Snow Shoveling

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Everyone in this story is over 18. This is my first try at a story like this. Feedback is welcome.


“Overnight we are expecting another snow storm, with an inch or maybe more, especially in the foothills” said the weatherman on the TV.

In my mind flashed a quick picture of Mrs. Johnson, I mean Julie, and “Yes!” just escaped my mouth, just barely….

“What?” said my mom. “Did I really just hear you say ‘Yes!’ about another snow storm?”

“Yeah, Mom, I guess … “

“Well, I’m proud of you son. I told you that if your attitude changed and you started helping people, good things would come to you as well.”

“Yeah, Mom… I totally get what you mean. You were right and I was wrong.”

“I love you” mom said ….

“Well …. I’m going to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow to go shovel … Good night mom.”

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know you are probably confused … why in the world would an 18 year old kid like me be excited about a snow storm and snow shoveling ….. Well, I need to go back a couple of weeks to explain.


I turned 18 early in my Senior Year of high school. I was looking forward to going to college next year. We live in the foothills and get some snow most years but not usually a lot. So we have to shovel sometimes, but not all the time.

Well, it was one of those storms. There was about 2 inches outside, but it was really really really cold. I just finished our driveway. It wasn’t too bad to do just our driveway, but I was frozen to the bone.

As I started to come into the house, pulling off my gloves my mom met me at the door and said “Johnny… stop, wait … will you please go shovel Mrs Johnson’s driveway. She lives at the end of the cul-de-sac. She just moved here from Florida. I doubt she even has a shovel. I met her walking a few days ago. She is very nice. She lives at 108.”

“MOM!” I fumed “It is sooooo cold! I don’t want to!”

“Johnny, ” Mom said, “I promise you that doing nice things for other people will bring good things to you as well.”

“Good things won’t matter if I freeze to death!” I spit back at her, but I knew there was no arguing with her. So I turned around, got my shovel, and started stomping and fuming my way down the street to 108. I swear, I think my anger probably could have melted the snow as I walked.

I reached 108, and started shoveling. Luckily, it was a relatively short driveway, and I was almost done when the door to house opened and a nice voice called through the screen “Thank you sooooo much. I don’t even own a shovel. When you are done, please come inside because it feels sooooo cold.” I couldn’t see anything but an outline on the screen on the door.

“Sure!” I said, and then grumbled under my breath “yeah, like I want some stale grandma candy!” (like I said, I was in a bad bad mood).

So I finished up and knocked on the door, and Mrs. Johnson let me in. Mrs. Johnson didn’t look anything like what I had imagined. She definitely was no grandma!! She was BEAUTIFUL. She was tall, something like 5′ 10″. She had sparkling blue eyes, and clear shining face. She was probably in her mid 20s, maybe 26 or 27. She had long flowing blond hair to around the middle of her back. She was stunning! I was shocked and I swear my jaw probably was dragging on the ground.

“Thank you sooooo much!” she said sweetly “That was sooo nice of you. How did you know? Oh, you must be Mrs Simon’s boy. Please tell her thank you for me.”

“Um, Yeah, um” I just babbled ….

“Oh are you ok? it’s soo cold!”, she said

“Yeah, I think I froze my balls off …” just slipped out and I tried to pull it back in, but you can’t!

Mrs. Johnson’s face turned red … but then she kind of smiled at me.

“Oh Please Please please don’t tell my mom I said that. Please, she will kill me! Please Please!” I pleaded with her.

She just smiled at me and said “Why did you come shovel for me?”

“My mom basically made me to be honest. She told me that if you do nice things for other people, eventually that comes back to be good things for you as well. I guess she looks for people to help like that.”

“Well, that is sooo sweet of her. Us girls have to stick together and watch out for each other. And she is right”, Mrs Johnson said as she took a step towards me, “when you do nice things for others, it does come back to you.”

She took a couple more steps until she was really close to me. She smelled really nice. Strawberries or something sweet like that. I was just blown away with her beauty. She was stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She took another step closer to me…. I wasn’t really sure what was happening.

Suddenly, she slid her hand into my pants and cupped my balls! “Yep, those sure are cold. I better warm them up so they don’t fall off!” she purred as she gently massaged my sack. She looked up into my eyes, which must have been the size of plates and said “I promise not to tell your mom what you said about your freezing balls, if you promise not to tell her about what I’m doing to warm them back up şerifali escort again!!”

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah … sure … deal … Yeah … anything … Yeah ” I babbled. It felt sooooo good.

Then she pulled her hand out, and patted me on the cheek. “Well, you better head on home now, before your mom wonders where you are. Thank you again for shoveling. You are wonderful!”

And with that, she hustled me out the door and I started walking home.

When I got home, and shook off all my snow gear, my mom called out of the kitchen,. “Mrs Johnson called ….” she started

“Oh no” I thought, Mom is going to kill me ….

“Mom …” I started to say ….

‘And she said you are the most wonderful young man to come shovel for her. Thank you for going. I know you didn’t want to. But you did it. Thanks again for going!!!”

“Well, Mom, it’s ok.”

“And”, said mom “I can see from the glow in your face, that you feel good about helping someone else too …. Told you so!”

“Yeah, sure, Mom …”


It didn’t snow again for about a week or so. But I certainly thought about Mrs Johnson most days. I was starting to wonder if it really happened or not. But the next storm came,….

I quickly shoveled our walk and headed down to Mrs Johnson’s. It was a relatively light snow and actually I was done in just a few minutes. As soon as I was done, I went up to the door and rang the bell.

“Hey, thank you again,” Mrs Johnson said, and invited me in.

“Sure Mrs Johnson”, I said. “It was a light snow this time and really pretty easy.”

“Please … don’t call me Mrs. Johnson…. That is my MOM!!” she said with a laugh. “Please call me Julie!”

“Oh sure, of course … Julie. Yeah, Mrs Johnson does sound old. And you are not old. You are really young.” Oh man, I was babbling again. She did that to me. “Ugh,” I thought “Stop talking!!! You sound like an idiot!”

Not only was she not old, she was absolutely beautiful. Her golden blonde hair shown with light. And, I finally really looked at her. She was wearing yoga pants, and I could see she had long slim legs. She was wearing a loose sweatshirt that didn’t show much, but certainly hinted at some large breasts.

“So, you didn’t freeze any important parts off this time?” Julie said with a twisted smile and a twinkle in her eye.

“No, No it wasn’t cold today …” I started to say,

“Too bad…. I was all ready to help warm you up again!!!” she said with a giggle

I thought “You idiot!!!” and quickly changed my story … “Actually it was cold again, and yeah, my balls were about to freeze off.”

“Oh well, we can’t have that!!” Julie laughed, and took me by the hand to the couch in her living room, and guided me to sit down. She undid the button on my pants and reached inside my underwear.

She wrapped her warm hand around my balls and slowly massaged them. It felt so good. Her hand was really warm, and I guess I was a bit cold after all. I looked at her, and she just smiled and kept rubbing and gently squeezing.

“So, now that you know my name is Julie, what is your name?” she asked, while continuing the fondling of my balls.

“JJJJJJohnny.” I said

“Well Johnny, your balls don’t feel like they are going freeze off, but are there other parts you are worried about I should check on?”

“Well, I … um .. I ….” I stammered.

“How about your dick? Are you worried about that? That would be a shame to have it freeze off as well.” and she moved her hand from my balls to my dick.

OH, was that ever wonderful. Amazing! Fantastic!

She squeezed it, and I felt the warmth of her hands all around my dick. She slowly stroked it and stroked it. She made a ring with her finger and thumb and ran it over the tip of my ever hardening dick. It was incredible.

I started to have pre-cum leaking out, and she rubbed it all over the head of my dick. Then she squeezed my shaft and head and started slowly tugging up and down. I looked at her, and she was smiling at me. Her eyes were focused on my eyes, and she kept stroking and stroking. Then she pulled her hand out of my pants.

I looked at her, with pleading in my eyes, and she just giggled. She reached behind her on the couch, and pulled out small bottle of lube, and said “Slide your pants down so I can get a better grip!!!” which I immediately did.

She rubbed some lube on both hands, and then wrapped both hands around my throbbing dick and interlocked her fingers. She stroked up and down, and up and down. Then she unlocked her fingers and rubbed both hands back and forth, kind of like trying to start a fire with a stick. It felt truly amazing.

“You do a job for me … I’ll do a job for you” she whispered to me…

That was about it … I was sooooo close. She felt my muscles tighten, and grabbed the head of my dick and jerked up and down. I exploded into her hands. She exploded with laughter as well. “Wow” she said, “that was great”.

“YEAH …. Great … Great” I enthusiastically silivri escort agreed.

She reached behind her again, pulled out some wet wipes and started to clean up her hands and her handiwork on me. She wiped me all clean and said “We wouldn’t want you to walk home all messy. What would your mother think!?”

After she finished cleaning me up, I pulled up my pants. Then I just stood there. What do I do? What do I say?

Julie looked at me and said …”Just like your mom looked out for me, I noticed that Mrs Ortiz next door needs her driveway shoveled as well. We women look out for each other. Now, you better head home.”

I walked slowly to the door, turned around to look at Julie one more time. I opened my mouth to say something, but had nothing to say…. So I turned around and I walked home.

When I got home, Mom said “Johnny, you went and did Mrs Johnson’s walks for her, again? Thank you. And it looks like you enjoyed it too … you are all grins!!! See, doing nice things for people makes you feel good.”

“Yeah, mom …. It DOES feel really really good!”.


It was only a few more days until the next storm came, and I was out shoveling as soon as the flakes even started slowing down. I did our driveway in record time. And then I headed down the street to Mrs Johnson’s … I mean to Julie’s. I actually went right past Mrs. Ortiz’s house before I remembered what Julie had said. I turned back, and went to work on Mrs. Ortiz’s driveway. It went pretty quickly as well. Mrs. Ortiz opened the door to ask who was shoveling, and I said “It’s me, Johnny, from up the street”, and she said something like you are soo sweet. I wasn’t really listening. I just wanted to get Julie’s driveway done.

So then I started walking to Julie’s house, and an idea hit me. I saw her looking out the window at me, and I just walked right past her house to the next neighbor. I honestly didn’t even know WHO lived there, but It was a short driveway and I quickly got started. When I was almost done, a middle aged woman opened the door and said “Thank you sooo much. My husband is on travel for work, and he usually does the shovelling!” “No problem,” I said” it’s a light snow!”

After finishing up both of Julie’s neighbor’s driveways, I circled back to Julie’s driveway. I was maybe half done when Julie came out, wrapping her coat tightly around her.

“I saw you do Mrs. Ortiz’s driveway … thank you by the way …But then you disappeared?!?” she questioned. “I wondered what was going on? Where did you go?” she said with a puzzled look on her face.

“Well, I noticed that your other neighbor needed their driveway done as well…. And well, I figured that as long as I am out here, I might as well do that one as well. Turns out the man of the house is gone or something.. So the lady there said she really appreciated it”

“Oh so you did that house all on your own?” Julie said and smiled.

“Yeah, I guess I did….” I said ….

“Well, as soon as you are done, you come on inside to warm up!!” and she spun around and headed inside.

It only took a few more minutes to finish up the driveway, and I headed to the door. I rang the bell, and I heard Julie call from inside “It’s open Silly … I told you to come in.”

It was nice and warm in Julie’s house, and I took off my coat and gloves and hat, and left my boots by the door. I didn’t see Julie, but I figured she had to be close. I think I could just barely smell the sweet strawberry smell.

So I walked into the living room, and there she was, sitting on the couch. She was just as amazing as before. She was wearing tight black pants that looked painted on. Her legs were so long and shapely sitting on that couch. She was also wearing a tight white sweater, that clinged to every curve. YES, as I thought, she did have big amazing breasts. The sweater buttons on the front were straining to stay buttoned.

“Come on over here” she said, and patted the couch next to her.

I just about ran over, but then said “Stay cool!!” and tried to just walk over. She giggled at me again. But it was such a cute giggle, and it just made her look even more amazing. I sat down next to her, and could not keep my eyes off her.

“So … “she said” You did the neighbors drive yourself huh? That was really nice. That is great to take things into your own hands like that”

“Well, yeah it seemed like the nice thing to do” I said.

She got that sly smirk on her face again and said “Do you always do the nice thing? Is there anything NAUGHTY that you want to do, rather than nice?”

“WOAH”, I thought …”WOW, she is amazing ….”

“Well, sure, I think of NAUGHTY things too ….” I said to her.

“Like what?” she asked … and her eyes had that crazy look that said she was really curious …

“Well, I think about boobs … and I think about lots of things to do with boobs,…” I said, and looked at her to see how she reacted to that. She just smiled and looked down at her chest and back up şirinevler escort at me.

“You think about MY Boobs?” she said, with a smirk.

“Yeah”, I said, ” I certainly am right now!!!”

“Do you want to see them?”

“Oh, very very much!” I said

“Then you should do something about it. You did the neighbor’s driveway on your own….you should do something on your own initiative now to see my boobs!”

I reached slowly out towards her, not really sure what to do. Then it hit me … Do what you want!!! So I reached out, and I undid the top button on her sweater, and the sweater strained even more. I looked at her eyes, then her chest, then her eyes again. She smiled at me. That did it, I undid all the buttons and threw open her sweater.

She was wearing a black satin bra. It squeezed her breast together and created amazing cleavage. I reached out both hands and rubbed around both her breasts. The satin was amazing, and warm to the touch. As I rubbed her breasts, Julie said “That feels really nice”

The bra was a front clasp bra, and I ran my finger between her beautiful full breasts until I got to the clasp. Then I ran the other finger down to her breast to the clasp as well. I took a deep breath, and undid the clasp, but held the two parts together. I held them together for a second, and Julie arched her back just a bit and I let go. The bra flew apart!

AND there were the most amazing breasts in the world. They were full and round and magnificent. They filled my hands and just a little bit more. She had tan lines around her breasts, but the area right around her nipple was creamy white. She had slightly pink areolas, with darker nipples.

I pinched her nipple and rubbed it between my finger and thumb, and could feel it firm up. I rubbed around her areolas where she had a bunch of little bumps, As my finger ran over each little bump, and felt her shutter just a little.

I leaned over and licked her other nipple, and sucked it into my mouth. She gasped a little, and I sucked harder and she moaned. It was amazing. As I sucked on her nipple, I felt it get firmer and harder. It was wonderful to feel her flesh in my mouth.

Speaking of getting harder, my dick was throbbing and straining against my pants. It was such a huge hard-on, and was getting so uncomfortable. I leaned back away from those amazing tits and adjusted my raging dick.

She looked at me adjust myself and said “You really should take THAT into your hands too!! What do you want to do with that and my boobs?”

I unzipped my pants and released my raging hard-on. It sprang right out straight out at her, and she looked at me and said “It’s huge! What are you going to do with that Huge Dick!?” Oh, that was almost it … that almost put me over the edge.

I straddled her, and rubbed my dick between her two tits. She moaned, reached behind her and grabbed that bottle of lube and drizzled some over my dick and between her breasts. She squeezed her breasts together so they completely enveloped my dick, and I started pumping. I pumped and pumped between her breasts.

Then I felt it … the rush … my balls tightened, and I made one more thrust and out came just gobs and gobs of cum. I came all over her neck, her breast, everywhere. Piles of creamy white cum strands covered her neck. She released her breasts and my dick sprang up, and a second shot hit her chin.

She looked at me with sparkle in her eyes and said “Thanks for all you did this morning, both outside and here with me! You are wonderful.” She handed me the wipes (she had them close by again … she was planning something!!), and said “you should clean up after yourself”

I wiped her chin first, then her neck and breasts. The wipes made her skin glisten, and I paid extra special attention to cleaning off her nipples. I cleaned myself up too, and then looked at her. NOW WHAT? “Julie, that was amazing!!” “Was it all that your naughty mind imagined?” “BETTER” I blurted out. She giggled again, and said “You deserve it for doing nice things for other people. NOW, get on home before your Mom sends out the cavalry to look for you!”

I pulled up my pants, gathered my snow gear, and headed for the door. I looked back, and she blew me a kiss as she reconnected the front clasp on the bra and adjusted those amazing tits. I tore myself away from the view and let myself out.

As I walked past Mrs Ortiz’s house, she called out and said “Johnny, Johnny, thank you sooo much! Come on in, please. I have something for you!” “No really, Mrs Ortiz, it’s just fine” I responded. “No, you must, please come in” So I went up to the door, and went inside.

She patted me on the arm and said “Come, Come … I have something for you.” and led me to the kitchen and then the garage door. “I want you to have Old Max!” “I;m sorry, What?” I said. She went into the garage, and pulled a tarp off of something in the corner. It was an old, but still very nice Snowblower, and it looked like it was in great condition.

“My dear Bill, Rest his Soul, bought old Max a few years ago. I can’t even start it or move it. I think it was working before my dear Bill, Rest his Soul, died a few years ago. I saw you shovel three driveways this morning!!! You are such a big strong young man … but with Old Max, it should go even faster!! Please take Old Max. It would make my dear Bill, rest his soul, so happy to know Old Max is still being useful!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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