Something Has Come Up

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A Note From The Author

My previous Literotica (Lit) articles have been essentially factual, describing either actual events, or an amalgamation of actual events.

This piece is also inspired by an actual event, specifically a dream I had. But, given my stereotypically fuzzy recollection of what happened in the actual dream, I have instead used the essentials as a scaffold for more creative writing.

As a result, this work is more fiction inspired by a real event, rather than an attempt to document something with fidelity.

As with my other work to date, the text features actual Lit members. They know who they are, but names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Please also see the notes that appear at the end of this piece. They have been moved there as they refer to plot points.


Recently, I came to the startling realization that I had not fucked a guy in months. I’d had fun a few times with someone I met at a club. Also, my good friend from back home had come down for a long weekend; comforting me after I’d had a rather traumatic experience. But neither of these lovers have penises and I’m rather fond of penises.

Life used to be different. I had no lack of male attention. In fact they were lining up; sometimes literally. And then I got this good job. But it meant moving state. It meant being two and half hours’ drive away from home. Two and a half hours’ drive away from everyone I was intimate with.

I figured that it would be good for my career. I was proved right when the good job turned into a great one because my first boss left and I was asked to take over his role. I also figured that I would meet new people easily enough. Here my prediction was way off. I worked long hours and was often too tired to do anything but Netflix binge when I got home. With post-pandemic hybrid working, I was only in the office two days a week. This limited my opportunities for social interactions, but equally I also have a no work entanglements rule. It’s generally way too complicated.

I tried dating sites, but the people I was interested in weren’t so interested in me and vice versa. The other problem was my sexual peccadilloes, which are perhaps not entirely mainstream. These had been perfectly satisfied by a number of people back home, but it seems my appetites are less common in my current locale. Which is why I am now on Literotica of course.

However, post virtual coitus, someone on Lit asked me when I had last been fucked in real life, which led to the epiphany I described at the start. Something flipped in me and the next evening I basically jumped on a male colleague who was working late with me; ripping up my no work entanglements prohibition. We grabbed a drink and then grabbed each other and then he grabbed his clothes off of my bedroom floor before leaving.

A few days ago, my colleague, who is actually a lovely guy, invited me out for the weekend. Friday night, before leaving for his apartment, I was chatting with a regular Lit playmate, let’s call him Dylan. Dylan likes sending me videos of him cumming, I like watching them, I particularly like how copiously he cums.

A few days earlier, I had posted a thread on Lit asking about sexual experiences you had never had, but which you would like to. In this I mentioned that I found the idea of being with a she-male very alluring. There is something about the combination of soft femininity and a hard cock that I find beguiling. I confessed to Dylan that my kink had progressed from wanting to be with a she-male, to – probably prompted by Dylan’s provocative videos – wondering what it might be like to be one. Wondering what it might be like to have a cock and to cum like Dylan does. I was pretty sure that I still wanted to be me, so the cock would be in addition to, rather than instead of, my existing genitalia; a hermaphrodite scenario. What the Japanese refer to as Futanari.

Dylan found the idea hot, while adding that I always seem to take things to extremes (very true). He wondered out loud what it would be like to be with both Futa Emily and Futa Jenna. Jenna, yes let’s call her Jenna, is another Lit member Dylan and I often both play with, one on one, or as a threesome. Jenna is gorgeous and bubbly and flirty and young and open-minded. She is basically a sex goddess who gets off on slumming it with mortals like me and Dylan for some inexplicable reason.

The idea of Futa Jenna got me even more excited and I PMed her, laying out the scenario and desperately hoping that it turned her on too. I shouldn’t have worried; Jenna is even more naughty than she is gorgeous. Of course, it turned her on. Another fun game for the three of us to play.

But now I was running late to meet my colleague / friend / I’m not quite sure what yet. I put these thoughts to one side and got in the shower. Between my friend treating me like urfa seks hikayeleri royalty and fucking me like a common slut (which of course I am), Futanari didn’t figure greatly in a rather wonderful weekend. Sunday night, after vegging on the sofa with Little Women (the South Korean version), I went to bed a happy and contented Emily.


My Monday morning alarm sounded. Time to get up already? I rolled over to turn off my ‘phone and suddenly became much more awake. Turning under the covers had felt so strange. There has been something that caught in the linen and then dragged through it. The something tingled as the cotton cloth rubbed over it. The tingling felt nice, but everything else was strange. I felt an unaccustomed hardness, like something foreign had been attached to me. Something like… a rod?

I sat up in bed, the sheets running over my… whatever it was… again making me tingle, making the rod pulsate. Yes, pulsate was the word. What the fuck was going on? Something else was strange, the morning light filtering through my bedroom blinds showed a hump in the covers next to me. A hump topped by long, unkempt blonde hair. OK, I’ll worry about that in a second. I have more pressing issues, literally pressing on my sheets.

Aware of how comical I must look, I pulled up the sheets and peeped under them. I put them down again in a hurry, startled in a meme-worthy manner. No Em, you are seeing things. But I was also feeling things, the pressure of my covers on something, something that was lifting them to make a small tent, something that was transferring that pressure to between my legs. And throbbing, it was throbbing.

I flung back the covers, the hump next to me twitched and then settled again. And there it was. Standing proud between my legs was the rod I had been feeling. A fleshy rod, a veiny rod, a big, hard, pulsing, fleshy, veiny rod. One that looked instantly familiar to me. Growing out of my loins was a perfect facsimile of a penis I was intimately familiar with. It was a penis that had probed all of my orifices from the age of 18 onwards. The 8 – 9 inches belonged to my regular fuck-buddy from back home. The guy I had lost my virginity to and who had been my first and best guide in my journey into sexual perversion. But it was part of me. I pushed it gingerly and felt the prod both in the shaft and in the root, where it was most definitely attached to me. It sprung back when I removed my finger.

I had a cock. I had a fucking cock!


I glanced at the slumbering body next to me. It looked like Jenna’s hair. A bare shoulder was visible beneath the fair locks. It looked like Jenna’s shoulder. Not that I had seen Jenna’s shoulder, or hair for that matter, in person, only in photos. I hadn’t seen her face either. Like me, she is sensibly cautious about sharing too much on line. Somehow, I just knew it was Jenna sleeping in my bed. I wanted to see her face. But she was so peaceful and there was this other strange thing to figure out. I let her be for now.

Turning my attention back to my new appendage, I reached down and closed my fist around the shaft about half way down. I felt it twitch in my hand and simultaneously felt the same muscle contraction internally. That felt good, the sensation in my hand was a familiar one, that in the extended shaft of flesh rather less so. I squeezed and that felt better. It felt better in particular at the top of my cock; I guess I had to start saying ‘my cock’.

My fuck-buddy was not circumcised and so neither was I, this seemed all very natural to me. I pulled my fist down slowly, un-peeling the head, revealing its purple, swollen shininess. Oh, that felt good. Pulling down further tightened the valley where the foreskin was attached to the tip, which made me squirm. I could see a bead of pre-cum appear at the very top, glistening. Pulling down felt a little like someone teasing my clit.

My clit? Fuck, what has happened to my clit?

Releasing my new genitalia, I reached past my cock, past my pendulous testicles and further down in something of a panic. But I was reassured to find everything was still there. I rubbed my clit and it still ran electricity through my body like it always did. What was new was that it also made my cock bounce and throb as well. The bead of pre-cum grew.

I had overlooked my breasts, something it is all too easy to do, but shifting my gaze they were still there. I was still a girl, just one with an extra organ. I was Futanari Emily.

The bead of cum dripped onto my stomach, dropping neatly into my belly button. One hand still rubbing my clit, I dipped a finger into the depression in my abdomen and brought it to my mouth. It tasted of my fuck buddy, an evocative taste taking my mind back to all sorts of prior adventures.

Gently I grasped the head of my cock, oh that does feel good, the feelings somehow transitioned to my clit as well. Maybe I was Bluetooth enabled? I squeezed and more pre-cum appeared. I took it on my finger and transferred it to my mouth, savoring the nostalgic taste. I squeezed again and this time used a fingertip to spread the clear liquid around my glans. It responded by growing more taut, becoming more purple and throbbing, throbbing so much.

I moved my hand back to the shaft, gripped it and started to move my fist up and down. I had given many hand-jobs like this, but now I was also feeling new things. I felt the blood pump, I felt my new muscles contract and release. I felt a tightness in my balls. I felt the stiffness increase even more. I moved my hand up and down more firmly, still also playing with my clit. That felt so good, I felt a tingle start. It began deep in the shaft and just below the head. It intensified each time I completed a downward movement, each time I pulled my foreskin tight. I pulled down harder with each stroke and the tingle intensified to a buzz. So this was what jerking off feels…

…oh fuck!

The tingling feelings peaked much quicker than I was used to and my cock spasmed and tightened unbearably, it throbbed as a jet of white liquid spurted out, falling across my chest and breasts. I pulled down hard and held my hand against the root, raising my cock’s angle and causing the next spurt to hit my face and trickle slowly down my cheek. The following squirt was also headed towards my face, but lower. I saw it arcing upwards and had the presence of mind to open my mouth. The salty and sour liquid splashed onto my tongue. This was followed by a final jet that fell across my nose. The cum fountain was now replaced by a duller throbbing and a twitching oozing.

I realized that I was still rubbing my clit and that a second set of feelings were mounting. Reaching past my still quivering cock, my second hand found my pussy and I slipped two fingers in. I was soaking wet and frigged myself like crazy, rubbing my clit hard. My cock had softened after its exertions, but as the feelings built in my pussy, it became rigid again. I tried to keep quiet, I bit my lip as the warmth between my legs started to pulse through my whole body. But I could not suppress a moan as my female orgasm overtook me, enveloping every part of my body, including the new male ones.

I trembled as the waves of pleasure subsided and released my previously contracted muscles, my body relaxing, cushioned by the mattress.

“Good morning beautiful. You look rather a mess. But oh goody, you are still so hard for me.”


Jenna had turned and was looking at me, still cocooned in the covers, but her green eyes wide open, her attention clearly torn between my face and my crotch.

Her face was as beautiful as her athletic body. Pale skinned, with a broad forehead and dark blonde eyebrows arching above her sparkling eyes; eyes that were slightly sunken, promising hidden depths. Her eyebrows flowed gracefully into a nose that was flat and narrow at the top, broadening to a perfect triangle at the base. Below this a broad cupid’s bow mouth was slightly parted, displaying pearly white teeth. Her graceful chin had a hint of a cleft in it. Her face showed openness and sensitivity and intelligence, but her slightly crooked smile showed something else, an irredeemable, unforgivable character flaw. Jenna was just plain naughty. She was a full-on sexual being and entirely comfortable to be so.

“Hi Jenna. Yes, I am rather a mess. I don’t quite know what happened to me. I woke up and…”

“And you had one of these? Cool aren’t they?”

Jenna peeled back the covers slowly. At first I couldn’t take my eyes off of her magnificent breasts. Full and soft, but with the pertness of youth. Her areolae were wide and pink and puffy and her nipples nestled softly in their center, neither small, nor large, just perfect. Her breasts had been hinted at through clothing in photos and had always looked amazing. But their full glory nude was something to behold. If I could chose, I would elect to have Jenna’s breasts, rather than my own, rather flatter, chest.

Jenna kept peeling, pulling off the material from her lower body more quickly and with a small flourish. And then I saw it. Jenna was not the only well-endowed girl in my bed. Her cock was stupendous, about 10 inches to my well-trained eye and thick. That was a cock that any girl would be truly proud of. It was all I could do to stop myself from drooling as I gazed open-mouthed at it.

Jenna moved her hand slowly up and down her towering pole and spread her legs more at the same time. I could see she was equipped the same as me, below her balls was a shaven pussy with puffy outer labia that almost screamed to be kissed and licked. But to be honest, it was her cock I fixated on most. I wanted it in me, I wanted it in every part of me. I could feel my own cock tighten as more blood flowed in to it.

“Do you like it Em? It’s big isn’t it? It’s my dream cock. Yours looks wonderful too Em, we are lucky girls, aren’t we?”

“You seem particularly lucky Jenna. It’s enormous.”

“It is nice isn’t it?”

Jenna stroked her monster, almost purring as she did.

“You can play with it if you like. But I’d like to clean you up first.”

Jenna turned and got onto all fours. As she came closer, her cock wobbled enticingly between her shapely legs. Her impossibly beautiful face was above me. She smiled radiantly again and stooped to kiss me, softly, chastely on my lips. Then less chastely she ran her tongue up the side of my nose, collecting the cum that was lying on me there. She moved to my cheek and lapped up the remnants of my second spurt and then to my chin where a little sticky liquid that had missed my mouth still glistened. She licked her lips, smiled again and swallowed.

“I just knew your cum would taste so good Emily.”

She moved down to my chest where my small breasts were traced with long, translucent streaks and a small pool had gathered in the hollow formed by my breastbone. All of this she licked or sucked into her mouth, making small satisfied noises as she did.

When she had fastidiously collected all the cum from my torso, Jenna returned to kiss me again, her lips tasting salty, her tongue slippery as she probed my mouth. I felt my pussy tingle and my cock throb and swell even more.

“There is just one place I haven’t cleaned Emily, but I am so turned on by the taste of your cum, and my cock is so hard, that I’d love to find out our what it feels like for it to be licked and sucked. Could you help?”

It was now my turn to purr. If I had an area of expertise in life, it was cock sucking.

“Of course, Jenna. But just as a favor to you, of course.”

We both grinned and she span, putting her knees either side of my shoulders, her elbows either side of my hips. Jenna’s magnificent cock bobbed tantalizingly above my face. I watched it mesmerized. Then I felt Jenna’s tongue lick from the base to the tip of my cock, continuing her cum collection mission. She repeated this thoroughly from different angles and I felt my breath coming quicker, my heart rate increasing. I reached between her legs and gripped her shaft, guiding the head of her cock into my mouth.

Only once had I come across a cock as long as Jenna’s and that one had been nowhere as thick. Her bell-end was wide and stretched my lips as I took it inside my mouth. Even a deep throat slut like

me doubted that I could take all of it. I stopped worrying as I felt Jenna’s mouth mirror my own oral actions. My God, no wonder guys liked blow jobs so much, this was amazing. I returned the favor, sucking on Jenna, lifting my head to slide more of her inside me.

My view was obscured by the thickness of Jenna’s cock, 4 inches of which were now in my mouth, but I could certainly feel what was going on lower down. I could also feel the bed shift slightly and Jenna’s body flex as her head moved up and down on my shaft with increasing depth and speed. I could feel her saliva trickle down my shaft. And then she shifted her weight and two of her fingers found my pussy. She pushed them in and out of me in the same tempo as her head bobbed. Fuck that was good. I reached up myself and started to rub Jenna’s clit. I was rewarded by her beginning to thrust in and out of my mouth.

I ceased to be much of an active participant, save for urging Jenna on via massaging her clit. I was pinned down by the weight of her body and impaled by her thrusting cock. Meanwhile Jenna was stimulating my own cock and pussy so well that I knew that at least one flavor of orgasm was coming soon. I raised my hips, pushing my cock deeper into Jenna’s mouth. She responded by dropping her head lower, taking more of my 8 inches.

It was Jenna finding my asshole with her spare hand that tipped me into sexual oblivion. She slipped a finger inside my anus, frigged my pussy hard and dropped her head further, enveloping all of my cock in her mouth and throat. It was too much, I bucked and writhed and tensed. One warm, intense buzzing focused at just below the tip of my cock, another broader, but more all-encompassing throbbing spread from my clit and pussy to the rest of my body. My cock spasmed, squirting into Jenna’s throat again and again. My pussy created its own fountain as I experienced the almost indescribable pleasure of simultaneous male and female orgasms.

Jenna was not far behind. She fucked my face deeply and I held on for dear life as her mammoth cock invaded me orally. Then her body went rigid, her cock twitched violently and she released a deluge of cum into my throat. I thought I might drown, doing my best to swallow one wave before the next one swamped me, my own cock and pussy still tingling from their own little deaths.

Jenna almost fell off of me, turning to lie on her back alongside. A couple of aftershocks from her previous earthquake still rumbled, more cum leaking from her cock. I leant over and collected the rivulets with my tongue, adding to the cum lake in my tummy. Then I too flopped back, eyes closed, tired from my exertions and very warm and full inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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