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With an annoyed shake of her head Sandi excused herself from the chat room and clicked offline. She had heard the same old excuse one too many times tonight. Men of a certain age were always telling her that their wives refused to have sex with them anymore…either because she had lost interest in sex or after menopause, etc, etc. She thought it must be just another version of the same old line, “…my wife doesn’t understand me”.

She shut down the computer and went to the bedroom where she joined her husband in watching a talk show on television. Amazingly enough, the topic of this show was men in sexless marriages. Right before her eyes and to her unbelieving ears were men saying that their wives had lost interest in sex for various reasons. Some said that their wives had lost interest after they had the number of children that they had wanted, others that menopause seemed to have ended their interest in sex. All these men wanted to maintain their marriages but they were seeking some relief from their frustrations.

Sandi was astounded by this revelation and the apparent truth of the claims that were being made both on television and in the chat rooms. Was there really some truth in the men’s claims? Hmm……

As she was in the shower preparing for bed that evening, it occurred to her that perhaps she might be able to offer the men a solution to their problem. After all, they wanted relief and they didn’t want entanglements which would threaten their otherwise solid marriages. She decided to discuss this with some of the men in the chat room to see if there was any interest.

The next day found her signed in to the same chat room where most of the men were over 50. Sandi IM’d several men and began private chats with them. Again, most of them complained that their wives didn’t allow them to have sex anymore. Sandi asked them if the rest of their marriages were sound and they all said that they were.

Sandi began to think that her idea might really be possible. She decided to discuss her idea with her husband and then offer her solution to men online. She made dates with several men to meet them online the next evening and left the chat Zonguldak Escort room. She closed the computer and went to her bedroom to talk to her husband.

“Darling,” she said, “We need to talk.”

“Oh-oh,” he replied. “No good conversation ever started with that line.”

“No, really,” she continued.

Then Sandi outlined the situation and her idea to him. “These men really do have a problem, and I think I have a way to solve it for them. They only want sexual release and we have always wanted to do a bit of traveling. I could give them the release they need and they would pay our travel expenses. This way they avoid having to visit a hooker with all the possible diseases and we get to travel for free.”

“Are you proposing to see these men alone?” he asked.

“Certainly not,” She replied. “You would be there with me and you’d be able to watch discretely. You just wouldn’t be in the bed at the time.”

“That has some possibilities,” he agreed. “Do you really think it might work?”

“There is only one way to find out. I’ll try to set up a meeting tomorrow night in the chat room and we’ll go from there.”

The following night Sandi signed into the chat room as planned and saw that several of the men with whom she had spoken the night before were there waiting for her. She greeted each of them privately and told them that she had a proposition to help them with their problem. First she asked if they would be willing to pay her expenses if she traveled to a mutually agreeable location for a meeting. She suggested that they rent a suite with two bedrooms or, at the very least, a room with two beds so that she and her husband would have a place to stay also. Then she explained that hers was an open marriage so her husband’s presence would not be a problem. Then if everyone were in agreement, she could “assist” with their problems.

Only two of them thought that this was a good idea so she continued to arrange the meeting. One man was fairly nearby and the other could travel to a city not too far from that location. His trip could be on a Thursday so she arranged to meet him first on Thursday evening.

As Zonguldak Escort Bayan Sandi and her husband neared the location of the meeting, she called her “client” on his cell phone and found that he had already rented a motel room. He told her where it was and that a key would be at the desk for her when she arrived.

Sandi and her husband moved into the room and were delighted to find that it was a two-bedroom suite. They brought their bags in and freshened up to await her contact’s arrival.

When he arrived and the introductions were made, Jim, Sandi’s client, suggested that they all go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant while they got acquainted. While eating, they discovered that they all had several interests in common. At the end of the meal, they all felt very relaxed and comfortable with each other as they returned to the room.

When they entered the room, Sandi’s husband excused himself and retired to a bedroom to watch TV. Sandi and Jim sat on the couch in the living room of the suite and talked about his marriage and frustrations with the way things had developed. She asked about techniques which he had tried and he related several approaches which just had not been fruitful. She suggested that he show her what he meant. Sandi stood and extended her hand.

“Let’s continue this in there,” she said, nodding toward the bedroom.

She went to her husband’s room to kiss him good night. Then, with a wink, she left his door ajar.

Entering Jim’s bedroom, Sandi turned to him and said, “Now I want you to show me how you would make love to your wife. I want you to imagine that it’s the first time you have ever been with her.”

Jim took her in his arms. She leaned against him and let him mold her body to his as he kissed her ever more passionately. Jim’s hands began to wander over her body as they stood entwined. He slid his hands under her blouse and began to push it upward and off, freeing her bare breasts. With that she unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders so that she could press against his naked chest. The rest of their clothing quickly adorned the carpet. Then he led her Escort Zonguldak to the bed and they lay together touching from head to foot. She saw that her husband was just outside the room, watching everything. While Jim explored her body, she found his cock and stroked it softly. She didn’t have to encourage it much because he was already very hard. She spread her legs around him and he rubbed against her pussy. When he was wet with her juices, he entered her with one long, tentative stroke. Kissing her and stroking her body with his hands, he bent to her breast and sucked her nipple until it was hard and then moved to the other and treated it the same. Moving into a rhythm of stroking, both rose to ecstatic heights together. As they burst through the pleasure barrier, he screamed as he found his long-sought relief.

She floated back to reality slowly as they lay there, still connected, knowing that she had accomplished her purpose in coming here. Jim rolled off her and they lay together in each other’s arms as they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Sandi awoke and rose to go into the bathroom for a needed shower. As she lathered her body, she was startled when the shower curtain was pulled back. Jim was standing there and asked if he could join her. She nodded and he stepped in behind her, taking her into his arms again. After a brief welcoming kiss, Sandi handed Jim the soapy wash cloth and turned away from him so that he could wash her back. She noticed that his cock was hard again when that had been accomplished. She smiled and guided him into her from behind. Sandi leaned forward and braced against the wall as Jim thrust himself into her. She pushed backward to meet his thrusts. It didn’t take very long to drive them to the brink of pleasure again. Then, they enjoyed a relaxed, mutual cleansing.

After completing their shower, they dried each other off and returned to the bedroom to dress as Jim had to check out of the motel in time for an early meeting. Sandi joined her husband in the other bedroom and prepared to leave.

As Jim was leaving, they kissed passionately once more. Sandi wished him well and expressed her hope that things would improve for him at home.

“And if not, may I contact you again?”

Sandi smiled and said, “You know my ID. I’ll watch for you online.”

Sandi’s husband loaded their bags into the car as she dialed their cell phone and called the other of her “takers” about meeting him that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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