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Here’s a little crossover between Brett from She Pt. 2 and Alonso from Polishing the Melanated Phallus. Hope you enjoy!

Brett’s enormous cock stood there, a white monolith, ready to be sucked. Tonight, however, it was going to stay dry. It was going to sit there and watch as Brett throated a huge, black cock. Maybe if it was lucky some of Brett’s spit and some of the black cum would drip onto it. That’s the only way it got wet anymore.

Brett became addicted to black cock the last few weeks. He loved the taste, the size, and everything else about them. His own cock seemed to have a magical ability to cum just from him giving head. He didn’t even need to touch it. Brett didn’t know why. Maybe it was the slop that dripped onto an already hard cock, maybe it was just the pleasure from sucking, maybe it was magic. Whatever it was, Brett loved it and it only happened with black cock. That made Brett excited for tonight.

Brett could remember every detail of the day he’d been blacked. The guy was cute and not particularly hung. He was only a little over six inches long, but he was pretty thick. Brett sat on his knees inbetween the man’s legs and meticulously sucked and deepthroated him. During the thirty minute session, Brett’s gaziantep suriyeli escort own cock began pumping hot cum onto the tiles of the hotel room. He kept sucking. The man eventually fucked Brett’s hungry pussy and that day Brett fell in love with black cock.

Alonso Leone, the wealthy entrepreneur, came into the room. He wore a white bathrobe, his huge cock peeking through. He took a look at Brett and his huge cock and smiled.

“I hope you’re as good as you say,” he said.

Brett spoke a tad bit awkwardly. His mouth was of warm spit that needed a big black dick to lather. “Better. Take off that robe and I’ll show you.”

Alonso threw off his robe and Brett started his work. A few licks and kisses led to this black cock quivering and oozing precum. Brett responded to this invitation by slowly letting it into the ocean of spit in his mouth.

Within seconds, Brett was at the base, his nose in Alonso’s pubes. Spit oozed out of Brett’s mouth despite his lips being tightly wrapped around Alonso’s dick. Alonso’s heavy, full balls were soon soaked and dripping this thick slop onto Brett’s cock below. It was lucky.

Brett slowly released the cock from his pussy of a mouth. By the time the head plopped out, the whole cock was dripping and wet, covered in a mix of black cum (as Alonso could release a little sperm at a time without orgasming, but it was largely involuntary) and white spit. He took a hand and lathered Alonso’s cock with it before taking the massive amount of excess and rubbing his own cock with it. It was an amazing feeling, having another man’s cum slathered all over your dick, especially if it was mixed with your own saliva.

Brett started kissing and sucking Alonso’s heavy balls as he jerked the long, thick shaft. It was so wet that Brett’s hand simply glided over, unable to get a good grip, and it made an audible squishing sound. He stayed like this for a short time, feeling its small convulsions in response to the pleasure it was receiving.

Brett’s own cock was as hard as a diamond between his legs. Every once in awhile, he’d take the hand jerking the shaft and rubbed the mixture of black cum and his own white spit onto his large cock as if he was reapplying lotion. The feeling of Alonso’s superior, black sperm on Brett’s inferior, white cock caused it to began convulsing wildly and pumping out a thick puddle of cum as if it were an offering to appease this black phallus. Brett kept pleasing Alonso’s cock, moving onto sucking it with a lot of force, causing his cheeks to cave in.

Alonso felt like he’d entered nirvana. His whole cock was in a warm, wet paradise. Brett began to apply a deep suction then would stop. Deep suction then stop. It felt like Brett was jerking Alonso off with his mouth. It proved to be too much for him and he shoved Brett down to his pubes.

With his nose in his pubes, Brett had his stomach pumped full of black cum. He could feel the balls, pressed up against his chin, throbbing as they pumped their contents in him. Alonso’s cock took a good minute to unload all that it had.

Brett’s own cock, still hard as ever, began pumping out another puddle of cum, enlarging the previous puddle underneath it. More spit began dripping down from the cock worshipping above. This provoked a third orgasm not soon after.

Once he was done, Alonso released Brett from his iron grasp. Brett swallowed some of his spit and could still taste the dick in his mouth. Alonso had cum directly into his throat so he couldn’t taste that.

Alonso had to quickly excuse himself. He was late for a meeting. He handed Brett a shiny black card with his personal number on it, got dressed, and left. Brett smiled, threw it on the bed, got a towel, and cleaned up his mess and waited for the next man to walk through the hotel door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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