Stephanie Tops Her Family

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Stephanie stood at the full-length mirror on her closet door, admiring her eighteen year old body. Slowly, sensuously, she unbuttoned her blouse, one deliberate button at a time. Finally, it hung open, revealing her full, but not overly large, breasts encased in a white, very utilitarian bra. She frowned a little at that, but it was the first thing she’d grabbed that morning, since she overslept and had to rush to get to school on time. The objectionable bra came off quickly, and so Steph stood there in her almost too-tight jeans, and nothing else.

Her fingers caressed the underside of her just-right breasts, before circling the areola, with their quickly hardening nipples. She was really proud of her nipples, because when she got really aroused, they were nearly rock-hard and about the size of the tip of her little finger. They were well on their way to full hardness as she circled them with her fingers and lightly pinched them while she played. Caressing as she went, she took a tit in each hand and savored the feel of her perfect-handful breasts, then gave them a little squeeze.

Stephanie loved the feel of her tits in her hands; the silky skin, their weight, and especially the fact that just touching them like this could get her so horny. It could sometimes be kind of embarrassing to get so worked up by touching her breasts, especially showering after gym class, but she loved the sensation so much she didn’t let “inappropriate” times keep her from enjoying herself.

From caressing her whole breast, Steph pulled her hands slowly outward, keeping her fingers in contact with her tits, until only two fingers of each hand remained, enclosing each nipple. A slight gasp escaped her mouth as she played with her nipples a little, then suddenly, she clamped down, hard.

A cry of pain, surprise and, most of all, arousal echoed off the walls of her room as she pinched her nipples with all her might. Her pussy moistened at the sensation, and the harder she bore down, the wetter it got. It took a monumental effort not to release them and spare herself the pain, but the delicious feeling that accompanied the pain wouldn’t be denied. Suddenly, she let up on the pressure her fingers created, and moaned at the feeling of the blood rushing back into the nips, then without giving herself time to get used to the feeling, squeezed again as hard as she could.

She was moaning openly now. She knew her brother would be home soon, but she wanted this to last. Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t know her brother had seen her play with herself before, in fact, she’d actually made sure a few times that he had something to look at.

Letting go of her nipples, she lightly ran her hands down her belly to the top of her blue jeans. Sensuously, she unbuttoned each button on the fly, then wriggled them off her hips and down her legs and off. Again, for the same reason as the bra, her underwear was screamingly dull. Making a face, she whisked off the boring panties and turned to the mirror.

Now, totally nude, she could really get into enjoying herself. She diddled her fingers around in her pubic bush, tugging on them a little, feeling how thick it was. She knew there were boys, and probably a few girls (at least those that weren’t in her gym classes), who wondered if she was a blond all over. Well, they’d know if they could see her now. The hair at her pussy was as light colored as the hair on her head. She knew what a rarity that was, and thought it made her just that much more special.

Running one hand down her thigh (the other had made its way back to her breasts), she lightly ran her fingernails all the way up the inside of her thigh until they reached her thick-furred cunt. Once there, her fingers went to work.

Avoiding her clit right away, her fingers played all around her pussylips, just touching the skin, making her shudder with delight. They then went to the lips themselves, pulling on them and caressing them, before pushing a finger up inside her cunt.

Steph loved playing with herself. She had to, since even though there were any number of boys at school who’d love to get into her panties, she still hadn’t had the nerve to actually go all the way. A couple of times she’d gotten close to losing her cherry, but at the last minute, she chickened out, and thank god the boys had satisfied themselves with getting a blow job. Stephanie loved sex, she knew how good it could make her feel, and she really enjoyed dressing in sexy underwear, but she still didn’t know if she could get herself to let a guy fuck her.

Anyway, while she was fingering her pussy hole, Steph reached out her thumb and gave her clit a good rub. At that, she jumped a little, and let out a long, low moan. Once she started working on her clit, Stephanie almost never let go, until she had two or three crashing orgasms. This time, however, she was on her way to a night out with some friends, and had to get dressed.

She sighed, then went to her dresser and got some underwear. This time, however, she picked escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli it more carefully than she had this morning.

Steph put on her bra, a lacy little thing that only just barely covered her tits, and was sheer enough that you could practically see right through it. Next, she started to put on a garter belt that matched the bra, then rolled stockings up her legs and attached them. She stood before the mirror and admired how well the black lace of the garter belt framed her blond pussy mound. Giving her clit another quick rub, she reached back and got her panties and put them on. These were a really lacy number with a thong back and they hid virtually nothing. As underwear, they were worthless, but as something that could make a girl feel really sexy and good about herself, they were great.

Just as she was ready to open the closet and start looking for the right dress to wear with something like this, Stephanie heard a sound outside her door. She turned to see that it was partly open, and saw her twin brother, Reggie, through the crack.

Suddenly, she didn’t feel like giving him a show. Before he could have a chance to run away, she dashed to the door and flung it open, knocking Reg onto his ass on the hallway floor. His pants were around his knees and his hard-on stuck out from between his shirt tails. After a few moments staring up at Stephanie with a shocked look on his face, he realized his state, and reached down to try to arrange himself.

“Stop right there, asshole,” Stephanie ordered. Reggie hesitated at the words and tone of voice she used. He’d never heard his sister talk to him like that. But his sense of propriety once more took over, and he tried to cover up his teenaged woody; he was starting to get a little embarrassed.

“Drop your hands.”

Stunned, he complied.

“Sit up.”

Once again, he followed the order.

“Unbutton your shirt.”

Partly scared at the situation, Reggie popped open the front of his shirt until it hung loose. A distant part of him wondered why he hadn’t gone soft, yet.

“Remove your shirt and pants.”

All of a sudden, he realized that if he did that, he’d be completely naked in front of his sister. Granted, she was pretty naked herself, in fact, she looked downright fantastic. That thought made his dick throb. So, he quickly shrugged off the shirt and sat back and threw off his pants.

Now, Reggie was perfectly nude before his scantily clad, really sexy-looking sister. This bossy side of her was something he knew she had, but she’d never sounded like this, or told him to do things like this before.

Stephanie, while this was all going on, was partially viewing herself from a distance. Where was this all coming from? She’d never been so demanding before, and surely not like this. But now that it was happening, she was getting really turned on; by the ordering, and most of all, by the fact that Reggie was doing what she told him to. The power trip was really making her pussy juice up.

“Back on your knees, shithead. Hands behind your back.

“So, you like watching me, huh?”

Reggie nodded.

“You think that’s alright?”

He started, “Well, I think that sometimes you…”

She interrupted, “Shut up! Yes, you’re right. At times I knew you were watching me, and I realized you were stroking your cock while doing so. I’ll admit, sometimes I put on little shows for you. It turned me on to know I was sexy enough to get even my own brother hard. That’s over. Your hard-ons now belong to me. There will be no more jacking off without my permission. Is that clear?”

Reggie damn near came right then and there. He hadn’t realized he had this side to him. But here he was, turned on like never before at hearing that his sister now was the mistress of his cock. The thought scared and aroused him. Surely this was wrong, yet, his cock seemed to be saying it was okay. That dilemma supposedly resolved, his submissive side took over again.


“Yes, what, slave?”

Reggie’s eyes snapped up to look at Stephanie’s face. He was surprised to hear himself called “slave” like that, yet some perverse side of him really relished the thought of being his sister’s sex slave. He bowed his head again. “Yes, mistress.”

“Yes, mistress, what?”

Now he was a little confused. What else could she want him to say? He’d just agreed to what she’d said… Then, it dawned on him. She wanted to hear him say it. His cock twitched a little as he said to his sister,

“Yes, mistress, my hard cock is yours. I will not cum without your permission.”

Stephanie nearly wet herself at that. She’d never before had control of someone like this, but now that she had it, she didn’t think she could stand to lose it. Even though she was still a virgin (surprisingly enough, considering some of the girls she hung out with), she still had a strong sex drive, and it was so hard to maintain escort gaziantep yeni bayan her principles while her hormones were screaming out at her to get fucked, but so far, she’d won out. Now, here was the strongest aphrodisiac she’d ever heard of: power, control, and she liked it! This would allow her to get a sexual kick and still keep her own agenda on her virginity.

Now, she turned back to where her brother knelt on the upstairs hallway floor, eyes downcast, waiting for what was coming next.

“Come into my room.”

Reggie started to rise, but Steph stopped him. “On your hands and knees, like a good slave always enters his mistress’s room.” As her brother leaned forward and caught his weight on his outstretched hands, she turned and went into her room, not looking back to see if he’d follow, she knew he would.

While she waited for Reggie to come in, Stephanie rummaged around in her closet for a pair of black heels that would go with her garter belt ensemble. When she turned around after putting on the sexiest pair of shoes she could find, she found her brother back on his knees, hands behind his back, eyes downcast, hard prick pointing straight toward the ceiling. She noticed a drop of precum at the head of his cock, and a shiny streak down one side, where the previous drop or drops had run. Part of her wanted to lay back on her bed and rub her cunt until she came, she was so horny from the power rush, but she knew that, at least at present, she needed to think of something to do with her brother… And then, it came to her.

“Slave, I want you to come closer to the edge of my bed.” Reggie crawled to her bedside. “Now, I want you to stay right there. You are not to move. Anything. Ah, yes, just in case…” She went to her dresser and pulled out a couple of pairs of nylons, and picked up the horrid pair of underpants she had worn to school. Tying Reggie’s hands behind his back, she told him, “This will make sure you don’t touch your prick….” then she shoved the panties into his mouth and tied them in place with the second pair of nylons, “And this will make sure you don’t get any other smart alecky ideas.”

Stephanie then sat down on the edge of her bed, facing her bound brother, and pulled aside the crotch of her lacy panties. “See here? This is what you’ve only been able to see from a distance. I bet you always wished you could be this close while you were beating off to me, huh? Well, dickhead, I’m now going to get off on you. And there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it.

“My pussy is so fucking wet, you could probably smell me if you were still out in the hall. You can’t believe how horny you’ve made me, being my little brother-slave. Get used to it. I’ve got plans for you.

“Now, asshole, I’m going to put on a show, and you’re going to watch. And you’re not going to be able to stroke along. Don’t you dare cum, even so. I know how horny you guys are.”

With that, Stephanie started to rub her clit. She gasped in surprise. She hadn’t realized that she was so horny that she was almost ready to cum with just a single touch of her pussy. Fighting back the urge to just let it all go – she wanted this to last a little bit – Steph let off her clit immediately and just started to gently rub all around her lips, pulling on them, caressing them. A moan escaped her lips when she slipped a finger, then two, inside her hot, slick cunt. She really was wet, they went in with no effort at all. After a short moment’s thought, she added a third finger, and started to really plunge her hand into her throbbing hole. Working her thumb against her clit at the same time, she was getting extremely close to a crashing orgasm.

Reggie was moaning against the panty-gag, his cock twitching and throbbing , wanting just some slight sensation in order to release the backed-up torrent of jism that waited impatiently for its chance. He thrust his hips back and forth, trying to get in contact with something, the bed, Steph’s foot, her leg, anything. This had to be the most arousing thing he’d ever seen, ever experienced, and here he was, unable to do anything about it!

But, then again, maybe that was what made it so arousing. If he’d been able to touch himself, he’d have shot off already, and even though he could always cum a second time, the first was always best. Anyway, if he’d cum already, he’d be winding down before the second time, and he wouldn’t be able to enjoy fully the show that his sister was putting on for him. Being forced to watch something that he wanted to see should have put him off, but he only wanted it more. Steph was writhing on the bed, her fingers frantic on her soaked cunt. She was really close to cumming. Reggie thought his sister never looked sexier than she did right now. Just when Reg thought he was going to burst, Steph’s hips quivered involuntarily, and she screamed at the top of her lungs. Reggie nearly came with his sister – even though he hadn’t touched his cock escort gaziantep zayıf bayan – but he never was able to get himself over the edge.

Stephanie sat up after a few minutes, breathing hard. Her hair was kind of messy, but Reggie thought that just added to the sexy, sort-of-slutty look her outfit gave her. Reg was still twitching a little, his little animal mind having taken over his body, while his brain thought out other things.

Steph looked him over with a slight look of disgust on her face, then reached between her legs and rubbed her hand in her sloppy wet cunt, then reached out to Reggie’s face. He wondered what she wanted him to do, since he was gagged, but found out when she kept going and rubbed her juices on his face. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand while the other smeared her pussy cream all over his cheeks, over his eyes, across his nose, chin and mouth, and then into his hair. When she was done, his face glistened a little, his hair was a disaster, and he smelled very pungently of cunt.

Sitting back to admire her handiwork, Stephanie said, “Very nice, slave. You look good with my juice all over you. I hope you like it. Also, you did well not touching yourself, ha ha. However, I did say you were not to move. At all. And I noticed a couple of times that you were anything but still. I think you deserve punishment for not following orders. What do you think?” Of course, Reg could say nothing, and his grunts of protest fell on deaf ears. “Why, I’m glad you agree. Turn around here a little and put your shoulders on the floor. I’ll put my pillow down here so you don’t hurt your little head.”

Stephanie then went into the hall, grabbed Reggie’s discarded pants, removed his belt, then dropped them again. Her brother was on his knees, bent at the waist with his head down on the floor, and his hands still tied behind his back. His cock seemed unnaturally hard, and in just the short time he’d been kneeling there, Steph saw a line of his juice stretching from his dick to the floor, forming a little pool. This boy was excited! But she hadn’t made him cum yet, which sort of disappointed her. Her little brother must have more willpower than she gave him credit for, or maybe he wasn’t as attracted to her as she thought. Anyway, cum or not, she knew she was getting off on this, and she thought that he was really digging it, too.

Forcing back an impulse to reach out and grab her brother’s cock and make it spurt, Stephanie looked into Reggie’s frightened eyes and said, “Now, little brother-slave, get ready for a whipping, just like we used to get when we were little and didn’t follow orders.”

Stephanie folded the buckle end of the belt up a couple of times, to give herself a handle of sorts, and also to make it a little stiffer, for a bit more control. She tried cutting through the air with it a few times, adjusting the length until she liked the way it felt, then told her quivering victim, “Here it comes, and just you sit back here and enjoy it, you brought it on yourself.”

WHACK! A broad red line appeared across Reggie’s upturned butt cheeks. He let out a yelp and tried to move, but his position made getting out of the way extremely difficult. And falling over wasn’t in the cards right now.

WHACK! Reg couldn’t tell if Stephanie was using all her strength or not, but it had been so long since he’d gotten a belt spanking that it still hurt like hell.

WHACK! A thought occurred to him: What would the guys say in the locker room after gym class if he had an ass covered with red belt streaks? And then: What the hell would the guys be doing looking at his ass, anyway?

WHACK! He was starting to get used to this. The burning pain was being replaced by a warmth that spread from his asscheeks to his dick, which was once again starting to reach the point of no return…

“What on earth is going on in here?”

Stephanie spun around to face her mom, who stood in the doorway with Reggie’s clothes in her hand. A look of confusion was on Mom’s face. No anger, just a nonplussed look that said she didn’t understand what was happening. Once she realized what her children were up to, then she’d be mad, and Stephanie knew it.

Taking a *big* gamble, she said in the same tone she’d used on Reggie, “Shut up and get on your knees, slut!”

Mom jerked back as if she’d been slapped. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times, as if ready to say something, but deciding against it. A confusion bigger than she’d experienced earlier crossed her face, then it relaxed into resignation. Her head slowly bowed, she dropped the clothes she held, and she slowly sank to the floor.

Stephanie stood flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe this! Her mom was kneeling to her, just like her brother had! A wave of almost overwhelming power swept over her and nearly brought her to orgasm just at the sight. This was getting good! Home life was shaping up to be a lot more interesting.

“Look at me.”

Mom’s eyes shifted from the floor to Stephanie’s face.

“Squeeze your tits.”

Mom’s gaze never wavered, but her hands reached up and took her breasts and started to caress and squeeze them.

Stephanie looked over at her brother and saw his eyes wide in disbelief. He’d never seen his mother as much of a sexual creature, but here she was, acting like she had no will at all, touching herself in front of him and his sister.

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