Smoking Paradise Origin’s – Martha

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Smoking Paradise Island Origin’s Martha

This story is part of a little trilogy of “how did the residents get to the island” you may find it interesting, or you may not.

I have tried to have a different story for each character. I hope that it’s enough to hold your interest.

I hope that there is enough smoking and hints of nice women drinking and smoking for you all to enjoy.

Thanks again,



Chapter 1

The large gathering of Wilkinson family had all sat down around two long wooden pub beer garden bench tables and eaten their lunch. Jessica Wilkinson tinged her teaspoon against the wine glass and using both hands she managed to stand up, her chubby fingers holding the edge of the table for support as her body gently swayed.

Martha Wilkinson looked across at her mother nervously with one eye as she exhaled a cone out the other side of her mouth as her clearly tipsy mum was whilst waiting for people to be quiet was both trying to stay standing whilst she topped up both their wines glasses.

She coughed loudly “Thank you,” she coughed again and carefully picked up her wine glass and took a messy gulp, before leaning forward to put it back down, “Thank you all for coming for this little celebration, and before we lose my other daughter Hannah into the large rather delicious deserts counter,” she paused as Hannah moaned and rolled her eyes ” which is coming our way in a second, I feel like I should say a few words on behalf of the whole family in support to my other daughter Martha. On behalf of your dad and I…well done to Martha on passing your torturous, stressful exams, it has been seven years of your life and with your serious hard graft you have finally done it. I am I mean, we are, really pleased to finally have a Doctor in the house!” Jessica picked up her wine glass and smiled as she raised her glass “Cheers!” she gulped the fizzy wine, “As she is a proper doctor I am now looking forward to her looking after me in my old age.”

She smiled at the group “I think it’s now time for me to sit down, before I fall down and carry on doing what I do best, which is drinking and now I think it’s very much time for her to say a few words.” and then promptly sat back down, before raising her body slightly and tucking her long floral dress under her legs before her large bottom again reached the bench which creaked loudly as her rear landed.

The alcohol fuelled family group nodded and chatted amongst themselves and then loudly chanted “Speech” and enthusiastically banged the table.

The blonde haired slim Martha shook her head reluctantly and nervously smiled, tutted and placed her lit cigarette in the black ashtray in the middle of the table and as she anxiously stood up, adjusting her own summer dress pulling it up to protect her modesty on her chest as she rose and then with her hand in front of her mouth gently coughed to clear her throat and picked up her glass and took another Dutch courage sip of her wine and smiled at the gathered family. “Firstly, I will follow mum and thank you so much for coming, and I am so glad that it’s not raining so we can all gather outside and not be hiding under umbrellas, or even worse spending most of the afternoon in that little porch over there and of course secondly, but actually more importantly thank you so much Mum and Dad for supporting me through these last few hard years. Initially everyone thought I was mad trying to be a doctor and follow my amazing grandfather, but I really have appreciated everyone’s help and of course assistance and I really couldn’t have done it without you all.”

“Get on with Mart, deserts are coming!” whinged Hannah from the end of the bench as Jessica scowled at Hannah as she waved away the smoke drifting off the cigarette which was left burning in the ashtray in the middle of the table.

Martha smiled at Hannah “I am eternally grateful and almost certainly couldn’t have done it with the endless love and support from my gorgeous sister!” she winked. “Briefly looking forward as most of you now know I have now got the fun task of finding my real job, but I should find out very soon, it could be the local ER department, but if am really lucky I am hopeful to escape to a remote sunny island and work on my tan, I haven’t seen proper daylight for months.” She smiled as the family tapped the table supportively, she glanced to the side, and she clocked the waitress carrying the chocolate cake. “But for Hannah’s sake, I will sit down now, enjoy the cake, and thanks again.” She beamed and sat down and swiftly picked up her cigarette and placed it back between her lips and swiftly took a recuperative drag as the gathered grandmother and aunts and uncles all clapped.

Chapter 2

Martha shook her head and looked down at the table and carefully put her drink down on it, and rubbed her hand under her nose and tucked her hair away from her face again and looked at her dad, tilted her head as she placed the filter between her red lipstick rich lips and pulled Kurtköy Escort deeply on her cigarette again and held the smoke within her lungs “Again please Dad, don’t have a go at me, you’re drunk too,” she stated and then let her exhale of smoke pour out, and with her left hand on her hip pulled on her cigarette again “it’s my choice if I want to go and work on this island.” She said before exhaling yet another cone.

“Darling, I don’t want you to have worked so hard to waste it on some hedonistic island.” The overly portly grey-haired Gerald Wilkinson begged.

“Dad, they’ve told me the average age of the inhabitants is sixty-six; it’s a retirement home, in the sun. It will be great to get some experience for my career working with these people.”

“Old people have sex Martha! I should know!” he stated.

Martha shook her head and pulled on the cigarette again “Way too much information Dad”

“So why would you go out there, it’s not as if you are going to find a husband out there, if they are all bloody eighty.”

Martha laughed, “Maybe I could find myself a nice kind sugar daddy!” and then dragged on her cigarette again.

“But what do I tell the Rotarians? My amazing doctor daughter is off swinging on some island in a far-flung corner of the world apparently saving people’s lives?”

Martha glared and exhaled through her nose “The saving people’s lives bit will be true dad.” She stated and glanced at her cigarette and then flicked the growing ash off on to the floor.

“I am just not comfortable with it.”

“I don’t need to pay for board or lodging, cigarettes or alcohol, I just need work on the people in the morning and then go work hard on my tan in the afternoon!” she grinned.

“This is what concerns me, it’s going to be that you are going to join them and be an alcoholic, swinging chain-smoker.” He opened his hands out trying to explain himself.

“Well, if you sell it like that” she grinned fondly at her dad and flicked her cigarette again, the long ash tumbling to the floor.


“But dad even Mum is halfway there already, and she lives here, don’t worry about me I will be fine.” And took a final drag on the cigarette.

“But darling you full well know that I see a lot of your mum in you!”

Martha shook her head as she exhaled out the corner of mouth and stubbed the cigarette out, picked up her wine and finished it with a final gulp, she then picked up her handbag and whilst holding it close to her chest, she looked at Gerald “See you in a minute Dad!” she stated as she swung her legs from the table, got up and stumbled off in the direction of the toilets.

Chapter 3

Martha gently shut the oak front door and walked into the kitchen and smiled “Morning dad” she said as she sashayed into the kitchen room still in her blue scrubs from nightshift, and came up behind her dad and ran her hands in a faux massage over his shoulders and then affectionately kissed him on the top of his bald pate on his head and leaned across him as he said “morning” as she very unstealthily pulled a cigarette out of his pack on the kitchen table.

“Oh, morning Mart, what did I do deserve that?” He asked as he quickly offered the waiting cigarette a flame from his lighter in his shirt pocket.

“Nothing” she said after finally exhaling, “you were in my way of getting my morning cigarette!” she cheekily grinned and dragged again.

“Hey, they are mine!” he smiled fondly at his daughter “what happened to your own pack?”

“Yours were closer than mine which are still upstairs, I left them here, remember the hospital has become a completely ‘no smoking site’ and its easier if they are not on me!” she grumbled and pulled hard on her first of many post shift cigarettes.

Gerald shook his head “…anyway is it today that you will hear from the hospital trust about your permanent position?”

“Nah, the end of the month, but Dad, I am not expecting to agree to it.” She mused and leant across her dad again and flicked her initial ash off the end.

“You are not serious about the island?”

“Why not dad it will be an adventure?”

“But you won’t get to be a consultant out at this stoner island.”

“Dad, who says I want to be a consultant? Just because grandpa was?”

“He was respected.”

“I can and will be highly respected!”

Gerald smiled “No you will just be high!”

“Dad, that’s not true.” Martha crossed her left hand under her bust and dragged hard on her cigarette as she glared at her dad.

“Well, I spent last night reading up on their website about it…”

Martha glared “Dad, please don’t always believe everything they say on the internet!”

Gerald shrugged his shoulders “Look, I googled and read their rather clunky website and there is literally one paragraph that states they have a functioning hospital, the rest of it is all about how wonderful the sand and blue water is.”

“Yes, that hospital is where I will work.”

“But Martha it’s not a proper Maltepe Escort hospital.”

“Dad, look, I am going to bed, I’ve had a 20-hour shift and I can’t cope with the argument now.” She took short hard hit again on her cigarette.

“Fine, but I just wish you would reconsider you thought process.”

“We shall see what options I get!”

“Oh, to get into Bart’s, that’s a good option and hospital, you know you could always give up smoking if that helps?”

Martha laughed and reached across the flicked her ash again, “DAD, as I have said several times over the years, even after I first started, I would do only if both you and mum did as well? Then we have a deal” she smirked and cocked her head to the side, closed her eyes and her chest rose as she filled her lungs with smoke and as she opened her eyes again she exhaled and said “goodnight dad” as she headed to the hallway as her dad grumbled, opened his mouth to reply before shaking his head acknowledging defeat and looked down at his paper as she then smiled and clumped tiredly up the stairs.

A few minutes later Hannah heavily stomped down the stairs.

“Morning dad, ooh toast” She stated as she too kissed him on the top of his head and leaned across and stole his remaining piece of toast of his plate. “Ooh cold toast and no jam…” she said as she frowned and chewed.

“Well, it was…. never mind…” he sighed “What are you doing today?”

“Work, I am…”she looked at the clock on the wall “…late already…mum still asleep…bye dad.” she said with her mouthful as she picked up a black handbag off the floor quickly rummaged around checking things where there and then headed for the door

“Yeah, she went out with Janice again…”

“Lucky her, right got to go…bye dad.” Hannah waved and then as Gerald opened his mouth

“Your mum is asleep, and your sister is trying to sleep don’t sla….”

He started to say as she slammed the door, the leaving the metal letterbox swinging and clapping afterwards.

Chapter 4

Gerald looked up from his paper as he heard clumping along the landing upstairs.

“Afternoon Jess” stated as the bleary-eyed Jessica rubbed her eyes as she made her way down the stairs in her white fluffy dressing gown.

She coughed and rubbed her eyes again as she reached the bottom step. “Morning darling, where is everyone?”

“It’s twelve fifteen, it’s definitely afternoon, they are either still in bed or out at work.”

“Fuck, sorry how did that happen?” She asked looking around at the empty kitchen diner.

“Well what time did you get home?”

“I don’t know, two maybe?” she stated as she leant across Gerald and extracted a cigarette from the pack on the table. Gerald smiled and as he had done thousands of times offered her a flame from the lighter.

“It was more like three, I know Janice needs to get out after her divorce, but you have got to remember you still have a husband and a family.”

Jessica exhaled. “I do know that I have an amazing husband.” She leaned in for a kiss. “But I need a coffee or two!”

“The kettle is still hot.” He smiled and sipped his coffee.

“Good, but why are you looking so grumpy?” as asked as she padded towards the kitchen.

“Just Martha stuff again going around in my head.”

“Is she still talking about going to that island?”

“Yup” he called to her as she clattered around in the kitchen before returning dangling her cigarette and carrying her mug securely in two hands.

“It’s not our fault she started smoking. We were very good I had thought we were very good in making sure they both didn’t pick up our awful habit.”

Gerald chuckled “Yeah she must have been the oldest to actually start smoking at Uni!”

Jessica took a deep drag off her cigarette before leaving in in the ashtray as she exhaled and picked up her mug again in both hands as she exhaled through her nose and took a gulp of the brown liquid “We were not there to tell her off!” she grinned. “What did she say again, the seniors in her course taught her how to smoke to reduce stress?”

Gerald chuckled again “Yeah can you imagine it a group of trainee doctors all learning to smoke in the evening trying deal with the stress of dealing with blood and guts from dealing with people who are sick because they smoke.”

“Don’t start we will be one of those people one day!” Jessica sternly looked at her husband and took another drag on her cigarette.

“Especially if you are out drinking and partying all night long, you’re not eighteen anymore, darling!” he scolded her.

“To be honest, I am feeling it today, but surely, I am allowed little fun darling, I’ve earnt it? Two grown up daughters, wonderful husband, why can’t go out and enjoy myself now, it was good fun last night, you missed out!”


“So, what is this about Martha?” Jessica asked before picking up and taking another drag.

“She is still talking of giving up her place at Barts to runaway to this pot island.”

“That Tuzla Escort is not how she described it, wasn’t it almost guaranteed 350 days of sun a year, freeboard, and all the alcohol and cigarettes you could dream of or something?”

“Don’t you start?”


“Singing the positives of this darn island. She will be stoned out her head swinging from the trees with three children from 2 different octogenarian pervey men!”

“She is more sensible than that darling, but if she wants to go, should we let her?”

“What travel halfway around the world all on her own?”

“She is a highly educated, grown woman?”

“Would you, do it?”

Jessica screwed her face up in disgust “God no.”

“Well then, why should she?”

“Because years ago, darling we promised each other not to hold our girls back.” Jessica stretched her arm and defiantly flicked her cigarette on the ashtray.

Gerald sighed “I know, I know, I know…but you know…”

“I do, but she is bright, and persistent.

“Yeah, can you remember that Christmas she came back from uni after she started smoking?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“She almost religiously would have to keep going outside every couple of hours for fresh air, even in the wind and rain.”

“Oh god yeah,” he chucked again “I found her sheltering from the sleet in the shed smoking a cigarette.”

“She sheepishly came back in, didn’t she?” Jessica deeply laughed again.

“I think we played it right by giving her hug and telling her off being silly rather than anything else, but it did mean that the following Easter holiday she came back with that tattoo above her bum.”

“True, at least her tramp stamp stays hidden most of the time, especially at work by her scrubs but with her smoking it just means Hannah is cross with all three of us for having a cigarette in the evening!” Jessica grinned, trimmed her ash, took a final drag and then stubbed it out as she exhaled. “Any way, I think my stomach can now face food, it’s time for breakfast.”

“You mean lunch?”

Jessica shrugged her shoulders “Yeah, I guess so. Then you can take me out shopping, don’t think I should drive!”

Gerald pursed his lips and shook his head.

Chapter 5

Martha shuffled on the sofa and went to grab her pink Bic to light her cigarette and then stopped and removed the filter from her lips as she yawned and stretched, her elbows clicking loudly as she reached up, she then replaced her unlit cigarette back between her lips and reached across to the lighter on the coffee table lit it with a double pump inhale as she sighed the exhale and flipped her slim smooth bare legs under her pink silky pyjama shorts, and turned the TV on using the remote next to her pack on the arm of the sofa and settled in for a couple of hours chilling watching day time television repeats before heading back to work.

The peace was soon disturbed by the front door bursting open with Hannah standing there carrying a tray of iced donuts.

“Afternoon Mart” she smiled as she kicked the door shut with her foot and carried the tray in.

“Afternoon, how was work, Han?” Martha asked as she leaned forward and flicked her cigarette in the large glass ashtray on the coffee table and then settled back on the sofa in her tucked in a ball position.

“Stressful as ever, been on my feet all day and it wasn’t helped by Matt was whinging about his love life with Graham again and Nadine had the worst hangover ‘ever’ and wasn’t much help to me.” She wryly smiled. “So, I bought donuts. That helped me!”

“Oh, poor Nadine, but those two guys are lovely though!” Martha said and ran her thumb along her lips and drew on her cigarette again.

“Yeah, they are when they are not complaining quite so dramatically, so are you working again tonight?” Hannah asked as she carried the donuts into the kitchen walking through the cloud of Martha’s exhaled smoke.

“Yup, mum and dad are out shopping, or sobering mum up delete as appropriate.” She giggled to herself and took another drag.

Hannah shook her head as she came back into the living room “Mum is having fun helping Janice at the moment isn’t she!” and then took a bite out of a donut and licked her lips.

“I am worried for her; she is acting like a wing ‘wo’man for Janice as a couple of cougars roaming the town at night looking for unsuspecting men!” Martha said and screwed her face up at the thought as she flicked her ash again.

“I think Mum and Dad are more worried about you!” Hannah said as she sat down on the chair opposite.

“I can’t see why I am fine, if a little tired from nightshift and will need another coffee before going starting my next shift, but apart from that I am fine, I was thinking of going to the movies on Friday night, if you want to?” she grinned and placed the orange filter back between her lips and her cheeks briefly collapsed as she took another lungful of smoke.

Hannah chewed on her last of her donut as she licked the sugar off her hands and then wiped them on her dress as Martha exhaled a cloud of smoke into the middle of the room. “I would love to, but Mum was saying that you are serious about going to the island?”

A wry smiled crept across Martha’s face. “Han, yes I am.”

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