Something’s Begun

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It’s mid-morning and a Saturday. We’re both lying in late in bed, both just waking up. Still naked from the night before, I snuggle close to you, gently nuzzling your cheek. I move up to kiss your mouth. After a while, you stir and begin to roll over, ready to take things a little further. “Uh-Uh” I whisper “just stay like that”. You stay lying flat on your back but I can tell you’re puzzled by my request. “Its ok” I tell you. “Keep your eyes closed too”. I lean over and delicately kiss your eyelids. “What are you…?” you begin, drowsiness still in your voice.

“Shhhhh, don’t speak, just trust me”

I run my hands lightly down your arm, and, taking each finger in turn, caress it softly. “I don’t want you to move your fingers” I tell you, placing your hand face down on the mattress. “Why not?” you ask. “You cant” I reply “Imagine…imagine you’re wearing gloves, they’re very tight and the fingers are very stiff, you cant even wiggle them”. I stroke your hand again. You say nothing but still look confused. I run my hand back up you arm, pausing at your elbow. “You can’t move here either” I tell you. “Something is holding your arms in position, it’s not sore just…firm”. I reach over and stroke your other arm, placing that palm against the bed too. “This arm too.” I explain.


“Ah. You don’t know, you can’t see, remember?”

“Why can’t I see?”

“Because, sweetheart, you’re wearing a blindfold”

I lean in and before you can ask any more I kiss you. A slow kiss, almost tentative at first, then I slide my tongue between your lips to find yours, letting you know this isn’t some silly practical joke. As we continue to kiss, I slide my hand slowly down your naked body, stopping to stroke your exposed breast, then sliding down to your thighs. “Spread your legs for me” I whisper in your ear. Slowly, you Zonguldak Escort part your legs beneath the bed covers. “Good girl”. I run my hand along one leg, rubbing your soft skin, sometimes allowing my fingers to stroke your inner thighs before moving away again.

My voice is low as continue: “ Now the reason you can’t move your arms is because they’re held in place…”

I pause. Will I go on with this?


“In fact you’re tied, quite securely, to a chair. Your arms are tied, just like I told you, at the elbows and at your wrists. You’re fingers are trapped in very stiff gloves”

“Uh-huh” Your voice is lower now too.

I move my hand to stroke your other leg.

“You’re naked. Completely naked, except those gloves. You’re sitting on a cushion on this chair, with your arms secured. Can you see that?”

“Mmm…yes” you reply.

My fingers stray up between your thighs, circling the soft skin near your pussy.

“Your ankles are tied too, holding your legs apart so you cant move them either”

“No..?” Your voice is a whisper.

“No, not at all. Your legs are held open and you are balanced on the edge of the seat”

I start to gently rub your pussy, running my fingers along its length.

“In fact, you’re completely exposed. Tied there, naked, legs apart. I can see every detail of your cunt.” You give a little moan, and I increase the rhythm of my fingers on your pussy. “You know I’m there, watching you, but you cant move, can’t see me. You can call out but I won’t listen. You’re completely helpless.” I think you can tell from my voice that I’m enjoying this idea. I can tell from the juices beginning to leak over my fingers that you like it too.

“Now that I’ve got you helpless, I can do what ever I want with you” I tell you. “Maybe I’m naked too Zonguldak Escort Bayan and watching you, maybe I have a camera, maybe you’re in front of the windows and anyone in a flat nearby could see you” I tease “or maybe I’d take my time and kiss you all over your body. Would you like that?”

“Yesss…”. Your voice is a low more urgent whisper now.

“Remember you cant move”

I pull the covers away, exposing your body.

I kiss your cheeks, then slowly move down your neck and unto your chest. Using my free hand to balance, I kiss the soft underside of your exposed breast. My kisses turn to licks, my tongue tracing the curve of your breast, teasingly working its way towards your nipple. Gently I flick your nipple with the tip of my tongue, then take it in my mouth, sucking it hard and erect. You moan softly as I move to your other breast. I leave your nipples stiff and wet with saliva, as I continue to kiss my way down your body. I stop just above the first tuft of your pubic hair, my mouth almost meeting my fingers still stroking your pussy.

I move back up to whisper in your ear. “I could get you wet, and then leave you all tied up, for as long as I want”

“Oh no…don’t do that”

“Then come back and tease you again.”


“When I’d done that…maybe you’d feel the tip of my cock pressed to your lips…” I suggest.

Your cunt and thighs are soaked now, my fingers slick with your wetness. I stroke your cunt with my fingers and grind my upper palm against your clit.

“Would you take it? Would you take my cock in your mouth and suck it?” I urge.


“And would you make me cum? Tied up and helpless would you suck my cock?”


“You’d look so filthy doing that”


“You’d look like a slut”


“A Escort Zonguldak helpless slut sucking a cock,

Would you suck it until I came?”


“I’d like that. Then…”

Your arm twitches.

“Don’t move. You cant move” I tell you “If you move I stop”

“No, no please don’t stop” you beg.

You are close now. Your voice is high pitched with excitement. My own breathing is coming faster. I am erect, my cock pressed against your thigh. I want to make you come, need it almost as much as you do, and I’m caught up in this fantasy just like you.

“I’d come on your face” I continue.

“On your lips, on your chin”

“Oh God” I know you are picturing everything.

“You could feel it dripping down your body And then I’d pull back, get down on my knee’s between your spread legs And I’d lick you out.”


“But slowly, teasingly until you begged to be allowed to come.”

“Please, please let me come” you whimper

“I want you to see yourself, tied up and helpless, naked, cum on your lips, dripping down your chin and unto your breasts, a tongue in your cunt, and you’re begging like a slut to come” I almost grunt the words out.

“Can you see it?”

“Yes… yes, don’t stop..oh please…”

I frig your cunt furiously.

“Maybe I’d take a photograph of you like that..maybe..”

“I’m so close..I..oh, I’m going to cummm…OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” You come hard, you’re legs clench around my hand and I bury my face in your neck, kissing you fiercely. You whimper and moan.

—————– ———- —–

We lie back temporarily exhausted. I’m still half-hard, I haven’t cum yet, but then, I reflect, I wasn’t planning on getting up any time soon. I kiss you affectionately. You smile.

“God, that was nice”

“Well good” I reply with mock smugness.

Sitting up a little, you fix me with a funny little half smile

“So tell me…where did all THAT come from?

“ was just an idea, I guess.” I shrug.

“I see…”

Your smile is an enigma, but your eyes are shining.

I think something’s definitely begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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