Something About Mary

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.


Just seeing her name again on my computer screen brought back a rush of happy memories and caused my heart to drop into my stomach. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d thought about her, much less the last time we’d been in touch, but there had been a time when we couldn’t get enough of each other. The start of our relationship had been as much of a pleasant surprise as it was seeing her name again twenty years later. It had been between Christmas and New Year’s during my senior year in high school when I got a call from a girl who had graduated the previous year. I wouldn’t have said she was a friend but we’d gone to school together since elementary school, so we certainly weren’t strangers. She was calling to tell me about a party at Mary’s house and encouraged me to come. I knew Mary even less than I knew Debbie, so I wasn’t sure why I was getting a personal invitation, but I was never one to turn down an opportunity to party, especially when I knew that at least a couple of girls would be involved.

I called my two best friends to let them know about the party but, being that it was the holiday season, Rob was going to be off visiting relatives and Jim was out of town. I preferred the company of my boys when venturing into uncharted waters, but certainly would have no problem going stag, especially in light of the personal invitation. It was obvious when I arrived at Mary’s house that the party was already in full swing, which had been part of my plan. I walked in the front door and said hello to a few people I knew but I wanted to find Mary and Debbie to see what kind of reception I would get. They were both in the kitchen and Debbie nudged Mary when she saw me. Mary looked up and I was pleased to see her eyes light up.

“Hey, how are you?” she asked and I could tell right away that she’d already had a few cocktails. I wasn’t sure whether this would work in my favor or not; obviously alcohol had a tendency to lower inhibitions but I didn’t want to end up questioning whether she was capable of giving consent should an opportunity present itself. It was a bit early to start considering such things, however, but I resolved to tread lightly and exercise caution. We talked for a couple of minutes before she suggested that I grab a beer from the keg in the other room. I talked with a few other people on my way to and from the keg then came back to talk to Mary and Debbie some more. I was definitely getting a vibe from Mary, which still came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I didn’t dwell on it too much and just made sure that I was giving her clear signals right back that I was interested in wherever things might lead.

Since it was her party, she wasn’t able to ignore everyone else around her and, consequently, we’d talk for a while, we’d part for a while, and we’d talk for a while again. I thought things were going pretty well, but I was still concerned that she appeared more than a little buzzed. I decided that, as long as she could continue holding a conversation, I probably shouldn’t worry. When it started getting late and the crowd was thinning out, I suddenly couldn’t find her anywhere. I was less worried that she’d hooked up with someone else than I was that somebody might be taking advantage of her if she was beyond the ability to consent. Her house wasn’t so big and I was relieved to find all of the bedroom doors open but, as I looked into the master bedroom, I saw the bathroom door partly closed and light spilling from the opening. I slipped up quietly, not wanting to catch her peeing, but wanting to confirm that she was okay.

Glancing into the bathroom, I saw her kneeling on the tile floor with her head resting on the rim of the toilet. I debated briefly just slipping away quietly, but my concern for her overruled that idea and I gently pushed the door open. She glanced up at me once she realized she was not alone as I was taking a seat on the rim of the bathtub. She didn’t look good at all but she smiled weakly and said “Hi.” I grabbed a washcloth and soaked it with cold water, then handed it to her and she wiped her brow and the back of her neck.

“Thanks,” she said weakly.

“Anything I can do?” I asked. She shook her head.

“I think I got rid of all of the alcohol and my dinner, too,” she said, “but I think I’m done being the hostess.”

“People are starting to clear out, anyway,” sarışın porno I told her, “I’d be happy to stick around until the rest of them are gone to make sure no one overstays their welcome. Debbie is still here, too.”

“I’d appreciate that,” she replied, “Can you send Debbie up when you go downstairs?”


“And don’t leave without coming back up to say ‘good-bye,’ okay?”

“You got it.” I think I knew as I headed back downstairs that there was something special starting up at that moment. If I’d just been interested in scoring with her, puke breath definitely would have had me reconsidering. I certainly wasn’t thinking about kissing her right then, but I found myself concerned for her, getting sick at her own party. I found Debbie and sent her up, then checked on the remaining guests while picking up cups and wiping down the kitchen counters. Debbie rejoined me and helped me get the place back in shape.

“Are you staying over?” I asked her.

“No, but I think you are,” she replied.

“What?” I asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Mary wanted me to ask you if you’d stay over and make sure she survives the night,” she said with a shrug, “I think she was touched that you came in to the bathroom to check on her and will feel more comfortable having you here than she would being alone.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“If you don’t want to stay, obviously I will, but you’re her first choice,” she replied.

“No, I’m fine with it, if it will make her feel better,” I decided, “I think the worst of it is probably over and she’ll just be sleeping but let’s see if she’s got some ginger ale and some Tylenol around here.”

The last few people lingering were finally getting the hint so I took Mary some Tylenol and ginger ale while Debbie made sure that they successfully found the door. Mary was still in the bathroom, but visibly brightened when I reappeared. I had her take the Tylenol with some ginger ale and she managed not to gag, which I took as a good sign. She was definitely doing better, so I helped her up and got her over to her parents’ bed. I set the trash can beside her and promised I’d be back, then went to check on Debbie. She was doing a final sweep now that the house was empty, so I joined her and we were pretty certain that we hadn’t missed anything.

“You sure you’re good with this?” she asked as she pulled on her coat.

“Yeah, I am,” I replied, “I’m assuming that we’ll just be sleeping, then I’ll make sure she survives the hangover. I’m sure she’ll call you to let you know how it goes.”

It had to be one of the strangest situations I’d been in, where I knew that a specific someone felt a specific way but was limited in what I could do about it. Debbie seemed satisfied, so she took off and I headed back upstairs after locking up the house. Mary didn’t stir as I entered the master bedroom, so I made sure she was still breathing, then covered her with the blanket folded up at the end of the bed. I didn’t want to unmake her parents’ bed, so I checked around until I found a couple more blankets and brought those into the master bedroom. I took off my shoes and sweater, covered myself in a blanket, then covered the two of us with the other one. It didn’t take very long before I was snoozing alongside Mary.

I heard her get up early the next morning and go into the bathroom, but fell right back asleep and only stirred slightly when she came back to bed. When I woke up later that morning, I was on my back and she was snuggled right up against me. It was light enough that I could take a good look at her and see the contentment on her face, which made me glad that I had agreed to stay. We had a brief moment when she opened her eyes and saw me looking down at her then smiled before the look on her face changed drastically and she bolted for the bathroom again. She had a sheepish look on her face when she returned.

“False alarm,” she said but I encouraged her to drink more of the ginger ale that was on the nearby nightstand.

“Are you okay?” I asked as she grimaced.

“It’s warm and flat but it’s not trying to come back up, so that’s a good sign,” she replied.

“How about your head?” I asked.

“My head is fine, actually,” she responded, “it’s just my stomach that is queasy.”

“Should we go downstairs and get you a fresh ginger ale?” I asked, “I know I could use some water.”

“Okay,” she said and smiled, maybe because I wasn’t looking for a reason to bolt right away. She seemed to be doing pretty well as we headed to the kitchen and I was impressed that she didn’t seem concerned that she wasn’t looking her best. With a fresh ginger ale in hand, she took a quick walk around the downstairs before joining me on the couch where I’d parked with my water.

“Nice job cleaning the place up,” she said.

“Debbie helped,” I replied.

“In more ways than you know,” she suggested.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Can I just tell you how much sex hikayeleri I appreciate you sticking around and making sure I was okay last night?” she replied, dodging the question. We sat on her couch for a few hours just chatting and basically getting to know each other better. Eventually she felt like her stomach could take some food, but we went easy and she started out with toast. By mid-afternoon she was feeling almost 100% again and once she was sure that the worst was behind her, she asked if I had plans for the night ahead.

“I’m definitely not doing another party,” she said, “but my family won’t be home until tomorrow so I thought you might want to hang out…watch a movie…have some dinner…”

“I’d love to,” I told her, “but I’d really like to go home first to catch a shower and change. I promise I’ll come back, though.”

“That actually sounds like a good idea,” she replied. She wrote down her phone number for me so I could call before I headed back to make sure she was ready then walked me to the front door. On impulse, I leaned in and gave her a kiss, which led to a couple more, though there was no tongue involved. It felt right and we smiled at each other before I headed out the door.

Once I was clean and wearing fresh clothes, I called Mary to let her know I was on my way back and to ask if she needed me to bring anything. She didn’t need anything, but I stopped to pick up a bouquet of flowers and a box of condoms, which I stuck inside my jacket. When she answered the door, her eyes lit up when she saw the flowers. She looked like she was in much better shape than she’d been when we woke up that morning and, as she led me to the kitchen to put the flowers in water, I admired her ass in the short skirt she was wearing. Something smelled really good and she revealed that she had dinner cooking for us as she got the flowers situated in a vase.

“We have some time before dinner is ready,” she said, taking me by the hand and leading me to the living room, “so I wanted to more properly thank you for taking care of me last night. I’d like to do that by taking care of you.”

As I stood in front of the couch, she dropped to her knees and started to work my jeans open. My cock immediately started to grow as I realized what was going on. She took my jeans down to my ankles and caressed the bulge in my briefs before taking them down, too. My rigid tool sprung out and, as my briefs joined my jeans, she had me sit down. She took my throbbing tool in her hand and pumped it while caressing my balls before licking the head, causing me to moan softly. Smiling at the effect she was having on me, she wrapped her lips around my shaft and slid them down, making me moan even louder.

At eighteen, I hadn’t had the privilege to receive very many blowjobs, so feeling Mary’s hot mouth sliding up and down my tool was the best thing I’d felt for as long as I could remember. Being able to watch her at work, as opposed to being in the dark backseat of a car or something, only served to heighten the experience even more. I ran my fingers through her light brown hair as I complimented her oral skills while feeling an orgasm quickly beginning to build. She was pumping the base of my cock in one hand as her lips moved up and down my shaft, which was also helping to bring my orgasm on fairly quickly.

She seemed pretty focused and my guess was she was just trying to do a good job and make me happy; just as I had not received very many blowjobs, I thought it was safe to assume that she hadn’t performed too many. It wasn’t about trying to draw out the pleasure I was feeling nor was it about just getting it over with; I think she just wanted to be able to make me feel good and there was no doubt that she was succeeding. She hadn’t said anything about warning her before I came, so I was also anticipating that she was planning to swallow my load, which was definitely a pleasing thought.

I was moaning and breathing heavily while still encouraging Mary as my orgasm grew closer and my cock swelled even more. To Mary’s credit, she never paused and just continued to slide her mouth up and down my tool while pumping the base. Even as I exploded into her mouth with a grunt and my cock continued to spurt, she kept at it until I was completely spent, letting my cock fall from her mouth only once it started to soften. She looked up at me inquisitively, as though waiting for an evaluation of how she’d done.

“That was fucking amazing,” I assured her, causing her to break out in a smile. I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, then asked her to stand up. I ran my hands up her bare legs and under her skirt where I found her sweet, round ass encased in her panties. I caressed it before starting to slide her panties down, pausing to flip up the front of her skirt and have her hold it up so that I could see her pussy as it came into view. I slowly lowered her panties to reveal her trim brown bush as I ran my hands over her smooth, round şişman porno ass cheeks. I leaned in and kissed her lower abdomen and hips as I continued to work her panties down her legs until they dropped to her ankles. I had her step out of them and recline beside me on the couch, then lowered my head between her thighs.

I ran my tongue up between her lips and tasted the abundant juices that she was producing while she sucked in her breath. I glanced up as I lapped at her pussy to see that her eyes were closed but her mouth was open and a look of ecstasy was on her face. I hoped that I’d be able to provide her with as much pleasure as she’d provided me, so I focused on licking her clit while slipping a finger into her. When I felt how snug her pussy was around my finger while also being incredibly hot and slippery, I could feel the blood trying to return to my cock; there was no doubt that fucking her was going to be pure bliss.

Just as I hadn’t had the privilege at my age to have received many blowjobs, I also had limited experience with eating pussy. However, the opportunities that I did have had given me a reasonable idea of what worked and what didn’t and I had committed the former to memory. I realized, also, that eating pussy was a unique chance to focus solely on my partner’s pleasure while becoming incredibly intimate with her body. Given that, I was excited and enthusiastic about having my face buried in Mary’s pussy. I did what I knew would work, like licking her clit and pumping my finger in and out of her pussy, while also experimenting just a little to see if I could provide her with even more pleasure. Luckily, Mary wasn’t shy about letting me know what she was feeling, so when I tried sucking her clit, I thought she was going to hit the ceiling.

She was moaning loudly and writhing on the couch while gripping the cushions tightly in her hands, so I knew that I was successfully guiding her toward an orgasm, but I didn’t have any idea how close she was. I did sense that her pussy was becoming even wetter than it had been and was kind of swelling internally around my finger, which made me wonder if I was going to have some difficulty slipping my cock in there when the time came. As the juices sloshed over my pumping fingers, though, I suspected it wasn’t going to be a problem. Mary seemed to be tensing up and her moaning was becoming somewhat plaintive which I took to mean that she was on the verge and getting anxious to cum. I didn’t have any tricks up my sleeve, so I just kept up what I was doing until she finally went limp and her entire body started to shake.

I still continued what I was doing until she’d gone completely still and let out a long, ragged sigh. I then crawled up alongside her and just waited as she caught her breath, my pants still at my ankles and her skirt still up around her waist. I’m sure we painted quite a picture.

“That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt in my life,” she finally said, turning her face toward mine.

“Oh stop,” I said, starting to blush.

“No, seriously,” she replied, “that was completely unprecedented. I felt like my bones were melting…and that’s a good thing.”

“Well, it was my pleasure,” I responded, “and I enjoyed it myself, so I’d be more than happy to do it again any time you are interested.”

“I don’t know if my heart or my brain could handle it right at the moment,” she said, “but I’ll definitely let you know when I’m ready.”

She leaned closer and we kissed until she realized that she still had dinner cooking and jumped up to go check on it. I watched her bare ass until her skirt dropped down to cover it, then sat up and pulled my briefs and jeans back up. I grabbed her panties and brought them with me into the kitchen to see if there was anything I could do to help, but she had things under control. She did take her panties back from me but didn’t put them back on. We sat and ate what turned out to be a very well-prepared meal. I was pleased that Mary seemed to have completely recovered and was able to eat without any hesitation. Once we were done, though, we were both feeling a bit full so we decided to watch a movie.

We retired once again to the big sectional couch in front of the TV and cuddled together once we’d selected something to watch. We’d kiss occasionally, but the longer we watched, the more we were caressing each other until we abandoned the movie altogether when she straddled me as we were making out.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked as she massaged the bulge in my jeans that she’d been humping against. I grabbed my wallet and extracted the one condom I carried there while she started opening my jeans. Once she had them open and had my cock in her hand, I took over and slid them down further, then kicked them and my briefs away. I opened the condom and she released my cock so that I could roll it on then she positioned herself so that she could lower herself onto it. I guided my tool to her pussy as she dropped down slowly and she eased herself down on it until I was fully engulfed. I could not believe how hot and slick and tight her pussy felt and was hoping that I didn’t cum within about ten seconds. She sat there feeling my girth filling her momentarily before starting to slowly ride up and down on my cock.

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