Sofia’s Choice

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May is the right time to visit the Island of Crete. The chance of rain is almost nil, flowers are blooming everywhere and air smells of wild thyme and sage. The temperature is warm enough to enjoy the sea, but not too hot so one can spend long hours on the island’s beaches. It was a week into my holiday, when I got off the bus at the village of Shinara on the beach, where I planned to stay for several relaxing days.

After a short walk through the small village I’d spotted a sign: “SOFIA – rooms to let”. When I entered the front door I met a cheerful Greek lady who introduced herself as Sofia. She looked like she was in her late thirties, modestly dressed like most Cretan village women. She showed me a room that was clean and cheap. I agreed to take it for three nights, which pleased her a lot. I gave her my passport for registration and she left the room thanking me.

After she had left me alone, I noticed two paintings on the walls. One was of Jesus Christ carrying the cross through Via Dolorosa and the second was of the old temple from the biblical period in Jerusalem. I wondered, what does a Greek Orthodox woman have to do with a pure Jewish symbol?

I went to the beach to catch some afternoon rays. I walked over to the end of the village main beach to find a cove where I could swim and tan myself in the nude. There were a few more nudists like myself already scattered in the cove. I enjoyed a nice, tranquil afternoon of sea, sun and sand.

Coming back from the beach I saw Sofia sitting under the shade of the mulberry tree in her front yard. She greeted me and asked me to join her for a cup of Mountain Tea and some sweet anis flavored Cretan crusts. I gladly accepted the invitation and enjoyed sipping the aromatic tea. I had the feeling that Sofia was studying me. After chatting for a while she suddenly tensed and asked me: “May I ask you what is your religion?”

“Jewish”, I answered. “Is that of any importance to you?”

“Well, I saw your Israeli passport and I did not know if you are Jewish or Moslem. You are the first Jewish person that I have met. This is very exciting for me. I must tell you something. I am a highly religious person. As such, I always wanted to meet Jewish people. You know, Jesus, Maria and Joseph were Jews and I feel that true Christians should be closer to Jewish people, because of our shared origin. It was wrong how Christians treated Jews badly through history. We must change this forever.”

“So this is why you have put the picture of the Old Temple in Jerusalem on the wall?”

“Yes indeed. It is my dream to visit the Holy city, but till then, I make do with pictures.”

Our conversation opened up. She told me that she is married and without children, but she is still hoping to have some someday. I told her about my origins and my life in Israel. We talked of village life in Crete versus life in my village in the “Holy Land” as Sofia was referring to it, which is a lot different, although we share almost identical climate, flora and fauna.

When it was getting dark, I excused myself and went to my room to clean up after my excursion the beach. I dressed and went out to a tavern Sofia had recommended. The food was simple but wonderfully cooked and the home made Raki at the end of the meal was just the perfect finale.

I went back to my room, undressed and sat out on the balcony in the dark. I was looking at the star covered sky, enjoying the warm night air on my naked body. I felt the fatigue of a long day creeping into every cell of my body. When I became sleepy enough I retired to my bed and fell into a deep sleep.

I don’t know how long I was sleeping for, but suddenly I felt I was not alone in my bed. There was a warm, naked, feminine body lying next to me. I was startled, but before I could move there was a finger pressing gently against my lips and Sofia said: “Shhhhhh, it’s me. Please keep quiet. I will explain.”

“Sofia, what the hell are you doing here?” Despite my shock I managed to keep my voice quiet, aware that her husband may be nearby.

“Please let me explain.” She begged.

“OK, I’m listening.” I answered, trying to regain control over myself and listen for the sound of approaching footsteps. The last thing I needed was a jealous husband chasing me from the house in the middle of the night, especially İstanbul Escort given my complete lack of clothing.

“When we talked this afternoon, I did not have the courage to tell you everything you should know about my religious belief.” Without breaking the contact between our bodies, she turned towards me, lying on her side so I could see her eyes in the dark and felt her full breasts on my right arm. “There is a reason why I do not have children. I took a vow before my wedding that my first child will be born from a Jewish man. This is my way of being true to my wish and belief of making Jews and Christians come closer to each other. On my wedding night, when my husband had approached me in bed to claim my virginity, I stopped him before he penetrated me and told him my vow. He was very upset, but since he is also a very religious person and a very considerate husband, he did not want to be the one to cause me, his beloved wife, to violate my vow.”

“Do you have any sort of sexual contact with him?” I asked.

“Well, I am embarrassed to talk about it with someone other than my husband.” Sofia stopped for a moment and I knew she was trying to sum up the courage to tell me what compromise she had reached with her husband. . “I promised him that I am to be his loyal wife, except for this one pregnancy, and that I’ll do anything to keep him satisfied to compensate for not letting him have me like any other man would have his wife.”

“Wow, what a story!” I said, starting to understand where this conversation was going and what I was getting myself into.

“Since that night I have done my best to satisfy his hunger for my body in every way possible, so as to thank him for his kindness and understanding. I have a very strong feeling he doesn’t regret respecting my vow” she added and I saw her smiling for the first time. “You see, there are benefits for a man to have a wife willing to accept him happily in her back door whenever he wants even in her menstruating days. There was not even one time in our years together that I denied his hard dick any type of pleasure. Manoli knows how to use his manhood to pleasure me.”

“This is an amazing story, Sofia.” I said and rolled towards her, took her in my arms, gave her a warm hug and kissed her softly on her lips. My member, already half erect, responded to her nakedness and she gave it a welcome hug with her thighs, making space for my erection to press along her labia.

“Will you be the one to take my virginity and make me pregnant with your seed?” She asked, not begging but with her eyes wide open in an unspoken plea to grant her long kept wish. I had the feeling that I could not refuse her..

“Of course I will.” I said, pressing my aroused body against hers.

“Thank you my Jewish lover.” she said. She suddenly disengaged herself from my hug and climbed from the bed.

‘Follow me please,” there was a tone of happiness in her voice that I could not ignore.

We walked naked hand in hand in the darkness and up to the roof of the house, where under the magnificent star filled sky; she led me to a wide mattress she had obviously prepared beforehand. She made me lie on my back, dipped her hands into a bowl that was by the mattress and splashed some orange blossom scented water all over my body. Her hand moved over my supine body making a cross over it, than made a cross over hers and she joined me on the mattress.

We embraced each other and kissed, our tongues greeting and teasing each other, searching their way deeper into newly discovered playgrounds. I was already excited from listening to her story. Our hands searched to find each other’s erect nipples. The contact between our bodies kept us warm and moist with excitement. Our hands gliding over asses with my growing erection encased in close contact by her bushy Mons and my lower belly. I gently laid her on her back and took a nipple into my mouth, massaging it gently with my lips and tongue, tasting her pink flesh. A moan escaped her lips and I felt her hand cupping my shaved balls massaging them in response.

I did not neglect her other breast and teased her other nipple to extreme hardness. In response she grabbed my shaft which became fully erect under her touch. I left a wet path with my tongue, licking my way down to her navel, sniffing her İstanbul Escort bayan orange scented bush before searching my way to her already swollen, moist labia. She opened her thighs to accept my oral intrusion. I took my time, thoroughly licking and sucking gently on every skin fold of her nether mouth. Her protruded inner labia started to puff and opened like a flower in response. I accepted the invitation and reached in with my tongue till I felt a resistance. Her hymen was blocking my tongue, but not for long.

My tongue started a mini tour towards her anus leaving a wet path, releasing growing moans of pleasure from Sofia. When I circled her anus she was thrusting against my tongue while her hands were now guiding me deeper into her well used anal port. I searched my way in and out of her anus till I felt her tension growing. I withdrew to her open wet labia, nibbling and licking my way back there. My hands stretched her hairy folds to expose her stiff little joystick, using my tongue to draw circles around its base but hardly touching it driving her wild. She moaned heavily and begged me to suck on her clit. I denied her the pleasure for a long moment, building her tension to new heights and then surprised her by suddenly taking her clit into my mouth and sucking on it hard. My sucking launched her into an orgasm that vibrated her whole body; her skin became shiny with sweat and her vagina exuded copious amounts of womanly nectar.

“Take me now!” she commanded with a trembling voice. She clasped my erection and guided me into her soaked love canal while curling her pelvis upward to ease my way in. I gently dipped my erection into her vagina till I was stopped by her virginity. Sofia held my buttocks pushing me deeper and deeper inside. I eased my way in against the resistance of her hymen. Sofia moaned partly in pain, but did not stop pushing me deeper and deeper. Suddenly the resistance vanished and I slid my full length inside. I looked up at her face to see little tears in her eyes, but a happy smile on her face. She circled my lower back with her strong thighs and we started moving together. I was thrusting upwards to massage her G spot which gave her a lot of pleasure. I ended each thrust with my pubic bone pressing hard against her erect clit, causing her even more pleasure. I slipped a finger into her anus while fucking her steadily. She entered an ecstatic chain of whole body orgasms, which were building higher and higher with my own excitement. By now, I found it difficult to control myself. I started thrusting like a wild rabbit . Sofia responded, pushing herself into a full blown orgasm. She clasped my body in her ecstatic spasm, hardly letting me move. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing my erection and in no time I erupted deep into her. Sofia shrieked in her excitement pushing me further into her until I felt my erection pressing hard into her cervix.

We lay together touching each other tenderly, letting ourselves recover to a state of normality, our breathing even and steady. Sofia hugged me, “I don’t know how to thank you for letting me have your seed. I waited so long for this to happen.”

“It is my pleasure to please you.” I answered, letting my now flaccid cock slip out of our combined wetness.

“Can I ask you another favor?” She asked.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Can Manoli join us for another round, so he can feel part of my conception?”

“You’ll never stop to surprise me.” I laughed softly. I thought about what she had shared with me before making up my mind. “How can I deny your wish, after you have given me your virginity?”

Sofia kissed me on my lips, turned her body and spoke into the darkness: “Manoli, come here.”

Out of the dark rose Manoli, who had been hiding there through our copulation. He was well built a man and already fully erect from watching us. I sat up, surprised, and shook his outstretched hand.

“Ah, I’m Dan. Pleased to meet you.”

“Manoli. Thank you for helping Sofia fulfill her lifelong wish and for letting me join you.”

“Manoli, come lie next me.” Sofia said lovingly to him.

The three of us lay on the mattress with Sofia between us. We started caressing each other and massaging Sofia’s breasts, licking her ear lobes, while she took Manoli’s erection in one hand and my flaccid Escort İstanbul cock in the other. She gently massaged the head of my cock until it gained new life in her knowing hand.

Manoli and I were teasing her nipples to full hardness, licking, biting, squeezing, and were rewarded with moans and groans of pleasure from Sofia. She replied by cupping our balls massaging them till they became full and warm from her touch.

Our hands started moving down her soft belly till they met at her bush. We mutually played with her hair touching each other hands in the process. As it was my first time with another man, I was surprised I accepted it so naturally, without rejection. We both continued and each of us took care of one side of her labia, opening her love canal to the night air. We inserted our middle fingers into her vagina and Sofia accepted us with wide opened thighs and deep moans. We each added our thumbs on her hard clit and played together in circles and in small wanking movements on her clit like it was a small penis. We curled our middle fingers and massaged her G spot. Sofia was shaking all over her body with little orgasmic waves. We continued like that for a while till I felt Manoli sliding his other hand under Sofia’s ass. I followed suit and our middle fingers met at Sofia’s anal orifice. We massaged her sphincter and received groans of encouragement from Sofia. I let Manoli lead the way into her back door and followed him in and out of her rectum. Sofia was in heaven. Her breasts taken care of by our mouths, her clit cherished by our thumbs, her G spot massaged and her anus filled as well. In no time she was screaming and shaking violently. She rode the orgasmic wave for a long time assisted by her sensitive attending lovers.

“Fuck me!” she ordered in a distinctly non religious way, her voiced ragged and her face flushed. “Hard!”

She was in ecstasy. Manoli lay on his back. Sofia rose and straddled Manoli with her back to him. She took his erection and inserted it into her anus, before lying on Manoli with her back to him and pulled me impatiently onto her. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and rammed my erection into her love canal, feeling Manoli’s hardness along my stiffness. Once fully inside, Manoli and I started a rhythm of in – out slow movements together. In no time Sofia was worked into frenzy and went over the edge again, this time talking dirty to us, her body shaking, eyes rolling back into her head and her hair flying from side to side as she rolled her head in ecstasy.

Manoli sensed my growing excitement and asked me to wait. He slid himself out of Sofia’s ass, making more room for me in her cunt. He slid his body and moved behind me. Suddenly, I understood what was going to happen, but in my state of arousal I couldn’t and didn’t want to react. I felt Manoli’s strong hands opening my ass chicks and his hardness pressed knowingly into my anus. I tried to relax my sphincter in order to ease the expected pain. I gave a short scream when his cock entered my virgin ass filling me to the limit. When finally I managed to relax my anal muscles, I began to enjoy the massage his cock was giving my already full prostate. Sofia’s legs were still on my shoulders. I was leaning on my hands and Manoli was pressing from behind me. When he would thrust into my ass I would get the signal and thrust into Sofia’s cunt. When he withdrew, I withdrew from her.

In no time I was ready to come. My balls tightened up. I was breathing faster and faster and thrusting harder, my movements jerky as I lost control of my senses. Manoli followed and I felt his cock getting even harder. Then he screamed: “Now!” and I felt his cock firing his sperm deep inside my ass. I went over the edge and shot deep inside Sofia’s cunt who almost fainted from the sudden double male orgasms. Our eruptions sent her soaring even higher and she clenched my cock not letting me move inside her. Her whole body was shaking in her orgasm and from her mouth streamed the blessings of Joseph, Mary, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

It took a long time till we calmed down. When our flaccid cocks slid out we lay ourselves on both sides of Sofia, hugged, kissed and fell into deep sleep.


Nine months later I received an envelope through the mail. It contained photos of Sofia and Manoli holding a new born baby. There was a short letter telling me it was a boy. They named him Danny to thank me. They were also inviting me over whenever I want to spend time with them and with our son.


I would like to thank my editor Alexandra Lee for her effort and thorough work.

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