across your face and neck lowering them until you tease your nipple with your still wet fingers. As you do so you place two fingers from your other hand into mouth, showing me how your lips would look if they were wrapped round me – a gesture that arouses me so much.

You then remove your hand from your mouth, your fingers dripping with saliva, and quickly slip it under your skirt. Your hand is quickly hidden from me by the folds of your skirt, but I know what you are doing to yourself. I can easily imagine you moistening the lips of your sex, slipping a fingertip between them, caressing your clitoris, Escort Yozgat partly from the memory of having watched you pleasure yourself so many times before, and partly from the way your breathing deepens and quickens.

I continue stroking myself, desperately trying to keep the stimulation minimal and delay my own progress. Every so often I have to squeeze myself hard to avoid moving on to fast. You are still watching me, and you know what I am doing, and you are enjoy the feeling of power at exciting me almost beyond my limits of self control.

Suddenly you seem to decide to put me out of my misery. You move towards me again hitching your skirt up with both hands, very slowly, as you did before. Once again my eyes are riveted to the smooth blackness of your legs, and then the lacy stocking tops before finally the golden velvet areas of your thighs and the lubricious area between your legs becomes revealed to me. You kneel on the sofa, straddling me. You lean forward until your breasts are swinging in front of my face and I nuzzle my face between them, lifting them with my free hand, pressing their soft weight against my cheeks, before gently taking one of your nipples into my mouth.

You reach between your legs, take the hand that is still holding myself under you and move it gently, positioning yourself above me. You move so that the tip of my cock is just rubbing against you. I understand what you want me to do and I begin to move the tip backwards and forwards, along the soft wet lips of your sex and then against your swollen clitoris. Respond by rocking against me in rhythm. I begin slowly, gradually increasing the speed, varying the sensation slightly from time to time, sometimes slowing and then speeding up, sometimes moving straight back and forwards, sometimes circling. Your legs tense against me, your breathing quickens, and I know you are close to coming for the first time.

I am finding it enormously difficult to contain myself. Without stopping the motion of my cock against your sex I squeeze myself tightly, again trying to delay my own growing arousal. Your muscles stiffen, your thighs tighten against me, your hands grasp my shoulder tightly, so that your nails dig into me, and, with a series of brief, exquisite cries you reach your climax. Almost without pausing you put your hand down beneath you, pushing me into you, then you slide down me, burying my cock deep inside your warm, welcoming cunt.

You are already very wet. With a sense of enormous urgency you begin to work yourself against me, you sex rubbing hard against me. Almost immediately you start to come again, calling out, your head back, your hands clutching my shoulders, and your body thrusting against me.

I have my hands on your leg, the feeling that sportsmen in the area above your stockings, grasping your, calling you against me in prison, and I’m no longer able to store. Or I give him, completely unholy, to the and climax you will need to.

When once again, as many times before, I thank you. I also think, as many times before, that even when you are being a goddam sexy, totally dirty bitch you still have class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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