Spirit of Halloween

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Ryan tugged the plastic chest piece into place, connecting the straps over his shoulders. He picked up the bronze coloured helmet and held it in the crook of his arm, inspecting himself in the oval shaped mirror. Of all the outfits that his mother could have selected for him to wear, she settled on a somewhat cheap recreation of ancient Roman Centurion armor, complete with the distinctive red bristles that ran across the dome of the helmet.

What he reasoning was for picking the costume remained a mystery, but judging by the sly smile on her face when she first presented him with with the costume he could only assume she had something more planned. He turned on the spot, wincing as the hard plastic stomach plate dug into his skin. Given how long he was going to be dressed in the Roman armour, he wished his mother had chosen a more comfortable size.

Ryan lived with his parents, Richard and Elizabeth Lichen, in the suburbs of California. He had already received his letter confirming his place at his desired college across the country, farther away from home than the colleges his sisters had chosen to attend. Though he tried to rationalise his choice to his parents by highlighting the highly regarded facilities of the college campus, as well as the endless success stories of its former alumni, Ryan knew deep down he was looking for a certain amount of independence. To fully experience the college lifestyle without fear of his parents turning up unannounced, something that his sisters had complained about repeatedly.

His father Richard was in his early forties, the owner of a small — but reasonably successful — construction company, that worked in conjunction with the local government authority on small projects across the city. It had taken a number of gruelling years to build up the company, working back breaking hours when Richard and a handful of employees were all that the business consisted of, but it had eventually paid off, allowing the family to purchase one of the larger homes in the Californian suburbs.

Elizabeth worked as a corporate accountant from the moment she finished college for one of the larger firms in the city. She was always the peak of glamour, leaving the house everyday for work in designer clothing and her make-up done to perfection. She possessed a shoe collection which could have given Imelda Marcos a run for her money. Her shoulder length red hair never failed to appear luxuriant, beautifully enhancing her vivid green eyes and luscious red lips. Elizabeth spent a number or hours at the gym, maintaining her athletic figure, something that served to help her appear far younger than her thirty-eight years of age.

From the outside, Ryan’s parents seemed to be total opposites. His father drove a practical, dirt covered pickup truck to and from the work sites, whilst his mother drove a much trendier Mercedes. Neither really gravitated in each other’s orbit of friends and associates, Richard never felt quite so comfortable attending work parties hosted by Elizabeth’s company, stemming from his suspicion of the high-flying executives. But despite their differences, they seemed to fit. Elizabeth was bubbly and outgoing and Richard knew how to make her laugh in a way few others could.

If there was one event in particular Richard refused to take part in, it was the annual Halloween Ball held at the mansion belonging to the owner of Elizabeth’s company. Each year managed to outdo the previous year’s bash, with increasingly elaborate staging and even more elaborate costumes the attendees were expected to wear. Elizabeth always looked forward to the bash, she was a social butterfly that adored the bustle and life of the parties.

Ryan knew his father to be a little more serious in nature, not one to bother with playing dress up for corporate get togethers. The first Ball he ever attended, simply to humour his wife’s prodding that he would enjoy it, happened to be his last. He usually chose to remain home, either to watch whatever game was on the television, or to help the kids with homework. But it was the first year where all three of the Lichen children were making their journey into adulthood, with Ryan already picking out items he would pack and bring with him to college.

As such, Elizabeth viewed that as an opportunity to spend as much time with him as possible before he departed. Usually, he would have spent Halloween night with his friends, meandering from whichever classmate was hosting a party whilst their parents were away for the night. But for the first time since he was a kid, he expected to spend the night at home, his friends off finalising the agreements for attending their own individual colleges.

His mother launched a campaign to get him out of the house and join her at the bash as her plus one, using every trick she picked up from the lawyers at her work place to poke away at his resistance. Finally, her persistence paid off, Ryan agreed to accompany her, earning gratitude from his father for sparing him another year Lefkoşa Escort of Elizabeth’s coaxing.

Ryan carefully jogging downstairs, wincing as the shin plates chafed with each step. Entering the living area, he found his father sat by himself on his recliner, already prepared for an upcoming basketball game. His mother was nowhere to be seen.

“Mom isn’t ready yet?” Ryan asked his father.

Richard placed a platter of food on the ornate glass table just in front of the recliner. “You know how she can be during Halloween. She won’t come down until everything is ‘beyond excellent.'”

Ryan smirked, recalling the previous years where putting the final touches on her costumes caused her to constantly be ‘fashionably late’ to the Halloween bashes. Sometimes her own family wouldn’t have even seen her outfits until she returned home well into the early hours of the morning, rushing from her bedroom to her car made her appear almost like a blur.

Deciding that standing around for too long would prove too uncomfortable, Ryan sat down on the wide beige couch just across from his father, removing his plastic dagger before it caused an unfortunate accident.

“Any idea what mom is going dressed as?” Ryan inquired, idly watching the commercials.

His father turned to him with an amused gleam in his eyes. “She kicked me out of the bedroom before I could see it, she wants to keep it as a surprise. Though, I can see what she’s got you going as, Mr Caligula.”

Ryan chuckled, adjusting the fake armour to stop it from twisting out of place. “I’m just hoping the weather doesn’t drop tonight. This stuff isn’t exactly made to keep someone warm during a frosty night.”

As the pair sat and waited for the game to come on, Ryan heard the creaking of the stairs in the hall. Ryan stood up as he heard the clicking sound of heels draw nearer, until his mother emerged from the hallway. Both father and son were stunned by the sight.

In typical fashion, Elizabeth knew she wanted her costume to as eye catching as possible, besting what she had worn the previous year. She wore a gold lamé gown that just above reached her feet, with a wide slit that ran down from the middle of her thighs. A sparkling necklace filled with faux diamonds of varying colours travelled down to the valley of her breasts, finishing into a triangular point. Her red hair was hidden beneath a glossy black wig, a gold, sequined head piece sat on top. The costume was completed by a pair of silver, five-inch gladiator heels with ties that ran up to her knees. Fittingly, kohl had been coated around her eyes, along with traces of gold that ran down the bridge of her nose.

She posed on the spot for the pair, holding her palms out flat. “So? What do you think?”

“I think if I knew you were going to wear that I might have changed my mind about going,” Richard answered, suddenly uninterested by the television.

Ryan watched his mother’s expression turn into one of playful indigent. “Well you should have thought of that before turning me down constantly. Ryan?”

Ryan couldn’t help but take in the sight. He always knew his mother was an attractive woman, his friends had made that very clear over the years, constantly commenting on what they would do given the opportunity, but Ryan knew it was all in good nature. But their jokes only resulted in Ryan taking more notice in Elizabeth, especially in recent years.

“Ah? You look great. More than great!” Ryan stated honestly. “You look like Cleopatra.”

Elizabeth gave him a delighted smile. “I’m glad you noticed. After all, my Marc Anthony couldn’t possibly attend the Halloween Ball without his Cleopatra on his arm, could he?”

Ryan glanced down at himself, finally realising the reason behind the costume being handed to him. “I suppose not. Are you ready to go? Don’t want to end up arriving too late.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, ” Elizabeth teased, “I’ve always subscribed to the idea of letting them wait, create a bit of mystery.”

“They’re definitely in for a good surprise,” Richard eyed her up, almost regretting not playing dress up for a while, “I’m already enjoying the view.”

Ryan saw his mother smirk. “Well, my brave Roman soldier here will be the only one to fully appreciate it tonight. He’s not a prude, unlike some people.”

A flash of colours appeared on the wide television screen, a flurry of graphics shot across the screen leading up to the game.

Elizabeth glanced at the screen, then pulled out her phone. “Eight o’clock, if we leave now we should arrive just as the party is in full swing. Best way to make an entrance is when you know how many eyes will be watching. Come on, Ryan.”

Ryan watched his mother plant a kiss on his father’s cheek, leaving behind a small lipstick smear. She turned on her heel and made for the front door, grabbing her car keys from a small tray out in the hall.

“I’ll see you later, dad,” Ryan said, reaching down to retrieve his sword and Girne Escort helmet.

“Don’t let your mother run you ragged,” his father warned him, though Ryan could tell there was fondness in his tone, “she’ll keep you there for the whole night if she could.”

Smiling in understanding, Ryan departed, following his mother out to the garage. He slid into the passenger seat as his mother brought the engine to life and pulled away from their home. They entered the freeway and chatted to one another in a laid back manner, trying to pass the time for the hour long journey. After they reached the halfway point, Elizabeth decided to put a proposal forward.

“Do you want to make this party a little more interesting for us?” Elizabeth queried, gently moving her Mercedes into the next lane.

“Sure,” Ryan replied. As he turned to her, he felt his eyes drift downwards, observing her sculpted legs as they worked the pedals of the car. He reasoned with himself that he had just intended to admire her adherence to a strict fitness regiment, but he knew a certain part of him simply found her attractive. She might have been his beloved mother, but he couldn’t deny that — as a man — she was a truly stunning woman.

“Alright, you’re father and I have always taken a certain approach to our lives outside the family home,” Elizabeth began, “to try and keep a degree of separation so we can have time to ourselves in our own spheres. My co-workers have only met your father once, about seven years ago. They’ve never met you, neither have they seen any recent pictures of you, all the pictures on my desk are from when you and your sisters were adorable kids.”

“Implying we’re no longer adorable? ” Ryan countered with a manipulative grin.

“Remains to be seen,” his mother laughed. “Anyway, my concern is that introducing you as my son will result in you not fitting in with the other guests. As in they’ll he less likely to open up around you if they’re always second guessing themselves if they think I might get offended on your behalf. So I have a proposal. How would you feel if I instead introduced you as my date for the evening?”

Ryan was caught off guard. Whatever he expected his mother to suggest, it certainly wasn’t even close to that. It felt so… taboo. Like a line his mother had drawn into the ground and expected him to cross over with her. But as he mulled over her plan, he found himself excited by it. To attend a gathering with a woman possessing beauty that exceeded that of the real Cleopatra, it tempted him mightily.

“But what about dad?” Ryan said, allowing a little reality to return to the mix. “If they all believe I’m there as your date, they’re going to make certain assumptions.”

“They will, believe me,” Elizabeth nodded, but didn’t appear dissuaded, “but the parties at Mr. Elkin’s mansion can be a little… open, if you catch my meaning. It was part of the reason he never wanted to attend again.”

“You never- “

“Had sex with another man at one of the parties?” Ryan turned red hearing the words leave her mouth. “No, I’ve never cheated on your father, he knows that. Though, I would be remiss to not mention that I have had many offers over the years.”

“Did you ever feel, y’know, tempted?” Ryan asked, interested to see another side of his mother he’d never been witness to before.

“Again, I would be lying if I said I didn’t,” Elizabeth admitted, “though the main party area is just that, it’s easy to hear the activities taking place upstairs over the booming music. Mr. Elkin and his wife are very much into the whole sex positivity thing, as in they know how sexually charged such events can get. The upstairs guest rooms in their mansion are usually specially prepared for people who can’t wait to strip each other’s clothes off.”

“Wow!” Ryan exclaimed, shocked by the series of revelations. “And there was me thinking that this was just going to be some boring work place party. The HR at your company must have a field day every November first.”

Elizabeth offered her son a mischievous glance. “Sweetheart, HR are some of the most frequent visitors to the second floor, they’re positively debauched.”

“And they said that accountancy was a boring career choice,” Ryan said, causing the pair to break out into laughter.

“You’re in for a big surprise when we get there,” Elizabeth stated. “What do you say then? Is Cleopatra turning up to the party with her hunky Roman?”

After a short pause, Ryan made his decision. “Why not, sounds like it could be fun.”

“Excellent,” Elizabeth replied with an infectious grin, “then I think we can agree that you calling me ‘mom’ will give away the ruse. So just for tonight, call me ‘Elizabeth’, okay?”

Ryan returned her smile, shifting in his seat with excitement. “Of course… Elizabeth.”

It didn’t take too long for them to finally reach the Elkin’s mansion, they pulled into the gravel covered path that surrounded the front of the mansion in a semi-circle. Magosa Escort Ryan spotted a wide variety of expensive cars already parked up, suddenly making his mother’s interest in purchasing a Mercedes a lot clearer.

They parked at the end of a row of cars and edited. But Elizabeth quickly found her choice in footwear was a little cumbersome for walking on the uneven surface. Without much warning, Ryan took the initiative and scooped her up in his arms.

“My hero,” Elizabeth giggled, kissing him on the side of his helmet and wrapping her arms around his neck as he carried her towards the front door.

As he approached the stone archway, he noticed how his hand gently gripped his mother’s supple thigh, an unfamiliar feeling ran through him as he held his mother against him, seeing how relaxed she was resting against his chest. It almost dampened the pain of feeling the fake armour digging into him.

Once Ryan reached the tiled step, he prepared to gently set his mother back down, but the swift opening of the large oak door caught him like a deer in headlights.

“Elizabeth, you’re here! And you’ve brought yourself a partner,” an attractive older woman greeted them. Her raven hair had begun to show streaks of silver, she wore a black and grey dress that fell just above her knees.

“Hello, Anna,” Elizabeth blushed upon noticing the knowing look on the older woman’s face. “Ryan, this is Anna Elkin. Anna, this is a good friend of mine.”

“A very good friend, I’m hoping,” Anna replied slyly. “You can put her down, Ryan, there’s plenty of time for that later. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Ryan let his mother down, holding her to make sure she had her balance. Sharing a peculiar look with one another, they followed their host inside. The party was already in full swing, music pulsed throughout the interior of the mansion, lights set up around the open spaces illuminated the darkened spaces. As they stepped into the main foyer, Ryan noticed a dance floor that had been set up within a high celinfed ball room, complete with decorations that hung down just above the assembled dancers, with a DJ perched on a small platform.

More noticeable to Ryan were the costumes on full display. when he had first agreed to attend, he assumed that a gathering of corporate employees would be as straightlaced and formal as a Halloween party could get. But being there in person, he realised it was the total opposite. Women wore costumes that pushed the lines of common decency, catsuits and short, revealing outfits seemed to he the norm as he gazed around. The men wore what could loosely be described as ‘costmues’, though it was clear that the female party goers were the ones putting in the effort.

Anna led the way past the party area to a quieter section of the mansion beyond a set of staircases that curved up to the second floor. Sure enough, Ryan noticed a woman dressed in a sexier rendition of Super Girl’s costume leading a man clad in stereotypical cowboy gear up the flight of stairs, both stared at one another with lust in their eyes. Suddenly, Ryan realised that his mother hadn’t been exaggerating about the nature of the bash.

They entered a private office-like area, containing a wide buffet set and a lavish bar area. It was filled with a number of party goers, all clearly exhausted from dancing, or so Ryan thought. A smaller group sat close to a large bay window looking out to the expansive gardens beyond, the centre of attention being a man of about fifty years of age, with a twenty something woman nestled in his lap. They enjoyed a joke amongst themselves, earning a boisterous laugh from the man before his eyes caught sight of Ryan’s mother.

“Elizabeth! Aren’t you just a delectable picture!” the man boomed. “It’s rare we get actual royalty in our home. And do my eyes deceive me, or have you actually brought a guest with you?”

“Mr. Elkin, this is Ryan,” Elizabeth answered.

“Yes, he’s a ‘friend’ of Elizabeth’s,” Anna added suggestively.

“A pleasure to meet you,” Mr Elkin extended his hand out to Ryan, keeping one hand resting around the waist of the blonde in his lap, “about time Elizabeth here brought someone along, now she might be able to enjoy the Halloween Ball fully.”

Ryan shook his mother’s boss’ hand firmly, though he was stunned by the suggestive comment. “Er, thank you, sir. I hope we’ll have a good time tonight. After all it’s all mo… Elizabeth has been talking about for the past week.”

“I don’t blame her,” Anna laughed, shocking Ryan by her lack of response or indignation by her husband’s actions with the woman in his lap, “I guarantee there’s no party tonight in the entire state that will match ours. Leave the trick or treating to mothers and sons, this is where the adults play.”

Ryan coughed awkwardly, eyeing his mother beside him. He observed how different she seemed in the proximity of the group, how much freer she appeared. The hectic morning routine was as far from her as it could be. But he also took notice of the look of appreciation she received from the men, especially Mr. Elkin, how their eyes wantonly ran over her toned legs and up to the plunge of her gown. Only then did it dawn on him just how beautiful she truly was, he managed to separate her away from just being a doting mother.

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