Spring Break with The Sisters Ch. 01

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This is my first story, so open to any feedback. This is the first of a series, and it starts a little slow and helps set up some backstory on the characters. Hopefully it will all pay off in later chapters.


I gripped the steering wheel impatiently, willing the car to pick up speed without actually pressing down on the gas. The sun, which hung low on the horizon outside the driver’s side window, cast a yellow glow that enveloped the entire countryside. It was a beautiful night to be driving, not a cloud in the sky, and traffic was lighter than I expected heading into the weekend. Perfect driving conditions, but all I could think about was what awaited at our destination.

Bonnie, sensing my impatience, took my hand in hers and squeezed tightly. “We’ll be there soon.”

I smiled over at her and, for the millionth time since we started dating, thanked whatever God had blessed me with such a beautiful girlfriend. My gratitude increased even more as I caught a glimpse down her blouse, which she’d left unbuttoned at the top. The tight, flower-pattern affair was probably my favorite of hers for the way it accentuated her breasts. She wasn’t especially well endowed, but the sleek cut definitely helped them stand out in all the right ways.

I also noticed she was wearing her red silk bra, my favorite. Just thinking about reaching in and rubbing her tits as I drove started to nudge my little soldier to attention.

“Like what you see?”

I’d been caught in the act, and my cheeks reddened. Even a few weeks ago, I’d have been mortified, sure that Bonnie would never speak to me again now that she’d realized what a sex-crazed pervert I was. But thanks to Bonnie’s reassurances I’d grown in confidence, enough to respond, “Yeah. I’d love to pull over at the next exit and get a closer look.”

“What’s stopping you?” She took my hand and placed it against her left breast, then placed her left hand on my inner thigh. We both started rubbing each other as I tried not to drive off the side of the highway.

Before things get too out of hand (excuse the pun), maybe I should offer a little backstory. My name’s Thomas, though my friends call me Tommy. I’m a freshman at university, something of a dork, and, to my great shame, still a virgin. But that last part at least is hopefully about to change.

In high school, I was never what you’d call a catch. Okay, I’ll just go ahead and admit I was definitely something of a loser. I was painfully shy, not interested in sports, and a little too smart to be well liked by the jocks and popular kids. I had a few good friends in the same gifted classes as I was, and even a couple of girls that probably would have said yes if I ever asked them out, but I never worked up the courage. The threat of being laughed at seemed immediate and real.

I kissed Jessica Goldberg at a party once, or it would be more accurate to say she kissed me. All the kids from the marching band (did I mention I was in band? I was on French horn, which I picked because the teacher had said it was the hardest to play while marching and I was excited by the challenge) had gathered for an end of the football season party. I’d always thought Suzie was cute, even if she was a little on the chubby side.

She was pretty drunk. She grabbed me by the shirt and dragged me into one of the bedrooms and we made out on the bed for about 10 minutes until she said she had to go to the bathroom and told me not to go anywhere. I waited half an hour for her to come back but she never returned. When I finally went out looking for her, someone told me she’d gone home because her ride was leaving. The next Monday she acted like nothing had happened and I have a feeling she’d completely blacked out.

So that was my first kiss.

This past summer before I started college I got to second base with Suzie Farkas. She was my neighbor across the street who’d graduated two years earlier. I’d always had a crush on her, and used to watch her play in her front yard from my bedroom window. The Sunday morning she and her friends held a carwash to raise money while in their bikini tops for some school trip still stands as one of the highlights of my young life.

Anyway, we ran into each other one day at the corner grocery and she didn’t even recognize me. I said hi, and at first she looked at me like I was a stranger creeping on her in a bar, but she mellowed out as soon as she had a chance to look me up and down. It was only when I mentioned my older brother, who she used to date back in high school, that she realized who I was.

“Tommy! You’re so tall. It’s like you sprouted a foot since last Anadolu Yakası Escort fall.”

“I hit a growth spurt, I guess.” I was embarrassed. My newfound height happened so quickly, it was immediately obvious to everyone in school, and my years of cultivating a low profile were at an end. It was hard to avoid attention when you’re six foot three and weigh 190 pounds. What’s worse, I wasn’t used to my new body, and I must have looked like a gangly giraffe stumbling up and down the hallways between classes. And while I was one third of the way to being tall, dark, and handsome, there weren’t any apparent benefits when it came to my love life.

But that was months ago. I’d since filled out a bit and people stopped gawking as I came into view. I had earned the nickname long, tall Tommy though, something I wasn’t about to share with Suzie.

“I’ll say. I guess I dated the wrong Bishop brother.” I assumed she was making fun of me. Everyone knew that my brother was the better-looking sibling, not to mention funnier and easier to talk to. It wasn’t necessary for anyone to actually say anything to that effect. I was fully aware of the silent comparison thanks solely to the way people looked at me after learning of the family connection.

Suzie seemed to be telling the truth, however, because she invited me to a house party that night and didn’t allow me a chance to make any excuses. She even offered to drive.

Most of the people at this party knew me as Evan’s little brother, which didn’t bother me so much. At least they weren’t likely to harass me, since Evan was so well liked. Normally at parties I’m awkward and end up in a corner somewhere pretending to look at a book or staring at my phone. Anything to avoid an actual conversation. But Suzie kept me close by her side the whole night, introducing me to people I’d worshipped from afar for many years and feeding me more beers than I was used to.

Everything became hazy after about an hour so I’m not sure how we ended up in the basement. Suddenly I realized I was making out with Suzie Farkas! I’d fantasized about this moment so much and now it was really happening. Unfortunately, my memory of this momentous occasion has mostly been lost to an alcohol-induced oblivion, but I do have a clear image of my hand up under her shirt.

The feeling of her tits in my sweaty palms is something I’ll never forget. They were quite small, a-cups, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest. I slipped my hand under her shirt, surprised to find she wasn’t wearing a bra, just a thin tank top, and instantly began caressing her nipples. I had found nirvana.

In my inebriated state, I stupidly began oversharing. I confessed I’d never been with a girl before, that I was a virgin, and I had no idea what I was doing. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think she was turned on by my inexperience, and having the chance to be the one to deflower me.

“Don’t worry,” she said to me. “You’ve got everything you need and it appears to be in working order.” That’s when she reached down and grabbed my dick, rubbing it through my jeans. I was already at full arousal, or at least I thought I was, because at that moment I became harder than I’d ever been in my life, and seemed ready to cum right then and there.

This moment of bliss was to be short-lived, and not because of my over eagerness. We were interrupted by a group of Suzie’s friends as they burst into the rec room, wanting to play video games. Their arrival probably saved me from an embarrassing lack of control. Seeing us in mid-embrace, they made a few teasing comments at our expense, but for the most part did not seem very interested in what was happening between us. No one asked out loud what I was definitely thinking to myself, “What is a hot babe like Suzie Farkas doing with a loser like Tommy Bishop?”

Our privacy revoked, Suzie gave me a lingering kiss before pulling herself off me and straightening out her clothes. It wasn’t long before she had a controller in her hand and was joking with her friends. I was hoping she’d take me to another room so we could continue whatever was about to happen, but that was not to be. I drank a couple more beers and I barely remember kissing her goodnight when she dropped me off at home.

To cap off the evening, my parents were up waiting for me. I had to sit through a long lecture of how I wasn’t in college yet, and I needed to respect their rules while I was living at home. Then they grounded me for two weeks, probably because of the way I couldn’t keep a delirious grin off my face. Sadly, when Suzie called to invite me to another party the next weekend, Kadıköy Escort I had to say no, and I never heard from her again.

That’s a rather long-winded explanation of how I ended up as a college freshman with very little sexual experience and no idea how to talk to girls, let alone convince one to let me make out with her. I was barely able to make it into the friend zone and for the most part was looked at as a creep or loser by anyone of the opposite gender.

You can imagine my surprise, therefore, to suddenly find myself an object of desire. I’d enrolled at a state university on the other side of the country, wanting to be as far away from anyone that might recognize me as possible. It didn’t take very long after driving onto campus and finding my dorm to realize things were going to be different.

Within an hour of my arrival, three different groups of women came up to me and introduced themselves, wanting to know things like which dorm I was in, my phone number and Instagram handle, or whether I’d be at some party that night.

My new roommate, Edmund, who’d been assigned to me by whatever sorting hat algorithm the university used, arrived about an hour later and I immediately recognized he was a bigger dork than I was. Rather than a full description, I’ll just mention that he was the State Champion in chess his senior year. This was a well-respected academic institution after all. Perhaps by comparison, I was a catch.

I know this is getting rather long-winded, and you’re probably more interested in the blowjob that was teased a few pages back, so let just say that I did go to that party my first night. And I found myself making out with a freshman soccer player whose name I don’t even remember. Night two, an overweight sophomore named name Marissa gave me my first hand job. By the third night, when I got my hands into the pants of a sorority girl who I’d just been introduced to less than hour earlier, I finally accepted that college was not going to be a repeat of high school.

I met Bonnie in week two in my Intro to Sociology class. She sat down next to me in the lecture hall, and when I got a good look at her, I found it impossible to concentrate on Professor Gingerich’s lesson. She was beautiful, with shoulder length hair that slightly curled at the bottom, and hazel eyes that almost looked golden from the side. When she caught me giving her the side eye, rather than look annoyed or disgusted, the response I was used to, she offered me the sweetest smile. My heart melted right then and there.

A few moments passed, as I worked up the courage to glance back in her direction, when she passed a small note on a corner of notebook paper. It read, “Can you believe how boring this class is? Text me. I’m about to die.” Her number was written at the bottom.

I immediately pulled out my phone and divine inspiration struck as I texted her, “That’s too bad. I’m not taking CPR until next semester. I’ll try not to disturb your corpse when class is over.” She laughed out loud, drawing the attention of the students around us. I’ve never been prouder of myself. That’s the moment I realized that texting girls is so much easier than having to talk to them face to face.

We kept sending messages back and forth, and agreed to grab coffee that afternoon. She asked me of course. By the end of the week, we were dating, and soon thereafter it dawned on me that I had my first girlfriend.

Despite the promising start, I was still painfully shy, always afraid to make the first move or advance things along for fear that this would be the moment she started laughing at me and saying something along the lines of, “I can’t keep it up any longer. My friends bet me I would let you fuck me and I wanted to prove them wrong, but they’d have to pay me a million dollars to keep this up.”

I just couldn’t understand why she was into me, not when there were so many jocks and frat boys to choose from. Fortunately, Bonnie was always patient with me, never teased me, and my shyness just seemed to attract me to her even more. There was only one time she actually laughed at me and that was when I showed her some photos from a couple years back.

“Oh my God, you were a total dork!”

I quickly slammed my laptop shut, mortified.

“Oh Tommy, don’t worry, I was a dork too. You should have seen me with braces and the awful glasses I had to wear before I got contacts. And these breasts you love to suck on didn’t really come in fully until my junior year.”

“Whatever. I’ve seen photos of you back then. You were always beautiful.”

“You’re biased. Believe me, no one gave İstanbul Escort me a second look until a couple years ago. People just grow into their bodies at different times. And you’ve grown into yours just fine.”

That was the night of my first blowjob, and it wouldn’t be the last. Ever since, my obsession with losing my virginity was somewhat dissipated. I couldn’t imagine liking it as much as being inside Bonnie’s mouth as she sucked.

But still, I did want to know what it was like to have sex. It seemed like I was probably the only virgin left on campus, which seemed doubly unfair considering how hot my girlfriend was.

Yet here we were. Even though we’d been together for six months now, we still hadn’t done the deed. The thing of it was, Bonnie had lost her virginity that summer, to her high school boyfriend. She’d wanted and expected to save herself for marriage, like the good Catholic girl that she was. But her boyfriend, Alex, had been pressuring her to do it with him. He’d insisted that they were going to get married after they both finished school, so it didn’t count as a sin. She’d finally given in despite her better judgments.

Of course, it wasn’t two weeks later she found out that Alex had cheated on her with one of her best friends, and they’d been sleeping together for months. That was it for both the boyfriend and the best friend, and great news for me, since we met less than six weeks later.

Bonnie was understandably devastated at the time, and while she was as horny as I was and loved when I fingered her to orgasm or went down on her, she still had a lingering guilt about giving up her virginity to a dirtbag. I reassured her that I had gone 18 years without having sex and I could wait a while longer, and that she was worth any wait.

I think deep down it was also a way for me to prolong the anxiety involved with actual sex. Like seriously, I had no idea what I was doing, and I could only imagine my complete ignorance would be a huge disappointment to her. The longer I could prolong that embarrassment, the better.

But all that was about to change. Bonnie had informed me before we left for spring break that she had decided she was ready.

“Are you sure? No pressure from me.”

“That’s sweet. I know. But I’ve never felt as safe with anyone else before. It just feels right with you. And you know how much the cabin means to me. I can’t think of a better place for our first time.”

And so a promise was made, and here we were on the road to her family cabin, where despite my trepidation, at long last I would finally lose my virginity. Now you understand why I was impatient to arrive.

But with Bonnie’s hand rubbing my cock, maybe I wasn’t in such a hurry after all.

“It’s dangerous to be driving when you’re in an uncomfortable position. Let me help you out.” With that, she unzipped my jeans, and I popped out giving her better access.

“Mmm, that does feel safer.”

“Safety first.” And then her mouth was suddenly at the tip of my cock, licking softly around the head. As I fought to avoid swerving, I thought maybe this really wasn’t that safe. Not wanting to die in a tragic car accident while still a virgin, I concentrated the best I could on the road.

Bonnie had me fully inside her mouth now, bobbing up and down while she sucked. I took one hand and softly raked it up and down her back, loving how the sleek material of her blouse felt. As I got more excited and felt my momentum building, I reached my hand around and underneath so I could feel her breast. I had realized there was an extra special sensation to having your cock sucked while rubbing a tit at the same time. It never failed to get me towards the edge of orgasm.

I swerved again, but this time I really didn’t care if I died. I was already in heaven after all. I think the threat of danger, not only from me driving us off the road, but also the possibility of being seen by one of the neighboring vehicles, had me ready to burst in record time.

“I’m about to cum.” Bonnie released me then and began stroking me with her hand. It didn’t take more than a dozen swipes up and down for me to start shooting. It was a messy one, getting all over my jeans, hitting the steering wheel in a couple spots, and even spurting on the driver side window. The first time she gave me head, Bonnie had said she couldn’t take it in her mouth, so like the dutiful and grateful boyfriend I was, I always gave her a warning before I came. I figured it was the least I could do considering she was willing to take my cock into her mouth.

“Wow, that was amazing. Thank you.”

She gave me a kiss then, but not for too long, since I didn’t want us to die.

“Thank you for being the best boyfriend in the world. I can’t wait to get to the cabin.”

“Me neither. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.”

“It’s totally going to be worth it.”

End of Part One

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