Some Hotel Fun

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We meet in the lobby of the hotel- I’m wearing dark jeans, nice boots, a collared shirt and a leather jacket, and I see you, leaning against the wall, watching and surveying the room, waiting for me to come in the main doors. I came in the side, so you don’t see me as I sneak up to you, and put an arm around your waist. I whisper into your ear, asking if you want to go up to the room, and you nod, then we make our way to the elevator. We get in the elevator, and I push you back against the wall and start kissing your neck, your head back as i run my hands up your legs, raising your dress.

You’re wearing a fairly tight, dark blue dress, zipper up the back, and with only a small amount of cleavage showing. You’ve worn heels for me, and i can feel the garter belt holding up your thigh highs.. and I can’t wait to get you out of the dress and see what lingerie you’re wearing.

The elevator stops, and we break apart.. and exit to find that the room is only a couple of doors down. I open the door, you feeling my ass through my jeans, and then we step through. I shed my clothes quickly as possible, kicking them to the side into the small cupboard, and stand naked before you, you still fully dressed, then push you back into the door and start kissing you, pulling your dress up with my hands, and then unzipping it so you can step out of it- and we lay it aside. You’re wearing a thong and garter belt, green with black lace, and a push up bra. I start to get hard, and as I come in to kiss you again you take my stiffening cock into your hand, and lead me over to the bed. You bend over, and I push your thong aside, licking from your clit, over your lips to your anus. I pull you back so I can sit on the floor, back against the bed, and you’re straddling my face. I lick, suck and kiss your clit, and slide my tongue inside your pussy, and tease your ass with first one, then two fingers.

You’re so wet, its leaking on my mouth, my nose, down my chin, and you’re leaning over on the bed, alternately playing with your breasts, using your nails on your face, your neck, your nipples, and spreading your ass so I can get a finger inside you while I suck on your clit. You straighten up, and look down to see that I’m getting hard, and there is precum glistening on the head of my cock.

You pull away from Zonguldak Escort me.. my face covered in your juices and you’re still getting wetter, and wetter. You pull me off the floor, and push me back on the bed, then step out of your panties, after detaching the garter belt from your stockings, which you also take off, then put your heels back on. My back is on the bed, legs over the side, and you kneel in front of me, breasts pressing against my shins as you take my cock into your hand,

The tip of your tongue moves gently along the underside of my cock and then you envelope me inside your mouth, just the head at first, and taking me slowly into you centimetre at a time. You’re using your nails lightly, and your teeth are scraping along my shaft. causing the hand I’ve placed into your hair to pull ever so lightly. Your other hand had been playing with my balls, then moved to tease my ass, stiffening my cock even further and I hear a noise of surprise as I get very hard, the more you tease my ass, slipping just the tip of one of your fingers in. You pull back, with a bit of a moan.

“I want you to fill my pussy with you cum, not my mouth”, you say and you grab my legs, pulling me away from the bed, and toward the chair the window that faces the busy city streets. We’re more than a dozen stories up, but we both get a rush from fucking where people might see. Taking me by the cock, you lead me through the door, onto the balcony. It’s a lovely early fall day, perhaps the last day where it’ll be warm enough to fuck outside. Between us and the balconies on either side there are solid walls, but only a clear glass panel between us and the street.

There’s a deck chair, and you sit me upon it, stroking my cock as you push me back, some precum glistening on your hand as your wetness glistens between your legs. “I’ve missed you, fucktoy” you say to me, as you straddle the chair, finding the correct position. “Are you ready to fill me up with your cum? I want it running out of me” You grin, playing with your breasts, teasing your nipples as you let the head of my cock sit against the entrance of your pussy.

You bring your feet up, heels either side of my hips, the heels themselves tantalizing touching my legs, and you balance by putting your hands on my chest, my Zonguldak Escort Bayan shoulder you lower yourself down on my cock. You nails are digging into my chest, digging in even harder into my shoulder as you slowly, very slowly take my cock deep into your pussy, feeling every inch of me as my thickness fills you up. I want to reach for your breasts, to take your nipples into my hands, but I you’re arching your back, keeping them out of my reach, and I settle for taking your ass into my hands, spreading your cheeks, and using a finger to tease your anus, taking wetness from your pussy so I can slide a fingertip in. I can feel the straps of your garter belt against my legs and waist as you take the last of me fully inside you, your wetness seeping onto my balls, everywhere. You’re so, so turned on, and I lift my waist, straining to push even deeper inside of you, feel how wet you can get. You’re on your knees now, leaning back, your nails leaving light red trails on your flesh as you move from your breasts, to your legs, to your clit while I’m deep inside, and i slide a finger into your ass, and you moan. The toes of your heels are digging into the sides of my legs, and the heels themselves are pressed hard against my legs, and I can feel the edge and its driving me mad.

You raise yourself again, and I thrust, plowing myself back deep inside of you, as if I need to follow your pussy wherever it goes. I put both hands on your hips, so as I am arcing my back I can withdraw and slam back deep inside of you. Your moans are getting louder and louder, and you keep on asking me to fill your pussy with my cock.

I tell you I want to fuck you from behind, and you move back so we can switch positions. You kneel on the chair right near the back, so that you’re propped up on the back of your chair, nipples pressed hard against the fabric, teasing them. I smack your ass with my right hand, and start by teasing your anus with the head of my cock, so that you arc your back and present your pussy to me more, your heels up in the air. I love seeing the stilettos, they turn me on so much, and I take the head of my cock and push it along your lips, so that the head is resting against your clit and the shaft along, feeling how wet you are, getting your excitement on me.

“Quit Escort Zonguldak teasing me, I need your cock in me now, fucktoy” you’re raspy, and I can hear how much you want it. Spreading your knees wider, I bring your lower legs in so that the heels are digging into my thighs, and then I plunge my cock deep inside you quickly. You bring your arms back, spreading your cheeks so I can see my cock moving in and out of you as I thrust, my left hand in your hair, pulling your head back slightly, and my right hand on the heels that is digging into my leg.

I’m thrusting into you, faster and faster, your moans and mumbled dirty requests bringing me closer, and I need to fill your pussy with my cum, show you how much I can fill you. I spurt, and spurt again, keeping myself deep inside you as my head becomes so sensitive it’s almost painful to withdraw. You’re so close, and you beg me to let you cum, so I move onto my back, and you barely move to settle your pussy onto my mouth.

My tongue is deep inside you, and I case taste my cum mixed with your wetness, and i want it all.. I love our tastes mingled together. You’re pinching your nipples hard, the reaching down and using your nails on me, and I’m using a finger in your ass as I play with your clit and your pussy. I’m getting hard again, as your heels are digging into the my sides, and I tell you I want to fuck you again and make you cum.

I slide back, and you lie on the deck hair, your legs spread, left arm reaching across your breasts to pinch your nipple, your right hand tangled in your hair and you tell me to fuck you hard. I don’t hesitate, and I’ve barely moved between your legs when I’m sliding hard into you, and then moving out and thrusting again. I’m supporting myself on the chair above your shoulders, and you’re playing furiously with your clit as we get close, together. You cum suddenly, with a furious moan, your legs coming together, wrapping around my waist, your heels digging into the back of my legs. Even while I am thrusting I cum, spraying deep inside of you. There is a pause, and you dig your heels deeper into me, and then suddenly a deluge engulfs me as you squirt, with me deep inside of you. I love the feeling, you squirting, digging your heels into me, and I keep my cock still inside you.

So much wetness, so much cum, so much mess, all over us. We move so that we are on our sides, arms wrapped around each other. My cock is still inside you, and our fluids all over us and the chair. After a few minutes you kiss my shoulder, and we just lie there, enjoying the last of the warm weather together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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