South Wind Ch. 1

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Crimson colors exploded in Jenny Mann’s head as her nightmare became more vivid. In au unending forest she was chased by demons and monster until, with a feeling of utter terror, they cornered her at the edge of a cliff, the drop being one on infinite depth. When Jenny turned to face her monsters, she found a knight in shinning armor slaying her tormentors. With trembling hands, she raised the knight’s visor, standing in shock to find no one inside.

With a deep gasp, Jenny was awake from the latest rerun of a nightmare that had haunted her for some five years now. Now came the evilness of the panic attack, an attack that would seem to encompass her whole being for an hour or so, leaving her with a dread of when the dream would visit her again.

“What’s wrong?” She heard her father whispered question from the other bed in the southern Indiana motel.

“Oh, God,” Jenny whispered out, choking back her tears as she realized where she was.

Jenny was on her way to Broken Wing, Tennessee, a place her father had moved to some five years earlier. She was now out of school, wanting to spend her whole summer with him before starting college at Western Michigan University later that year.

With a deep breath of panic, Jenny was out of her bed and sitting on the side of his bed, her arms wrapped around her mid-section as if it were the only way to hold herself together. “I had a nightmare,” she moaned out.

“You okay?” Her father, David Mann, asked, his hand touching her back.

“No,” she sobbed in reply, laying down on her right side, snuggling up against him as close as the blankets would allow.

“What can I do?” Dave asked, concern dripping from his voice.

“Hold me,” Jenny replied, pushing a long strand of her jet black hair from her face. “I’m so cold.”

“Well…” Dave started to say something, but was interrupted as Jenny pushed the covers back and slid in next to his body. His naked body.

“God, you’re so warm,” Jenny observed, finding something odd. “Oh my God, you’re naked, aren’t ya?”

“I tried to tell ya,” Dave chuckled, deciding it was a bit to late to make a big deal over it.

“Want me to get up so you can put something on?”

“Sure,” he replied, running his left hand over her shoulder. “If it bothers you.”

“No, it doesn’t bother me,” Jenny replied, enjoying the warmth of his body heat. “I am just too scared to worry about it right now. Is that bad?”

“No honey,” Dave said, his fingertips brushing against his daughter’s cheeks. “What was the nightmare about?”

As Jenny told him of the horrid dream, Dave rolled onto his back, shook a Viceroy from the pack by the bed, lighting it from the Zippo he had kept at his side for as long as Jenny could remember. Taking deep “drag” from the cigarette, Dave slid his right arm under his daughter’s neck, pulling her even closer to his warm and naked body. Jenny wiggled even closer, the touch of her thighs against his sent a shiver up her spine, but it was no shiver of cold that tickled at her brain.

Jenny had laid with naked men more than once, but this was different… Much different. The times before had been after having sex and, as always the case seemed, they feel asleep while she lay in their limp arms, trying to figure out what was missing. This was missing, the holding and be listened to. She liked the touch of her father’s fingertips along her right cheek and, even wilder, the almost sinful feeling of fingertips down her right arm. Jenny took a deep breath. This was nice, real nice. She decided then and there to do this more often, with or without her nightmare and panic attacks. What Jenny Mann didn’t know was just how much she would be in his arms, let alone just how far the holding would carry both her father and her into a world Jenny had never thought about much.

It was still dark when Jenny woke up. She lay still listening to her father’s breathing as he slept flat on his back. She could feel his body through her tee shirt and panties as she squirmed a little closer to get a bit more feeling of what she knew was most forbidden. With her eyes glued to the amber numbers of the alarm clock, she let her mind run wild until, after a few minutes, her thoughts had taken hold of her body.

Sure, he was her father, she rationalized, but he sure felt so much like other men. She put her fist to her mouth, smothering a giggle as her mind played games. Here was a naked man, sleeping but inches from her, that she could, if she moved very cautiously, explore a little bit.

Holding her breath, Jenny let her left arm venture behind her. She felt the warmth of his upper thigh as her hand slowly moved upwards, her ears attuned to any difference in her father’s breathing. She felt her pubic hair brushing against her palm as she searched out his manhood. She gasped as her hand came to what she had never touched before.

With her heart pounding in her throat, she closed her hand around what seemed to be a massive cock. The ones before her father’s cock now seemed to be a statement between manhood and youth. It seemed huge, hot and demanding as she left her hand roam up it’s seks hikayeleri swollen shaft. Her hand ran up the hot flesh until at the very top. Her thumb played around the head a few times before she discovered something… She was wet and getting even wetter.

Taking her hand from his body, Jenny slid it into her panties, searching out the “magic button” she had used many times in the past. This was wild to lay next to her father, playing at her own body as she tried to stay still enough not to wake the light sleeping man up.

Faster and faster her finger moved over and around her clit. In her mind she could still feel the hard shaft in her hand. She was so close that it made her even hotter as her mind cast her forbidden fantasy. Faster and faster she worked, her hips now unable to resist moving slightly until, with a muffled gasp, Jenny felt her juices explode deep in her.

Jenny lay there, fearful that she had woken her father up. Her heart pounded as she both condemned and praised herself for what she had just done. What a wild climax this fantasy had led her to as she smiled at the alarm clock. What would it be like, she thought for a second, if he were to roll her over, rip her panties off and slowly slide that big cock of his deep into her. She took a deep breath, deciding it was high time to get to the bathroom- if her shaky knees would carry her- and get cleaned up before he did awake to one horny daughter.

Jenny finger herself a second time in the shower as her mind refused to calm down. She had touched what was most forbidden, her father, and it sure the hell didn’t feel as forbidden as it felt exciting. As the hot water cascaded down on her, she closed her eyes, remembering every feeling her hand had just had. Her second climax was even wilder than the one she had beside her slumbering father, leaving her gasping for breath as she leaned against the blue fiberglass walls.

When Jenny came out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her, she found her father laying on his back, another cigarette to his lips as he looked over at her. She took a long look at him, trying to see his eyes in order to gauge if he had any inkling of what she had done. When she decided he was not aware of her fondling him, she moved to the bed, opened her traveling case and pulled out the tightly packed clothes she planned on wearing. As she looked at the skimpy, blue panties, a thought came to her mind.

“You know how much I appreciate last night?” She asked her father, turning to him and letting the towel slowly slide from her body.

“Damn, Jen,” Dave choked, his eyes running up and down her firm, eighteen year old body. “You sure have a way of showing it.”

“Bothers you?” She asked playfully, sitting down on the bed and picking up the panties.

Dave looked long at her firm “C”-size breast. “I guess not,” he chuckled, his mind wondering what it would be like to rap his lips around those hard, little nipples. “You just slept with your naked father. Guess there really isn’t much to worry about.”

“So, when you want to take off?” Jenny asked, standing up and pulling the panties up, making it a good show in the meager light from the tiny bathroom.

“Well, let me get some coffee, then we’ll stop someplace and have a good breakfast.”

“You? Eat breakfast? Since when?” Jenny picked on him over the fact that he never ate enough to feed a worm when he traveled.

“You in some big hurry, or something?” He questioned back, watching the firm nipples disappear under the blue bra.

“No, not a hurry,” Jenny replied, slipping her left arm into the blue blouse. “Actually, I kinda like getting to know you better.” She gave him a taunting smile.

“Well, let me take a shower and make a pot of coffee. Why don’t you take the key back and see if there is any place close by that has real food.”

An hour later the two were on the ramp leading to the interstate. The sun was just about to rise above the distant horizon. Jenny put the velvety seat back as the big, green Cadillac accelerated into the traffic. She reach over and laid her left hand over her father’s right hand as it rested on the big floor shifter. With a crooked grin, Dave wrapped his index finger over her fingertips, rubbing at them lightly as she listened to the sounds of one of his Kitaro CDs coming from the stereo. Never before had she enjoyed the music as she now did.

The trip to Broken Wing seemed far too short for Jenny as they talked and joke like never before. For once in her life, Jenny was seeing her father in a whole different light. Now he wasn’t the old man who listened to strange music and picked on her. Now he seemed a lot more human and a lot more interesting to talk to.

She hadn’t been to Broken Wing the last two years, having spent a tremendous time working hard to keep her grades up. Dave had come to see her a few times but, outside of planning this summer, they hadn’t done much. She knew he backed her hard studying, but she wondered if he may have drifted away from her.

Lynn, Dave’s wife, was happy to see her, taking a lot of escort gaziantep şişman bayan time to show Jenny around the new A-frame they had worked so hard to get. It was a very nice home, the dark colors of the wood seemed to pop out with the sunlight streaming in through the two large, glass doors flanking an equally large fireplace made of big rocks. Out the glass doors, far to the south, the deck overlooked Watts Bar Lake. What was best was the air conditioner that kept the place nice and cool, something Jenny would soon learn to appreciate.

The next morning, well after Lynn had left for work, Jenny woke up hearing female voices coming from below the loft. Slipping on a pair of blue Jean shorts, she made her way to the dinning room. Dave was sitting at the table with two young females, one was Lynn’s sister, the other she didn’t know.

Dave introduced her to Robin and Tammy. She smiled at Robin and told Tammy how much she had changed since she had last seen her. Robin was short… Real short, but her firm breasts pushed out firmly against the well-worn white tee shirt. Her blonde hair cascaded well past her shoulders. Tammy, on the other hand, was almost, if not, six feet tall, had tiny little breasts and dark brown hair that flowed down to her hips.

As the four of them talked, Jenny learnt that they got together most every morning, calling themselves the “coffee club”. As she got up from the wooden chair to get herself a cup of hot coffee, she couldn’t help catch a glimpse of Robin’s eyes travel up and down her body. When she came back to the table Robin was looking at Dave, the look in her eyes telling a story all there own, she was more than a bit interested in him, Jenny could feel it, and she couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy as she watched the girl mind fucking her father. It was then that Jenny Mann decided to take her thoughts to the next step.

By noon, Dave announced that he had work to do in his writing studio. Robin offered to take Jenny with her to the aquarium in Gatlinburg for the afternoon as, with a smile, Tammy said she was going to hang out and get some sleep while everyone was gone.

“Your father is neat,” Tammy said when they were in the dark blue Geo Storm. “God, you all is so lucky.”

“Yeah, he’s okay,” Jenny observed, looking out at the high bluffs on her side of the road. “He sure seems to have changed a lot.”

Robin laughed loudly. “Well, he’s always been a wild man every since I met him.”

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked dryly.

“He’s just cool for an older guy, know what I mean?”

“Well, not really. He’s just my father.”

“He’s lucky I ain’t his daughter,” Robin said with another taunting laugh.

“Why is that?”

“This is the south, honey. Good men like him are not that easy to come by.”

Jenny gave her an odd look. What was this short girl trying to say.

“Hon, you got one sexy old man. I’d sure the hell stop thinking about that crazy ‘he’s my father’ stuff and get it on with him.”

“Have you?”

“Nope. I think he likes it the way it is right now. He picks on me all the time, and he sure has no problem getting his eyes full. Funny, he looks at you the same way.”

“He acts like I’m not there most of the time.”

“Youens wrong about that. I watched him… He wants you.”

Jenny changed the subject before Robin could figure out that she had already started down the road to knowing her father much better. The rest of the day was spent exploring the aquarium with the forever chatty Robin. By the time they were headed home, the two had become friends.

On the way home, they past the place where her father had spent the first year down here. A tiny, concrete block building that had become the place she loved the last two summers she had come down. Robin informed her that Dave kept it cleaned up, using it from time to time as a get away.

“He hasn’t spent much time here since he put that studio up, just comes over and makes sure the cats have food and water.”

Soon after she had gotten home, Jenny had talked Dave into letting her stay at the little block building. As soon she said she could, she rushed around getting enough girlie stuff to last her the night which, in all reality, meant about as much as her and her father could push in the trunk of the old, beat up Corsica he used to run around on the twisting, rough mountain back roads of east Tennessee.

It was like old times for Jenny when her father left. The cats rubbed against her as she lay on the bed in the tiny building, listening to the air conditioner as it labored to bring the temperature down. As it grew darker out, Jenny decided to use the lamp for light, loving the softly flickering light as it grew darker and darker. As she drank from a cup of coffee, her favorite calico sitting on the bed, her eyes opening and closing as it pawed lovingly at the thick quilt.

About ten that evening, Jenny saw a flash of light outside, followed a few moments later by the deep echoing of thunder. She knew how wild and wicked an east Tennessee escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan thunderstorm could seem, and wished she had driven the old car here so she could escape what was about to descend on her.

In less than half an hour, the storm was raging all around her as she set on the edge of the bed. Looking out the window towards the drive she could see a set of headlights entering the stony drive, the lights looking dimmer and more distant than they were. Peeking out the window, she saw her father get out of the car and rush towards the house, his movements cast in the almost constant flashes of lightning as the rain came down in thick sheets.

“God, it is pouring out there,” Dave laughed as he rushed in, rain dripping from every part of his body.

“Take your shirt off,” Jenny said, pulling a towel she had brought off the dull white dresser.

With his shirt off, Jenny wiped at his chest, knowing this was her time to move. She wiped him dry, gave him the towel and told him to dry his hair. Reaching for the other towel, she turned and undid his pants, feeling him stiffen instantly.

“Slip you shoes off,” Jenny said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Without a word Dave pushed the shoes off with his feet. Jenny slid the pants down as she rested on her knees, her eyes now taking in what she had only felt a couple of days before.

She ran the towel over his cock, seeing that it was becoming more and more erect to the attention she was showing him with the towel. Downwards she worked over his thighs. Dave didn’t move as she worked her way to his feet then, knowing he wouldn’t resist her seducing him too much, worked her way back up.

Tossing the towel aside, she reach out and took hold of the fully erect cock, pulled it level and bent forward, kissing at its head before she ran her tongue around it.

“Hon,” Dave moaned, starting to back away. “We can’t do this.”

“Yes we can,” Jenny replied, sliding her hand behind him to stop his retreat as the other hand slid up and down his hard shaft.

Dave made no move to back away. He knew he wanted this bad, and had since Jenny had started to mature. Now, as the storm kept the world at bay, he knew him and his daughter were about to embark into the forbidden world of incest love.

Jenny slid the cock back into her mouth, ran her tongue over it as she massaged at his balls. She found that it was as big, maybe bigger, than she had figured when she first reach back and fondled it in the motel room. Yet, there was one thing she was quickly realizing, even being her own father, this man was as much a man as any she had been with, even proving to be much more in some ways.

Dave reach down as Jenny moved up and down his shaft. His hands rested lightly on her head before moving down to the light green tee shirt, pulling it up as Jenny worked him harder and harder.

“Get on the bed,” Dave moaned when Jenny pulled back to allow him to pull the shirt off.

In an instant Jenny was on the bed, pushing her panties down as the storm howled outside. She felt the cool air surrounding her body, felt the bed move as Dave got on it then, with a loud gasping, she felt a finger slowly search out her opening, quickly sliding deep into her wetness. She opened her legs even further as he nestled between them.

“God, I love you,” she moaned out as her father explored her wet depths.

Dave was not one to waste much time with words at times like these. He finger-massaged as much of her pussy as he could. His fingers were soon moving f8rom their deep massaging to sliding in and out, both ways keeping Jenny building in her lust.

Jenny realized that no man had ever fingered her like this. The boys she had bedded had did little more than a few half-hearted stabs then, as her mind cried for more, climbed on and did what they thought was natural.

Dave could catch some good glances at her heaving breasts between the violently bright lightning and the softer lamp light. They were firm, the nipples sticking up erectly as they danced around on top of what he figured maybe be “C’ cup breasts. Nothing in his world were better than a woman’s boobs, and size matter nothing to him.

As the fingers slid in and out of her, Jenny felt her climax building as if a balloon being inflated with her lusty emotions until, in an instant, it exploded deep in her mind. She could hear her breathing over the howling wind, the angry sound of the rain as it poured down on to the metal roof and, most of all, the roar of the thunder shaking the window panes as it tempted her even deeper into sins that no longer seemed sins.

“Oh, God,” Jenny howled back to her father and the night as her hips lifted from the tattered quilt, opening her needs for even more of Dave’s attentions.

Dave watched to pretty young woman thrash about in her climax. Her hair was wrapped around her face as she gasped for breath as the fingers of his other hand found her swollen clit, forcing her- his daughter- deeper into herself. Jenny’s breasts caught up in a dance of lust as they tried to keep up with both her gasping breathing and the gyrations of her body. Here was his daughter enjoying what he had to offer in the stormy night and flickering lamp light. Here was no longer sin and shame, here was now need and desire which had grown from the seeds of thoughts planted in their minds many years ago. Seeds planted and ignored so as to be able to become more like everyone else: Unhappy from trying to be like everyone else.

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