Spring Fling

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Tate sat at the kitchen table in Jessie’s small apartment and only half-listened to the conversation between her and Adam. It was spring, and had been many, many months since the night he and Adam had shared her bed. It was time to remedy that.

For months, Tate had dated a perfectly nice woman, but it just hadn’t worked out between them. Tate wrote it off as being old and set in his ways. Underneath, he knew differently. He knew the only person that could slake his lust was Jessie. Tonight he needed the sweet relief that came only when wrapped in the tight folds of her pussy.

He watched the smile that spread over her face and jumped into her eyes at whatever Adam had said. Tate knew they had been fucking pretty regularly lately and could tell by simple body language that it was good for them. They weren’t a couple, though, just fuck buddies as she and Tate had once been.

Tate was brought out of his reverie by the whiff of Jessie’s perfume as she stood to clear the table. “Here, let me help, Jess.” He offered, his voice thick with lust.

Jessie smiled at Tate, knowing immediately what the tone of his voice meant. She blushed as she pushed back from the table. “Adam, would you be so kind as to put some new music on?” She then headed into the kitchen with a handful of dishes. Tate followed, drinking glasses in hand.

As Jessie bent to load the dishwasher, Tate let out a slow breath. She was so damned sexy in her tight little pants and tee shirt. Neither of them spoke as she worked, Tate appreciating the view of the top of her mint green thong peeking over the waistband of the grey yoga pants she wore. His mouth began to water as he watched her bend and stretch, doing the most mundane task of cleaning up. She was plump and sweet ~ the perfect apple to satisfy his hunger.

Finally, she finished and straightened, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes. She looked at Tate as he leaned against the countertop, his hands dipped into the pockets of his jeans. “So ….” She said, her voice a whisper.

“It’s been too long.” Tate replied.

“Yes, it has.” Jessie said, looking at him. “You hadn’t called, though. I’m not one to make the first move, Tate, you know that.”

Tate bent his head. He did know that. Jessie’s utter submission to him was one of the things that turned him on most. She didn’t do that with anyone else. His cock began to stir under his jeans, pressing against the material almost painfully as he looked into Jessie’s eyes.

For whatever reason, Jessie looked down and could see the outline of his cock growing. A smile spread over her little pink mouth and she took a step toward Tate. “What is it you want, Tate?” she purred, her hand resting on his chest.

No words were spoken before Tate dropped his mouth to hers. Her kiss was sweet, soft, and he took from her all he Manavgat Escort needed. His tongue wrapped around hers, the moan escaping her throat told him she needed this too. He pulled back slightly and lifted her tee over her head, revealing her ample bosom wrapped in a mint green lace bra. His hands roamed over her tits and then headed to her back where he unsnapped the garment and tossed it to the floor. He kissed her again, hungry for the taste of her.

With one hand, he undid his belt and then pulled back from Jessie’s mouth. “Take it, Jessie. Take it like the good little slut you are.” He rasped, his voice hoarse with desire.

Jessie immediately dropped to her knees and expertly removed his thick, hard dick from his pants. She gulped him into her mouth, licking and sucking at him as a starving woman to food. Tate’s right hand threaded into the hair at the base of her neck and he slowly began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Fucking it as he had fucked her pussy months ago and how he would again tonight.

“Yes, yes, … oh Jessie … Oh fuck …” his words went on and on, his head thrown back, driving his cock in and out of her hot little mouth. He would cum quickly this way. He always did. Inside her pussy he’d learned to control his need but her mouth was a different story. His strokes started to grow shorter and, with his hand firmly holding her head still, he began to cum. He shot load after load of fluid into her mouth as her hands gripped his ass so tight she left marks in his skin. His eyes were closed, his head thrown back as his release ended. He slumped back against the counter, and looked down at Jessie.

She pulled back from him, sitting on her haunches, wiping at the cum that dribbled from her lips. She was panting, as out of breath as Tate was, when she looked up and saw Adam standing just inside the doorway. “Adam …” she began, her voice cracking.

He looked at her, and then to Tate. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, but said nothing. He simply walked into the living room. Jessie stood quickly, following him and stopped in her tracks when she entered the room. Adam had placed all the throw pillows from her sofa onto the floor. He had lit candles, turned on music, and was now undressing before her, a smile slowly spreading across his face. “C’mere, Jess.” He whispered, and she went to him.

“Get undressed and then lie on the floor. Prop on the pillows. I want to fuck your hot little mouth too.” He said, his voice rough with the command as he removed the rest of his clothing.

Jessie’s cheeks flushed and her pussy dampened further with the excitement of being told what to do by both Adam and Tate. She pulled her pants and thong off, her feet already bare, and propped her body against the pillows along the front of the sofa. Adam immediately straddled Manavgat escort bayan her chest, his semi-erect cock before her face. He leaned against the sofa, his arms holding him up, and then slowly began to push past her waiting lips.

Tate watched from the doorway, his cock stiffening again quickly, as Adam started to thrust slowly in and out of Jessie’s mouth. Her hands were on his ass, much the same as she had done to Tate, and her legs fell open, giving Tate the perfect view of her pink depths. She’d kept a small thatch of curls at the top of her mound, but her lips were smooth and inviting.

Jessie moaned and sighed around Adam’s growing cock. He pushed in and out of her mouth slowly, taking his time, enjoying her sweet submission to him. He’d never fucked her mouth before, always let her do the work, but this time was so much better. He loved the feel of her arms around his waist, much as her legs when they were draped there. Her nails digging into his skin, the soft gasp of breath each time he pulled back, were enough to make him want to fuck her harder. Still, he resisted.

As Jessie caressed the skin of Adam’s backside, she felt her legs being pushed open further, and then felt Tate’s hot breath on her skin. Juice ran from her pussy freely, and Tate bent his head to lap at it gently and firmly. Jessie gasped at his touch, and pulled her legs back for better access. Tate licked up the sweet juice from Jessie’s body. Her clit was hard against his tongue, straining for release. As his tongue lapped at her slowly, he teasingly inserted one, then two fingers inside her tight, wet depths. He felt her body tense with need, the lust building quickly as he worked her pussy and Adam plundered her mouth.

Adam looked back to find Tate between Jessie’s legs. He felt the grip on his control steadily slipping as the eroticism of the moment sank into his lust soaked brain. He knew, from what Jessie had told him, that he lasted longer in her mouth than Tate and Tate lasted longer in her pussy than he. He bent his head to hers, whispering, “Is that good, baby? Oh you are such a good little cocksucker.” He moaned and continued to thrust in and out of her mouth slowly.

The tight little bud of Jessie’s clit demanded release. She could feel it running through her like electricity with each lap of Tate’s rough tongue. As she glided her tongue over the tip of Adam’s cock, sipping the precum collecting there, her breath caught, and she began to slowly grind her pussy against Tate’s mouth.

Tate groaned loudly as Jessie pressed herself closer to him. She tasted so sweet and yet so tart, and she was deliciously wet. His fingers explored her silky depths, his tongue working over her slowly, but firmly. With the gentle buck of her hips, Tate knew she was close to cumming and when she Escort Manavgat did, he would slide his cock deep inside and fuck her in the rough way she enjoyed so much.

Jessie began to feel the final tightening of her clit and then the headlong rush into the sweet relief as she came. She wrapped her legs around Tate’s shoulders and held his mouth against her as each pulse shuddered through her. Her fingers dug into Adam’s backside, and he held still, allowing her the pleasure she deserved.

As she quieted, Adam pulled from her mouth and sat back against the sofa cushions. Tate took the lead, rolling Jessie onto her belly, and then pulling her up by her hips. “Finish him off and I will fuck you like the little slut you are, Jess.” Came his rough command.

Jessie, weak-kneed and panting, moved between Adam’s legs and took him deeply into her mouth again. She felt Tate’s hands on her ass, rubbing the smooth skin of her cheeks, gently pinching the fleshy part in the center. As she began to pump Adam with her hand and her mouth, she felt her hips being parted and the not so gentle invasion of her pussy by Tate’s throbbing cock.

She fell forward with a soft grunt as the head of Tate’s cock pushed past her swollen, still throbbing, lips. Tate grabbed her full hips in his hands, digging slightly, as her tight folds enveloped him. His own breath caught as he sank into her deeply, resting inside her for a moment before slowly stroking in and out. “Yes, oh, god, Jessie, yes.” He managed to say, breathless and unable, for the first time in a long time, to hold back.

Adam brushed the hair from Jessie’s face and held it back. She worked his cock so well, so quickly now, he was ready to cum. “Jess, are you ready?” he whispered as his body tensed and he began cum. He grunted softly as he coated the inside of her mouth, watching her as she licked and swallowed each drop.

Tate’s thrusts grew faster, Jessie’s little box was hot and wet, too damned tight, and feeling so fucking good to him. As she pulled back from Adam’s lap and leaned on the sofa cushion, Tate could feel her second orgasm building inside of her. The walls of her pussy contracted, squeezing him tighter still, and he lost control.

Bending forward, resting his head on her back and reaching around to grab one of her full, swaying tits, Tate plowed into her, the sound of their grunts and moans filling the tiny room. “Fuck!” he cursed, twisting his fingers in her hair, so desperate to cum, to fill her up just so he could start over with her again. Again, the walls of her pussy contracted and, with a sharp gasp, Jessie cried out with her orgasm.

Tate was so deep inside of her, the pleasure/pain of him ripping through her that her orgasm seemed to only bring about more frustration than relief. It was then she felt him begin to jerk. Felt his dick spasm inside her before he shouted out his own release.

Jessie fell against the sofa, Tate still wrapped around her body, and closed her eyes. Adam’s hand reached over and brushed the hair from her eyes as Tate pressed kisses into her back. Why had they not done this sooner?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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