Son’s College Friend Is A Stud

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“I really can’t believe I’m doing this!” That was all I could think as I straddled this gorgeous young college stud. I secretly had wanted this all night, of course, but I had no idea my innermost desires would land me in bed with this great looking guy… riding him like a wild stallion, no less.

First, you must understand I’m not usually like this. At least not to this degree. You see, for 20 years I’ve been the loyal wife, the loving mother. But for a long time I’ve wondered if there shouldn’t be more sexual excitement in my life.

My name is Deanne, and I married Richard when I was 18. At 38 years of age I still look pretty darn sexy, if I do say so myself. Most people have a hard time believing I’m a day over 30 because I exercise and take care of my body. (I just wish someone else would!)

I guess that’s part of the problem. Richard hardly pays me any attention anymore. I know I’m still very desirable because I get “the look” from every young guy that sees me. Part of it is just knowing how to dress, don’t you think? I mean, I love to wear low cut tops that show of my firm 36C breasts. And my toned, tanned, muscular legs always get the stares…from men and women alike. I do enjoy showing them off, too, I must admit… in high heels, short tight skirts, thigh highs… you know what I mean. Sitting in a public place, finding a lonely, horny guy sitting by himself, and giving him a show he’ll remember for years. Or teasing a poor helpless shoe salesman with a peek up my dress, it’s all in fun, you know.

That’s how this whole thing got out of control I guess. My 18 year old son Brian called to say he was coming home for the weekend from college and was bringing a friend. As usual, Richard was out of town on business, and I was lonely and incredibly horny. I had planned a trip to a local bar where I could showcase my new black miniskirt, strappy heels and skimpy mesh thong. I figured I would draw a little attention, you know, just for kicks, then head home for the evening to pleasure myself by the fire.

But all that changed when Brian introduced me to his roommate Steve. I could feel my mouth watering and my panties moistening as I gazed on this 6 foot 2 inch Greek god of a young man. I tried to appear calm, but I immediately began fantasizing about all the positions we might enjoy together.

This time, however, it was different. This wasn’t just some stranger at the mall, or some half-wasted executive staring across a poorly-lit lounge. This hard mountain of a man was actually in my house… and staying for the weekend! “Get a grip,” I thought to myself. “You simply cannot let this happen.”

Even though I tried to block out my lustful thoughts, I dressed for the evening just the altyazılı porno same. I fixed dinner for the two of them wearing the black miniskirt (rolled up once at the waist just for extra effect) lace top thigh highs, and those lovely mesh panties. Just for fun I sprayed the panties liberally with my sexiest perfume. I don’t know if they noticed the smell or not, but it absolutely drove me crazy.

During dinner I kept looking for excuses to cross and uncross my legs so Steve could see up my dress. Several times I caught him looking, but I had to be cool since my own son was in the same room. I even unbuttoned the top of my blouse to show Steve I wasn’t wearing a bra… as if my hard nipples pushing against that soft shiny silk weren’t obvious enough to everyone.

As we started dessert I quietly pushed off my shoes and teased Steve’s legs under the table. By now we were both so hot we could have fucked right there on the kitchen floor, but first we had to get rid of Brian. As long as he was in the house this had no chance of happening.

After dinner the three of us sat in the den and chatted for a while, as I again took every opportunity to flash and tease Steve unmercifully.

Once, when Brian got up to make a phone call I boldly stood up, pulled my skirt above my waist and gave Steve a brief lap dance, not allowing him to touch me. It was unbelievably exciting feeling his hard cock underneath me, begging to get out of those pants… and my son, just a few feet around the corner on the phone.

Finally, Brian announced that he was going out with some of his high school buddies and invited Steve to join him. Brian, amazingly enough, said he was pretty tired and wanted to stay home and just get in bed.

“What a coincidence,” I thought, “I was just thinking about getting you in bed myself.”

Even before the glare from Brian’s headlights cleared the driveway Steve was pushing his hands up my skirt.

I could feel my pulse quickening with every caress from his probing fingers. I knew this was wrong but I was helpless to stop him… what am I saying? I had no intention of stopping him, or letting him stop!

I grabbed his tight buns in my hands and rhythmically ground his pelvis into mine as my tongue pushed deeply into his mouth. By now my blouse was completely undone and his soft wet lips and probing tongue were creating havoc across my erect nipples. I instinctively squeezed at his crotch and again felt that tremendous love muscle that had squirmed beneath me during my lap dance only moments before. I grabbed at his belt and worked frantically to free this throbbing beast from it’s harsh restraints.

As I finally held the warm flesh of his thick cock in my hand I zenci porno knew we had passed the point of no return. If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right.

I tugged at his dick and led him like a little leashed puppy back to my bedroom. After pushing him onto the bed I proceeded to give him the strip tease of his life. As I slowly, tauntingly began to remove every strip of clothing from my feverish body he stroked himself to maintain the fullness of his erection. I almost came right then and there, just watching him rub his gorgeous dick, preparing it for the wonderful release that was soon to come.

Now, completely entranced, my skirt dropped effortlessly to the floor and I danced before him in my heels, hose and thong. Next the heels… kicking them playfully at him. Then the thigh highs… watching him brush them each across his face. Lastly the black thong. He pressed it to his face and inhaled deeply as he lusted for the odor of my moistness mixed with the tempting perfume.

Finally he could stand no more. He pulled my love-hungry body to the bed and buried his mouth into my breasts. Again, the nibbling at my nipples drove me near the point of insanity. His hands probed every inch of my back and legs as his tongue slowly descended southward. I know it was a low, guttural, almost tribal sound that echoed through the room as his tongue quickly flashed across my swollen clitoris. I’d never even heard such a sound, much less think I was capable of making it, but my haunting moans grew louder as he continued his work.

The kissing sounds made me feel faint as he pressed further into my swollen lips, first licking then sucking, enjoying every drop of my sweet love juice. I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I could swear my quivering vaginal lips were kissing him back!

I’d never felt so wet in my entire life and though I desperately wanted him to fuck me I couldn’t seem to pull myself away from his wonderful, magical tongue and the ecstasy it was delivering. My thighs were now trembling and I barely had the strength to stand as I exploded into his mouth with my first orgasm. I grabbed his jet black hair and pulled his face deeper into my pussy, giving myself every last ounce of pressure I needed to finish this glorious climax.

Finally, I sank to the floor, weak from the power of his tongue, only to find myself staring directly into the shaft of his rock hard manhood. I lunged for it, without shame, burying the head deep into my mouth and sucking it like I had never sucked before. Holding his firm balls in my hand I teased and tickled them with my nails to enhance his pleasure, knowing it would drive him utterly mad. My eyes cut upward so aldatma porno I could watch as I tortured him with such intense pleasure. But he would not “get off” quite so easily tonight. After bringing him to the brink of fulfillment several times I would back off and start again. “Trust me,” I said, “It’ll make it so much better when I finally let you come.”

I enjoyed the power, the role of older woman… the tutor… the controlling seductress! It was pretty obvious he was enjoying it too.

After 20 minutes or so I decided it was time to let him have what he really wanted… want all men wanted… my wonderful, wet pussy. I pushed him backwards on the bed and climbed onto him like an animal, pushing his hands above his head. I was still in charge here, he would submit to me if he wanted what I had to give.

My hands brushed up and down his young, firm body as I paused to enjoy the sensual sight of his tight, muscular form. Grabbing his throbbing cock into my hand I began pressing it against the wet lips of my pussy. I could feel his heart pounding beneath me and it made me even hotter knowing how much he really wanted to fuck me. He was completely in my power, almost in a trance-like state as my despicable teasing continued. Finally, I let him have me. With one quick thrust, I stuffed his full shaft deep within the depths of my slippery love tunnel. My head arched back quickly as I felt the release from months of aching, longing so to be fucked like the sexy woman I knew I was. My next orgasm was twice as intense as the first as I helplessly quivered on top of his throbbing joy stick.

Almost without effort I rode him, faster and faster until at last he could hold it in no more. He shrieked at the top of his lungs and every muscle in his body convulsed as he shot every last drop of his liquid love pearls deep inside me. I came again, even more violently, mostly from the erotic excitement of watching this muscular god quiver helplessly beneath me. The rush of power and control was unbelievable. It was such a tremendous release that I could actually feel the force of his pulsing cum as it shot against the back of my vagina and slowly trickled down my leg. After we were finished we kissed for a while and I held him inside me as long as I could until finally, afraid Brian would return, we dressed and returned to the den. Neither of us spoke a word about what happened the rest of the weekend.

I can’t exactly explain where this adventure will take me, but I do know this much. Richard has informed me that he’ll be out of town again next weekend, and Brian has invited me to college to visit with him… and Steve, at their apartment. Maybe nothing will happen, we’ll just have to wait and see I guess. It probably isn’t a good idea… a married woman, involved with such a young guy. I was just wondering though… should I pack the red lace thong panties or the white satin g-string? I know… I’m so bad! I’ll let you know what I decided next time.

Love, Deanne

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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