Sore Feet

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Note: the author expresses his appreciation to user Outrabutterfly for her efforts in editing this story.

“Hi. How’s my favorite checker?” I asked. I’m sure some men would have laughed at me and the way I thought of her as sexy. She was pudgy, with a little extra roll around her middle and a small bulge below the waist line of her jeans. She obviously had small boobs, although her uniform shirts always hid them well. However she also had a great shape in the seat of those jeans and that always made me look twice … and then again and once more too.

“Good” she said. “Except my feet are killing me. I can’t wait until I get off.” Loren was always pleasant and talkative, unlike a lot of clerks in the area, and we had talked often.

“When is that?”

She glanced at the clock on the outer store wall. “Ten minutes. Just ten minutes. That’s $25.98. Hey, I don’t suppose you could give me a ride home, could you?”

“Sure. I’ll meet you out front, okay?” I took the two little bags of groceries and headed for my car. After I put them in, I walked the 30 feet back to the entrance and waited until she came out, then showed her to my car.

She slumped into the passenger’s side seat as I drove. She said it was only a couple of miles but her car was in the shop and her feet just hurt too much to walk it again.

“I’m pretty good at giving foot massages” I said. “Want one?”

“Are you kidding?” she replied. “Of course I do. Come on in” as I pulled into a driveway at her direction. Wearily she climbed out and unlocked the door, then walked into the kitchen and plopped into a straight-backed chair. I pulled one up in front of her and, lifting her feet to my knees, took off her white sneakers and bobby socks.

I had barely touched her reddened feet than she began to moan. It was almost as if I was making love to her. Especially when I eased my thumb right up the center of each foot’s sole or right along the base of each toe, she would moan and sigh and roll her head as if she were hot to trot. She tossed in a few words of encouragement like “Oh, yes, that feels so-o-o-o good!”

For a while I worked on one foot and then the other with both hands. Then I worked on both at the same time with one thumb covering the sole of each foot. She seemed to like it all and I was thinking that it wasn’t so bad for me either, except beşiktaş escort that I had gotten a raging hard-on watching and listening to her. Nevertheless I hid it and kept massaging … although the heels of her feet rested right in my crotch.

I’d been at it for a good quarter hour when she asked “How about rubbing my calves, hon?” I shifted my hands up the backs of her legs and ran my fingers along her taut calves but the heavy denim of her jeans made it hard to work. Still I tried but after a bit, she stood up and said “Close your eyes and don’t look.” When she sat back down, her jeans were on the floor and her legs, again propped on my knees, were bare. I couldn’t help but let my eyes travel up her legs. She was wearing black bikini panties that covered her crotch and a small patch above it but not much else. Again my phallus jumped and pumped fresh blood into the already engorged length.

I rubbed her calves, up one side and down the other. I spent time working around her ankles. I ran my hands up to her knees and very carefully worked around her kneecaps and rubbed lightly on the backside. After a bit, I noticed that every time my hands stroked up her calves, her knees moved just slightly further apart, until I was getting a good view of the crotch of her panties. In the process, she was also sliding slowly down in the chair as her bottom inched forward each time her knees moved.

She patted the tops of her thighs “Feel how tense these muscles are. Can you do something with them?”

I felt of them and they were tight from standing on her feet all day. I began to rub them and slowly they started to relax but as they did, my hands seemed to naturally move more to her inner thighs. Was that my wishful thinking or really a natural result of her muscle soreness?

Her face, which was usually flushed so that she always appeared to have rosy cheeks, had become red all over. Finally she put a hand under each knee and lifted “Can you do anything for my hamstrings? They’re really tight too.”

The sight that I saw was almost more than I could stand. The curve of her pretty butt, where it joined her legs, the puffiness of her pussy hidden by the tiny bit of cloth, the white expanse of her upper legs raised in the air. I almost lost it. Instead I dropped beşyol escort to my knees and awkwardly began to massage the backs of her upper legs, working from her knees down toward her bottom, increasing the length of my strokes until … my fingers touched her crotch. Immediately she grabbed the cloth strip, pulled it to one side and asked “Can you do anything for this?”

I dove in, my tongue finding sweet spots everywhere. One hand held the panties to one side as my tongue went exploring. Her legs settled on my shoulders and I realized that she had slumped down so far that her back was in the seat of the chair. Like a hog at a freshly filled trough, I licked and sucked the full length of her crevice, finding and attending first to her clit, then her vagina, then her anus and then back along the same trail over and over while she moaned and squirmed and encouraged me to not stop what I was doing. She shivered and shook and fresh flows of hot sweet pussy juice oozed out of her several times, keeping my tongue busy delving into her depths to lap up every drop it could find. I had no idea how many times she had cum but knew that I had been eating her for over a half hour when she began demanding “Stop! Stop!”

I was taken aback but sat on my haunches. Loren scrambled up and grabbed my hand “Come on, honey. Hurry!”

I got up and we ran into a bedroom. She dropped her panties and clawed at my clothes until we were both naked. Then she climbed into bed in a wide open missionary position and I took the honored place. I didn’t even have to guide my rod into her hot box … there was an invisible funnel that forced it into the right spot. I sank into her and lowered my head to her open mouth. We kissed just as my crotch ground into her pubis for the first time. I put one hand under her waist and moved it down so that my hand was under her great ass as I began slowly cycling out and back in.

It was as luscious, delicious, as lengthy and pleasing a fuck as I could ever remember having. She was so delightful as she gave herself completely to everything I did. She seemed to be getting enormous pleasure from it, shaking and quaking and moaning and groaning, but I couldn’t distinguish when one orgasm ended and another began so I didn’t know how many times she came. When I could beykent escort no longer hold back my own, I flooded her with a huge load of cum, taking seven shots to empty my pulsing balls.

Ten minutes later, she turned to me with a serious look on her face and said “I want you to know that I’m a good girl. I do not ever go to bed with my customers. Not once before today. I am not the kind of girl that goes to bed with every guy she sees neither. I don’t want you to think this will ever happen again either.”

“Loren, I understand. I think you’re a wonderful woman. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. Its just that …”

“Shut up and let’s do it again, honey” she said, tugging on my nearly erect cock. I climbed back in her saddle and not until 52 minutes later did the spit- and cum-swapping end.

Loren padded into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee to perk, then returned to find me still in bed. The sight of her beautiful butt sent my cock rising again and I soon had her back in the bed, this time on her face and knees as I plowed her doggy style. I could have brought myself off quickly because of the fabulous feelings she gave me but I managed to prolong it for a while, even though holding on to those broad hips sent the most luscious cravings to my lust-filled brain. When I worked my thumb down her crack between us and began to massage her anus, she started cumming in that never-ending series again. I would have continued that forever but she got her hands on my scrotum and teased my balls into giving up their load and nothing I could do would have prolonged it. By then I was one spent dude.

Three days later I was again in the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread. Loren spotted me and came hurrying down the aisle, saying loudly “Hi, there. How are you?”

“Fine” I said, smiling. “How about you?”

To my surprise, she hugged me tightly. As she let go, she said “Oh, I’m doing good.” Then she lowered her voice and continued “You know, ever since the other day, my feet have had a funny tingling in them. I think maybe they need that foot massage thing again.”

Thirty minutes later, we embarked on a repeat performance, although this time the whole thing really commenced when we were both naked and on her bed. The massage … feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hamstrings … came next, followed by a long succulent session of cunnilingus, a short blow job, a missionary fuck, a doggy fuck, a shower and then … then the ultimate honor: she let me fuck her magnificent ass.

That set a pattern for us that we have been following. She says she will keep working as long as she can get her regular foot massages. I think I know how she will get them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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