Squad Car Fantasy Ch. 3

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I thought about it for weeks, I didn’t know how I could surprise him again. All I knew is that I wanted to. I figured it out one day while searching the internet for lingerie. I saw one site that had costumes, French maids, cops and prisoners, and schoolgirls, et cetera. I remembered that he liked the whole schoolgirl thing from a movie we saw. Instead of buying the costume online, I decided to go to the stores and see if I could do it myself for cheaper then the company online wanted.

It only took a few hours before I had it all, the plaid skirt, the thigh high stockings (in white – I had to look innocent), and the little white shirt, and the Saddle Oxfords. I also went to the craft store and bought some ribbon to tie my hair back into pigtails. A stop at the lingerie store for some white lace crotch less panties, and a white lace no cup bra, then I would head home to get ready.

I got home and showered. Then I put my robe on and started dinner, about an hour before he was due home, I went to put on my “costume.” Remembering when I applied my make up that I was going for a youthful and innocent look! Then I took out a cheerleading photo from when I was in high school and compared the look, while I still looked older, I had pulled off the make up quite well! I knew when he came in he’d head straight for the shower, so my costume would go unnoticed until he came to the kitchen for dinner.

I slid my robe on just incase! I went about getting the table ready when I heard him come in and go into the bathroom. Boy, he would be surprised!! When I bought the skirt, I took the hem up a bit, etiler escort so when I bent over to get something he would have a clear view of what he wanted to see.

Smiling to myself as he came into the kitchen, I kissed him and told him to sit down for dinner. When he sat down, I went to the stove and proceeded to get the ziti out of the oven. I made sure to bend over far enough for him to notice the panties, and then stood quickly, teasing him a bit. I sat down across from him, not closing my legs, letting them fall open so if he dropped anything under the table he’d be sure to get a nice view! He ate quickly dropping his napkin frequently, then wiping his face and he asked me what I was wearing.

“Something I picked up when I was shopping today,” I told him, then I followed with, “do you like it??”

He smiled and shook his head at me, “You know I do,” he said. Then he stood up and grabbed my hand, leading me to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed and told me to stand in front of him. I did as told; he reached out and began to unbutton my shirt slowly.

“You are so bad,” he whispered as he saw what was under the shirt. He reached his hand out to pinch my nipples; I closed my eyes to his touch. “But you like it so much,” I whispered to him as he touched me.

“Oh yes I do” he said as he brought my erect nipples to his mouth. Slowly and playfully biting at them, before sucking them so firmly. My eyes closed as I moaned loudly. I slowly spread my legs and slid my hand down my body… gripping his hand and leading it lower, halkalı escort to push the skirt up. I lead his fingers to lightly touch the lace of the panties. I left his fingers there, so he could do as he wished with them. He slowly stroked the outside of my panties, while teasing my breasts with his tongue and teeth. Then he started to kiss his way down my body. He slid the skirt up and kissed my inner thighs slowly, stroking my thighs and ass as he did it. Before I knew it his lips were kissing the lace and he was breathing hot against me.

I wanted to cry out and beg him to stop teasing me, but I held it in. Slowly I moved my body closer to him, and his teasing mouth. My hand reached down and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang free and I slowly stroked it. As my hands began to tease him, he used his to tease me, his fingers sliding in and out of me slow then faster. I pulled away and got on my knees in front of him. I took his cock into my mouth and teased is slowly, my tongue sliding around the shaft and leaving it wet and hot. Then I took it all in, sucking fast and hard. “Mmm.” I moaned into his cock gently, as I began to suck it faster and harder.

He placed his hands on my head and began to show me how fast to move up and down his cock. Enjoying this I began to finger myself, as I got wetter I brought the fingers to his mouth for him to taste. He took my fingers into his mouth sucking hard then softer; this made me suck his cock harder. He reached down and pulled me into a standing position again, innovia escort then stood himself and pushed me to the bed. Quickly shoving my skirt up and bringing my knees up, so I was in a doggy style position on the bed. He then lay down next to me and told me to straddle his face. Once again I did as told. I took his cock in again, sucking it hard as he ate my pussy. Before long we were fucking each other’s faces fast, moaning into each other.

All of a sudden he pulled my hair to get my mouth off his throbbing cock and pushed me down his body. I slid down his cock slowly, squeezing each inch with my pussy, making it tight for him. Then I lie on top of him and let him fuck me, while my hands slowly stroked my clit and his cock. Soon I climbed off his cock and teased it again with my mouth before lying down on the bed, he slid his cock into me, then took my legs and placed them on his shoulders. Fucking me fast and hard, I came on him, making his balls drip with my juice. ” I want you to lick your cum off of me,” he said to me as he felt me cumming on him. Looking into his eyes I agreed to do this for him.

I got onto my hands and knees and began to suck hard and jerk the shaft, telling him that I wanted to taste his hot cum in my throat. He placed his hands on my head and began to fuck my face faster, I moaned into him. “God you’re a hot little cocksucker,” he said to me as I moaned into him. He reached and smacked my ass as he fucked my face, I could taste the precum on his cock, so I began to suck harder.

“Yes my little cocksucking bitch, suck me dry,” he moaned as I sucked him. I sucked harder and harder until he came in my mouth. Then I sat up and placed his hand on my throat and swallowed it all.

“Mmmm,” I said to him as I drank his cum.

“Good bitch,” he said as he leaned in and kissed me. We lie back on the bed and fell asleep there, holding each other. Tonight I made yet another of his fantasies come true!

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