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I stepped over to the bar, in between an empty bar stool and one occupied by a nice looking man. The whole place was dark, but it was a little darker over here by the bar. It looked like most of the bar stools were taken by men, although two seats over there was a woman sitting on a guy’s lap, the two of them had spun around so they were able to watch the dance floor from their perch.

I caught the bartender’s eye, and when he came over, I ordered a glass of merlot for me, and a bottle of beer for Grant. He nodded and moved off down the bar. As I waited for my drink, I glanced down the bar at the woman sitting on the guy’s lap and noticed that she was actually bouncing on his lap, as they both watched the action on the dance floor. As I looked closer I could see that the man’s prick was clearly sticking straight up, and the woman was bouncing up and down on it, while he reached around and played with her boobs through her blouse.

The man sitting on the stool right next to me noticed where I was looking and followed my gaze. When he saw what had caught my attention, he swung back to me with a wide grin on his face. Not giving it much thought, I grinned back, and was (sort of) surprised when he reached under my dress and started rubbing his hand along my pussy lips. His eyebrows shot up when he realized that I had no panties, and that my pussy was soaking wet. I actually spread my legs a little, which gave him better access, then closed my eyes for second as his fingers slid inside my vagina and he found my clitoris. When I opened my eyes a few seconds later, I noticed that he’d unzipped his fly and had pulled out an enormous cock….it was very thick, and looked to be about 10” long, with a wide, bulbous head. He slowly stroked the long shaft as he continued grinning at me, and I unconsciously moved a step closer to him so his fingers could work my twat and clit more easily.

I glanced down the bar and saw that the bartender was still working multiple drinks, so I decided to take advantage of the situation while I waited. With my eyes completely focused on his huge dick, I reached down with my hand and started jerking him off. My pussy continued to drip from his fingers Elazığ Escort rubbing my clit and probing my vagina. After only a handful of strokes, he was fully erect. I was still totally intent on pumping his shaft, when he stopped probing my pussy, grabbed both my hips, and pulled me onto his lap so that my legs straddled his. My drenched pussy was wide open in his lap and, in a deft move, he lined up the tip of his cock with my soaking wet vagina and slammed it balls deep into my cunt. Still with his hands on my hips, he bounced me up and down on his rigid pole, hitting all the right spots and, in no time, I closed my eyes and – with a low moan – creamed all over his big prick. After several more thrusts, he grunted, pulled my hips down to his lap, hard, and exploded inside me, sending a huge load of cum deep into my pussy. He pumped his dick into me a few more times to empty his nut sack, then slowly slid his softening shaft out of me. He shoved his cock back into his slacks, while I used several napkins to clean up between my legs before it spilled all over the floor. I tossed the napkins into the trash just as the bar tender brought my drinks. I paid him and, as I took my drinks and headed for the table where my husband waited, I caught a glimpse of the guy who fucked me handing the bar tender an extra tip for taking so long with the drinks.

I made my way around the edge of the dance floor and walked up the several steps to the raised sitting area where our booth was. I could see that Kim and Carlton had finally arrived and found our booth, because as I got to the top step of the raised section, I saw them standing by the railing near our booth, watching the crazy action on the dance floor. Kim saw me and waved. Since my hands were full with wine and beer, I raised my chin at her to acknowledge her greeting. I was a little bit surprised to see that Kim was standing next to Carlton, with his cock in her hand, and was gently stroking it as the two of them watched the provocative antics on the dance floor. Carlton was fully erect, which made total sense to me, as the dance floor was a flurry of swaying tits, bouncing dicks, partial…and even some full….nudity, Elazığ Escort Bayan along with subtle….and some not so subtle….fucking and other debauchery.

As I got closer to the booth, I could see that Grant was sitting in the middle of the seat, with his arms stretched out along the top of the booth and his head leaned back with his eyes closed. I thought it odd for him to be sitting there like that when our friends had arrived and were standing at the railing just a few feet away. As I came around the side of the booth, the situation became clear and made more sense. Kneeling in between Grant’s legs was the woman who had danced up to us on the dance floor and put Grant’s hands on her tits. Her head was bobbing up and down in earnest as she sucked and stroked Grant’s erect cock. The top of her dress was down, and her tits bounced in rhythm with her bobbing head. I looked around, but didn’t see her dance partner anywhere nearby. Anyway, they hadn’t heard me approach over the noise from the techno-music blasting from the speakers, so the sucking, jerking and bouncing boobs continued as I stood there silently with a wry smile on my face, sipping my wine and enjoying the show.

With his eyes still closed, Grant started rocking his hips and catching his breath as a climax began to build. He put his hand behind the woman’s head and pulled a bit so that she took his pole deeper into her throat. She had no trouble with that and, after a few more minutes, Grant pushed his hips forward and unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking, bobbing her head up and down as she continued to use her hand to stroke his long dick, milking out the last few drops of cum. She swallowed again, then smiled up at him as she used her tongue and lips to clean his glistening shaft.

When Grant opened his eyes, he smiled at her and thanked her, telling her she gave great head. They both noticed me standing by the booth, and smiled up at me with satisfied smiles. The woman kept slowly stroking Grant’s still hard prick as I handed Grant his beer. He thanked me, then introduced Coral, who was still parked between his legs gently pumping his dick as Escort Elazığ it began to soften in her hand. Eventually she got up, told us what a pleasure it was to meet us, then went off in search of her husband. After Coral left, Kim and Carlton left the railing around the dance floor and joined us at the table. Kim still had her hand wrapped around Carlton’s cock, and was using it to lead him to the booth. When they sat across from us, she kept stroking his dick under the table as we chatted about the night’s events.

I gave Grant’s cock a rest, but he had his hand slipped under my dress and, when he felt my naked pussy, winked at me to let me know he knew I’d taken my panties off in the bathroom.

Grant turned to Carlton and asked, “Interesting place, Carl….where’d you hear about it?”

He replied, “Actually Kim heard about it from a co-worker.”

Kim added, “Yeah, one of my associates told me that she and her husband started coming here to add some excitement to their sex lives, and were literally “blown” away. We checked it out about 6 months ago, and thought you two might get a kick out of it,too.”

I said, “It caught us by surprise, but we definitely enjoyed it. I didn’t know you two were swingers, though. Is this something new?”

Kim said, “Not everyone here are swingers. What’s cool about this place is that you can watch, or participate, at whatever your comfort level is.”

Carlton added, “It’s great for voyeurs, like me, and Kim always makes sure I get off a couple of times before we’re done for the night. But it also allows more active participants to get some head, a handjob, or even a quick fuck, with someone they didn’t come with. Kim usually has at least one cock in her pussy, and one or two in her mouth before she’s done for the night.”

We chatted and drank some more before calling it a night. On the drive home Grant and I talked about what we did at the club, and what we’d do next time we went. When we got home we had crazy, sloppy, wild sex until well into the early morning hours…. I couldn’t get enough of his cock, and I couldn’t stop cumming as he pounded it into and out of my pussy like a jackhammer.

So, every couple of weeks, we’d get dressed up and go to “the club”, sometimes with Kim and Carl, sometimes alone. After that first time, though, I never wore a bra or panties again….why throw in unnecessary obstacles, right?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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