Stein’s Girl Ch. 03

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Stein’s Girl: 3 – Kat’s Bed

Kathleen was a talker.

As soon as they were in her car she had started, “Shit. I can’t believe I just got fired. I can’t believe what I just did! I’m Kathleen, my friends call me Kat. What’s your name? Angelique. That’s a pretty name. I had a roommate in college called Angelica.” They had been in her car already ten minutes and she still hadn’t stopped. Her whole body quivered with nervous energy and it all rushed out of her in a verbal train of free association.

Angelique did not mind the chatter. It somehow soothed her. The physical demands of desire had been sated with an orgasm, allowing her enough freedom of thought for introspection. She remembered what Dr. Stein had told her after she had awaken, a mere couple of hours earlier. He had said that she would need sex about once an hour in order to control herself. She understood what he meant now. When her body began demanding sex she couldn’t focus on anything else, all other needs or desires became secondary, even forgotten.

“I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to Carl. You’ll like Carl. He’s a detective. Police detective, not private investigator. He’s cute and sweet. He claims he’s psychic too. We share a house. That’s where I’m taking you now. It’s really his house, but we are planning on getting married in August.”

Though she talked so seemingly cheerful, Kat was inwardly filled with a seething cauldron of emotions. That she had so wantonly eaten out this wonderful creature’s pussy was something of a shock to her. That she wanted to do it again was a certainty. That it had ended up getting her fired was horrible. What Carl, whom she still loved and wanted to marry, would say was a mystery. As she talked, the only thing Kat did not mention was what the two women had done together just a quarter of an hour earlier.

“Carl won’t be home for at least another hour, more if he gets busy on something important, and I thought maybe tonight I would fix him something special. He likes fish. Do you cook?”

An almost imperceptible shake of Angelique’s head was the only answer Kat received. Unperturbed, the petite, dark haired woman continued to talk but Angelique only partially paid attention. She was wondering at her answer. Did she cook? She didn’t know. It made her feel confused and upset, much as she had been when she realized that she didn’t even know her own bra size, though she felt as if she should. Perhaps if she kept herself from getting too horny again, she would remain clear headed long enough to remember what it was that she couldn’t remember she had forgotten.

Angelique looked thoughtfully at Kat as she talked. She understood dimly that she had, through being who she was, somehow ruined some part of the woman’s life. And yet she would do it again, she knew, and feel little remorse as she did it. Angelique decided, then and there, with a cold calculation to seduce Kat again. There was very little of attraction or desire in that decision. Kat was the person at hand and finding another before desire began might create further difficulties.

“We’re almost there. Do you like that dress? I think you look quite good in red. At least that rat bastard let us pay for your clothes before he kicked us out.”

Angelique had to agree about the dress. She did look good in it. It was a low cut, tight red dress with spaghetti straps. The black bra that she had also bought peeked over the top of the dress seductively. Several men had quite openly stared at her as they had left the store. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to buy either shoes or underwear. The store manager had been threatening to call the police and she hadn’t wanted a bigger scene. Amusingly enough, at least to Angelique, the female clerk had been very nice.

Kat pulled the car into a long driveway leading diyarbakır escort to a double garage. The house was a red brick ranch with neatly trimmed grass and well manicured hedge bushes.

“This is it. I never park in the garage, except in bad weather. We let the cats roam around in there and I always worry about running over them.”

Kat and Angelique both stepped out of the car and almost simultaneously they stretched. The car ride had lasted twenty minutes.

“Come on in. You’ll like it inside.”

Angelique followed quietly and waited patiently as Kat fumbled for the right key.

“We always lock the door. Give me a moment. Here we are. After you. Ladies first.”

Kat held the door opened and Angelique stepped through. The short entrance hall was floored with a rose pattern linoleum that contrasted nicely with the red and gold wallpaper. An arched doorway on the right led into a red carpeted living room and straight across from the front door was another arched doorway leading into a white tiled kitchen.

Kat closed the door, kicked off her shoes towards a corner and threw her purse atop them. “I’m glad to be out of those things. My feet are killing me. Can you tell, Red is my favorite color. Carl let me decorate the house myself last year. I wasn’t living here then but we were already engaged…”

Angelique stepped towards the shorter woman and bending her head down, she silenced her with a kiss. Kat was caught off guard and protested for a moment and then, almost without thought, she returned the kiss with some passion. The desire that had been so strong in the store had almost disappeared while in the car. But now they threatened to return in full force. Kat, who at one point had found herself wondering why she had confessed love for this almost complete stranger now felt her emotions once more beginning to grow.

Angelique, taking control of the situation, tightly embraced Kat with both arms and worked her tongue along the inside of the other woman’s mouth. The feel of that tongue was arousing to kat and she returned the embrace fully. Then, pulling back just a bit Kat managed, “The bedroom is this way.”

The theme in the bedroom also seemed to be red. The walls were white, as was the carpet, but the bed covers, sheets and blankets alike, were all red and the dominant color in the paintings on the walls was red.

Angelique scarcely noticed the decor as she began to undress Kat. The blouse was the first to go, then the skirt and then Kat found herself standing in only her white cotton panties and lacy white bra. They kissed again passionately and then Angelique was sliding off her dress, revealing her smooth pussy and black bra. Once more they kissed and as each tongue worked on the other woman’s tongue, they also worked their fingers on the bra clasps. The bra’s were pulled off and Kat slid her panties to the floor. Each woman was completely naked as they continued their kiss.

Hesitantly Kat let her hands roam across the other’s back, feeling the smooth skin, so silky and cool to the touch. Again, as she had the first time, she found that she enjoyed the Angelique’s smell. It made her think of all the great moments in her sex life, with both Justin and Carl and now with this incredible woman. She squeezed Angelique’s rear with her left hand and reached around with her right and ran a finger along the lips of Angelique’s vagina.

Angelique quivered at the touch and then with a wicked smile she shoved Kat backwards and onto the red covers of the bed. Kat breathed hard at the sudden push and then she laughed. Angelique took a moment to look at Kat’s naked body for the first time, though it was more out of a natural curiosity than anything else. The small woman had a very thin body, small breasts that almost completely disappeared when she was on her back, and a small neatly trimmed bush of vaginal hair. Her vaginal lips were dark and very obviously wet

“Do you like what you see?” Kat’s dark black hair lay around her head like some inverted halo and she twisted seductively before spreading her legs, knee’s bent, opening her pussy as she did so. Angelique understood that the other woman was indeed attractive and sexual but she found herself curiously unmoved. Her desire, she realized was for sexual satisfaction, not attraction. Kat, who was still surprising herself at her wanton attitude towards Angelique mistook the other’s stare for interest and she slid a finger along the edge of her wet pussy.

Angelique watched Kat a moment longer and then she kneeled next to the bed and licked Kat’s pussy. Kat groaned from the feeling and opened her legs wider. Though her breasts were small, the nipples had always been sensitive and as Angelique ate her pussy, she played with her own tits. Angelique licked slowly, reaching up with her right hand to squeeze Kat’s nipples while running the fingers of her left hand under her tongue. Kat was very wet and it was not long before the fingers of Angelique’s left hand were coated with vaginal fluids and saliva.

Kat breathed hard as she felt a climax slowly building in her groin. She began to rock her hips, moving her cunt against Angelique’s face. It all felt so good. And then Angelique slid her fingers into Kat and Kat gasped and arched her back. Angelique was not just inserting a finger into Kat’s pussy, she had also inserted one into Kat’s wet ass. As Angelique licked Kat’s clit, she moved her fingers back and forth, slowly at first and then faster, squeezing them together as she did. She could feel her fingers almost touching, only a thin bit of flesh separating them. It was an interesting sensation. For Kat it was an unbelievable sensation. Kat gasped and moaned and rocked her hips. Instinctively Angelique stopped her fingers and pressed her tongue hard against the top of Kat’s cunt.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” With a scream Kat orgasmed, her whole body tensing.

Angelique stood, pulling her fingers out of Kat. She lay down besides Kat and grabbing her head she kissed her fully on the mouth. Kat, who hated the taste of her own pussy, resisted at first but then as Angelique’s saliva mixed with her own, she gave in and kissed back hard.

Angelique broke off the kiss and scooted up, laying her head down on one of the red pillows at the head of the bed.

“Eat my Pussy,” Angelique ordered Kat and she spread her legs.

Kat hesitated only a moment and then her body remembered the wonderful taste of that glorious cunt and she lowered her head eagerly between Angelique’s legs. As she did so, she moved her hand down to her own wet vagina and eagerly rubbed herself.

“Oh, yes,” purred Angelique and she settled herself back to enjoy her pleasuring.


After the sex, Kathleen, exhausted from multiple orgasms, slept for about twenty minutes. Then, realizing the time, she hurriedly dressed, washed her face and then began preparing supper. While Kat had slept, Angelique had explored the house and when Kat awoke, she found the other woman watching Television in the Living Room.

“Carl will be home soon,” Kat informed Angelique, “You’ll like Carl. And if you…” Kat hesitated embarrassed about the dreams she had been having while she had slept. She had to have more of this woman’s pussy and she didn’t want to lose Carl in the process. “If you want I can eat your pussy again while Carl fucks me. I’ll let him fuck you too if you want.”

Angelique looked for a moment at Kat, bemused by the effect she had on the other’s thought processes. “I would like that,” said Angelique at last.

“Good, good,” gushed Kat, “I have to have you again. I want you right now but I have to make supper or Carl will be upset. Then we can tell him the good news.”


Carl Winston, little knowing the surprise that awaited him at home, was, in fact, eager to get home. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to a hot bath, a good meal and a cozy snuggle with his fiancee in front of the TV. The last call, a traffic accident involving a middle aged woman, had left him unsettled and he wanted to get his mind off of it. The coroner was likely to rule it a drunk driving, but a corner of Carl’s mind, that corner that was never wrong, told him that there was much more to the accident than a mere intoxicated woman. The husband, poor man, had told him that his Missy never drank, never touched the stuff and had refused to believe that his wife could be so drunk as to smash headfirst into brick wall at sixty miles per hour.

In the morning, Carl would have to investigate the whole incident a little deeper. He knew that his superiors would tell him he was wasting his time, but Carl had an almost perfect track record of being right. Carl always told them that it was because he was psychic, but they just laughed.

Carl pulled his car into the driveway next to Kat’s and got out. Night was not far away but there was still enough light for him to enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. He could hear children playing nearby and across the street the neighbor’s cat was sniffing around the porch.

Carl thought about removing his jacket but he remembered that some of the neighborhood wives had complained about the gun he carried in his shoulder holster and decided to wait until he was inside. With a yawn he walked along the path to the front door, wondering briefly whether to watch the news or see what movies were on.

“I’m home honey,” shouted Carl as he pulled off his jacket and hung it on a hook. He was just starting to pull off his holster when Kat’s voice sounded from the living room.

“Glad you’re home. I got a surprise for you.”

“A surprise? What is it?” And then Kat appeared in the doorway to the living room, all nervous smiles.

Carl barely noticed his fiancee. Instead he looked at the woman standing next to her. That part of his brain that was never wrong suddenly flared to life, screaming at him.

“This is Ang…” But Kat didn’t get to finish what she was about to say because her fiancee, the man that she loved was suddenly drawing his gun. “Honey what are you doing?”

“Get away from it!” Carl was screaming in horror and panic. “Get away Kat!”

“What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?” Kat was screaming in return. “Put that down!” Kat spread her hands and stood in front of Angelique.

“Get out! Get it out of my house or I will shoot!”

Kat stared at Carl’s horror-stricken face for a moment and then, grabbing Angelique’s arm, she dragged the other woman towards the door, stopping only long enough to grab her purse and shoes.

Carl was still yelling and waving his gun as the two women hurriedly left the house. Only after they stepped out of the door did he stop. Slamming the door shut, he leaned back against the wall, his heart pounding loudly in his ears. Realizing suddenly what he had done, he thought of Kat, her bewildered look and of the fact that he had pointed his gun at her. He wanted to go after her but he remembered what had stood next to her and couldn’t bring himself to do it. With a sob he covered his face with one hand.

Outside, Kat stood enraged next to her car. Angelique had already gotten in. Kat had no idea what had happened but as the fear of being shot began to dissipate, it was replaced by raw anger. So much had happened to her. She had lost her job and now her beloved had chased her out of her home with a gun.

“Mother-fucking bastard,” said Kat and then she got in the car, slammed the door shut and spun backwards out of the driveway.

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