Someone Else to Think About

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Tonight was going to be a great night. It’s a Saturday night in New York City, and me and my girls were going to one of the hottest clubs; Starnight 05. This club played the best Hip-Hop, Reggae and Latin music. All the finest men and women popped up at this club, my girls and I included.

We were at my house getting ready and pre-gaming. I was in the shower lathering my body with my dove soap wanting to smell my absolute best for tonight. I had just broke up with my boyfriend and I needed to get my mind off of him, hence the reason for going out. I was hoping to find a person to ease my mind.

I hopped out the shower and headed to my room, where my friends were getting dressed, dancing, listening to music and taking shots.

“Here bitch, take this.” My friend Karina said and handed me a shot glass.

Now she knew I was not the best at taking shots.

“Girl, you know damn well I can’t take shots.” I said while rolling my eyes.

“Don’t nobody care about all that? We need you to get loose, so you can put your beat self forward and get you a man, or at least a hookup.” She shoved the shot glass in my hand.

I stared at her while pulling up my towel. She was right. I knew taking shots always made me loose and I was trying to find someone to ease my mind. I threw the shot back and hissed as it burned my throat. I danced over to my closet to find an outfit to wear.

I just threw on a pair of spandex shorts and a tube top with sneakers. There was no need to dress up for this club as I planned to throw it back.

We were all ready and decided to take a shot before walking out the door to out Uber. We were all trying to have a good night, so we decided not to drive.

We arrived at the club and there was already a line.

I sucked my teeth. “Damn there’s a line already and I thought we were in good timing.”

“You know everyone is trying to get up in here.” My friend Jennie said as she looked around.

I knew what she was doing. She was looking for her boyfriend to let us in as he was the DJ for the night.

“Anthony!” She yelled and walked to the front. Karina and I followed behind her.

“What’s up, babe?” Anthony said while giving Jennie a kiss.

They were talking for a little bit, but my attention was on the man Anthony brought right next to him. He was fine as ever. He was wearing all black; a black shirt, black jeans and black forces, with a gold chain. He had a fitted cap on with his hair in waves, and I only knew because he turned his hat to the back.

He had such nice pearly white teeth with a pretty smile and smooth caramel skin. We locked eyes for a second before I turned mine away pretending I wasn’t just drooling over this man.

Jennie and Anthony finally stopped talking and we were being escorted inside the club. I walked in front of Anthony’s friend, whose name I didn’t know. I could feel his eyes move to my ass as I walked. I smiled slightly to myself because I intended to get this man.

Inside the club we decided to go to the bar to get a round of shots, which Anthony friend’s paid for. From how he dressed he must have been loaded so I decided to take it. I found myself wanting to impress this man for some odd reason. It was Anthony’s time to go up to the DJ booth and turn this club up.

“Oh before I forget, this is my bro Jon. Jon you know Jennie. This is Karina and Gabby. I gotta go get ready to get turnt.” He kissed Jennie and left to the booth.

Karina and Jon said their greetings before he turned to me.

“What’s up, Gabby?” His voice made my tingle inside.

“Hey.” I said back shyly, while turning to Jennie.

“Girl, why you ain’t tell me Anthony had a fine ass friend?” I whispered while grabbing her hand to walk to the main dance floor. I didn’t want Jon to hear me.

“Who Jon?” She said.

“Girl I didn’t even think to set y’all up. But go for it. He’s all yours. He’s single, and he’s a pro.” She said winking, then walking to put up by the both to be closer to Anthony.

Karina had been walked off because she saw a girl that she thought was attractive. I wasn’t mad at her hustle because I planned to do the same.

At this point, it was just me and Jon standing side by side not speaking. “Back That Azz Up” by Juvenile started playing and of course all the girls did what they were supposed to. I slightly moved my hips expecting to see Jon go up to a girl and get behind her. Instead he pulled me in front of him and held my waist. I started to gyrate my hips and ass on him. The song called for it. I was impressed he was able to handle it.

We danced together for 5 more songs before I decided I needed a drink, not a shot. I turned to face him and stood on my toes as he had to have stood at 6’0 versus my 5’3 stature. I whisper-shouted in his ear as the music was loud.

“I’m going to the bar do you want anything?” I questioned.

He whispered-shouted back. “Nah, I got it. What you want?” I smiled a bit.

“Can you just anything fruity? I need a break from shots.”

He nodded Bolu Escort and then headed off to the bar.

I looked over and saw Karina making out with the girl she headed towards earlier. I knew she wasn’t coming back with us. I looked toward the DJ booth and saw Jennie up there with Anthony, gyrating her hips on him. I knew she wasn’t coming back with me either. Damn whores I thought.

Jon came back with my drink, and only my drink. He handed it to me.

“Where’s yours?” I asked while inspecting it. You can never be too careful. He may be Anthony’s bro, but I don’t know him.

He laughed while looking at me inspect the drink.

“Damn you think imma drug you or something? Why would I do that when I already got you here right now?” He looked at me seriously.

“I drove tonight so no drinks for me.” I looked at him cutely while liking the fact that he was a responsible driver.

“I’m just saying. I don’t know you like that. I was just making sure” I said turning away taking a sip while dancing in my spot.

“Would you like to know me? Because I wanna know you.” I almost choked while trying to swallow. He turned away with a sly smirk.

“You think you cute?” I said rolling my eyes.

“Nah, but you are.”

He softly touched my waist, suggesting that I come towards him. I did so only for his arms to wrap around my shoulder and waist. He was feeling me up but in a romantic way. He knew I was into it. I knew he was too. I could feel his body under his clothes. He was rock hard. I was enjoying every bit of him.

I then turn around so he could feel my ass up too. That was definitely a turn on for him. I turn around towards him again.

We decide to French kiss for a little while but paused for a second.

“I want you”. He whispered in my ear.

“How about you come home with me then?” I whisper back. We continue French kissing while putting our hands on each other’s bodies.

I locked eyes with Jennie and she gave me a look. I gave her a look back that said ‘bitch mind your business.’

It was 1 am and the club was nearing its end. Karina told us earlier that she was leaving with the attractive girl from earlier and we all said okay. Jennie didn’t have to say anything because we all knew she was going to be with her boyfriend. I was slightly drunk but still had my senses. I turned to Jon.

“So you coming home with me tonight? Or are you driving Anthony and Jennie back to his house?” I questioned hoping he would say no.

“Lemme go ask him real quick if he needs a ride. Hopefully he says no because driving to his house is a pain.” He said walking off.

He came back with a smile on his face. “It’s all good, he said he’ll take an Uber with Jennie. So I got you.” He said in a hopeful manner.

I didn’t even answer him. Instead I grabbed his hand and led him outside the club. We walked hand in hand to his car, a 2017 Jaguar F-type. The car villains drive. He opened the door for me and made sure I was securely buckled in. He closed the door and walked toward the driver side. I couldn’t believe I secured this fine ass man and was allowing him to drive me home.

I gave him my address to put in the GPS and we rode in silence. Mainly because I was feeling and wanting him bad. If I heard his voice in this silent car I just wet his seat.

“This it?”

Just what I was afraid of. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. I checked my seat to make sure I didn’t cum. I sighed in relief. I nodded my head. With his eyes on the road, he probably didn’t notice my almost orgasm. That would be embarrassing if he did.

We reached my house and he parked in front. I reached to unbuckle the seat beat and noticed he didn’t do the same.

“Are you coming inside?” I questioned hopefully.

“I was waiting for an invite. I didn’t want to just invite myself.” He reached for his seatbelt.

We were walking up to my door when he stopped me, turned me towards him and leaned down to kiss me. I almost buckled. his lips were so soft.

“I wanted to get that out the way.” He walked passed we to the door.

I was still in the same spot before I jogged up to my door.

Once inside I directed him towards my bedroom. I told him he can sit on the bed while I went into the bathroom to go change into just a long t-shirt. I came back to see him leaned up against my bed frame looking away.

I laughed. “What you doing?”

“I was just taking in my surroundings. Want me to turn the TV on?”

He looked me up and down while grabbing the remote turning it before I even answered. I just laughed putting my clothes in the hamper.

I hopped in the bed next to him as he shuffled through Netflix, or what I thought was Netflix looking for something to put on. I couldn’t tell, but something was different with my Netflix and what he was on. I turned around to grab my phone to text my girls to make sure they made it to their respective places safe and sound.

Once I got a response from them I put my phone on do not disturb and set Bolu Escort Bayan it on my night stand. Jon had already picked a movie and kicked his shoes off laying on the bed. I followed suit and laid down also.

He pulled me in closer to his side allowing my head to rest on his arm as he caressed my side. His touch made me quiver and I crossed my legs. The movie was playing and I could tell neither of us was paying attention to it. The sexual tension was thick and the room became stuffy and hot.

He laid on his side facing me while I faced the TV pretending I didn’t notice. I grabbed my face, put it directly towards him and kissed me gently. I let any tension I had loose as I allowed him to take my body. I moved to a comfortable position pushing him on his back as I climbed on top of him, all while still kissing him.

His hands moved to my ass and groped it. This is when he discovered I wasn’t wearing panties so I felt his growth. I stopped kissing him to stare at his face. He was truly fine and I wanted every inch of him.

I ran my hands down his chest until I reached the bottom of his shirt raising it to take it off of him. Once the shirt was off, he started to caress my thighs inching closer and closer to my jewel but never actually touching it.

The sensation made me drip as I rubbed his hard rock abs. He grabbed my back and used his strength to flip is over so I was on my back with him in between my legs, my shirt hiked up exposing my jewel.

“You ready to make this happen?” He questioned while rubbing my legs.

Him asking for my consent turned me on more as I reassured him I was ready for all the pleasure he was about to give me.

He smirked as he pulled my T-shirt off, looked at my breasts while licking his lips. I hadn’t noticed but at some point he took his pants off just leaving him in his boxers. His growth was fully evident now and was pressing against my jewel making her twitch every now and then. He was well endowed that’s for sure.

His hands reached to rub my breasts as he pushed himself more onto my jewel. I’m sure he could feel my wetness through his boxers. That’s how bad I wanted him. While rubbing my right breast he connected his mouth and tongue with my left one. My body jerked as I felt his wet tongue on my nipple, nibbling at it slightly. I was rubbing his back slowly so he knew I was feeling it.

He trailed from my breast and licked from my ribcage, down to my navel stopping right about my jewel. I watched as he sat up staring at it while stroking his growth through his boxers. I looked at him with lustful eyes licking my lips. That’s all he needed before he went down and began to use his tongue blissfully.

I rubbed and grabbed his head as he was sending me into a frenzy with just his tongue. He knew what he was doing so there were no complaints from me. I let out a loud sigh and pushed him deeper into my jewel because I was about to reach my limit. He must have knew because he moved his tongue in a way that was indescribable. It made me release all my juices on his lips.

He continued to lick and suck on my pearl. As this was happening which made me let out a loud moan pushing him away from me. I was panting hard as I stared at him just laughing watching as my legs shook.

Waiting for me to finish he slid his boxers off and down stroking himself while looking at me. I sat up covering my face, not of embarrassment but because no one has made this happen before so I was smiling to myself. I turned toward him positioning myself between his legs. I rubbed his legs while also rubbing his cock at the same time.

I repeated this a few times watching as it jumped from excitement. We were staring at each other as I inched my face closer to his growth licking the tip. He inhaled and closed his eyes slightly. I took that as my cue and took his tip in my mouth, focusing my attention there for a few seconds. His hands were behind his head allowing me to put my skills to work.

I grabbed his length with one hand twisting it while pushing my mouth down as far as possible. He removed his right arm from behind his head and cupped my face. I looked up at him to see his face scrunched up. I stared into his eyes as I moved my head up and down twisting my tongue back and forth. This prompted him to grab my hair. I proceeded to wrapped to hands around him, he twists my hair as my mouth wet his tip. I felt him twitch in my mouth so I moved faster.

He grabbed my hair tighter and let out a breath. He let me know he was reaching his limit and tried to lift my head up. I smacked his hand away and continued working my mouth. This must have set him off because before I knew it I felt his warmth throbbing on my tongue and I made sure to get every last drop until he pushed me off because he couldn’t handle it.

He laid there rubbing his face breathing hard. I giggled to myself as I positioned myself on top of him. He still had his face covered with his hands but I could see him smiling. Maybe he was embarrassed or impressed, Escort Bolu either way our night wasn’t finished.

I pushed myself onto him rocking my hips back and forth. I wanted to get his growth back ASAP so we can both be pleasured even more. He removed his hands from his face and reached to grab my breasts as I rocked my hips. I felt him twitch so I knew he was ready. I lifted myself up, reached behind me to grab him to position himself at my pussy.

I moved my hands from my breasts to my hips to help guide me down. I slowly slid down on him, adjusting his growth to my jewel, letting out a sigh. I took all of him and moved slowly back and forth until I was well adjusted.

I adjusted my legs to where I was comfortable and began to bounce up and down on his dick. My juices were already flowing from the sensation of wanting this man that it made everything feel 10x better. I put my hand on top of my head so he watch my breast bounce up and down, while also seeing the satisfaction on my face.

I moved my hands to his chest to give me more of a grip to bounce better. I leaned down to moan in his ear, this led him to wrap his arms around my back and move his body violently up and down, sending me into paradise.

He tapped me to hop off and get on all fours and I obliged. I got on my hands and knees, arching my back so he would be able to stare directly into my jewel. He rubbed my pearl with his thumb pushing on it every now and then. I gasped when he stuck a finger inside, moving in and out at a consistent speed. He did that a few more times until it was ready for me before putting his cock back in. I let out an audible sound as he moved in and out.

He picked up speed, smacking my ass every now and then. I was gripping the sheets loving every second of this. He moved at a much faster pace now gripping my waist while grunting. I looked back to see his face scrunched up. Sweat was dripping down his forehead. He was ready to release and so was I. I reached my arms back so he can grab them while going to town. But looking at his body it looked like he was far from done.

“Let’s get up for a second” he said “Let’s take a shower”.

I, fully naked wobble my way to the bathroom, and Jon has the water running. He helps me get inside. It looked like he still had some tension that I need to relieve. The water was steaming up the room, but it was about to get steamier. I get on my knees in the shower and engulf his wet growth in my mouth again.

And I decided to go even faster than last time in order from him to release more of his stress. And boy did he have a lot. He then smacked my ass signaling me to get up and turn around. I felt the water on my back and stood up.

I waited for his cock to-reenter. My juices felt the water as he slowly re-entered the station and firmly grabbed my ass while doing so. I had my face to the glass wall and my hands were positioned like I was doing a push up and he sped up fast. The shower water wasn’t the only thing making my bathroom windows steamy. And him ramming me was making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

He all of the sudden shut the water off and helped dry me off with a towel. However as I made my way to the mirror he threw the towel to the side. He gets down on his knees in order to get a quick peak. I walk to the mirror, but before I get to the sink, he grabs my breasts and reinserts himself in me.

There was nothing to balance except Jon who put his hands over mine to make sure I didn’t fall. I looked in the mirror and saw my breasts jiggling and Jon’s muscles flex as he was plummeting inside me while we were standing.

I put my hand back as his abs. They were harder than ever before. I did say I wanted every inch of this man and boy he had a lot of inches. He then tries to make me walk while never leaving my pussy. I knew this wasn’t his first rodeo, he must have had a lot of practice.

“How bout we sit down for a lil bit.”

He pointed toward the chair near my bed. I agree whole heartedly. While he walks me to the chair stops me halfway for a few second to give me a good pounding while standing again.


He positions his dick quickly and I was first in line to hop on. I left my window curtains open, and it’s fairly easy to see me from my bedroom window. That made this night even more thrilling.

I looked to the TV. I don’t know what Jon put on for us. All I knew it was a couple doing, well, what we were doing. Did he put on a porno? And another thing, the guy on TV looked like him. Same features, same abs, even the same dick. I never asked him what he did for a living. Is this what he does? Is that why he’s so fine? Is that how he knows how to treat a lady? I had to inquire further.

“Hey, what do you do for wor-AAAHHH”

I yelp as he suddenly plows his cock inside me. He simply grunts as I bounce on him like a trampoline.

He grabs my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples, then sucking on them like a newborn would. I let out a loud moan, the curtains to my window were wide open. Anybody who wanted to see me get satisfied by this fine man better look now before the window fogs up. I soon turn around as I signal that I want it from behind. He now gets a nice view of my ass. He fucked my ass hard it sounded like he’s popping bubble wrap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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