Step Mom’s Secret Pt. 02: Exposed

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– Maggie –

“I can’t believe how warm the water is,” Maggie said.

“Well, that’s Florida, babe. When you got this much sun and heat all the time you get warm water,” her husband, Jack, said. Jack wore his sunglasses and carried a can of beer in his hand as he waded into the water. Maggie had bought a black one-piece bathing suit that morning before they all went down to the beach. She wore that instead of the slender two piece she had brought with her. She ventured into the deeper water that came up to her full breasts. Her nipples still raw and sensitive from the use of her stepson the night before.

Jack remained in the shallow waters. He hardly ever went in water deeper than his waist other than a quick dip to wet himself. He always wanted his defined triceps, lats, and pectorals to be seen when he walked through the water. It was vein, Maggie knew, but she accepted it. What was the point of having a nice body that you take care of if you’re not proud of it.

“What’s going on with Nick? He’s been acting off all morning,” Jack shielded his already sun glassed eyes as he looked to the beach. Nick declined to go into the water with them and remained tanning on the beach.

“Hm? I haven’t noticed,” Maggie said with a lightness in her voice. She pretended that some splashing kids beside her caught her interest so her face would give nothing away.

“He hasn’t said anything to you?” Jack continued.

“No, not really.”

“…Did you talk to him last night?” Jack’s voice was low and dark for a moment.

Maggie looked at her husband them down at the water, “no,” she said in a voice that matched her husband’s sternness.

“Good.” The light turned back on Jack’s face and he took a sip of his beer. “We should go get breakfast- I need to calorie up.”

Maggie released a sigh. She imagined sitting through a meal with Jack and her stepson, especially after how awkward Nick had been this morning. This is going to be a long vacation.

Breakfast went about as well as it could with the way Nick was acting. He was quieter than normal, which said something since he was already a quiet kid. Maggie pushed around her omelet and kept Jack talking about his plan to add tanning booths to all of his gyms. He was adamant that getting his body lifters at his gyms the right tan level could make the difference in bring home the gold to his gym.

Jack went in detail to explain the science of the tan to Maggie while Nick finished his steak and eggs. He barely could look at his father, Jack, even, without his eyes fleeting to Maggie then quickly back down to his food. Maggie found herself staring at the center of the breakfast table in the restaurant and imagined if she had X-ray vision her eyes would see right through to where her stepson’s crotch. She’d be able to see his limp cock hung beside his thighs underneath his shorts.

Maggie’s fingers rubbed soft circles on her inner thigh unconsciously as she recalled how it felt last night, pressed inside her ass crack. Jabbing her anus continuously he blew his load of hot semen on her anus and along her ass crack…

The entire time he humped her, Maggie begged inside her head for her stepson to sink his fingers into her hips and plunge his cock inside her. Vagina, anus, mouth- she didn’t care, she needed it filling her up. The unintended tease Nick had completed on her left Maggie an aching wreck after he had came and scooted back from her. She laid their feeling his semen slide between her cheeks and drip down her butt cheek. The sparkle of electricity was static over her chest and throat. She needed to cum. She needed to cum so badly.

Finally, relenting to her basic desires, Maggie jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom before he could speak. There was no sleeping this off. It would’ve been impossible to ignore the desire that burned inside her. She listed after her stepson despite the grotesque complications it spurned. Sliding her pajama pants off her ankles and sitting on the cool, hard plastic toilet seat, Maggie licked her fingers out of habit and slid them between her thighs.

It turned out licking her fingers was pointless as her pussy lips were drenched with her juices from her last fingering and the imagining of the one to come. Completing steady, oblong swipes up and down on her pussy lips and clit, Maggie clapped her free hand over her mouth as her sharp, panted breaths began to leak high pitched moans with them. Her eyes held on the closed white door for a moment as her fingers continued to work her pussy.

When there wasn’t a knock on the door, Maggie pearled her lips to keep the looming moans from escaping. She slid the hand up inside her shirt and gripped her fat breast. She could feel the small grooves of her stretch marked breasts from when they doubled in size after having her child decades ago. Any other time she would’ve hated the feel, but now she was so engrossed with the explosion begging to release from deep inside her sex.

Two of her fingers hooked down inside her pussy lips and she bit escort gaziantep vip bayan her tongue as a whine of a whimper escaped her lips. The fingers began to thump into her pussy harder and harder as her chest and stomach heaved. In the slots under her squinting eye lids, she saw the door again and imagined it being thrown open. Without a word she could see Nick’s thick, muscular body before her, and his hard cock being fed into her pussy.

“Oh god…” Maggie whispered to herself as she buried her mouth in her shoulder. Her fingers fucked her pussy hard and deep just like Nick’s cock would. Maggie pinched her nipple hard and twisted it just like he would. She bit her lip and felt the violent shutter run through her thighs just like she would be fore cumming all over Nick’s cock.

“Mmmmmm!” The high-pitched moan remained a hum as she bit the shirt the covered her shoulder. Maggie’s eyes rolled back under her eye lids as the bright light turned black and the orgasm overtook her whole body. Her juices gushed over her fingers as she came. There was no stopping her scream as Maggie’s body went rigged and the climax contorted her body. The only thing that kept her from waking the entire hotel floor was her breath catching in her throat and her near hyperventilation from the immense pleasure.

It wasn’t until her eyes opened, with an exhausted haze over them that she realized she had just squirted for the first time over the tile floor and below the hung towels on the lower part of the walls. Luckily, she had kicked her pajama pants off to the side when she took them off. Maggie stayed on the toilet for a long moment as waited for the after pulses of her powerful orgasm to disperse.

Cleaning up the mess she made and after wiping herself down, Maggie took a deep breath and turned the bathroom light off before carefully opening the door. She felt like she was a teenager again, sneaking inside her parent’s house after making out with that boy they told her to stay away from. But there was no need to sneak. Nick was fast asleep and half sprawled across his bed. Maggie knew she could crawl into the bed and Nick would make room for her, but in truth, Maggie didn’t trust herself. This has already gone too far.

She took her pillow and the blanket Nick had kicked aside and brought them to the couch where she would sleep a safe distance away for the rest of the night.

“So, what’s up, Nick?” Jack said dropping his hand to table just hard enough to make the silverware jingle. “I pay for this nice vacation for us and you’re sitting over there in your booth sulking or something. What? This place not good enough for you?”

“Huh?” Nick jolted forward like a splash of water had struck his face. His eyes bounced between his father and stepmother and then back down to his lap. “Oh, no, yeah everything’s great, dad. Yeah, I love the beach… it’s just…”

Nick’s eyes lingered at the small space between Jack and Maggie then flicked to Maggie. For a brief moment, there was a drop in Maggie’s stomach. The gaping hole of fear in the back of her throat sucked the air from her lungs as she knew he was about to tell his father, her husband, that he had slept with Jack’s wife. She could see it before it even happened. The boiling rage in Jack’s face. His biceps flexing as he flipped the table and the immense destruction and violence that would ensue. The icy cold fear froze her still for the second that Nick let hang until he finally spoke.

“I’m not feeling too well. Didn’t want to jinx it by saying something earlier,” Nick shrugged. He was a bad liar.

“Hm. You ate all your breakfast. Can’t be feeling too bad,” Jack raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, no, I thought eating a little might settle my stomach. It’s not too bad, might’ve just been the sandwich I ate on the road last night.”

Jack nodded with an unsatisfied expression. Like he knew there was more to the story but Nick had sold the bullshit enough to stop further questions. It was true, that one plate of steak and eggs for Nick was considered only a ‘little.’ For both Jack and Nick, it was not uncommon for them to order two or three meals while out at a restaurant. Their hours of lifting required constant packing of calories into their diet. So Nick only eating one plate was believable that he could be sick.

“I’m actually thinking of heading back and taking a nap.” Nick excused himself from the table, carefully scooting from the booth so not to knock it with his pecs or abs.

“Not much of a vacation sleeping in a hotel,” Jack said with a hint of irritation in his voice.

“Well, it’s your fault, dad, you got us too nice of a hotel, I just don’t want to leave it.” Nick tapped Jack on the shoulder and shook his father some. “I’m sure I’ll be better by tonight.”

“If you think that’s best, you should get your rest,” Maggie said. Nick gave them both a single nod without looking at Maggie still and left the table.

“Something’s off with that boy,” Jack said escort gaziantep yabancı bayan sipping his water. His glass looked tiny in his hulking hands.

Maggie reached around her husband’s shoulders and scratched his back, “I’m sure it’s just allergies or something.” But in her mind, Maggie knew she had to do something. She couldn’t let Nick keep acting this way. It was too risky for the both of them. They couldn’t get caught by Jack.

– Nick –

Nick truly did have a hint of a stomachache, but it was from nothing that he had ate. No, it was from what he had done. Nick walked back to his hotel room not even noticing that a few of the bikini clad college girls walking along the beach were smiling his way. They admired his height, bulk, and chiseled chin as most of the women did. Nick knew he could be like the other guys at school and running through the women as quick as he could.

There was a side to him that definitely would enjoy it, but the side his biological mother instilled him would go nuts with guilt just as it was now. His biological mother was also a tender soul, and made sure Nick always worried about those around him more than himself. It was that tenderness that made him so susceptible to Maggie last night. She was so upset and needed so much; Nick could deny her. Not that it was her fault. It was all Nick. He had to take responsibility for it. He had to tell his father, but how?

Wouldn’t telling him cause all the pain? Telling him would ruin this vacation he had spent so much time planning. Or maybe I’m just scared to admit my mistake. This vacation will be ruined regardless, Nick pouted going into his hotel room.

The AC felt amazing. Like a hot wet blanket had been removed from his body. Slumping back on the couch he looked down at the tent that stretched his bathing suit taut. How am I supposed to go about my vacation when just thinking about Maggie gives me this raging hardon?

Nick had never thought about Maggie in a sexual way… well, perhaps the first few months when she was over at the house when he was a teenager, he caught himself staring at her breasts as they bounced about in her shirt. He put a stop to it, though, and not until she pressed her thick ass cheeks back into his erection last night did he, again.

Nick stood and went to the bedside where she had slept. The room had been cleaned and the bed made. The sheets must’ve been changed, too because the sweet fruity smell of her conditioner was gone from the pillow as well. He had to think about what he’d tell his father but first he had to get rid of the erection he had. Maggie plagues his thoughts like a virus.

A sexy, voluptuous, moist virus…

Before he could realize what he was doing, Nick had gone next door and used a spare key to his parents room to gain entry and steal a pair of her panties. When he opened her metallic blue luggage bag, he didn’t realize how many options he had to choose from. He ended up selecting the red lacy thong that was rich with her unique smell.

Back in his hotel room he held his flexing shaft in one hand and her panties in the other as he stroked himself. He had to just cum then he could think clear enough to figure this out. He imagined him pulling this thong to the side as he shoved inside her. He couldn’t believe how engorged he was- thoughts of no one had ever done this to him before. He was so close.

The knock on the door made him open his eyes, which is when he realized it was one of those knocks you do after you already opened the door and we’re inside the room. The shocked expression on Maggie’s face was nothing compared to Nick’s. He meant to say… something. But all that came out was an odd sound as he tried to cover himself but not being able to because his shorts were across the room on his bed. A firm small couch pillow beside him was his best option and it was barely enough to cover him up.

“Oh, my god,” Maggie said as the door closed behind her. “I’m sorry, I-” her half heart attempt to cover her eyes went away completely when her gaze focused completely on his hand. “Are those my underwear?”


Nick tossed them on the ground in a reaction, thinking getting them out of his hand and away from him would look better. “Umm… yeah…” Nick confessed. What was the point in lying at this point, he figured.

Maggie gave a faint and pitying smile at Nick as she put her hands on her hips. One of those, oh nice try, that’s adorable kid, looks that every child hates a parent to give. Maggie put her hands on her hips and walked over to the underwear. Clutching the pillow down on his still flexing shaft that refused to dissipate, Nick noticed Maggie had changed her clothes. She wore a low-cut white shirt that revealed her pale and reddened breasts. He also noticed when she bent down in front of him to pick up the panties that she now wore a jean shorts that barely covered her ballooning butt cheeks.

“I think you dropped this,” Maggie said escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan giving it a sniff. “Were you smelling them?” She asked with her cute and curious smirk.

Nick nodded with a sigh, staring at his mother’s bare and exposed legs. There was another knock on the door. This knock was louder and more forceful. Shock was no longer in Nick’s eyes. Fear had taken its place and he noticed edges of the fear were visible in Maggie’s eyes, too. She tossed her underwear at Nick who quickly stuffed them between the cushions. Before Nick could stand to get to the bathroom to hide, Maggie had already opened the door and he heard his father’s voice.

“Where’s he at? He coming or what?” Jack asked. The opened door was directly to Nick’s left blocking his father’s view, but if he were to enter Jack would see his half naked son in a room with his scandalously dressed wife.

“No, he’s still feeling a bit sick.” Maggie said palming her belly as if she was talking about a child. “He’s in the bathroom right now.” Maggie leaned forward and whispered, “puking.”

“No shit?” Jack said surprised. Like he didn’t believe Nick was sick until now. “Hm, well, alright then. Let’s go.”

“I’m going to hang out a minute, make sure he’s alright, you go ahead, start the car. I’ll be right behind ya,” Maggie said.

“Okay, but hurry up,” Nick could hear jack tap his smart watch.

“Okay, hun,” Maggie smiled closing the door. An audible sigh could be heard from both of them as the shadow of Nick’s father passed by the window on the blinds. She turned to Nick and stood over him with a finger in his face and a low forceful voice. “You can not tell him what happened.”

“How can I not? How can we not? He has to know,” Nick said what he had heard in his head so many times today.

A slight panic and submissive look broke across his mother’s face as she sat beside him on the couch. Nick realized, again in that moment, that he was in fact pants and underwear less. “Listen, you- we can’t tell him what happened. It- he would be devastated. And- and upset. And we would do that to him, you know? If we don’t tell him he won’t be,”Maggie must’ve seen Nick’s wavering eyes, like he could go either way, because she then went in for the kill. “Nick, please,” she put one hand on his thigh and another on his shoulder. “Please, do this for me. It will ruin me. Please, do me this favor?”

Nick took a deep breath and sighed looking at the pillow top on his lap, “okay.”

“Ahh! Thank you, son,” Maggie exploded with a wide smile and, surprisingly, leaned in, kneeling on the couch cushion to hug Nick. Nick felt his face squish against the top of her clammy breasts as she squeezed his neck and shoulders. The hug lingered as Maggie rubbed Nick’s upper back as the word, son, rolled around in Nick’s mind.

Nick wasn’t sure when or how it started but, in this half mounted hug his stepmother gave him, her hand slid down beneath the pillow and began reverse stroking his cock. The cursory and exploratory strokes were quickly replaced with long purposeful strokes that used all of Maggie’s arm to pump him.

Panting nearly as much as Nick was, Maggie’s chest heaved as she sunk her crotch onto Nick’s thigh, grinding her sex through the shorts on his leg as she stroked him. Brushing the pillow to the floor, Maggie humped his leg vigorously, like a bitch in heat. High pitched hums and squeaks escaped with her breaths.

Nick felt her tiny hands and pointy nails dig into the back of his neck as he turned his head and she fed him her left breast. Pulling it free through the neck of her shirt, Nick felt his cock flex and knew he was near cumming when his lips closed around her hard nipple.

“Oh mmm, yes!” Maggie moaned as Nick growled into her breast. And just like that, Nick knew how it happened, just like last night. In a matter of minutes without a word spoken, he and his stepmother were so near cumming on each other. Maggie’s fingernails raked through his thick brown hair and squeezed as he began to suck on her nipple. “Oh my god!” She moaned through gritted teeth.

Her hand felt amazing sliding up and down his shaft. Her neckline smelled just like home, like her fruity conditioner and a slight hint of perfume. His hands closed around her thick ass cheeks as she rode his thigh. Her short breaths sliced the air and became stagnant. Her high-pitched moans cut higher with each breath.

Nick’s tongue flicked ferociously up and down on her nipple as he sucked on it. Maggie clenched Nick’s thigh between her legs as she released a scream as her whole body shook. “I’m cum- ahhh!!”

The sound of her moans mixed with the taste of his mother’s tits made the explosion of cum shoot from his cock. Nick moaned into her breast as she pumped his cock empty. Then, as quickly as it began, Maggie was standing and tucking her breasts back inside her shirt as she adjusted her clothes. And without a word spoken, she walked out the door so not to keep Nick’s father waiting any longer.

– Nick –

After taking a nap that afternoon, Nick awoke refreshed. He felt better both with his mental anguish over the morality of sleeping with his stepmother and he felt better fictitious years. When his father returned to the hotel he came to Nick’s room and saw first-hand the miraculous recover his son made from his ailment. Something about feeling a duty to keep his stepmother’s trust alleviated most of the guilt he felt.

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