Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 3

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Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 3

Frank and Janis have been married for years and have enjoyed kinky sex involving BD/SM to the point that their relationship has evolved into a Master/slave life style. Both are very happy with their life style and with the three daughters forming a happy family life aside from their kink.

Daughters Sandra now twenty and very beautiful with her mother’s looks. She is like a younger version of Janis. Diann now eighteen and a mirror image of her mom and older sister and then there is Angela now sixteen having beauty to equal her mom’s and sister’s. She is a slight bit heavier than the other three with bigger breast and hips.

The three girls have grown to love Frank as their father since he always loved and cared for them as he did with his own two daughters. He loves them very deeply and has always strives to provide for and protect them doing anything possible to make their lives happier. As with his own two daughters he would die for any of them. They know that he has no favorite daughter and feel that they each are loved equally.

Sandra’s bedroom is directly across the hall from her parent’s bedroom. Being so near she lay in bed many nights hearing her mother moaning, groaning and even muffled screams of pleasure as Frank made love to her. At first she had no idea that their love making was of a kinky nature.

Diann and Angela shared a room down the hall from Sandra’s. They knew that Sandra would be moving out after college and Diann would have her room. Diann had at times heard some noises coming from her mom’s room at night but thought nothing of it at first. One evening while Frank and Janis was out for the evening. Diann ask Sandra. What are those noises coming from mom’s room at night? Is Frank hurting mom like dad did?

Sandra replied. Frank would never hurt mom or any of us silly girl. The noises you hear are sounds of pleasure while Frank is making love to mom. I have heard it almost every night since we became a family and moved into this home.

Diann looked puzzled. Are you serious? Mom is making those noises from pleasure that Frank is giving her? I thought it was from pain. Wow! I wish someone would give me that much pleasure. Frank must be a fantastic lover.

Sandra giggled. Why do you think mom is always so happy and smiling. I wonder if Frank would share some of that fun with us if we ask nicely?

They both laughed and Diann said. He would never do that because that would be cheating on mom and I don’t think he would ever do anything to make her unhappy. As they talked they walked toward their mom’s bedroom curious what they would find. As they sat on the edge of the bed Sandra opened the bedside chest drawer. She gasp and looked at Diann.

What? Diann ask. Sandra replied as she lifted rope, ball gag, and blindfold from the drawer. I think mom is into bondage sex. No wonder her screams are muffled. Apparently our sweet loving parents like to play kinky. They giggled together. Wonder if mom likes it or just does it to please Frank?

Diann replied. She must enjoy it or she would not be so damn happy and smiling all the time. Remember when our real dad abused her? She hardly ever smiled and was unhappy all the time until she left him.

Very good point said Sandra. Wonder how Frank ties her up? Diann noticed Sandra rubbing her legs together. Sandra are you getting wet thinking about that? Sandra blushed realizing there is moisture between her thighs. I guess I am she smiled. Me too Diann smiled. Let’s get out here before we get caught snooping. Both girls were laughing as they left the room running into Angela.

What are you two laughing about? We will tell you later Sandra said. They were in the den watching a movie when Frank and Janis came home. Sandra and Diann could not suppress a giggle as they greeted their parents. After talking to the girls for a little while. Janis smiled at Frank. I’m going to bed. Are you coming? Sure. I will tuck you in and smacked her on the butt. She yelped. Meany ! She smiled and headed for the bedroom with Frank behind her.

Sandra smiled at Diann. I know somebody that is horny. They waited about ten minutes and stood up heading for the hall. Angela ask. Where are you two going? Diann told her to be quite and follow them. She followed to Sandra’s room leaving the door open. Shortly they heard Janis tell Frank. Oh, Master please fuck me hard. You are driving me out of my mind. Then nothing but muffled speech, moans and screams.

Sandra turned to her sisters and put her fist to her mouth indicating Frank had gagged Janis. Angela had a puzzled look asking what is happening. Sandra giggled. Frank has mom tied up and is fucking her brains out. Angela ask. Why has he tied her up to make love to her. Because it apparently turns them both on. It is a game they play like foreplay to actual sex.

After about an hour all went quite in mom’s room and the girls went to bed. All three feeling very horny from eves dropping on their parent’s love making. They met in Sandra’s room almost every night to listen to Frank and Janis enjoying kinky sex. At times they heard what sounded like Frank spanking their mom and her moaning or grunting with every smack. Then the sounds of their mom in the throes of enormous orgasms.

The more the girls eves dropped on their parents the bigger the desire to experience the pleasure that mom was getting from the man they all loved so much.

The girls knew that Frank would never agree to showing them the pleasure they so desperately wanted without Janis agreeing to it first. After talking about it for a few days and masturbating to the image of Frank using them as he did their mom. They decided to approach Janis about the possibility of her sharing her man with them even if it were a one time experience.

The day came when Frank was out of town on business. The girls walked into the kitchen where Janis was preparing lunch. Sandra being the oldest spoke first. Mom can we talk to you about something we need. Janis turned to find all three girls standing at the table looking very serious. What is wrong girls?

Nothing that can’t be fixed if you are willing. Janis sat at the table waiting for Sandra to continue. As the three girls sat at the table. Mom, we have been hearing you and Frank at night having your fun. Janis blushed. I am sorry girls I can’t help it but will try my best to be quieter or refrain from doing anything while you girls are home.

The three girls chuckled at the same time. Mom, that is not what we want. Sandra stated. Janis ask. Then what is it you do want girls? We want to feel what you feel from Daddy Frank. We want you to get him to do to us what he does to you to make you so happy.

Janis with a concerned look. Are you saying that you want Frank to have sex with each of you? Yes, Mom, we want Daddy Frank to make love to each of us at least once so we will know what the pleasure is that you enjoy so much almost every night. We know it has been happening for many years as we have grown up and it has got to the point we need to experience the pleasure at least once. We want you to get Frank to make love to us with your approval. We know he would never cheat on you and would only do it if you ask him to. We know you love us very much and ask you to do this for us. Please.

You girls do not really understand what you are asking for. Frank and I have a very special kind of relationship that only a few people enjoy. I only realized it after I met Frank and he showed me the pleasure to be had.

We know Mom. We found the bondage stuff in your room. We know you let him tie, gag and blindfold you during sex and we also know you like it a lot from the sounds you make when he is having sex with you.

Janis smiled and giggled. You girls don’t know the half of it. I will talk to Frank and see if he is willing. One thing worries me though. You say a one time thing. Well girls I warn if you are anything like me, which I think you are, one time with Frank will never be enough. What ever happens will never effect me but Frank has the say in all matters of this family.

The next morning, Saturday, Frank awaken all the girls telling them. Family meeting in the dining room in 20 minutes. As the girls put on robes over their panties and bras Janis put breakfast on the table. When all was present at the table. Your Mom tells me that you three have been eves dropping late nights and now have an unusual request to ask me. Have any one of you seen what happens in our bedroom or have you just heard things that make you imagine our activities.

Sandra replied. Daddy Frank, we have not seen anything just heard but we have seen how happy Mom is all the time. We just want to enjoy the same pleasures she does that makes her so happy and content.

First off girls it is not just the sex that makes your mom so happy even though we do have a terrific sex life because we love each other so much. Daddy Frank, I can’t speak for Diann and Angela but I am twenty years old and do not have a boyfriend simply because I can’t find a boy that can compare to the man I love so much as my Father. I think I will go mad if you refuse to let me experience your skill as a lover. I dream of moaning and screaming with ecstasy forced on me by you.

I will agree to do this for you with some rules and conditions. First I will take Sandra first as she is the oldest and then Diann if you still want it after Sandra explains what is done to her. Sorry little angel at age sixteen you are two years too young. I cannot use you sexually. When you turn eighteen and if you still have the desire I will be happy to help you.

Sandra and Diann excited and giddy ask when can it happen. When it does not interfere with my time with your Mom. I will call you or come to you when the time is right. Be patient my sweet girls. Looking at Angela with tears in her eyes. Angel come sit on my lap. You other two girls can leave us alone. Janis stood to leave the room with the two older sisters. No Janis you stay. She smiled and moved to the chair next to Frank.

Holding Angela on his lap he wiped tears from her cheeks. My little angel you will understand in time why I can’t do anything with you until you are of age. But Daddy Frank I will not tell anyone. Angel, I am not worried about that. I know you would never do anything to hurt me as I would never do anything to harm you. That is why I could not in good conscience do something that may or may not effect you in a negative way. When you have had time to think about what you want from me and at the age to make a rational decision then we can approach it again.

But Daddy Frank I am a lot more mature than most girls my age and I know what I need more than what I want. Frank looked at her with all his love and wanted to say he would just to make her happy but told her. I will think about it and talk it over with your Mom and let you know in a few days. Who knows after I am with Sandra you and Diann both may change your mind.

Almost a week had passed when Janis ask Frank for permission to visit her mother for the weekend so he could spend time with Sandra. Telling him Sandra keeps asking me when it will be time for you to take her. She is so horny and excited she can’t concentrate on anything else including her studies. Master I suggest that you do her as you did me the first weekend we were together. Make her cum until she begs for “Mercy”.

Do you think that is a good idea? You are the Master of this family so it is your decision. Janis replied. Thanks a lot. You’re a lot of help. What if she takes to it like you did. Janis smiled. I guess you will end up with two slaves to take care of. Think you could handle that she ask laughing.

Oh? well my little smart ass slave do you think I can handle taking care of two slaves and keeping them happy. Master, I think you can handle all four of us if you set your mind to it. Frank ask. How would you feel about that if it were to happen. Janis smiled, I know I will always be your first and primary slave so it would just make me happy to see my girls as happy as I have been and will always be with you. Serving you has been and will forever be my life and pleasure. I do know if my girls are affected with what you have to offer like I am we will be one happy family of slaves with only one Master to serve and please with our hearts, bodies and souls.

A great joy and since of pride swelled in Frank’s chest and he said. You should visit your mother this weekend. You can go tomorrow morning and be back here Monday two days from now. Janis said thank you Master I hope Sandra is as happy when I get home as I was after Beylikdüzü Escort our first weekend together. Janis take Diann and Angela with you and tell Sandra she is to be naked, kneeling, knees spread, hands behind her back when you leave.

Yes, Master. I will help her be prepared for you when we leave in the morning at nine o’clock.

Later that day Janis went to Sandra’s room. Sandra, Your time has come with Frank. You will be alone with him Saturday and Sunday. Sandra suppressed an excited scream. Really? Is he really going to use me the whole weekend.

Yes but I have to get you prepared for him. Tonight you will clean your self outside and inside and shave your pussy smooth and clean as the day you were born. Yes mom I will. Sandra stand at the foot of your bed facing away from the bed. Sandra looked at her blankly and moved to the bed as she was told. Now drop to your knees, spread your legs, put your hands behind your back and keep your eyes to the floor.

Sandra assumed the position her mom described to her asking what is this for? Janis replied. You will assume this position at the foot of Daddy Franks bed in our room When your sisters and I leave at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. The only difference will be that tomorrow morning you will be naked waiting for him and will not move from your position until he tells you to. From that moment until the end of the weekend you will be under a real man’s control. He will force you to orgasm until you beg for “Mercy” which is your safe word. Use it to communicate with Frank. You can moan, grunt, scream and even cry but he will not stop doing what he wants to you until you use the word “Mercy” to ask him to stop.

If at any time you want to stop him using you for both your pleasures use the safe word and tell him you no longer want him to use you. I hope you do not have class Monday. Because if he does you like he did me the first weekend I spent under his control you will need Monday to rest and recover. You will be happy, more satisfied than you have ever been and sore from all his attention. He will not do anything to injure you or hurt you any more than you can handle. He will show you the joys of mixed pleasure and pain. If you are like I was you will not want it to stop and will want to come back for more again and again.

Mom, what all will he do to me? You make it sound a little scary. I thought it would be all love making pleasure. Janis smiled. Baby just keep an open mind and remember what ever he does to you will be because he loves you and wants you to experience the most exciting sex you will ever have the good fortune to enjoy. That is what you have ask for. I will tell you to expect some light pain with the pleasure. He taught me that some pain increases the intensity of the pleasure. I spent one weekend under his control and knew I would marry this man that had captured my heart as well as all my sex holes if he would only ask me. I kept seeing him as you know hoping every time that he would take me for his life time mate.

Sandra sat on her bed thinking about all her mom had told her and became very nervous, excited, scared and worried. Worried that she would not be able to please Daddy Frank like her mother apparently does. The longer she thought the more she was determined to do all she could possibly do to please the man she loves. She then realized that she did love him more than a daughter’s love for her father. She got very little sleep during the night. She jumped from her bed when the alarm went off at six o’clock.

She spent almost two hours making sure she was clean shaven, doused, three enemas and make up to perfection. She inspected her body in the full length mirror seeing that she like her mother is a picture of beauty and sexual desire.

She lay naked on her bed waiting for the sound of her mom and sisters about to leave for the weekend. Janis opened her door, looked at her beautiful naked daughter lying on the bed before her and felt a surge of pride that she had such a beautiful offspring. Sandra, enjoy you weekend. We will see you Monday. Call if you need me. Thanks, Mom, see you Monday she said with a nervous smile.

Sandra followed her Mom from her room watching her walk away down the hall to leave. Sandra went into her parent’s room and assumed her position at the foot of their bed to wait for the man she so eagerly wanted to show her the pleasures of real sex.

Frank walked his wife and two younger daughters to the car giving all of them a kiss and hug goodbye. When they drove out of sight he went to the kitchen poured a fresh cup of copy and read the paper as he drank his coffee. After about twenty minutes he headed to his bedroom where Sandra had been waiting nervously anticipating the events of her special weekend.

She near jumped out her skin when she heard him say. Are you sure you want to do this with me, Baby girl? Yes sir I am very sure. I need it so bad. Frank stood quietly admiring the beautiful duplicate of his slave/wife. She is naked, on her knees, legs spread opening her tight little pussy like a blooming flower, juices of arousal dripping onto the carpet between her legs, hands behind her back and eyes cast to the floor. As this brought back happy memories of his first weekend with her mother in this exact position offering herself to him his cock quickly got very hard.

What is your safe word, little one? “Mercy” Sir. She replied. Did your mom explain what your safe word is for? Yes, Sir. She said meekly. Are you afraid? A little, Sir. Do you want to call this off. This will be your last chance before I take control of you. She was silent for several seconds. No Sir. I do not want to stop. I need you to teach me the same as you taught Mom.

Taking her chin in his large hand lifting it so that she made eye contact with him. His captivating blue eyes held her soul sending an electric like charge through her body from her nipples to her hot little pussy. He smiled at her and she smiled with a feeling of pure love and lust between them.

He told her. Stand up. The authority in his voice increased the moisture in her cunt as she stood before him looking into his eyes and she felt her love juice trickle down the insides of her thighs. Turn and face the bed. She did as told with her hands behind her. She gasp and moaned when she felt the rope tying her wrist together feeling a funny tingling feeling rushing through her pussy. Wrist tied tight he looped rope around her arms above the elbows forcing them to come closer together. He stopped pulling the rope when she moaned with pain in her shoulders. He finished tying the rope securing her arms in place.

Frank stepped back to watch her reaction and give her a chance to safe word. Want to safe word he ask. No Sir. I am ok. Actually she is better than ok. She needed him to touch her intimately so bad she could feel an orgasm building in her body. She thought. I will cum at the first intimate touch from this man I love so much. I need to cum so bad it hurts. She smiled at the thought of him forcing her to cum until she begs for mercy.

Suddenly she was plunged into total darkness when he put a tight leather blindfold over her eyes. She shivered with excitement getting wetter with anticipation. He wrapped his arms around her cupping and squeezing her tits and nipples making her moan sucking in her breath holding it. Her pussy started leak juices like a water faucet. The pending orgasm was on the edge of exploding when he kissed her neck and said. You will not cum without my permission or I will punish you.

No ! No! I am so close I will not be able to hold it! She yelled. From this point on you will not speak without permission or I will punish you. She almost ask why before quickly clamping her lips closed with a moan of protest. She is straining tensed muscles with the effort of suppressing her orgasm fighting for release. Tears dripped down her cheeks from under the blindfold. From this point on you are my sex slave and since you begged for this you must be my little slut which you will answer to slut until I say different or I will punish you. Her pending orgasm fought harder for release when he call her his little slut. He smiled watching her trying so hard not to cum without permission.

He lifted her. Put your knees on the edge of the bed. She did as told. You will do as I say without question or hesitation or I will punish you, slut. You will address me as “Master” or I will punish you. She jerked and squealed when he moved between her legs spreading them to expose her ass and wet cunt. She moaned with anticipation of his cock slipping in her wet pussy preparing to hold the pending orgasm so close to release.

She clamped down with her cunt muscles when he ran a finger down her pussy inside her outer lips. She moaned and cried feeling the orgasm about to release without her consent. She held it in check until he sucked her clit between his teeth and shoved two finger directly into her G-spot forcing her to release the most colossal orgasm of her young life. She convulsed, screamed and squirted for the first time in her young life. Her body shook uncontrollably as she screamed unable to breath for the duration of the long lasting orgasm in control of her body and mind.

He sat back on his ankles with a smile on his face watching her orgasm uncontrollably. She is still cumming while he ties her ankles to the back of her thighs. Still shaking with the persistent orgasm her knees slipped off the end of the bed leaving her face down with her ass and pussy sticking out as her bent legs did not reach the floor. She finally started to breathing more normal and her body went limp. She forgot the no speak without permission and said. Fucking incredible and let out a long sigh.

She opened her mouth to scream with the pain in her scalp from him yanking her head up by her hair. Her scream is muffled with a large ball gag forced in behind her teeth and buckled behind her head. He leaned down, kissed her on the neck as he said. You had an orgasm without permission. That means punishment, slut. You spoke without permission. More punishment slut. She tried to yell through the gag. I am so sorry, Master. Forgive me. It will never happen again but all he heard was some unintelligible mumbles.

Frank came down hard with a slap to her right ass cheek making her scream at the top of her lungs and raise her upper torso off the bed. He had to push on her ass to prevent her falling to the floor. Don’t move again slut as he slapped her left cheek with a harder blow leaving his hand print on her ass. She thrashed and screamed on the bed trying to beg him to stop hitting her through the ball gag. Did you say safe word, slut? She shook her head indicating no. He smiled and spanked her four more blows turning her ass cheeks dark red. She cried and screamed through the spanking. Realizing he had stopped she relaxed on the bed with pain in her ass cheeks.

He moved in between her legs pushing them wide apart opening her cunt releasing a flow of cunt juice onto the floor. Her pussy twitched forcing more juice on the floor. Frank smiled at the fact that the punishment aroused her and thought. Like mother like daughter. He pushed two fingers in her cunt curling them to work on her G-spot as his mouth moved to her clit sucking it between his teeth and assaulting it with his tongue.

Sandra almost immediately started trying to beg for permission to cum. He worked on her G-spot and clit until he knew she is about to lose control of her orgasm and abruptly pulled away from her telling her. Don’t dare cum, slut. She screamed in frustration and tensed every muscle in her body attempting to stop the volcanic orgasm pushing for release. Please, Master. Let me cum. I need to come so bad. She yelled behind the ball gag preventing any understandable speech.

The next assault on her pussy was Frank ramming his rock hard hot cock balls deep. She screamed and fought to control the pending orgasm torturing her body. He pounded her pushing brutally assaulting her G-spot and clit. She is trying to beg for permission when he feels her about to explode. He slams as deep in her as possible hitting her cervix and held still while his cock pulsed cum into her love canal telling her. Cum for me slut. She screamed behind the gag pushed her ass into his groin while shaking from head to toe with the most intense brain deadening orgasm in her life making her squirt copious amounts of her cum over his cock and balls down his legs and the floor. He lay own her back while his cock pulsed inside her cunt.

She was semi-conscious body shaking when his cock slowly slid from her cunt followed Escort Bayan by a flood of cum pooling on the floor below them. She is still basically out of it when he picks her up sliding her up the bed raising her up onto her knees. She is now on the points of her knees ass and pussy exposed and open for more use. He pushed a vibrating dildo in her pussy bringing her body back to life. She moaned from the pleasure building another orgasm. The hard orgasm raced to be released and she grunted each time he fucked her in and out with the dildo. He said. You can cum for me slut as he pushed a Hitachi vibrating at top speed onto her clit forcing such an intense orgasm that it took her breath as her body convulsed and she squirted over his arms onto the bed covers. Unable to catch her breath she passed out cold. He removed the Hitachi and dildo to let her recover.

Her body continued to shake and spasm with multiple orgasm in her unconscious state. Using their cum from her pussy to lube her ass he pushed the dildo deep in her ass. Turning on the vibrator in her ass he fucked her with it. She came to with pain and pleasure in her ass. She moaned and grunted as he fucked her ass with the dildo. He could tell she was approaching the release of another orgasm and pressed the Hitachi back on her clit ripping a another unbearable orgasm from her body as he told her to cum again for him. She screamed and flopped on the bed like a dying fish with the dildo in her ass and the Hitachi on her clit ripping one orgasm after another from her poor exhausted body.

He pulled the dildo and Hitachi from her convulsing body and waited until she began to come back to normal relaxing on the bed. She fell to her side groaning as he removed the ball gag and untied her legs. Frank left the room to the kitchen. Sandra lay quietly with her whole body aching with a smile on her face. Thinking so fucking incredibly unbelievably pleasurable. No wonder mom is so damn happy all the time. Daddy Frank is magnificent with the unbelievable lovers skills that no other man could have. Mom is right the pain just enhances the pleasure.

She felt Frank sit on the bed setting something on the night stand. He held her shoulders helping her sit up on her knees. She felt the edge of a cold glass touch her lips. Drink, slut. With all the squirting you are doing we don’t want you to dehydrate. She said Mercy needing to speak. Yes, slut what do you want. My I speak Master. Yes, you may. Master, I am not sure I can cum any more. I am so exhausted from all so far. Well slut your not done yet. Please Master just a little rest, please. He let her finish the badly need cold water and helped her from the bed to her knees.

Open your mouth wide slut. Arms tied behind her back and blindfolded she obeyed opening her mouth wide. He pushed his semi-hard cock in her mouth pushing against her throat opening making her gag and cough trying to breath. He pulled back giving her relief. I am going back in slowly. Use your tongue, relax, and swallow when my cock presses on your throat. She nodded her head with understanding. She licked his cock with her tongue as he slowly pushed deeper. Her saliva coated his cock and she tried to relax and swallow the head as it started to press into her throat. To her surprise and his pleasure his cock slip into her throat letting his balls press on her chin.

Using her long hair to control her head he fucked her throat until he felt the cum rising from his balls. As his cum surged to the head of his cock he held her face against his groin and balls shooting his cum load down her throat into her stomach. She started to struggle to breath when he pulled out wiping cum on her lips. She belched and licked the cum from her lips to swallow it. She smiled and felt pussy juice leaking from her cunt as it twitched.

Frank’s cock is still hard so he picked her up, turned and pushed her face down on the bed with her ass over the side. He lifted her onto her knees with her head flat on the bed. She moaned as he pinched her nipples squeezing her tits. She screamed with pain in her left nipple when he pulled it stretching it out from her tit releasing the jaws of a nipple clamp at the base of her nipple. She moaned with pain in her nipple as he did the same to her right nipple making her scream with more pain. She heard him say breath deep slut. Relax and embrace the pain. She attempted to relax and breath deep and felt her pussy pulse. This amazed her that her pussy got hot from the pain in her nipples.

She thought he is turning me into a pain slut and smiled. She felt her pussy getting wet. He moved onto the bed between her spread legs and rubbed his hard cock head through her pussy slit back and forth pressing on her clit forcing another orgasm to raise its head deep inside her. She moaned and pushed onto his cock wanting it deep inside her cunt again. She flinched when she felt the head of his cock wet with juices slide through her ass crack. Using his fingers on her pussy to gather more pussy lube he pressed his finger in her tight little rose bud opening to her ass hole. She clamped on his finger and moaned as he pushed in and out of her ass loosening her hole until he had three fingers fucking her ass. She relaxed and humped his fingers moaning with pleasure. She felt his fingers exit her ass to be replaced by his cock pushing slowly into her ass until all eight inches is deep in her painful ass.

He let her adjust to the size of his cock then started slowly fucking her ass with deep strokes. She felt his balls slapping on her pussy and started to move with him and grunt with each down stroke in her ass. Her pussy started leaking more juice and an orgasm slowly moved toward the peak. Suddenly he slid a hand around her stomach down to her clit and assaulted it with rough hard manipulations as he slammed harder in her ass. He slammed deep in her ass and released cum in her as he told her to cum for him.

She screamed as another of many intense orgasms took her breath making her body shake violently. She lost all strength and collapsed on her stomach, legs wide spread with his cock buried deep in her ass. His balls drained he lay on top of her as they each slowly recovered from their orgasms. As she was able to breath again she quietly said. Master. Please Mercy. I can’t take anymore. Any more will kill me. Mercy Mercy Please.

Alright Baby girl we are done for now. He said as he untied her arms and removed the blindfold. You relax for a while and then take a shower. I will start dinner for us. Thank you Master. Give me just a few minutes and I will fix dinner for you. He chuckled as he pulled his pants on and headed for the kitchen.

Sandra finally regained enough strength to take a shower, dried her hair and slipped on one of Franks extra large T-shirts. She walked into the kitchen, saw Frank putting pizza on plates and setting them on the table. She put her arms around his neck, pressed her body tight into his and kissed him saying. Thank you so very much. He smiled patted her ass and moved to the table.

As they ate the pizza he had ordered delivered he smiled at her and ask. What is it that you thanked me so very much for? Daddy Frank you just gave me the most incredible sexual experience of my life. I can see why mom is always smiling and stays happy all the time if that is what you do for her.

Baby girl, what we have done so far today is almost the same thing I did to your mom on our first weekend date. Is there anything you did not enjoy or like? How do you feel about each thing we did?

I was a little frightened about the punishment until you started and I realized it actually turned me on and then the pleasure after was more intense with the pain mixed in. You far exceeded my expectations that I had before with just what we heard from you and mom. Also I have not been with more than a couple boys for sex but they were one time and done. You surprised me by fucking all my holes and making me cum so many times I had to ask for Mercy. I felt like if you had made me cum one more time I would die.

You do remember me telling you that I was going to make you orgasm until you beg for Mercy. Right ? Yes you did and mom told me that you would do that. I could not believe any man alive could actually make a young woman cum that many times. Of course I did not know you had so many different techniques to force me to orgasm so hard and many times. It was not just the number of times you made me orgasm that made me beg for mercy but the intensity of each of the orgasm was exhausting. Then when I ask for time out you made me cum twice more. I actually felt like I was going to pass out and not wake up. She said with a giggle.

Guess what. He said. What? she replied. We are not finished yet. Really? More tonight? Are you up to it she ask. The question is. Are you up to it or do you need more time to recover. I am pretty tired and sore but I think I can go some more. She giggled. I will cry “Mercy” if you get close to wearing my pussy out. After all I did beg you to teach me the pleasures you taught mom so I should not wimp out now.

In that case break time is over. Back to Master/slave. I will clean the kitchen while you go back to the bedroom, strip, lay face down, arms and legs spread wide on the bed and wait for me. She rose from the table saying Yes, Master and went to the bedroom. Frank took his time cleaning the kitchen before going to the bedroom to give her time to contemplate what is coming next. She lay face down thinking about what he is about to do to her. As she thought about him using her as his sex slave and what she had experienced thus far she felt the familiar tingling in her pussy making her wet. She thought he was taking his sweet time coming for her.

She tensed when she heard his foot steps approaching in the hall. She looked over her shoulder as he stepped in the bedroom door and stood there looking at her exposed sex. She felt the heat in her face when she blushed from the idea of being so utterly exposed laying naked on his bed. He waited until she lay her head back on the bed. Stepping to the side of the bed. Put your hands together above your head. She did as he told her and felt the rope trap her wrist together then tied to the head board of the bed. Raise your hips up. She did and he placed two pillows stacked under her lower abdomen holding her ass up off the bed giving him better access to her cunt and ass.

She sighed when he tied each of her ankles to the opposite bed post securing her to the bed in a very vulnerable position. She thought of him moving between her wide spread thighs and driving his hard cock deep in her now hot dripping pussy forcing her to another intense orgasm.

Sandra’s pussy twitched and dripped juices as she thought about being tied spread eagle under his complete control of her hot body. He watch her wiggle her hips and smiled at her eagerness to be used. She is just as submissive as her mom. He thought to himself. He moved to the side of the bed securing the blindfold in place plunging her into total darkness. She squirmed waiting for him to take her once again in one day. She jerked in her restraints and opened her mouth to scream when he slapped her ass cheek hard with his open hand. Her scream of pain and surprise was cut short by the large ball gag stuffed in her mouth and buckled tight behind her head.

Next he caressed her back and kissed her shoulders and neck sending thrilling jolts of pleasure through her entire body making her pussy twitch harder and get wetter. Now that you are tied and can’t do anything to prevent it there is the matter of your punishment for speaking without permission earlier today. She moaned and thought. I hoped he had forgotten that infraction or had forgiven me.

He moved his hand down her back through her ass crack pressing on her tight little rose bud of her ass hole. She thought. If he is going to punish me by fucking my ass I can handle that with no problem and enjoy it as well. She waited for him to move between her legs to take her ass. But he moved his hand down to her wet pussy moving two fingers up and down her slit gathering her juices before focusing on her hard throbbing clit. She moaned and pressed into his fingers trying to cum for him. He worked her clit until she was on the verge of an intense orgasm. Are you going to cum without permission again, slut? She tensed her muscles to stop the pending orgasm and moaned into the gag with frustration from being so close to a wonderful orgasm and then forced to stop it to avoid more punishment.

Frank smiled and shoved two fingers in her pussy attacking her G-spot. She screamed and fought the release of her pending istanbul Escort orgasm that almost escaped her control when he assaulted her G-spot so suddenly. He finger fucked her hard and fast trying to force her to cum. She continued to scream into the gag and cried behind the blindfold forcing tears to run from under it down the side of her face into her ear. He felt her about to lose control and pulled out of her pulsing cunt before her orgasm escaped her control.

She stopped screaming when she felt his fingers halt their assault on her poor G-spot and slumped into the bed covers breathing hard still trying to control her orgasm. She relaxed a little more when she felt him move off the bed. She gained control of her aroused body and lay quietly wondering what he was doing as she heard him moving around the bed.

Suddenly she pulled on the ropes holding her helpless spread eagle to the bed and screamed as loud as the gag allowed from the pain in her ass cheeks when he struck her hard with a flogger. He waited a few seconds before striking across the top of her legs at the bottom of her ass cheeks. Again she screamed straining against the ropes. He removed his pants releasing his throbbing hard on before striking her again at the top of her ass cheeks. Again she screamed and thrashed in her restraints. He hit her again across her upper back and again across the back of her legs between her knees and ass.

He dropped the flogger as she screamed and fought the ropes holding her in her vulnerable position and moved on the bed between her spread legs. He saw her pussy twitching and dripping wet. As she started to calm down he moved in close and rammed his rock hard eight inch cock balls deep in her hot cunt. She screamed and clamped down on his intruding cock. Her cunt squeezed his cock unbelievably tight holding him deep inside her cunt.

She finally relax her cunt muscles allowing him to fuck her hard, fast and deep as his balls slapped on her clit. The incredible orgasm shot through her forcing her to beg for permission to cum. Please Master may I cum now please. Please Master Please. Even muffled by the gag he understood what she was asking. Yes you may cum he said as he drove to maximum depth pulsing his cum into her cervix. She convulsed and pushed back on his huge cock buried deep insider her screaming long and hard as the incredible orgasm ripped thorough her body and pussy forcing her to squirt past his buried cock pooling on the bed below them.

He rested atop her as they regained some composure and her orgasm dwindled to short after shocks of mini orgasms. His cock began to shrink and he pulled out of her pussy followed by trapped cum to pool on the bed covers. She lay limp trying to recover control of her body and breathing. Frank untied her ankles and removed the gag as she tried to get back to normal. He sat on the bed beside her asking. Are you going to live, slut. I am not sure yet Master she giggled. Leaving her wrist tied to the head of the bed and the blindfold on. He rolled her onto her side and removed the top cover of the bed

He turned the covers down and rolled her into the bed pulling the covers over her. Do you need the restroom before we call it a night? No thank you Master I went while you cleaned the kitchen. He climbed into bed behind her spooning her. She snuggled back against his hard body. She squealed when she felt his semi-hard cock press between her legs onto her wet cum covered pussy. He draped his arm over her waist. She moaned contently feeling safe and warm in his embrace. He moved his hand down to the top of her mound as he began sliding his cock back and forth between her wet cunt lips. She moaned a little louder and he move his hand down to her clit rubbing it back and forth.

Mercy Master I really can’t cum again please. He chuckled and moved his wet cock back from her cunt, rubbed his finger over her cum covered cunt, lifted her top leg and pushed his hard cock deep in her ass. Oooh! She exclaimed. Please Master I really can’t take any more today. He pushed his cum slick fingers in her mouth. Lick them clean and relax. I am just getting comfortable for the night. She licked his hand clean and relaxed her ass waiting for him to fuck her to another unwanted orgasm. To her surprise he cupped her left tit in his big strong hand and lay still with his cock buried in her ass. She lay awake waiting for him to start pumping in her ass. Then she noticed his breathing become steady and his body relax against her. She slipped into a deep relaxing sleep with his hand on her tit and cock in her ass.

She awoke the next morning when she felt his cock swell in her ass. She could not believe they slept with his cock buried in her ass all night. Master. Master. She said. Frank woke yes slut. Before you fuck my ass I really need the bathroom first. His cock was increasing her need to pee pressing on her bladder from the inside. He chuckled slowly pulling his hard cock from her ass. There was some pain as she was dry. She groaned with an empty feeling in her ass after being stuffed all night.

He untied her wrist and removed the blindfold letting her slide out of bed and rush to the toilet. She finished and came back into the bedroom. Master do I have permission to make breakfast for you? Yes you have permission as soon as you take care of this small problem for me. Flipping the covers back to reveal his morning hard on standing straight up. She giggled. Small problem? What does a big problem look like.

How does Master wish me to take care of his problem? Any way you want as long as you make me cum. MMMPH ………… I think I can handle that request as she moved onto the bed taking his hard love muscle deep in her throat moaning at the feel of his erect cock pushing deeper in her throat. He groaned at the fantastic feel of her tight vibrating throat on his cock head. She bobbed up and down on his hard shaft sucking and licking as she slowly increased the speed of her head bobbing up and down. He did not last long and grabbed two hand fulls of her hair thrusting into her throat as his cum raced from his balls through his cock erupting deep in her throat. She felt her pussy get instantly wet when he took control of her head. He held her face tight against his balls and pelvic until he finished dumping cum into her stomach. She quickly pulled off his cock gasping for air when he released her hair. She licked him clean. OK? Master. Oh more than OK ……… fantastic.

She moved off the bed leaving for the kitchen to fix breakfast for her Master that she loves so much. Thirty minutes later she entered the bedroom. Master do you wish breakfast in bed or the kitchen. He sleepily turned to face her. What did you say, slut? Does Master wish breakfast in bed? No we will eat in the kitchen. He slid from the bed as she dropped to her knees legs spread, hands behind her back and eyes down. He smiled down at her. You may wait in the kitchen. Thank you Master as she stood and went to the kitchen.

A few minutes later he entered the kitchen to find her kneeling beside his chair, legs wide spread opening her wet dripping pussy, hands behind her, and eyes down. He smiled walking to her. He patted her head. You are such a good little sex slave. You may get a plate of food and sit with me while we eat together. She looked into his eyes. Yes Master. Thank you Master.

As they ate he ask. Do regret asking for this weekend with me? Oh god no Master. I have never felt happier, more content and loved more in my life. I am sorry this is the last day for me. Then I assume you have received the experience you wished for. Yes, Master I totally understand why mom is so happy with a man such as you. So loving, confident, strong and in control taking all the responsibility on your shoulders leaving her to enjoy serving and pleasing you. I hope that I am fortunate enough to find a man with all your qualities to serve some day.

Careful slut you are going to give me the big head. You can clear the table now. She quickly cleared the table and moved to kneel for him. No sit on the table. She sat on the edge of the table, spread her legs, hands behind her and waited as he pulled a bag from the side of the table. She watched as he pulled lengths of rope from the bag. Lie back on the table hands above your head. She did as he commanded and watched as he tied each of her wrist to the opposite corners of the table stretching her arms tight. He pushed the ball gag in her mouth and secured it. She watched as he tied rope to her ankles. She moved her legs wider to be tied to the table legs but gasp as he pulled her left leg up and back over her left arm tying it to her wrist rope forcing her hips up slightly off above the table. He did the same to her right leg.

She felt completely helpless tied to the table unable to move and gagged unable to speak. He did not blindfold her which surprised her. She watched intently as he move about. He opened the frig and pulled out a cold jar of strawberry jelly. She shivered as he opened the jar moving between her legs he sat with his face close to her crotch. She squealed and shivered as the cold jelly spread over her cunt lips. She tried to move her hips around as the cold jelly chilled her tender pussy and clit.

Her discomfort turned to pleasure as he pressed his warm lips and tongue onto her pussy licking at the jelly. The incessant licking tongue forced her cunt to ooze juices mixing with the jelly. She felt his lips suck her clit into his mouth sending a thrill through her pussy making her moan at the pleasurable sensation forced on her cunt. Frank holding her clit between his teeth. MMMH ……..delicious he hummed on her sensitive clit as he flicked it with his tongue sending her into panic mode as an orgasm rushed through he threatening to break from her control.

Please Master may I cum she yelled into the gag. Please Master. Yes you can cum for me now. She screamed rolling her head side to side as a torrent of cum shot from her pussy into his mouth and on his face. Her whole body shook as she came so hard it hurt. Her body shaking and pussy twitching with orgasm after shock he stood dropped his shorts releasing a raging hard on. He rubbed his cock through her cum soaked pussy slit coating it with slick girly cum. Moving it down to her ass hole he pushed slowly into her ass as she moaned from the intrusion and the lingering orgasm. She pushed onto his cock as he pushed deeper inside her ass. He bottomed out and started fucking her as slowly building speed and power with each thrust.

Sandra felt another orgasm building inside her guts. Her moans got louder the closer she approached another hard orgasm. She started begging Master may I cum again, please. He rammed harder in and out of her ass as he pressed that devilish Hitachi hard on her clit telling her. Yes you may cum for me slut. The orgasm hit hard forcing her to scream and pound on his cock in her ass as her cum squirted with such force it drenched his stomach, cock and legs. His own orgasm shot a large load of spunk deep in her ass prolonging her body wracking orgasm. Her eyes rolled back and she passed out falling limp on the table top.

He pulled out of her cum filled ass releasing cum to gush out of her ass onto the floor. Her body twitched with orgasm after shocks as he untied her and removed her gag. She regained conscientiousness slowly still lying on the table. She slowly looked around trying to find her Master. Finally she saw him sitting in his recliner in the den a few yards from her. He smiled at her as she sat up on the edge of the table cum dripping for her ass and cunt to the floor below. You made the mess slut. You can clean it up. Yes Master she said as she moved to get rags and cleaning fluid. She cleaned the mess up and moved to kneel in front of her Master. Leaning forward, mouth open she ask may I suck your beautiful big cock Master? Yes you may my beautiful little slut. Her heart skipped a couple beats at his loving words to her.

She sucked his cock for a long time getting tired but kept going until he shot a load of cum in her mouth. She sucked and licked him clean swallowing every drop he gave her. She leaned back onto her ankles legs spread wide and smiled up at him with total love for the man sitting before her. He smiled at her as he said. Do you want more, my little slut. She smiled as she said yes Master I want more but I think I am going to have to beg for Mercy as I don’t think my heart and body can take any more for a while. He laughed and said. I don’t think I can take any more for a while either. You have completely worn me out. Go clean up and get dressed after you bring me a beer. Yes Master and she went to the kitchen bringing him a cold beer before taking a long hot shower.

Step Daughters’ Desire continues in chapter 4


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