Spread A Little Sunshine

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Lars Hallestrom had enjoyed the day today. All had gone well at work, so well that he got off early. His Chiropractic practice was slow today, his last patient had left before 4 PM, so he could go home and spend time with his wife and daughter.

He adored them both, his loving daughters were the light of his life. There was Kim, who was away at college, then off to law school. And there was his pretty Sunshine. Although parents were not supposed to have preferences, Sunshine was the apple of her Daddy’s eye.

When Sunisa had been born to Lars and his Thai-born wife, they’d named her Sunisa, but Kim had never been able to say it when she was small, so she nicknamed her little sister “Sunny.” Lars and Mai had begun calling her their “Sunshine” shortly after and only relatives called her Sunisa now. A few of them called her “Sunny”, which she also answered to.

Sunshine had started University a few months earlier, she intended on becoming a Sex Therapist. Lars and Mai felt very blessed to have 2 intelligent, driven children. In their 22 years of marriage, he and Mai had experienced a lot of joys. The latest was their new home – but it didn’t matter as much as their girls, the couple were extremely proud parents.

The new place was pretty nice though. Long driveway, lushly appointed grounds, lots of trees and room for Mai to garden – at last – a pool, a nice patio and 10 bedrooms, nice for family and company to come and visit. His checkbook was feeling the strain from Mai’s redecorating, but he didn’t mind indulging his sweet, loving wife. In all the years of their marriage, few harsh words had ever passed between them, nor was she a spendthrift. The girls always came first, now that they had some cash, why not put it to use?

He got out of his car, stretched and went indoors, calling out, yet getting no response. He climbed the winding staircase up to his room, not sure if he wanted to read or have a little nap before dinner. He assumed that Mai had gone out furniture shopping again, perhaps with his sister, the two of them were thick as thieves and often lunched together, usually once or twice a week.

He passed by his daughter’s room and heard some muffled noises from inside. He decided to pop his head in and say hello. Lars got the shock of his life!

The sunlight was streaming in from the big window by Sunshine’s bed, illuminating two figures on the bed. They were attired in sexy lingerie and making love, gently, sweetly. Lars recognized Sunshine instantly, he didn’t know the other girl, a sexy blonde. The two women looked incredible in the light, radiant and sensual in their sapphic love-play.

His daughter was a lovely young woman, with long, natural blonde hair and delicate, tiny breasts. Her face and skin tone belied that of her mother, she had the best of Lars’ Swedish good looks and her mother’s Thai heritage. The pretty girl underneath his daughter’s prone body was also lovely, leggy and blonde. Both girls wore heels and exotic lingerie, from their movements, they were not strangers to each other or this form of sex. They moved together gracefully, backlit by the sunlight streaming in, tasting gently from each other’s pussies, hands running up and down slim, firm, soft young flesh.

Discovering his daughter was likely gay was a shock to Lars, but that was her business. He also realized he’d been watching them for a good few minutes, so he made his way to the door to Sunshine’s room and closed it quietly behind him.

Lars sat on the bed in his bedroom and tried to wrap his head around the fact his daughter was both sexually active and into girls. It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened, he supposed – at least there would be no unexpected pregnancies. Then he kicked himself – he was making an assumption, how did he know his lovely daughter wasn’t bi-sexual? These were unusual times.

There was a small rap on the door and he called out “Yes?”

“Daddy, it’s Sunshine! May I please come in?”

“Certainly baby.”

Sunshine entered the room, she was now wearing a light-yellow robe. Despite himself, he couldn’t get the image of her beautiful, naked body out of his mind. He noticed she was still wearing the heels she’d worn in bed with her lover.

Sunshine sat beside him on the bed and took Lars’ hand in her own and squeezed it. “Thanks for not freaking out Daddy.” she said softly.

Lars looked into his daughter’s dark eyes and said “Excuse me?”

She gave him that winning smile of hers. “I know you saw us Daddy – that you were in my room for a few minutes. I opened my eyes and saw you, but you left the room. Thank you for not freaking out.”

He gave her a small hug and told her “Sunshine, your love life is your own business, but you’re going to have to be careful. You’re an adult, but we don’t want to upset your mother. So – are you gay or do you like boys?”

Sunshine actually blushed a little and looked over at her father. “I’m not gay – but I don’t really like boys.”

Lars escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan was puzzled. “Okay honey, that makes no sense at all.”

Sunshine moved closer to her father on the bed. “Girls and women are fun and sexy, Daddy – but boys are in too much of a hurry. I like men!”

Lars thought he should be uncomfortable, but he and Sunshine had always had a very close relationship. “Have you been with many men, darling?”

Sunshine shook her head, her long hair swirling about. “A few, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with … well, I’ll tell you later Daddy.” she said, giggling.

Sunshine moved closer to her father on the bed. “Daddy, do you find me attractive?”

“Well baby, you’re my daughter, of course I think you’re attractive.”

“No, I mean if I wasn’t your daughter. Would you think I’m sexy? Would I be the kind of girl you’d like to fuck?”

Lars stammered a little. “B-baby, d-don’t be silly. You are my daughter and I have never cheated on your mother with anyone.”

Sunshine grinned slyly. “But you have thought about other women, Daddy? You’re certainly not dead – you must look on occasion.”

Lars nodded. “Certainly I look baby, but only look. I love your mother too much to ever hurt her.”

Sunshine pressed on. “Have you ever looked at me, Daddy?”

Lars admitted inwardly that he had looked at his daughter in that way lately. She was beautiful, her face was sensual, her body trim and smooth, no traces of fat, her legs long and silky and —

He shook his head. “Baby, we can’t continue talking about this. I’m your father, for God’s sakes!”

Sunshine smiled. “Daddy, talking about sex is normal and healthy. I’m going to be a sex therapist, remember? Now – have you ever looked at me and thought I’m sexy?”

Lars nodded, ashamed of his occasional lusty thoughts. Sunshine just continued to smile at her father.

“Daddy, look at me now.”

Lars turned to Sunshine and knew what he would see. She sat on the bed beside him, her yellow robe lying in a puddle on the floor. She had been naked underneath it, her lovely body fully exposed to his gaze now. He looked at her, admiring every inch of her, she was so exquisitely beautiful. Her nipples were hard, Sunshine’s pussy was devoid of any hair and the lips were still glistening from her earlier love-play.

“I’m sexy, aren’t I Daddy? I’m the kind of girl older men think about when they dream of fucking younger women, aren’t I Daddy? Am I the kind of girl you’d like to fuck Daddy? Admit it, you’d love to fuck someone as sexy as me!”

Lars felt his cock straining at his pants, but he had to maintain self-control. His daughter grabbed him by the face and turned his head towards hers, roughly. She planted a kiss on him that was like no kiss any daughter should give her father, hot, lusty, full of passion. She tasted sweet and he realized he was likely tasting the pussy of the girl she’d been eating earlier. His cock got even stiffer at that thought.

“You like kissing me, don’t you Daddy?”

Every fiber of his being was trying to keep a level head, to not succumb to Sunshine’s beautiful charms, to not allow himself to go and take the step he knew would take them over the edge. Lars knew it was already too late though, he wanted his baby, he wanted to feel her tight, hot little cunt wrapped around his cock. He was at the precipice and she was only too eager to push him over.

Sunshine’s lips were on his again, her tongue exploring his mouth. Lars was lost, emotion was overriding intellect, he ached to fuck her, he knew if she kept this up, he was lost. He broke away from her momentarily, but Sunshine moved quickly and pinned him to the bed with her body.

“It’s time Daddy, stop being silly. You want to fuck me, I want to be fucked by you. I want to feel your big Daddy-cock in my pussy, I want you to make me cum and do all sorts of nasty things with you. I’m going to feed you my pussy Daddy, and you’re going to eat me clean!”

Lars managed to say “Your mother … ” but Sunshine cut him off.

“Mother will never have to know, this is our secret. Daddy, don’t I look tasty? Don’t I have the sweetest-looking, yummiest little cunny you’ve ever seen? You want it Daddy, you want to eat it, and suck it and fuck it …. “

Sunshine straddled her prone father and he plunged his face deep within her depths. Dammit, she was right, he wanted to take her and suck the cream from her pussy. His tongue licked and lapped, she was wet already from her earlier play and the juice flowed onto his tongue as he delved deeper within her cunt.

Sunshine moved her body over her father’s licking mouth, a beam of light striking the metallic heel of her shoes. Her golden beauty was even more impressive in the natural lighting of the bedroom and her body flexed and moved sinuously, arousing her eager parent even more. Lars toyed with her pussy, using tongue and fingers escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan to get her off, hearing her little yelps of pleasure as he attacked her soft, sweet pussy.

Sunshine’s mind was going a mile a minute. This was even better than she had hoped for, her plan was working. Daddy was a good pussy-eater, almost as good as her girlfriend, and he seemed to love her sweet puss. He was devouring her eagerly and she began unbuttoning his shirt, running her hands over his chest, his six-pack, impressed with how in-shape he had stayed over the years. She hoped his stamina would match his physique.

Her nails raked across Lars’ chest, a trick that her mother knew well. Lars felt a pang of guilt, but the erotic hold their sexy daughter had on him was far too strong. He had to fuck her, just this once, to know the tightness, the heat, the sweet feeling of that remarkable pussy of hers.

The naked girl pulled off his pants, leaving him with only boxers on. “You wore them!” she exclaimed with glee, as Lars remembered that she’d given him the “Spongebob Squarepants” boxers as a gag gift at Christmas.

Her beautiful eyes were looking at him now, full of love, lust and passion. Lars was sure she saw those emotions mirrored in his own eyes. She was so beautiful and as she reached into his pants and drew out his cock, he knew he was forever damned – but he didn’t care.

Sunshine took her father’s cock in her mouth and began sucking, licking, slowly, in a teasing, playful manner. He’d never had a blowjob this good, although Mia was close. His daughter relished his cock, basting it with her saliva, lubricating it as she slithered her tongue all the way from the purplish head to the thick balls, no inch of his manhood was spared her erotic attentions. She was a greedy, noisy little thing and that turned him on all the more. She kept looking at him with those dark, almond eyes of hers, she’d suck a little harder each time she caught his eyes.

Sunshine adored every inch of her father’s big cock, loved having a man in her mouth again. Pussy was fun, she loved the taste of it and having a woman’s adept tongue licking her all over was her delight, but she yearned to feel her father’s cock deep inside of her, fucking her until she couldn’t see straight.

“It’s time, Daddy!” she said sternly. “Time for my Daddy to do what he’s been wanting to do for months. You’re going to fuck me, I’m going to ride that big Daddy-dick and make it cum in my hot little pussy!”

Sunshine swiveled her body around and faced her father, she straddled him and slowly moved down towards his cock, teasing him, rubbing the lips of her pussy against it, yet not quite taking him in her cunt yet. Finally, Sunshine couldn’t take it anymore either, and took him, sliding her pussy down on Lars, he was now balls-deep within her.

She rode her Daddy, taking full measure of the man, using every trick in her sexual arsenal. It was if her life had been leading up to this moment, her studies had prepared her well to be his lover, she rolled her hips and her ass, taking more of him within her body, feeling his strong hands playing with her tits. Lars ran his hands all over her compact frame, loving her little nipples, kissing her delicate breasts gently, treating her as a precious treasure.

Sunshine felt her father’s shaft expand deep within her cunt, she tightened her pussy muscles around his cock and heard him groan.

“You like my hot little pussy, Daddy?” she purred as his cock moved deeper and deeper within her body. She moved back against him, her hands slid all over his sweat-slicked chest.

“I love your hot little pussy, you wild little bitch!” Lars groaned, not sure if he believed this was really happening to him. His daughter was an amazing lay, no question about it, the first he’d had outside of her mother in many years. She took all he could give her and demanded more.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck me like the wild, horny bitch I am!” she squealed.

Bitch was still a hard concept for Lars to accept, despite the wild woman riding his cock, he still thought of her as his Sunshine. Yet he knew they could never go back, would he ever be able to look at her again and not desire her beautiful, perfectly-sculpted little body? She had the cutest ass and it was bouncing up and down on his shaft, it was buried deep within her as he continued playing with her tits.

Lars concentrated heavily on other things, not wanting to cum too soon, he wanted to prolong both his own pleasure and that of his daughter. He pulled her tighter to him, her breasts were now pressed to his chest as she moved her tight little pussy up and down on his manhood, fucking him with pent-up passion. How long, how long, had Sunshine been wanting to fuck her Daddy? How long had she been aching to feel his large dick inside her wet, tight cunt?

“Good Daddy, such a good cock, such a good Daddy dick, keep fucking escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan me Daddy, keep it up, yes, yes, yesssss!!” Sunshine squealed as her father’s cock moved inside of her. She didn’t ever want this to stop, she bounced and wiggled her ass against him as the magnificent fuck continued.

“My God baby, such a naughty little girl, such a terrific fucker you are, good baby, keep fucking Daddy, take it, take it all, you wild little bitch!” Lars yelled back, moving upwards and sending his cock deeper inside of her.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck the shit out of me, keep it up, yes Daddy, fuck your horny little slut of a daughter!”

Her lusty words inflamed him and he yelled back “Fucking you baby, fucking the hell out of you, love it, I love fucking your cunt!”

That was all it took. Lars felt his daughter’s cunt tighten and milk his cock, he exploded deep within her, losing every drop of cum inside of her, his seed spilling copiously into her waiting body.

Sunshine lay on top of her father, the two of them panting, nearly exhausted. Nearly.

“Oh Daddy, don’t think you’re getting off that easily!” Sunshine cooed, playing with her father’s chest hairs.

“Baby, I’m beat for now. It will take me a while to recharge my batteries and your mother might come home at any moment!”

“You let me worry about that, Daddy. Come with me.”

Sunshine put her robe back on and led her naked father down the hall, to her room, the room he’d seen her and her lesbian-lover playing. She pulled him inside and Lars was startled at the sight awaiting him on the bed.

Reclining on the plush bed, staring up at the father / daughter combo was Sunshine’s beautiful cousin, Misty. Her uncle had never seen his niece this way before though.

Misty was wearing a sheer top and black lace bra, her arm was behind her head as she looked over at her cousin and uncle. Her beautiful blue eyes were highlighted with blue eye shadow and her lashes were dark and alluring. Lars’ eyes traveled down his niece’s tanned skin, her round breasts and smooth stomach, to her long, sleek legs and he saw that she was wearing a skimpy black thong. Sunshine walked over to the bed and sat down beside her alluring cousin.

“Daddy needs a little – inspiration, baby!” Sunshine smiled, kissing her cousin fully on the lips. Lars saw his stunning niece return the kiss with equal ardor. He could already feel his blood racing as the two women kissed.

They were kissing ardently, obviously no strangers to each other’s bodies. His daughter’s exotic blondeness coupled with his niece’s California-blonde style made for a stunning picture. The robe slipped easily from his daughter’s body once again and she joined her cousin on the bed, her hands cupping Misty’s bra-encased breasts, fondling them and exposing her nipples.

Sunshine began sucking on Misty’s nipples as her cousin cooed and moaned beneath her. He could see the girls were heating up, he could almost smell the scent of arousal wafting throughout the room and Lars could feel the stirring in his cock. Watching the kinky scene before him was affecting him, no doubt about it.

Lars saw Misty raise her legs high in the air and Sunshine slid the thong off of her cousin, the bra swiftly followed. The sheer black top covered her tanned arms and she wore a pair of stilettos that were similar to Sunshine’s. Lars could hear his daughter whisper how sexy she was, what a pretty baby the younger girl was as she began kissing down her tanned skin.

Sunshine left no part of her pretty relative untouched. She kissed from neck to smooth, flat belly, teasing her with her knowing hands, burying her face in the sweet, blonde-furred cunt before her.

“Ooooh lover, you’re the best Sunny, the absolute best!” Misty squealed as her lesbian lover ministered to her needs. Sunny had promised her an unforgettable afternoon, Misty knew her cousin always kept her promises. The agile tongue licked at her clit and Misty’s pussy was creaming with the extra kink of watching her studly uncle watching them.

Lars was shocked, stunned, amazed. Had he been told a few hours ago he would have fucked his daughter, that he would be watching her performing lesbian acts with her cousin, he would have thought them insane. Yet, here he was and his arousal was entirely obvious.

Sunshine looked up from her pussy eating and called out to her father “Daddy, are you going to stand there all night? Or are you going to get your ass in this bed and fuck the hell out of this horny little slut?”

Lars did as he was told, letting the girls move aside and find room for him on the bed. “Doesn’t my daddy have a beautiful cock, lover?” Sunshine said to Misty. “You’ll love having it in you baby, you really will!”

Lars felt a momentary embarrassment at having his niece know he had fucked Sunshine, but realized how silly that was. He saw the girl’s small hand close around his shaft and he grinned at her as she leaned in and kissed him, her tongue gliding along his lips. He could feel Sunshine’s hands roaming all over his back, his arousal was growing by the moment.

“I think you’re hot, Uncle L!” Misty purred as she pushed him down on the bed. Misty worked her mouth over her uncle’s shaft and balls as she saw her sensual cousin straddle her father’s face. Lars was surrounded by willing, young flesh and couldn’t have been happier about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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