Steph Visits Her Old Friend

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Several weeks after the little party at their house, Stephanie and Rich were still in disbelief. They had talked of playing around and even kidded with several friends, and couples for that matter, but never had expected anything to happen, nor had they planned anything. They were just in awe of it ever having happened and even though the four had pretty much agreed to another ‘encounter’, it happening was very much up in the air. It’s not uncommon for something like that to happen and after a bit, ‘buyer’s remorse’ sets in and at least one of the participants freaks out and has second thoughts about reliving the event, or so Rich and Steph had read. Well, whatever happened, happened. Now, they had enjoyed two very interesting encounters. The first with Dave and the second with her co-workers.

Steph dropped by Sandra’s house for an early lunch. They had known each other since high school having been in the same home room. Sandra had put on weight and her breasts were a bit saggy after pumping out five kids, but she still looked very good. Stephanie hadn’t been an exercise freak so she wasn’t all tight and toned like those who attend a gym every other hour, but she had held onto her looks so very well that no one even cared, well, other than Steph. Even though she had been told how great she looked, she just couldn’t see it. Not uncommon among women over 40. No matter how good they look to guys, somehow they don’t accept it. Over 40 is NOT 20, but hell, most guys over 40 realize just how much BETTER those women look. REAL WOMEN are a joy to behold. All the things that women see as flaws, most mature guys see as proof of being real and nothing is sexier than real. But that was neither here nor there.

Sandy met Steph at the door and welcomed her in. She had just gotten out of the shower, apologizing for not being good to go, explaining all the things that cropped up as she tried to get ready. Steph brushed off the apology saying there was NO need since, “shit happens.” Sandy asked Steph is she minded waiting while she got dressed. Steph said, “It’s your house. We’re not going anywhere so if you MUST get dressed, do so, otherwise, relax and just have a visit with me.” Sandy was grateful, especially since finding the right clothes might take her 10 minutes to an hour, even though she’d known Steph for so long. She pulled at the cords on her robe and said, “You’re right, screw convention! I’m a rebel!”

Both laughed at that little joke considering that Sandy had been the most conforming individual, and straight laced person Steph had ever known. antalya escort They had Mimosas and some fruit while the eggs cooked. They talked about just about everything, getting caught up on whatever had been going on in their lives since their last visit two months ago. Sandy’s husband had a new job with better flexible hours, Steph had seen the new Clint Eastwood movie but still wished Leonardo Di Caprio would do more films, etc. By the third mimosa, both were so relaxed that nothing could jar them, so Steph decided to just tell Sandy about what she had been dying to tell SOMEONE for so damn long. She began with, “Sandy, I’ve got something to tell you that will either disgust you, or turn you on like a light switch. I know you too well to feel you’ll be disgusted.” With that she giggled.

Sandy was all ears. Sandy had never been very sexual in school, but she loved to listen to the ‘war stories’ her friends told. Then she married Miles Standish, in other words, a fucking Puritan. He liked to have sex, but always missionary and only once or twice a month. Hearing the REAL exploits of someone, especially a trusted friend, was something she lived for and Steph kind of knew it. She began her story. Sandy was all ears.

Steph started to tell the story in detail, graphic unblemished and uncensored detail. She described how she felt (and WHO she felt) second by second, pulling no punches. Sandy was very, VERY interested. Steph could see Sandy getting a bit flustered and her breathing was getting heavy.

“Should I stop? I mean…” Sandy cut her off, “NO! IF you stop, I’ll kill you!” came the immediate reply. Steph could take a hint. As she continued, she noticed that the more detail she gave, the more Sandy began to shift in her seat. Slowly Sandy slid her hand into her robe. Steph had almost forgotten that the robe was all that Sandy had on. She watched as Sandy reached in with her left hand and began to pinch her right nipple. This was becoming as interesting for Steph as for Sandy! Steph continued. She got to the part where she stuck her finger in Dave’s bum and watched as Sandy’s thighs tightened and began to rub together. Oh hell, this was amazing. Steph was acting as an erotica story teller and Sandy was totally wrapped in the words and visualizations.

Step continued, but as she talked, she put her hand on Sandy’s knee, as if to emphasize a point. At first it was just that, a friendly touch, but suddenly she got a little turned on and watched for Sandy’s reaction. She kept talking, rubbing Sandy’s knee as she did. Sandy’s breath was short and shallow. Not even realizing she was doing it, Sandy spread her legs a bit. Steph moved her hand up but only a bit, and kept on talking.

Sandy was done, that was that. She couldn’t take it any longer. She grasped Steph’s hand and pulled it into her. Steph’s fingers could feel the wetness. Sandy’s bush was almost non-existent. This was a first for both of them. “Keep going,” Sandy moaned, not being totally clear if she meant story telling or rubbing. Steph did both.

Sandy’s mound was moist, firm and inviting. The outer lips had parted to greet Steph’s fingers and welcome them in. Steph simply let nature do the work. She slid her fingers into the crease of Sandy’s womanhood and kept telling the story. Sandy moaned and held firm to Steph’s wrist, working it like a vibrator, “Go on, go on,” she repeated.

Stephanie did. Suddenly, with no indication this might happen, Sandy leapt up and grabbed Steph. She pulled her to her and kissed her, deeply and with real purpose. Though shocked, Steph responded. Deep down, she expected this, but still…

The kissing continued, tongues intertwined and darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Sandy’s robe fell completely open and they embraced. “Strip, strip now,” groaned Sandy, and Steph, without being able to think, did so immediately. They stood in Sandy’s family room totally naked, embracing, kissing and pulling each other deeply into one and other. Their breasts mashed against each other, nipples rubbing into the flesh of the other. Steph began to nuzzle Sandy’s neck, running her fingers up and down her back. She had never stopped rubbing Sandy’s crotch and her fingers were tiring, but not enough to worry about.

Sandy at this point pushed Steph back onto the chair she had been sitting in. Steph fell back into the chair with a start but before she could react, Sandy had fallen to her knees and pushed Steph’s legs apart. She kissed her way up Steph’s thighs and then sucked Steph’s clit into her mouth. She sucked and tickled the clit with her tongue, nipping now and then gently with her teeth. Steph was dumbfounded. This was amazing. She had fantasized about a woman, but really wasn’t attracted to women so it was never a ‘planned’ reality. Without even thinking, she suddenly reached down and grabbed the back of Sandy’s head and began to massage her scalp yet pushing Sandy forward into the paradise that was Steph’s twat. Her hips began to buck and her breathing was rapid as she felt the climax approaching. Sandy felt it too, and it only increased her excitement. Licking maniacally, she felt Steph tense. Steph’s thighs tightened on Sandy’s head, squeezing her, yet Sandy kept on going until Steph made so much noise the walls began to shake.

Sandy got up and held Steph closely. “My turn,” purred Steph, and she slid off the seat onto the carpet, positioning Sandy for some payback. She had never done this before, but she knew what SHE liked, so, off went Steph to the racetrack.

She moved in slowly, brushing her cheeks against Sandy’s thighs, running her hands up and down Sandy’s legs. A small voice inside her mind said, “This isn’t a good idea. Do you really want to do this?” but another voice, a more aggressive and powerful voice kept saying, “Suck her pussy, suck her pussy!” Steph just let the other voice call the shots. She dove in and began to French kiss Sandy’s womanhood with as much abandon as Dave had done to her only a few weeks before. Steph was shocked at how easy and enjoyable it was. She figured she must be doing it right since Sandy was thrusting her pelvis into Steph’s face and moaning, “Oh hell yeah, oh HELL yeah, OH FUCKING HELL YEAH” over and over again. Steph just let nature and that pesky voice direct her actions.

After a few, just as Sandy was OBVIOUSLY having one hell of an orgasm, both of them were startled to hear a male voice groan out, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooh shit, uh, uh, uh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”. Sandy, too close to a climax just went with it. Steph, though startled, had no intention of letting Sandy down so she just kept going until Sandy gave her a tap on the head and moaned, “Ok, enough. I can’t go on.”

They looked over towards where the noise had come from, Sandy was lethargic but able to look, Steph hadn’t fully recovered from her own orgasm yet, but was fairly alert and also looked over. There, standing with his pants down, his cock in his hand and a small puddle in front of him stood Sandy’s husband Freddie. Freddy was leaning against the door jam, spent. At this point he didn’t even realize they were looking at him giggling softly.

Sandy piped up first, gathering what strength she could and said, “Hunny, do you remember Stephanie? She stopped by for a little lunch.” This made Steph giggle all the more.

Freddy, now more in tune with reality simply smiled and said, “I can see you ate.”

He grabbed a paper towel, cleaned himself up a bit and after pulling up his pants left the room saying, “Sorry for the interruption. Carry on ladies.” And he staggered away. The girls giggled and started making plans for a more involved visit, maybe even with Freddy being a more involved participant. Sandy doubted Freddie would have a problem with that.

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