So I Might’ve Cursed My Family…

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Author’s Preface:

Hello community, new author here. As this is my first attempt at erotic fiction I am quite willing to concede that the plot for this one takes quite a long time to unfold. I am of course open to critique so feel free to leave any advice you might have for a newcomer (I can assure you it will be appreciated).

As you may have inferred from the tags and tagline, this story is an incest story in which decidedly un-family friendly activities occur, however if anything does cause genuine upset to readers (perhaps you have had negative relationships with cursed trinkets in the past?) then I can only offer my most humble apologies.

Otherwise, thank you very much for your interest and I look forward to hearing what you think!

* * * * *

Evie Beaumont was the last person on Earth who deserved this.

The wooden box of seemingly innocuous trinkets and jewels looked like any collection of ancient knick-knacks salvaged from the home of some equally ancient serial hoarder.

Nevertheless, young Evie did not deserve it.

This was mostly because these items were all unfathomable bastions of world-changing power, and Evie was pathologically incapable of utilising that power with anything approaching responsibility.

“Fucking fucking gonna RULE the fucking WORLD fucking!” she mumbled excitedly to herself as she ducked through alleyways and side streets. She had to get them all home as soon as possible, without being seen if possible.

The mousy girl’s blue eyes darted to and fro, occasionally blowing an unruly strand of black hair aside as she tried to move at speed while simultaneously looking nonchalant. Her short, elfin body was practically vibrating with excitement as she stormed across the lawn of her house, unlocking the front door after agonizing seconds of fiddling with keys.

She practically fell through the door, slamming it behind her with one foot and moving for the stairs at almost a dead sprint. The voice of her mother echoed through from the kitchen, where presumably something culinary was taking place.

“Oh Evie, how was your day at-”

“Hi Mum! Sorry, can’t talk now see you at dinner BYE!”

At least, that was what she had meant to say, but in her excitement the words all exited her mouth at once giving the impression of one loud squeak instead of anything approaching language. Her excuses made, Evie skittered up the stairs and into her bedroom in about 3 seconds flat. Her mother shook her head despondently and returned to the kitchen, quite used to her youngest daughter’s idiosyncrasies by this point.

Evie kicked the door shut and placed the box reverently on the bed, gently rooting through the eclectic and esoteric items within. She palmed a small book bound in blackened leather, a clay oil lamp seemingly pilfered from a Mesopotamian tomb, and a gold coin burned black on one face.

She only had the vaguest idea what most of these things were actually supposed to do, but she knew each item was brimming with magical energies.

Well… she hoped each item was brimming with magical energies.

They were buried in the walls of a basement in the now defunct Carlisle Manor, which had lain abandoned after its owners mysteriously disappeared in a lightning storm more than a century ago.

So… they fucking better be magical.

She and her ‘occult’ friends had been looking into the Carlisles for some time, tracing their lineage back to the 14th Century at least. The family had accrued enormous wealth from a variety of undisclosed sources and were subject to at least three witchcraft trials in a single century.

For a group of amateur ghost-hunting enthusiasts, it seemed like the perfect place to focus their energies. While the house wasn’t lived in as such, it was owned by a family member now living in Rhode Island, so it was well maintained at least. The love of ghost hunting can be dulled by enough mud and rot after all. Luckily, they were able to make their way onto the property with relatively little fuss, as there was no security system to speak of. While her other friends fawned over the gothic library, Evie snuck down to the basement. There she found a section of weak plaster and managed to pry it off with a little gumption.

When she found the old-timey fruit box stuffed with arcane artefacts, she was suddenly overcome with a curiously selfish urge. She grabbed the whole lot and bolted.

She felt a little guilty about not sharing the haul with the other girls, but she reasoned that she could probably buy their forgiveness with a country or two when she was the undisputed Empress of Mankind.

As previously stated, Evie did not deserve the contents of that box.

She began the process looking through everything to see if there was… escort gaziantep özbek bayan an instruction manual? No… that probably would have been too much to ask. She picked up some sort of stone-age clay idol and turned it over in her hands. It looked like one of those ‘Venus of Willendorf’ things that occasionally came up in someone’s back garden, all ridiculous curves and enormous bellies. It felt weirdly warm to the touch.

“Here we go…” Evie thought to herself, certain that she was about to welcome some ancient Sumatran Goddess back into the world and become her Divine Prophetess. That would be pretty damn sweet all things considered…

As she rubbed and felt along every surface of the idol, she suddenly felt it shudder. As she watched the idol began to glow with a throbbing purple light.

“Yeeeessss!” she whispered to herself, begrudgingly conceding that this was how supervillains were born.

The idol shuddered violently, threatening to throw itself clean out of her hands. She clamped both of them over the clay, which promptly ceased all motion and seemed to catch fire. With equal parts wonder and relief Evie noted that the fire was both painless and faintly tingly, the purple flames seeming not to damage her clothes or skin.

“Who’s that? Is that you Archibald?! Christ, who’s bloody got me now? Fuck’s sake…”

The divine voice emanating from the idol seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, an angelic symphony of thousands of sopranos singing in perfect chorus.

It made the near constant swearing a little jarring, naturally…

“Oh fuck me, another one! Why can’t you bloody meatbags leave me alone for a few centuries?! Is that really so much to ask?! Can’t you just wait a millennium or so for me to really get a decent amount of shut-eye? I suppose you’ll be wanting a fucking wish and all, won’t you?”

Evie took a quick look around to see that nobody could hear this strange collection of voices that seemed to be booming and whispering at the same time. She nodded at the idol.

“I expect you fucking would, wouldn’t you? Well fine. You can have ONE but then I’m going back to sleep and if you think I’ll answer you again you can fucking do one, mate. Now… What do you want? DON’T FUCKING SAY ANYTHING, I CAN’T STAND THE WAY YOU FLAP THOSE FUCKING LITTLE SKIN FLAPS TO MAKE LANGUAGE… Right. Got it. Christ, another fucking pervert… One day I’ll be woken up by a Nun and I won’t have a fucking clue what to do with them…”

Evie wrinkled her brows confusedly. She hadn’t said anything… She hadn’t even thought anything…

“Wishing that sort of thing had a more ‘mainstream’ appeal, eh? Well it’s gross but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done… Why the fuck not?! I’ve only got a range of about 100 feet with this idol, but that should work just fine for what you’re wanting.”

The idol pulsed one last time and sent a trail of wispy purple smoke out from its face. Evie took a lungful without realising before the smoke appeared to change direction and shoot out through the keyhole of her door.

“There. Now fuck off.”

With that outburst the idol fell silent, the purple flame winking out as quickly as it arrived. Evie could feel that it was nothing more than an inert lump of clay now, and placed it back in the box.

“Well… That was weird.”

Evie gingerly checked herself for any new lumps or accessories, but found none.

“What the fuck did you do?”

It was at this point that her reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door, which after a moment swung open to reveal her big sister Jeanne.

“Hey short-stack, Mum says dinner’s in five minutes.”

Evie noted that her sister had clearly just stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a soft cotton towel with another wrapped around her short black hair. Evie noticed her impressively toned legs, a result of countless hours honed as a personal trainer. Jeanne herself often remarked that her ‘sick girl-abs’ were single-handedly keeping her local gym open. Evie often thought of her sister as ‘tomboy-ish’.

“Earth to Evie! Dinner. Five. Yes?”

Evie snapped out of her train of thought just long enough to look her sister in the eye. She absentmindedly noticed that her sister’s were the same shade of deep blue as hers.

“Dinner! Gotcha. Yes. How was your day?”

Jeanne shrugged expressively and took a step towards the bed, one hand dutifully holding her towel in place.

“Same old, really. Needed to step in to take over a spin class for Mel, so it’s actually been pretty chill. What’s with all of this crap?”

She poked at the box’s contents lightly, trying to avoid touching anything that might be dirty (which was damn-near porno videolar everything). Evie watched the tiny movements of her biceps with curious intensity.

“Umm… Me and the girls got them from the old Carlisle Manor, thought they might be related to the history of the place.”

Jeanne chuckled and drew her hand back, Evie noticed the droplets of water on her arm.

“You girls are 2spooky for me, hun.”

Jeanne smiled impishly and looked her baby sister in the eye, seeming to notice something as if for the first time.

“Are you wearing your contacts again? Honestly I always thought you looked cuter with the glasses… Anyway, see you in a bit.”

With that Jeanne walked out nonchalantly, and Evie watched her go with a new appreciation for the work that her sister put into her bod-


Evie suddenly realised what the idol had done. Well… that was hardly fucking fair, was it?!

“You sign up to one fetish board…”

She grabbed the idol and shook it violently, hoping that the spirit within was actually… you know… within.

“Excuse me! Didn’t actually want that! Do you not understand that a fantasy is just a fantasy?! It was an abstract desire, not a concrete one! ABSTRACT!”

The idol remained silent.

“Ok, don’t panic Evie. The key here is not to panic. It’s probably just a little wish anyway, nothing too bad can happen if I don’t want it to happen, right?”

She knew that the first thing she had to do after dinner was sort through some of the books in that box to see if there was a counter-spell she could deploy.

For now though, she just had to act normal for an hour or two.

Even she could manage that, right? There was no way she was going to be duped into acting on… daydreams like that.

She changed out of her ghost-huntin’ clothes and threw on some sweats and a t-shirt. She thoughtlessly grabbed her glasses from the bedsite table, going to the bathroom to swap out her contacts.

* * * * *

By the time she went down for dinner, she could really feel the effects of the spell. It mostly persisted as a sort of constant heat prickling all over her skin. As long as she remained aware of her condition she should be able to control any… libidinous urges, right?

This train of thought was stalled when she entered the lounge/dining room. The smells from the kitchen were as usual heavenly. Having a professional chef for a Mum had sizeable benefits, even if it did result in a pronounced lack of chicken-nugget dinners in childhood…

Evie’s mother Adele bustled through with an armful of cutlery and placemats, placing them on the dining table.

“Hi darling, could you set this up for me? Everyone else is hiding until the work is done.”

Adele kissed her daughter on the cheek and then ambled back to the kitchen without another word.

Evie couldn’t help but appraise her mother the same way she had done to Jeanne earlier. At just shy of 50 her Mother had a body most 35 year olds would do unspeakable things for.

She wasn’t necessarily lithe or dainty (who would trust a professional chef who won’t partake of their own supply after all?) but she had a beautiful wrinkle-free face and a figure that had a certain primitive appeal to it. Top it off with that traditional Beaumont combo of thick dark hair and deep blue eyes and she would have been the sort of women ancient empires would have gone to war over.

It was true that she was a little chubby, but all that fat went to the right places. Evie noted that she had a very full bust and wide hips, with a soft looking tummy that would probably feel so nice to just-


Evie shook the thought of her mother’s delicious body from her mind and started setting the table. She put places for her, Jeanne, Mum, Dad and her brother Charlie and then sat down to try and get her head straight before everyone else showed up.

Unfortunately she wouldn’t get that opportunity, as her big brother Charlie wandered in wearing a white t-shirt and… boxer shorts?!

“Hey Eves, how was your B-and-E?”

He smiled teasingly and ran a hand through his long hair. Charlie had what you might call a ‘dancer’s body’, he was in decent shape but he didn’t take his health quite as seriously as Jeanne.

“Yeah it was ok, got a few trinkets to look over. You never know, right? Say, what’s with the… um…”

Charlie looked at her with mild confusion, taking a moment to realise that she was referring to his outfit.

“Oh, the shorts? Yeah it’s just so hot this evening. It was difficult to think straight, you know?”

Evie knew. She gave a shrug that said fair enough and tried not to look at her brother’s crotch as he gave it rus escort bayan gaziantep a rather rigorous adjustment before taking his seat

…she mostly succeeded.

After a moment Jeanne swayed in wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, her still wet hair slicked back.

“Hey, you put your glasses on!”

Jeanne smiled roguishly with one side of her mouth and took a seat next to Evie, brushing a lock of hair from her baby sister’s face to get a closer look at her new look. Charlie seemed to notice too, grinning wolfishly at his two sisters.

“Seems everyone’s trying a new look tonight, Jeannie you look like you’re about to murder James Bond’s handler with your thighs.”

Jeanne wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out coquettishly, which only increased Charlie’s grin, which was starting to look practically predatory in this light. Evie knew she had to get the situation back under control quickly.

“Hey, what are we watching tonight?” She asked just a little too loudly.

Evie thought that move was just smooth enough to get things back on track, and her siblings did seem to come back to reality for a while.

“Uh… I don’t know actually. I think we’ve got at least one episode of Time Passes racked up, so that’s probably our best option?”

Crap. Evie remembered that Time Passes was one of those bodice-ripper serials about some sort of time-travelling nurse or something. She was getting railed by about three different flavours of generically rugged handsome man No.17 every episode.

…Maybe she could just encourage them to watch the news?

“Ok, dinner’s up!”

The thunderous voice of Evie’s father Jack preceded him as he entered the room with a big steaming pot of something that smelt amazing.

“Ooh! Do I smell dauphinoise?” Jeanne bobbed excitedly in her seat in a way that Evie found entirely too distracting, so she tore her eyes away to look at the food. Unfortunately, her Father was holding said food and Evie’s eyes naturally locked on to him instead. Standing about 6’2″ in a pair of work trousers and an undershirt, she could clearly see that her Dad looked after his health with nearly the same intensity as Jeanne.

Years of rigid discipline had shaped him into a tough looking man, who had managed to cultivate more muscle than fat (unlike many of his mates). His hairline was still thick with only one or two grey hairs moving in at the sides. Unlike the rest of your family his eyes were green, but that wasn’t a point to hold against him by any means. Evie’s eyes traced the firm outline of his muscles for just a few moments longer than she meant to, and she hadn’t realised that Jeanne was doing the same thing until she broke eye contact. Dad failed to notice entirely however, and plonked the tub down with much aplomb.

“Mana from the Goddess, my darling. Speaking of, need a hand with the rest, Dell?”

There was a small clatter from the kitchen before her mother replied.

“No, got it all in hand!”

Adele brought in steaks and greens with the easy confidence of an experienced chef and placed them down next to the potatoes.

“Dig in everyone, no need to stand on ceremony.”

Adele took her seat at the other head of the table and began fanning herself with a tea-towel. Her usually immaculate up-do had allowed a couple of strands to shake loose, and her cheeks were flushed. Evie briefly thought about what she could do to make her Mum more comfortable, maybe she could get an ice cube and gently run it all over her-

DAMN IT! Pack that shit in, Evie!

She shook her head and reached for the tongs, dishing up some dinner and trying to tuck in without looking at anyone or anything beside her food. It was damn difficult. The heat on her skin was constant, growing with each passing second of proximity. The rest of the table was unusually quiet, so she risked a glance at everyone else.

They were starting to sweat now. Profusely.

Charlie was fidgeting uncomfortably, trying to adjust his boxers every few seconds. Jeanne was focusing on rhythmic breathing and Mum was barely conscious, her mouth slightly parted with the exertion of maintaining her faculties. Even her unflappable Dad was wiping his forehead periodically and staring wolfishly at the table. When her father’s eyes locked with hers Evie couldn’t quite make herself look away, allowing those eyes to roam shamelessly over her body. She felt them focus on her breasts and felt the nipples harden involuntarily.

She told herself it was entirely outside of her control and tried to look away. She looked at Jeanne who was now rubbing her thighs while looking at her family.

Things were devolving quickly… Evie had to get things back on topic now.

“Looks like we’re all having a little… trouble with dinner? Maybe we’re all coming down with something?”

The family seemed to shake themselves from their temporary reverie and looked at her as if waking from a dream. Her Mum was the first to respond.

“Oh… Yes. I suppose it’s a little too hot for this meal, isn’t it? Maybe we should just write it off and settle in for the night, eh?”

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