Social Networking Ch. 02

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After reading the reviews of my massage of Marie on my wife’s Facebook site I was feeling on top of the world. I had just spent an hour massaging one of Heather’s best friends in a most intimate way and every one of my wife’s friends had proclaimed me the best husband in the world. Apparently, all of the women’s husbands really sucked at pleasing their wives. I still worried about how my wife would react to my touching her friend Marie.

When I arrived home, Heather was pumping me for information about the massage.

“What room in her house did you set-up in?

“We chose the room with the fireplace. She was cold and it was the warmest place.”

“Oh, I wish we had a fireplace. That would be so nice to be massaged in front of the fire. I bet Marie loved it.”

“Did she talk to you about it?” I asked; concerned about what to divulge about last night. I wasn’t sure if they had talked on the phone. I had only read the comments on the site.

“Yeah, she said you had your hands all over those big tits.”

“I uh, I uh never touched her breasts.” I stammered out excitedly

“Calm down I am just messing with you. She said you were a complete gentleman and your massage was the most calming thing she has ever experienced. She admitted that she was wrong about your talents and that I was the luckiest woman she knows. You really showed her.”

Whew, I was relieved. I did kind of rub on those big tits a bit but I sure hoped that Marie didn’t tell.

“I am glad that I could let you win that argument. I guess that will be the end of that.”

“Oh no, Now every one of my girl friends is interested in your skills in massage.”

“I bet they are. You girls talk too much.” I said as I closed the bathroom door to take a shower. As I started the water to the shower I began thinking about touching Marie and that image of her pink panties between her pussy lips started to run around my mind. As I rubbed soap on my body, I couldn’t resist stroking my cock and thinking about what could have been with Marie. That sopping wet pussy would have sure felt wonderful around my dick. I was imagining getting on top of the massage table and ramming my cock into Marie from behind, when Heather yelled.

“You are going to use all the hot water. I don’t want to take a cold bath.”

I rinsed off and shut off the water. As I toweled off, Heather walked in and left the door open.

“You are going to freeze me to death.”

“It sure didn’t shrivel up this wiener”, she said as she grabbed my dick and cupped my balls.

“Wow, you are frisky tonight.”

“Calm down big boy. Get you boxers on and come sit in here and talk to me during my bath.”

I went into the bedroom and shut the door to the bathroom as she started her bath water. I was a little concerned what Heather was going to talk about but she didn’t seem upset or anything so I returned to the bath just as she was getting in the tub.

“Mind if I put my feet into to soak?”


Heather was sitting in the tub looking into my eyes with something obviously on her mind. She started to talk several times but caught herself before actually speaking.



“I know you too well. Something is on your mind and you don’t know how to say it. Go ahead tell what you want to say.”

She pondered for a little while longer and finally said “Did you enjoy massaging Marie?”

“No, I hated it.”

“Bull. Tell me how you felt touching her.”

“Do I detect a hint of jealousy? You know I only really like to touch you.”

“No really, what was it like to touch her.”

This was the moment of truth. What I said now could greatly impact my future. I breathed out loudly, choosing my words carefully.

“Really, it was very odd. In many ways I felt like I was doing something wrong to be touching another woman. But, I kept remembering you begging me to teach Marie a lesson. I wanted to do a good job with the massage but I was very careful not to touch her in any way that would make me feel uncomfortable and not be faithful to you.”

“I did want you to massage Marie. I just didn’t want you to like her more than me.”

“You know I love you more than anything.” I said as I bent down and kissed Heather. “I took the class to be a better husband to you and I would be happy only pleasing you for the rest of my life.

“I know you love me, I guess, I just needed to hear it again. Well, was it exciting?

“If you count scared to death. I was trying to act completely professional but I was breathing hard and my hands were shaking for the first few minutes. We didn’t talk, hardly at all, after I started the massage. I guess it was weird for Marie too. I just kept concentrating on my training and tried to do the proper strokes for relaxation.”

“What did she wear during the massage?”

“Shorts and a tank top.” I said lying a bit

“Was her skin soft?

I looked down and Heather had started to rub soap up and down her legs as she waited on my answer. Her chest was out of the atakent escort water and her nipples were showing that little wrinkle that appears when they get hard.

“Actually, it was softer than I expected. She must lotion up her body like you do to keep your young skin. Her feet were not hard and cracked. She must use the Ped Egg. By the way, what have you told her about my foot massages?”

Heather giggled. “You have got to know they are my favorite. I just told them that you were very good at rubbing feet.”


“You know, we girls talk.”

“So all your friends know about this?”

“Maybe I said a little bit.”

“You are killing me.”

“So where did you touch her?”

Heather’s hand was now down below the surface of the water and drifting through the small patch of hair above her pussy.

“In the family room.”

“Not where in the house, where on her body?” She said not too happy with my diversion.

“Well, I started with her scalp. She has a lot of hair and I ran my fingers through her hair for several minutes. That was safe and it made me calm down. I moved on to her feet as she had requested the foot massage thanks to you. She seemed to really enjoy the several minutes I spent on each foot.”

“Was she covered?”

“Yes, I placed a towel over her during this part of the massage.”

Heather’s hand was now rubbing along her pussy lips and I was trying not to stare. I looked back in her eyes as she said.

“Where did you massage next?”

“I moved up to her neck and back and used the massage oil for ten minutes or so. Her lower back was really tight and needed a lot of work to loosen up.”

“Did you take her top off?”

“No, I kept her tank top on for the whole massage. I just slid it up a little to access her lower back.”

“Were her boobs hanging out?”

“I didn’t notice.”

“They are huge, you couldn’t fail to notice.”

“OK, the sides of her boobs were pushed out a bit as she was lying on her stomach.”

“What did they look like?”

“They were white compared to her tan back.”

“Did you touch them?” Heather said as she bit her lower lip.

I could no longer ignore that Heather had her index finger inserted into her pussy and was rubbing her clit with her thumb.

“I would never touch another woman’s boobs.” I stammered out unconvincingly.

“C’mon, I know you had to have touched them.”

“Maybe a little, I may have grazed them with my thumb, but I never grabbed her tits.”

I looked in Heather’s eyes when I said this but her eyes were closed tight. Her mouth was clinched and as I looked down I saw her legs closed tight around her hand. She was having an orgasm.

When she finally opened her eyes, she smiled brightly and said.

“I love you.”

The moment had passed and I knew to get out of the bathroom fast before any more was said. My head was spinning. My beautiful wife had just masturbated to my story of touching her friend’s boobs. She was surprising me at every turn.

I went and laid in the bed and waited for Heather to come out. When she did, she sat for a long time at the make-up mirror working on her nails and eyebrows. When she came to bed she reached over and kissed me with the wettest, sexiest kiss I can remember. Heather rolled on her back and said.

“You know there is another one of my friends that wants to feel your talents.”

“No, how about I give you a massage?”

“I am too worn out for anything. C’mon, I feel sorry for her. You would be so good for her right now. She is so stressed out.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Becca” she said sheepishly

“No way, you know I can’t take that prissy bitch. Besides, she hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you. You really don’t understand Becca.”

“All I see is her nose up in the air bragging about all the stuff she has. God, her house is twice the size of ours and all she does is rub my nose in it about how Stu makes so much money. She practically calls me a loser every time we are together.”

“She doesn’t talk well to men. Stu is an asshole and Becca clings to her material goods as a front to feel important.”

“Why can’t she have a normal name like Rebecca or Becky? Becca what a prissy name!”

“Really Ted, you don’t know the real person that Becca is. Stu’s business is suffering now with the downturn in the economy and he has told her to not spend a dime. He has cut his salary to almost nothing to save the business. He is making a trip to California the end of this week and I think his business is through if he doesn’t secure additional financing. Becca is really upset and their relationship is very rocky right now. “

“Great, a prissy basket case, just what I wanted.”

“Ted, don’t be so selfish. My friend needs you now and I would really really love it if you use your talents on her tomorrow night.”

I lay silently in the bed considering my next response.

“She is very pretty…blonde hair…perky akbatı escort little tits…cute little ass… please just do it for me.”

I stayed silent.

Heather rolled over in the bed and ran her hand through the hair on my chest and slowly slid it down brushing my cock just slightly. She kissed my neck and whispered in my ear.

“I like it when you touch my girlfriends.”

Wow, I think my cock was hard as a brick in less than a second. I laid on my back thinking of what had just happened. Heather turned on her side and faced away from me. How could I say anything else?

“Ok, I’ll do it. Have her call me tomorrow.”

Heather turned around and kissed me on the cheek.

“You are such a good man. You’ll see Becca is really in need right now and you will be so good for her.”

Heather started whispering in my ear before turning her back again. “I want a full report after the massage.”

My next day at work was completely unproductive. I could not concentrate on anything except the massage that night. Becca called me at lunch time and set up a six o’clock time for the massage. Again I instructed her to wear shorts and a tank top. I checked Facebook and read the comments. The more I thought about the comments from the girls I was surprised at how they completely decided what was going to happen. They had agreed that Becca was next. Apparently, talking to me was just a formality. As I analyzed Becca’s comments, she seemed to be really scared. She was not really ready for this and was very hesitant to agree. All of the other girls were very supportive. Besides, her husband was out of town this week. I had forgotten about the husbands. Thank God that I didn’t have to deal with them or this would be completely weird.

I was home at five and after a quick shower I gave Heather a quick hug and departed for Becca’s house. It was a fairly far drive as it was in the exclusive part of town. I pulled up to the neighborhood entrance and there was a guard station that I had to clear before entering. We had done this several times when visiting Becca and Stu but it seemed to highlight the difference in how we lived compared to them.

I pulled up to the circular drive and removed my massage table and gym bag. As I walked to the door I saw movement just inside the door. The glass around the door was opaque so you couldn’t see in but you could detect movement and see the shape of a person in the glass. I think Becca was waiting at the door. I rang the bell and waited the short time before she opened the door.

“Hi Ted. Thanks for coming.”

“Hi Becca. How are you tonight?”

“I’m a wreck.”

We were standing in the foyer. There was a fountain in the center of the foyer that was flowing. I was thinking that we don’t have a fountain in our foyer. Hell, we don’t even have a foyer in our foyer. All we have is a hallway at our front door. It was hard to figure out what to say to Becca. Our conversations to this point have been very superficial and I really felt that she was a very superficial person but I had decided to try to understand Becca tonight as Heather had me feeling sorry for her. Becca was wearing a silk kimono. It was ivory in color with some inlayed pattern on the front- obviously very expensive. It complimented her blonde hair with perfect highlights. She was a beautiful woman with flawless skin. I had not been able to get past her elitist attitude previously but looking at her tonight, I saw a scared gorgeous woman.

“Oh, I’m sorry, maybe I can help tonight.”

Becca led me through the formal dining room into a large room that I guess was the den or study or library, I don’t know. I just know that there was no room like that in my house. There was a leather sofa facing the fireplace and Becca sat on the couch. I sat down beside her and looked at her face. It was strained and she wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“Becca, what’s wrong?”

“Everything. I’m a mess right now.”

I saw a tear in her eye. I placed my hand on her leg to try to comfort her. The kimono was obviously silk as it was smooth and soft. She finally made eye contact with me as the tear left her eye and ran down her face.

“Tell me everything that is wrong.”

“I don’t like to talk about my problems and I don’t want to burden you with them.”

“What about Stu? Do you share your problems with him?”

“Stu is so busy with his business. I’m the last thing that he is worried about.”

“Ok, I can listen. Sit back and tell me what’s going on.”

Becca wiped her tears on the sleeve of her kimono and sat back against the arm of the couch. She kept one foot on the couch and it was near my leg. The other draped over the front of the couch. She was barefoot and it was only natural for me to now touch her foot as she had scooted back away from me to lean against the couch arm.

“Stu’s business is going under. If he doesn’t get a big loan he is probably filing for bankruptcy. He has told me to not spend any money aksaray escort and I am so unhappy.”

“Becca, look around you two are very wealthy. It can’t be that hard to tighten your belts a little. I’m sure you are only thinking of the worst scenario. Stu is a brilliant guy. He will figure it out. I’m sure you two can cling together and get through this.”

“Ted, we are not like you and Heather. We don’t talk. I’m just part of the furniture, one of the many fixtures in the house. Stu doesn’t love me. He loves to have me around to project the perfect image for his clients. I’m more like a party planner than a wife.”

“Maybe a little adversity will bring you closer. You know, maybe Stu will look at what’s important in his life and you two can weather the storm together.”

I was really starting to understand a bit of why Becca has always come across as such a prissy bitch. She was really all alone and was jealous of her girl friends relationships. It’s funny because I have always seen them as so successful. I failed to look at what I take for granted — a wonderful caring relationship with my wife.

“Really, don’t jump to conclusions about the business. It might turn out fine. I still remember my Mother saying that the happiest time of her life was when they had no money and barely made it through my Dad’s career change. They found hope by clinging to each other. Money is not that important for happiness.”

“But it is all I’ve ever known.”

I had begun to rub Becca’s foot by now and I was surprised at how tough and cracked her heals were. I’m sure that manicures and pedicures were standard practice for this rich lady. How did she let her feet get this bad off.

“Happiness comes from relationships — not money.”

“Well, what do think about this massage? Are you up for this?”

“You want to know the truth? I’m scared to death. The girls talked me into this saying that I really needed it but I don’t know.”

“It’s up to you. You seemed to have loads of stress and my class taught me how to work that out of your muscles. I will do anything you want. If you want to skip it, you can tell your girlfriends that you did it and I won’t tell. I don’t want to invade your privacy.”

“Oh Ted, It is not that. It’s just that I am overwhelmed with my life right now and this is just one more pressure. They say you are very good at this so I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect your abilities or anything.”

“Some people are more private than others and I will understand if you would rather I don’t touch you. Sometimes the thought of receiving the massage is very stressful to private people.”

“Ted, I have been to many spas before, but those are faceless people providing a service. I am very open with my body but it seems weird to open up to a friend. I have not had an as meaningful conversation with my husband in the last six years as we have had tonight. I feel like you care about me and it’s kind of scary to talk to a man this way.”

“Becca, I think you need to trust men and I want to be an example of someone you can trust. What do you say we set up for the massage?”


“Great, where should I set up?”

“In the master bedroom at the top of the stairs.”

“Can you give me a map of the place so I can locate the bedroom?”

“Quit, it’s not that big of a place. I will guide you to the bedroom.”

We walked up the huge staircase to the upper floor and turned to the left to the master bedroom. It was huge, lots of room in here to set up.

“Ok, I will set up right here but I need to get you prepared.”

“I’m ready.”

“Becca, I don’t know how to say this but your feet are a mess. They are dry and cracked. Let me take care of them. Sit down on the bed and give me your feet one at a time so I can start the process to soft feminine feet.”

Becca looked surprised but complied by sitting on the edge of the bed. The bed was a four poster mahogany bed that was covered by a canopy of white linen. The bedspread was beautiful with purple and yellow flowers. It sat very high. In fact Becca had to jump to get into the bed. I found a stool designed to help get into the bed and sat on it at Becca’s feet. I pulled the Ped Egg out of my gym bag and started shaving the loose skin off of her feet. Her legs were creamy white and freshly shaved. Her skin lacked softness and would have to be moisturized. We chatted during this process.

“How about your girlfriends; are they a bright spot in your life?”

“Oh yes, they keep me sane. I just get lonely during the day as they all work and I just sit in this big house.”

“Maybe you should get out and do something. Maybe volunteer or get a part-time job. You are very smart and a good fashion sense; maybe something in retail or designing. Have you thought about going back to school?”

“I love design work but I quit school to get married. I always wanted to make that my career but Stu thought it was silly.”

“Your house is beautifully designed and you always look perfectly put together. I couldn’t tell you the difference in Dolce & Gabana and Douney and Bourke but I do know a good looking woman when I see one and you are always turning heads. Give me your other foot.”

“Thanks Ted, you are so nice and such a good liar.”

“I always tell the truth, other than these nasty feet, you are a gorgeous young woman.”

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