Stacy And Her Best Friend

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Here it is, another afternoon stuck at home, but today will be different. Your best friend, a guy friend, is coming over to see you today. You’re not sure why, but you definitely feel better when he comes over to see. The two of you can discuss anything from politics to sexual positions you’ve done in the past, that’s how close you two are.

He is due here soon so you figure you have time to jump in the shower before he gets here. As usual, in case he arrives while you’re in the shower, you leave the door unlocked. You lather yourself up, thinking about all the possibilities, both in the past and the present. What would it be like, Why didn’t we ever……….. Anyway, you pop out of your trance and finish up before he gets there.

As you exit the shower, you listen to see if he is there, but no sound is present out in the room. Feeling a little disappointed, you lotion up your body, stopping briefly at certain erogenous areas. You wrap yourself in your warm towel, and head into the bedroom to get your clothes on.

As you round the corner, something seems different, like a heightened awareness that you just can’t put your finger on. Once in your bedroom, you suddenly get the feeling that you are being watched. As you turn around, there he is, your best friend with a smile on his face. You feel a little vulnerable since you are just in a towel, and not a long one at that, but also highly excited. He doesn’t say a word as he moves towards altyazılı seks you. He grabs you by your neck and starts to give you a long passionate kiss. Not the friends type, but that of two people in extreme sexual excitement. You feel his tongue probing the inside of your mouth while you reciprocate the feeling. What is this you think to yourself. Why am I so turned on now? How is he able to just know what I need and when I need it?

The kissing is passionate and intense. Almost like your very soul is connected through your tongues. You feel yourself getting extremely turned on and what is this, horny? Horny while making out with your best friend?

As he breaks from your lips, he says “today is your turn to cum!”

He pulls your towel off your body, admiring what he sees.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm just as I imagined after all these years,” he hoarsely whispers.

He thrusts you forcefully down on the bed with him laying his body on top of yours. You start making out again like you were two horny teenagers just home from school before your parents come home. You feel his mouth, his hands, his tongue roaming all over your body. His hands seem to know just where to rub your chest and his mouth knows just the spot you like to be liked on your tits.

Your breathing is heavy as he moves his mouth and tongue down your body. And down, and down, and, oh my god, down to your pussy!

All he says to anal porno you is “your time to enjoy as I want to taste and pleasure you.”

The next thing you know, his tongue is inside you. Not terribly deep, but certainly inside of you. You can’t believe it again! My friend is going to eat me out. He is going to make me cum, and I am loving it!

His tongue probes inside of you while he takes time to nibble at your clit.

“Ohhhh, that feels good, don’t stop” you say to him breathlessly.

Your whole body is so turned on. You haven’t been this turned on in awhile and you have almost forgotten how intense it can be. Your hand grabs his head and hair, helping you to believe it is real and exactly what you have fantasized about before. Your heart rate has certainly gone through the roof but you don’t care. Every nerve in your body is excited, so turned on by the pleasure you are feeling. His fingers are now moving inside of you. Your getting your clit played with and now he might even hit your g-spot!

“Uhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh” is all you can moan out.

You look down so that you can get a visual of your friend pleasuring you as you have imagined before. You see how intense it is, how he looks like he is enjoying eating you out. As his tongue is liking you and his fingers are moving in and out, in and out, you see him look up at you. You see him smile and he pulls away from you for a moment.

“Oh god, anime porno don’t stop doing that” you exclaim!

“Don’t you worry” he says. “I am going to make you cum. I want you to cum on my tongue” he says. “I want to see you when you cum. I want to see what that beautiful face looks like when you achieve an orgasm!”

Faster and faster he is licking you clit. His fingers, yes many fingers, are pumping in and out, in and out of your pussy. He is hitting your g-spot! His tongue is gonna make you cum……..

Your head is thrashing back and forth on the pillow. You have to grab it and stick it in your mouth to keep from making everyone in the neighborhood hear you scream with pleasure!

“No” he says. ‘I need to see you come” as he pulls the pillow away.

You grab his other hand and start sucking on his finger to help muffle the cry. You can’t believe it, your pussy is on fire, on fire like it hasn’t been in awhile.

Faster, harder, deeper he goes. You feel an intense pleasure starting over you body. Your body is tingling everywhere. Your gonna cum, you’re gonna cum, you’re gonna cum…………..

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………” you scream as you cum!

You are trying to catch your breath when you look down at your best friend. Your best friend that has just had his tongue inside of your pussy. Your friend who has just made you come. You still can’t believe how good it was, how orgasmic this entire experience was. He is looking up at you.

“You looked beautiful when you came” he says. “Today was your turn to experience pleasure and by the looks of it, I believe you did”

“You have no idea” you say, “no idea!”

To be continued……………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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