Spinning Out

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I can feel the music pounding through me tonight. My heart is a drum beating a rhythm of passion as DJs spin out songs of lust, love and revenge. I’ve just moved here and I’ve come to this club alone. New to this strange place I know no one, but under the influence of beats and rhythms, all barriers are cast aside. We are as one. Someone’s watching, someone’s touching. A girl’s voice whispers seductively through the song, swaying to the music, I close my eyes and smile my secret smile as I imagine secret fingers touching me. Feeling my warm flesh through my short silver dress. Stroking my legs, touching the warm leather of my red thigh boots. My chocolate eyes glinting with an amount of mischief that would make The Grinch seem like an angel.

Something makes me look up. A presence, a sensation that tickles my body, like an external entity attempting to enter my mind and read all my secrets. I look around, seeking that stranger, and I see you, leaning against the wall. Your eyes move on as soon as I notice you; I watch you shuffle and play with your empty glass as an outrageous yellow light glows on you. Still dancing abstractedly, my eyes trickle down your body, over wide chest, slim hips, back up to your face. I smile at you, wishing that I could catch your attention. The music strips to a bare beat and my movements follow suit, my hands now move sinuously and my hips snaking rather than slinking, my eyes inviting, rather than flirtatious. I am dancing for you.

I will you to see me, my curves, my skin, and my flesh. In my dream I’m a snake woman, weaving a mating dance around you. Smoothing my body over yours, rubbing my hands against your chest, pressing your thigh between my legs, to anoint you with my scent. My nipples, colored with ochre, are tight and aching as they brush over you. In my dream, I’m lying there in front of you, playing with my pussy, making myself cum in front of you. My legs spread apart, my fingers two then three sliding in and out of me, stretching myself for you. I imagine you reaching for me and dragging me roughly against you, then placing your cock at my pussy entrance, thrusting yourself into me. Then you stand back and watch me crawl between your legs to take your hard cock between my lips, and swallow you. Whole. Still gyrating I’m lost in my own thoughts as my hands echo my body’s need by creeping downward to the hem of my dress, seeking an aching pussy that wants relief.

I float up out of my fantasy when spears of pleasure pierce me as warm hands support my breasts. Thumbs and fingers twisting and rolling my nipples through the soft fabric. Too sexually charged to pull away, I go soft with desire and let my head drop back. You fall into my sight, I can only see your blue eyes glinting despite the dark lights of the club. You pinch my tender nipples, sending another surge of pleasure through me. My eyes flutter shut and my lips part – soft and full. My body moves slower, as if savoring büyükçekmece escort your touch, your presence, and for but a moment the music is muted. The people around me transcend a different plane, a different level slowed down. Only the sensation of your body against mine, holds me to reality.

Then your lips kiss me hard.

Suddenly everything comes back to life – all one level, the animalistic beat, people dancing, the smell of sweat, smoke and sex. My hips and hands are spurred back into action, my soul leaps, alive – thrumming with need. My body helpless, only responding on my most basic instincts. My lips respond to yours, parting for you, my tongue parrying with yours. Your hands stroking my breasts roughly, pinching, manhandling them, knowing that tonight I want you rough, hard and demanding. Kissing me, plying my lips with your tongue, feeling your sharp teeth bite on my lower lip. Your hands moving from my breasts down my body in slow, rubbing, seductive circles. Every upwards stroke dragging the soft silver cloth upwards to reveal my treasure to any avid eyes watching.

You tease too much, I think, and I take the initiative by taking your hand and move it down the last few inches. I can feel your chest expand against my back, as you take a sharp breath. With delight or shock? As your hand moves over my pussy to find bare wet lips. I want to kiss you again and I twist slightly, my arm reaching up, gripping the back of your neck as I pull your lips down onto mine.

Kissing me back, your hands set forth on their new exploration. My body stretches and arches helplessly as I feel your fingers part my pussy lips, brushing over my clit to dip into my pussy hole. Then, holding your hand still against my pussy, my movements guided by music, I rub my clit against your thumb, the tip of your finger inside my pussy hole.

My fingers reach behind me to stroke my palm over your erection. Up and down, slowly, squeezing gently. Mmm so thick and long, and oh so hot. I want to feel it in my pussy, fucking me, splitting me in two with its thickness, stretching me. Ohh! The thought makes me wetter still! I run my fingers back up, slipping under your jumper and down your slacks. I feel like I’m releasing something so very delicious as I reach in, under the hot silk, to curl my soft fingers around you. I swallow your groan as I stroke you, feel you pulse and harden even more in my hand. It feels so good. I know it would feel even better in my pussy, as my tush presses closer to you, like a bitch on heat, demanding your cock.

Your arm tightens its hold around me tightly as your finger dipping has become finger fucking, taking control of my body, your thumb dancing a demonic beat on my clit, driving me closer to the top. I hear you whisper hoarsely as you lick the delicate shell of my ear, attacking the last of my weakest spots: “Cum for me! fatih escort Cum in front of all these people! You look so hot I want to eat you! Fuck you. Invade that tight pussy I’m finger fucking with my thick hard cock! Cum for me now!’ Then you bite hard on my earlobe, and pinch my clit. I scream your name as I cum, the pain and pleasure intertwining, pulsating through me like a living fire. Your lips latch onto my mouth, swallowing each scream, each moan, as my pussy clenches and gushes juices all over your finger, running down my thighs, dampening the red leather. Groaning, you turn me around, forcing me to let go of your cock. And for the first time I have a decent look at you.

Your dimple shows as you smile, your eyes lit with that male satisfaction of making me come hard. You bring your fingers glistening with my juices up for a taste. I lick the base of your fingers, watching you suck on your fingers flavored with my juices, your eyes shutter briefly before opening and looking at me with possibly even more passion. You kiss me again, pulling me hard against you. Dancing, and grinding, my hand slipping to the buttons on your fly, I whisper, “fuck me here on the dance floor.”

As I undo each button, freeing your cock, the thought of fucking in front of all these people excites me. But the anticipation of being fucked by you excites me the most, as I rub-slide my leg upwards over your leg, opening my body to you. Your cock rubs against my pussy slit, driving me even more with madness. “Mmm baby! Fill me up with your cock, make me cum here on the dance floor. I beg you.” You move around so that your tip rests against my pussy hole and with one instinctive push, you drive yourself into me to the hilt. I moan loudly and bite on your shoulder, to stifle my scream. I hear your sympathetic moan as you hold my head, your lips worrying my neck while your hand grips my butt cheek.

“Are you okay?” you whisper, sitting in the eye of the storm, our passions put on hold as we caress each other gently. “Wonderful,” I manage to whisper, my pussy tentatively gripping you, experimenting with its new toy.

“Oh that feels so sexy, baby,” you groan breathlessly, as you flex your cock inside me, tickling me, once again heating my blood.

Suddenly our space is invaded when an overactive dancer bumps you. We look up and through our passion-theme minds we register that the star DJ is spinning, exciting the dancers to a frenzy as they push and shove closer. Another person pushes you, causing you to nudge your cock deeper in me, bringing us spiraling back to our sexes that are enmeshed with each other. You smile evilly, looking into my eyes, and the dancers continue to push you into me with their movements. It’s wonderful, almost like they are partaking in our sexual act, encouraging us to shag hard and fast to the beat of the DJ’s music, to the beat of our heart beats.

The esenyurt escort music cuts away leaving only a core beat, made to be fucked with. You look into my eyes, and I know this is the moment. Just as you slowly pull back, dragging your cock out of my tight pussy, the music climaxes and awakens, and you slam into me. I scream with excitement and the dancers echo my delight. My pussy tightens, squeezing you in its hot cave. My leg curls around you as your hand supports my thigh, using it as leverage to pull me onto your cock. I move with you, arching my back, thrusting my hips forward, as you push your pelvis against mine.

“Oh yes! That feels so amazing!” are my last thoughts as my mind explodes. I can barely stand up straight, so intense is the feeling of your cock invading my pussy. Your hips thrust faster, your shaft, wet with my juices, rubs my engorged clit. My hands hold onto your neck supporting my weak body. I look down: between my breasts I can see your cock sliding in and out of me, wet and so delicious in the disco light. Pulling me back up, so your shaft rubs my clit again, you move faster, our body concentrating on that beat: in and out, back and forth, squeeze and release. You go back to sucking on my ear, whispering dirty words, driving me to the very edge of my orgasm.

“Oh yes! God! I’m going to flood your pussy Baby! Ooh Yeah! Squeeze me! Your cunt is so tight! I love fucking it! I’m cumming! Ooh Yeah! Here it Cums! AHH! AHH YEAH!” Your sexy mutterings filter through my sex-hazed mind. The thought of you filling my pussy with your cream here on the dance floor, surrounded by millions of dancers sends me over the edge too.

“Ahh, Oh God! Please! I’m cumming! Ooh I love your cock! Fuck me Baby, oh fuck me! Ohh Ohh Ohh! You feel soo good! Please!” I whimper achingly, as my pussy trembles around your still hard cock.

Groaning, your lips seek mine and your hips drive into me even harder; faster than the rhythm being spun. I can feel you jerk and your warm cum cover the walls of my pussy. I squeeze you reflectively as you cum, milking your spurting cock. I hear your groans turn into moans as your body shudders against mine with aftershock. I whimper and kiss you lovingly, our bodies still adjoined. Your hands move to cup my ass under my dress, holding me close as you kiss me arduously. Your cock tip still in my pussy, waiting to push back in. My pussy still twitching from my orgasm, luring it in with the promise of heat, wetness and pleasure.

As reality trickles into our corner, I briefly let go of your warm body to tug my dress back into place, then smile at you as I move back into your arms. I look up into your eyes and cheekily in your ear speak, “In another time, another place I would have got down on my knees and licked you clean and then some more.” I can feel your chest vibrate against mine as you chuckle. I shiver with excitement as you whisper back:

“We’ll have to try that, and a few other things.”

Kissing my swollen lips once more, as you take my hand, and guide me out of the club.

As we walk past the DJ booth, I notice the star DJ looking at me, grin widely, he gives me a thumbs-up. I smile back, expressing my thanks, because I’ve just had the best sex, to the best soundtrack a girl could possible dream of.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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