Steamy in the Steam Room

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I always go to the gym early in the morning before work. Some days I am completely alone, but this morning I noticed two women on the treadmills when I did my 30 minutes. I cut my workout short so that I could spend a few minutes in the steam room before I had to leave for work. It’s very relaxing, and its helps get me in the mood to deal with my annoying customers.

As I headed for the steam room, I took a closer look at the two women. The first one caught my eye because she had huge breasts – had to be more than a DD, and their motion as she worked out on the stair-stepper was, well, mesmerizing. She had light skin, reddish hair cut above her shoulders, and despite the size of her chest, she was only about 5-4.

A few feet away from her was a slightly taller woman with tanned skin and long black hair. She had a much smaller chest and was working hard, jogging on a treadmill. I would guess she was in her mid-30s, and probably 10 years older than the first woman. Both had very toned legs and nice round asses. It was almost sad to leave such a fine view.

I went to the locker room and got out of my clothes, wrapped a towel around me and headed into the steam room. I poured some water on to get the steam going and took a seat on the third tier, in the corner opposite the glass door. I leaned my head back and relaxed, starting to get drowsy in the warm, moist air.

A few minutes later, the door opened and the large-breasted woman came in. She looked up at me and smiled, poured a little more water on the rocks and took a seat on the bottom tier in front of me, also facing the door. From where I was sitting I had an excellent view of her ample, towel-wrapped cleavage. This was a good day.

Not another full minute had passed before the dark-haired woman entered. I had not seen her face when she was on the treadmill, gebze escort and now I saw that she had piercing, bright blue eyes. She also smiled at me, up in the corner, before pouring a large dipper of water on, and taking a seat on the bottom tier.

She was carrying a small bottle of oil, which she began rubbing onto her arms. I noticed that the woman seated below me was watching her. The dark-haired woman seemed very aware that we were watching her, but didn’t seem to mind. She had a deep tan, and from the shape of her arms and calves I could tell she was faithful to her workouts. Watching her rub oil onto her arms, shoulders and legs gave me a warm feeling in my balls, and I was really hoping that I wouldn’t get a full erection here wearing just a towel.

After a moment, she had finished everything that was not covered by her towel, but she didn’t stop there. She looked directly at the other woman, fixing her with an unmistakable stare, and stood up, shedding her towel. She took two confident steps and stood in front of us, looking directly at the woman below me. She did not say a word.

She squeezed out some more oil and rubbed it onto her breasts and stomach, and it dripped down onto her thighs. She had small, brown nipples that were cone-shaped and rock-hard. From where I was sitting it appeared that her pubic area was shaved completely bare.

When she had finished with her front, she turned around and bent at the waist, giving the red-haired woman a great view of her ass and pussy, and rubbed more oil onto her legs and calves, and into her round ass.

Though I could not see her face, I think the other woman was as shocked as I was, but, like me, she could not stop looking at the erotic show. The show was about to get much better, though.

When she had göztepe escort finished, she again looked the other woman straight in the face with those piercing blue eyes, and took a step toward her, holding the oil out in front of her like an invitation.

I didn’t dare move, or barely even breathe. Soon there were two naked women below me, and the tanned one was rubbing oil into the other one’s large breasts. They didn’t seem to care about me watching, which was good because I had full throbbing erection by now.

The red-haired woman seemed reluctant at first, but her inhibitions seemed to melt away when the raven-haired one ducked down and began sucking on her nipples. I heard a low moan from one of them.

She moved down her body kissing her neck and then down to her breasts. She began to suck on her nipples, teasing them with her tongue flicking them back and forth. Her hand slowly moved down her body sliding it between her thighs as she parted her legs a little so she could have better access to her closely trimmed pussy.

In a moment the star of the show had inserted first one, then a second finger into the red-haired woman’s pussy and was slowly finger-fucking her while she continued to suck and nibble on her nipples. Their moans seemed loud in the small, damp steam room. This went on for several minutes before the dark-haired woman whispered something in the other’s ear, while looking straight at me. I know she could see my erection, but I didn’t care – this was her show.

They both rose to leave, and looked toward me over their shoulder as they left the steam room as if inviting me to follow. No one spoke. They were both stark naked and holding hands as they headed across the hall toward the pool area.

I was compelled to follow them of course. They halkalı escort were both very pretty women, and watching them touch each other had really turned me on. There was a stark and beautiful contrast between the slender, tan, dark-haired woman and her busty, pale-skinned partner that burned itself into my mind. I re-wrapped my towel to at least try to cover my erection (with little success), and followed them.

I came through the door into the pool area and saw that they had made their way to the small public showerhead between the men’s and women’s locker room on the opposite side of the pool from where I now stood. The large breasted one was facing me, with the water running down her shoulders and breasts, which I could now see had nice small erect pink nipples.

The other woman was on her knees with her face buried in the redhead’s pussy. From the moans echoing across the quiet pool area, I could tell she was giving her clit a good tongue-lashing.

I could not much stand this scene any more, but I didn’t dare approach them and interrupt uninvited. I reached down and fondled my hard cock with my right hand, and my towel dropped away, leaving me as naked as the other two.

I started stroking my eight inches slowly, watching them and keeping time with her moans until I began to feel my climax building. Her cries became louder and more urgent until she began to shake and groan.

My own orgasm was here. I closed my eyes and stroked my cock, which was now slick with my own pre-cum, faster and faster until I finally went over the edge, groaning and releasing spurt after spurt of hot cum from my aching balls. It landed wetly on the cement in front of me.

My knees weak, I opened my eyes and saw both women now watching me appreciatively. I smiled weakly at them, and they giggled and went into the women’s locker room together.

I wrapped once again in my towel and went into the men’s locker room and dressed quickly. I was probably going to be late for work, but I didn’t really care. On my way out, I stopped at the desk and renewed my membership for a year. I can’t wait to go back in the morning for another workout!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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