Spanked! Ch. 01

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The train pulled to a halt and he woke up with a start, he remembered where he was and how crazy he was for agreeing to meet her. The playful, charged chatting had slowly turned into something a little less playful, more earnest as she experimented with her influence over him.

She was surprised at how easy it was to please him, a little chat with him between the usual back and forth with her friends, a topless close up of her breasts with her nipples hard, and he would reciprocate with heartfelt e-mails of appreciation and the odd fantasy, carefully penned which she would read with some amusement and then forget as her real life went on around her.

It was after the last big fight with her boyfriend that she agreed to meet him. She was angry, and decided that the best way to resolve her anger and to break the envelope that he had tried to place around her would be to have a fling. Her thoughts turned to him, his patience and experience and her sense of control over him.

They met at the train station. He was nervous, overly polite, but she would catch him looking at her with a naked desire that made her a little nervous but giddy at the same time. She chose to wear a beylikdüzü escort thin white cotton shirt with no bra, a calculated mixture of innocence and sexuality that she knew appealed to him.

The hotel door closed behind them, and it struck her that this wasn’t a game any more. Her heart started to beat a little harder and he sensed her apprehension.

“It’s OK,” he said, “Come here, sweetheart,” as he sat on the edge of the bed.

She straddled him tentatively and he held her firmly and ran his fingers through her hair. This calmed her, and she closed her eyes as he started to kiss her, gently, with an unmistakable undercurrent of passion in his gentle kisses, on her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, the tip of her nose. He rubbed her back, and she arched for him, thrusting her breasts upwards, her brown nipples hard. He took one of her nipples between his teeth, and she could feel his warm breath on her breasts as he bit down on her nipple gently, and then a little harder.

He lifted her shirt and pressed her ample breasts together and took both of her nipples into his mouth, his tongue sliding slowly beyoğlu escort between and over them. He was sucking hard, a little too hard, and then one of her nipples popped out of his mouth, glistening with his saliva and she could feel the cold air cooling her hot nipple.

He stood, with her still on his lap, his strength surprising her. He turned and flipped her onto the bed face down. He pulled her by the ankles until she was bent over the end of the bed.

“This is where I spank you, for all the teasing, sweetheart,” he said.

She smiled, and clasped her hands behind her back in a gesture of submission. He slid her jeans off, revealing her white panties and ass. He rolled her panties inward gently and then pulled then upwards from under her so they came to rest snugly against her pussy. A little moan of pleasure escaped her, interrupted midway by the sudden sensation of his first spank. He grabbed her thumbs and held them as he spanked her, each spank reddening her taut ass, eliciting a little yip from her as squirmed away from each anticipated blow, only to find that each spank fell on the other cheek and bizimkent escort left her tingling, like being tickled with one’s eyes closed followed by a mixed sensation of pain and pleasure when the spank landed.

After a comfortable bit of spanking, he released her thumbs and turned her over. She looked at him, his face flushed and pupils dilated with the prospect of sexual conquest.

She smiled, “So now what, baby?”

He lay back on the bed in answer, and she straddled him again, this time with her in control. They kissed, tasting each other as he rubbed her ass, still hot and sensitive from the spanking. She stood on the bed above him, and slipped her panties off one leg, pulled them upwards to cover herself and then let them fall on his face. He smiled, as she positioned herself in front of his face, her panties serving as an impromptu blindfold.

“Would you like to taste me?” she asked, with a trace of humour in her voice to mask her self-consciousness. He nodded in assent.

“Lick my fingers then,” she said coyly.

She slid two of her fingers over his lips as though to shush him, and then slid them into his mouth. He tasted the faint salty taste of her fingers as she slid them over his tongue, and then they were gone, only to be replaced again with the sharper taste of her pussy.

She took a quick involuntary inward breath as he pushed her roughly forward onto his face. Her composure recovered, she started to rub herself against his face, bucking her hips against him as though she was riding his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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