Something Wicked This Way Comes

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“Tito! Did we get those copper pipes and gears for the espresso bar?” I shouted towards the back of the partially deconstructed coffee house.

“All of that steam punk stuff? Si chulo, it all came early this morning.” He replied as he strode into the store front, snacking on a fresh kiwi. I’d been working with Tito on projects for the last four years or so. Meticulously groomed and always with a perfectly kept hair style in place.

I glanced at the fruit in his hand, dripping across his fingers as a smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Your friend Andre, you know that guy who bought this whole mess…” And here it was about to drop, he only called them “my friends” when they did something stupid. “He wants to pull all of the furniture out and sell some of it off.”

The thin rimmed glasses on my nose felt very heavy all of a sudden. This meant we would be refitting this place for at least another three days while the boss found people to buy the old, miss matched pieces. “Well damn.” I sighed heavily and tucked the pencil behind my ear. I took a seat on one of the new, plastic wrapped stools at the espresso bar. Orange rays of setting sunlight were prying at the darker corners in the store, showing the dust and frayed edges on some of the chairs, lounges and a couple vintage looking couches.

We had already been in California for a week trying to get this place up and running. Our soft opening was slated a week from now. There were long days and nights ahead of us for certain. Tito chuckled and finished off his kiwi.

“How do you stay so damn fit when you only eat fruits and vegetables man?” I rubbed my face and laughed at the ridiculous amount of work we had ahead of us. “Oh I GET my protein!” Tito quipped and stretched, tugging the edges of his V-neck shirt back into place. He had been my go-to guy for exotic foods and coffees, teas and gourmet presentations since the first place we set up under a contract.

“I swear Tito, if you get any gayer…you’re gonna fart rainbows dude!”

His phone buzzed on a table top nearby, sending a hollow rattle through the vacant space. He scooped it up and flicked the screen.

“Well here’s some good news. Some girl who used to come here a lot is interested in some of the things. She’s going to be here in about fifteen minutes.”

My tall cup of Earl Grey warmed my palm as I nodded and took a long drink. I brushed my jeans and tried to remove some of the dust and grit that had accumulated while clearing out the storage areas. I reached over and dipped my fingers in the sink, ran them through my hair and tried to at least look presentable. Five o clock shadow had set in at about three pm, showing flecks of silver hairs here and there in my goatee line.

Tito got another buzz on his phone and waltzed out the front door, waving to someone in the parking lot. “Hey you! Are you Jessie?” he ducked his head back inside and nodded towards whoever was in the parking lot. It was one of his wing-man maneuvers. It meant Get a load of this one!

I stood and rubbed my back, setting my cup down on the refinished counter. “Jessie huh? Another California girl in yoga pants and hemp sandals I bet…” I thought to myself as Tito held the door open for the woman.

What came through the door was a complete and pleasant surprise. I was expecting another waify Valley Girl, or a super health nut of a soccer mom…Jessie was none of the above. To say she was curvy, would do disservice to the word. Brilliant red hair, pulled into a wild pony tail style that looked feathered at the base of her skull. She was wearing a classic black summer dress that clung to her hips and breasts like the fine finish on a muscle car. I could make out the whipping lines of tattoos on her legs a she walked into the room.

Tito noticed my staring, and waved at me with a boyish grin behind her back in an attempt to snap me out of it.

She slid her sunglasses off and looked around the store, orange glow from the windows catching a glint of steel that hung just below her bottom lip. There was a sultry heat rolling off this woman that was hard to ignore. Feeling suddenly under dressed, I nervously straightened my Beastie Boys concert shirt and wiped my hand on my jeans once more.

“Brian?” She said with a smile and extended her hand to shake mine. She looked me over with a steady gaze. Steel blue eyes set off a stark contrast to the bright red lipstick and gloss.

I stammered, “Yes, you’re here for some of this furniture bahçeşehir escort right? Andre told us you would be coming by.”

Tito chimed in just then from the doorway. “I have this thing I need to, uhm..I’ll just be back at the hotel chulo!”. He was grinning ear to ear as he knocked the door stop out of the way. I could hear him whistling the tune for “Jessie’s girl” as he shut the door and hopped into his rental car.

“You’ll have to forgive my friend Tito, he’s a bit of a dork.” We shared a laugh at his corny exit and I gestured to the chairs and tables set about in random fashion. “I loved this place when it was open before.” She said as she looked over the furniture. “I must have spent a thousand hours here with my friends you know? Late nights and strong coffee.” She was smiling as she looked over the familiar paintings from local artists that hung from the walls.

“They plan to keep all the artwork. I have a few recessed lighting fixtures to install tomorrow to actually show some of them off.” I had turned around to find a list of the items in the storefront and their estimated value.

When I had turned around, she was trailing her fingers over the back of a set of maroon lounge chairs. “These are from the late fifties right? I love these chairs.” Fondness and familiarity graced her words as she stroked the corded knots at the edges of the chairs.

My heart sunk a bit when I realized which items she was going to want. “Yeah..Jessie, about these pieces. There’s something you should know before you make an offer.”

I grabbed my cup of tea and headed over to the chairs, hauling one of the cushions out and showing her the label. “This brand stamp right here, stitched in gold thread…this is a total fake.”

Her brow wrinkled and she opened her mouth to say something, but then thought better of it.

“This company never used gold thread to embroider their maker’s marks.” I unzipped the cushion cover and tugged at the inner lining, exposing the faded Chinese letters. “Total counterfeit, the Chinese are faking everything from Prada shoes to toothpaste. All of this aging on the outside? They spray these things down with diluted tea and water, let them sit in a warehouse for a couple months.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” She blurted out.

“I’m sorry sweet heart, the West coast is full of fake stuff like this. It comes over from China almost daily.”

She was clearly disappointed, but also relieved to know the truth before she paid an arm and a leg. “Thanks for being honest with me. I wanted these chairs for my new apartment…damn!”

I put my hands in my back pockets and pondered for a bit, “Look, I can’t sell these things to anyone really. I have a truck heading out to storage tomorrow afternoon, and if you want, I’ll just let you have them.”

She locked my gaze and smiled at me. “You can do that? Won’t Andre be pissed that you gave his stuff away?”

I laughed at the thought and peeled my eyes away from her plunging neckline. Her skin was pale as marble, and begged me to conjure images of what her breasts looked like beneath the light cloth.

“It’s a restaurant, stuff breaks all the time. I’ll mark it down as being damaged in transit or something. I mean, they’re basically worthless so it won’t be a huge loss.”

Jessie exhaled heavily and sat in one of the chairs, setting her purse on the low table with mosaic tiling across the top.

“We have a lot of the equipment ready. Can I offer you a cup of coffee or something? I just…I feel terrible about this whole thing, it’s the least I could do.”

She nodded her head and looked over the new espresso bar we had installed. “You got all of that done in just a few days?”

“Yeah actually, we got it…” I paused as something struck me about the question. “You live in the area? I didn’t know anyone had heard about us taking this place over.”

A quick glint of mischief flashed across her eyes as she answered me. “Something like that.” She was watching me closely as I fired the machinery up and set the coffee to brew.

“Cream? Sugar? All of the above?” I called over my shoulder. When I turned around, I could swear my eyes were playing tricks on me. Her neckline had gotten lower in the time I had turned away, showing off the supple rise of flesh that formed her pale cleavage. Sweat began to bead under the collar of my T shirt as I fumbled for the cups.

“It’s bakırköy escort all good stuff, Andre is buying up the Arabica and fair trade coffees in the area.” I glanced back and noticed that she had made her way to the front door, idly touching the frames of paintings as she went.



I heard the front door locks slip into place.

The tin of half and half rattled as I poured a bit into each cup of java in front of me. I had a feeling the way the coffee was made wouldn’t matter.

I carried them back to the chairs and set them down on the table, taking a seat in the over stuffed maroon couch. She was taking her time, walking back to the nest of furniture. Playful wickedness painted her face as she pulled the pin from her hair, spilling the plume of fiery red strands across her back.

She smoothed out the black dress and sat next to me, reaching down to undo the strap of her sandals. “These shoes are killing my feet, you mind if I take them off?” My mind was racing. Was this really happening?

“By all means..” I managed. Wisps of steam rolled off the mugs on the table, dancing in the still air. She was seated to my right, closer than I would expect a stranger to place herself. She stretched her left leg and admired the crimson toe nails. I could see where this was heading, crazy and random as it was…

I decided to try my luck, looking over the half covered tattoo that spread over most of her thigh. “That’s some impressive work. You mind if I get a better look at it?” She smirked and pulled the hem of her dress up, nearly exposing the bottom curve of her ass.

My fingers drifted over the lines and blended colors. Goosebumps appeared on her leg as I explored the image laid into her skin. “So how long have you been watching me Jessie?” Her teeth let go of her bottom lip long enough to reply, “Long enough Brian. You’re up here all the time, I was hoping I could catch you on a lunch break. You work too much!” Her eyes drifted over my chest and settled on my own as she stroked the back of my neck and grazed the skin with her fingernails.

I shivered and took my hand from her flesh. “This is insane! I don’t even…” my objection was cut short, “You want Tito to come back hmm? Maybe he’s more your type?” She leaned in and gave me a challenging smirk.

The sunlight was fading into a reddish glow through partially open slats in the windows, catching the shimmer of her lips as she closed the distance between us. Soft scents of strawberries and cinnamon filled my senses as she kissed the side of my face first, kissing me again on the lips as she pressed against me.

This was actually happening. I wanted this more than I was willing to admit. She was melting away my resistance and making me sweat. Slipping an arm around her waist, I pulled her onto my lap, facing me and straddling my thighs.

Her lips were exploring my own, as she gripped the back of the old couch. I ran my hands up her back, through the tendrils of loosed crimson hair, searching for a bra strap to undo but found none.

My sweating palms slid down her figure and took hold of her hips, looking for a trace of panties below the dress but finding nothing there as well. Her scent washed over me as I closed my eyes and gradually opened them again. It was a heady mixture of soft fragrances and lust. The kind of potion that makes a man do tragic things for another taste.

I brushed the hair from her face as she drew back, panting with excitement. She was making short work of the buckle on my belt, snatching the button aside and tearing the fly open. My body was screaming for the satisfaction and release she was so willing to give.

I thought I would burst as she reached into my boxers and gave me a firm squeeze. “You shouldn’t walk around all pent up like that, it’s not healthy.” More teasing and taunts from this wicked creature. It was time to turn the tables, return the heat that I’d been bathing in since she walked through the door.

I reached under her legs and tugged my jeans down just enough to get free, her breath took on a soft shudder as the head of my cock pressed against the moist lips and parted them slightly. She hauled herself up and got into position to take me in fully. Which is when I grabbed each cheek and halted her advance.

She had taken the first inch or so inside with a gasp. She stared at me with her mouth open, realizing that I’d stopped her. “Oh! başakşehir escort Now that’s just MEAN!”

“What’s mean?” I grinned and lowered her so she could take half of me. She whimpered and furrowed her brow in frustration. “Fuck! You know you want to fuck me, come on baby…just do it!” I lifted her again so she could barely feel me at the opening.

She grabbed the back of my neck again, buried her face in my neck…she was straining against my arms, trying to force me to take her completely. Her hips rocked and swayed from side to side, trying to find a position where I couldn’t deny her.

I lifted her off of me completely, dumping her on the billowing cushions on the opposite side. My glasses fell away from my face and clattered to the stone floor, shattering a lens as they went. She was glaring at me and breathing hard, droplets of sweat making rivulets across her collar bones and trickling over her breasts. “Ok, so you want to play huh?” her voice was as much a warning as it was an invitation.

She turned over and raised her ass in the air, gently pulling the black dress up to the middle of her back. Her arms rested on the back of the couch and she looked at me over her shoulder, slowly swaying her hips and giving me a full view of her perfectly trimmed pussy. “How long can you hold back? I’m waiting…”

I had no intention of waiting now. My jeans had fallen to my knees in the scuffle. I grabbed her backside with one hand and shoved myself into her with the other hand. I’d give her what she came for now. I was unable to resist my own need.

She took me to the hilt and pressed against my hips. Her breath caught in her throat while she leaned forward and then slammed against me. Taking each side of her perfectly rounded, cheeks in my hands, I gave in to the burning pleasure of her slick body. Slight, gentle pulses gripped the base of my penis as she lingered after each thrust.

I could tell she wouldn’t take long to come. Her panting gave way to moans while she pressed her head against the arm rest. She was steadily getting louder.

The sun had nearly set outside, casting a deep red glow into the cluttered room. Even though the doors were locked, she could easily be heard outside.

I clapped hand over her mouth and pressed her into the cushions. Her eyes went wide and began to water in the corners as I drilled into her again and again, scraping the legs of the sofa across the cobbles below.

Muffled cries tried to escape my fingers…she reached over and pressed my hand against her mouth, giving me permission. Tremors ran through her thighs as the first wave of orgasm came. I could feel the lipstick and gloss smearing below my fingers from her saliva and sweat.

I’d call this passionate and primal, but there was a violence in the way she wanted to be taken. She was making me into a beast, like the image of the werewolf etched into the skin of her outer thigh.

Her back shook and arched as she came again, stronger than the last one. Tears leaked out between the tightly shut eyelids, taking trails of her once perfect eye liner with them.

I slowed my pace, letting her recover. My knees were burning and lungs ached from the effort. My shirt was stuck to my chest. Slowly I stepped back and pulled out of her throbbing pussy.

I stood dazed, seeing stars. She rose up from the couch and sat up in front of me, locking my eyes as she grabbed the fallen pants around my knees and pulled me towards her. Hair stuck to her face in wet strands, lid over her shoulder as she leaned to the side and slid her tongue over the shaft of my cock. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I felt her mouth open and pull me inside with a gentle suction, deeper it went until I could feel the head pushing past the back of her throat. Her head rocked slightly as she pulled back and swallowed me whole again.

She pulled me out, a trail of spit falling to the floor. “I want you to come for me..” she said as she kissed the tip and took me into her mouth again. Her hands found the small of my back and her crimson nails dug into the skin there as she swallowed me down to the base.

I took a handful of her matted hair and sighed with ecstasy. My fingers knotting her hair and pulling as I came in the back of her throat. The world melted away into blackness…

I woke with a jolt, what seemed hours later. I was fully clothed and stretched out on the couch. I rubbed my eyes and reached over to the mosaic topped table, finding my glasses which were unbroken.

“Wakey wakey!” It was Tito’s voice, coming from the open front door. Sunlight streaming in behind him.

He strode in and plopped a bag of bagels and smoked salmon in a chair, paused and stared at a painting on the wall behind me.

“Where did the picture of the redhead in black come from? Has that always been there?”

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