Stephanie’s Lust

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I had pretty much known Stephanie all my life. Growing up together, we had been best of friends through public school, and more than friends during high school. We had common interests and common goals. The closest we ever came to dating was going together to the senior high school prom, and neither of us dated anyone else. I think you could have described our relationship as intensely platonic, as we were often inseparable.

The summer after high school was a wonderfully enjoyable time for us. I worked at a small local business, and Stephanie had a job at a local day camp. Evenings and weekends, we explored our countryside, often by bicycle, and we swam in the local quarry. I think it was here that I started seeing Stephanie differently. Swimming behind her in the crystal clear water gave me a perspective I hadn’t previously considered, and it was quite the perspective!

She was no longer the slightly pudgy, mousy-haired best buddy of mine. She had shot up to a svelte and willowy five foot seven, with an athletic frame and small, perky breasts, the perfect foil for my six-foot-one-inch frame. Her hair dipped just below her shoulder blades and had this golden reddish hue to it when the sun caught it in the right light.

Swimming showcased her long legs, and exposed some of her parts which I had never seen close up, and at angles which would have been considered totally inappropriate in any other circumstances.

I realized that she was gorgeous, by anyone’s definition, and I loved the things I could see in her that others would miss: I loved the way she would jut her chin out when she became assertive, the way it would go in the opposite direction when she was upset or afraid of something. I adored her big eyes which spoke volumes about her moods. They were the windows to her soul, and the blinds were never shut to me. I loved her smile that could light up a room, and steal my heart. I loved how she seemed to float when she walked, and when she ran.

When I got close to her, her smell distracted me from whatever I had been doing. She would brush against me in the most innocent of ways, and I would find my heart pounding while I held my breath.

We had several “dates” that were pretty much non-events, but we both knew that a new chapter was close on the horizon.

Our first kiss was seemingly by accident, and we came together inadvertently, and she turned her head up to kiss me on the lips. She lingered a bit, and we both felt embarrassed by this change in our behaviour. I certainly didn’t stop us from trying again and experimenting with lips on lips, tongue flicks, and oral explorations. We progressed slowly to touching each other, cautiously at first, and them more boldly, as we both realized that this is where we both wanted our relationship to go.

I had my hands all over Stephanie, and hers were all over me, but always with a chaperone of clothing accompanying us.

The summer activities climaxed with a swim one evening in the quarry. It was just before dusk and we had been necking, teasing each other, and we were considering heading home when she sidled up beside me and looked over at me with an expression I couldn’t quite place.

“Have you ever skinny dipped?” She whispered as she leaned into me. “There is no-one else around, so I thought now might be a good time!”

I choked. I couldn’t get any words out, spluttering stupidly. How many times had I played this scenario in my head, only to totally freeze when there was a real possibility of it happening.

Stephanie pushed against my arm with hers. “A cat got your tongue?” She giggled. “I promise to be good, let’s go in right now.”

She jumped up, pulled my hand, and we were in the deep end immediately. Treading water, she smiled at me, and one of her hands came up with her bikini top in it. She tossed it lightly on the rocky ledge where we had been sitting.

“Your turn,” and she grinned at me.

Now taking off your top might be easy while treading water, but taking off a pair of shorts is a slightly more challenging proposition, especially with an erect flagpole running interference. After a couple of underwater summersaults, I had mission accomplished and flashed the shorts above my head to signal my success and tossed them onto of her bikini top.

Stephanie laughed at me, and said, “I think I’ve changed my mind,” and she started swimming away from me. With that began the chase, and because we were fairly evenly matched, it took me a while to finally grab a flailing foot. I pulled her towards me, and we splashed shamelessly together for a few moments.

Treading water again, she moved closer, and gently kissed me on the lips.

“You are really a sweetheart,” she whispered, “and I have always loved you.” She waved her bottoms in my nose, and they too disappeared onto the rocky shore.

You can’t get too intimate while treading water, but there was a lot of frolicking and splashing over the next little while. I could only see her underwater, and Stephanie İstanbul Escort moved and swerved to make it quite the challenge. I would clutch at her, and she would twist out of my grasp, zigging and zagging up or down easily.

She was like a seal, slippery and wet, and I could not get a hold of her, yet our bodies collided time and again, with her breasts sliding over me, and her groin mashing up against my legs or back.

“You are an evil tease!” I called to her, and she swam at me, lunging up to wrap her legs around my hips and her arms around my neck.

“Yes I am,” she replied with the same vigour, kissing me as she rubbed her groin hard into me, her unguarded pussy wide open and against my shrunken member. She paused, kissed me more as I felt the first throbs in my cock against her mound. She then slowly and deliberately rubbed her pussy against me some more.

I had one foot perched precariously on a rocky underwater ledge, and I pushed water behind me with one arm in an effort to stay upright and push back into Stephanie. I wrapped my other arm around her waist in a desperate attempt to pull her closer. I could feel myself rising to meet her, and as my cock brushed her open lips, I thrust into her soft underparts. What I thought was going to be the joining of our physical selves into a metaphorical ‘one’ became chaos, as we became rapidly unbalanced and slipped under the water, thrashing and gasping in a confused mess of flailing limbs and appendages. She pushed me away laughing and spluttering, and it was minutes before I even got close to her again.

Finally, I had her cornered near out wet swimwear, at the edge of the quarry where we could put our feet on a firm ledge, and I managed to corral her in my arms. She looked into my face and kissed me intently, her lips on mine, and her tongue teasing the end of my tongue. She launched herself onto me again, legs around my waist this time, holding her to me. I could feel her furry pussy on my pubis as she reached down below her bottom, and touched my again now soft, cold and retracted member. She cupped her hand around my scrotum and wondered where my balls had gone to.

“Its cold and they are hiding for warmth,” I replied.

“That is a good way for them to be right now,” she whispered. “Keep us both out of trouble.”

“If you keep on teasing me like this l could be ready for you in no time at all,” I replied.

She told me that was a good promise for another day, and that she was mine when the time was right. I felt the throbbing of impending trouble, as Stephanie wiggled lower on me, rubbing her mound against my limp organ, encouraging it to return to life. Then when I had started to rise to the occasion, she turned and jumped away. She was out of the water in a flash, calling out not to look while she bent over in an exaggerated fashion to grab her clothing. She peeked out from behind her legs, and call out “You’re cheating!” She wrapped a towel about her chest and dried herself.

How could I not have looked? My eyes were about to pop out of my head with the unimpeded view she had given me. Her pussy had fine, dark curls, and I had seen her slit, dripping and moist right in front of me. There was a world of difference between books and magazines and the real live Stephanie standing in front of me.

She laughed again, telling me to hurry up and get out, but I needed just a bit more time to cool off again in one particular area.

By the time I did get out, Stephanie had her cutoff jeans pulled up over her bikini shorts and a T-shirt on top. She handed me a towel and I couldn’t help but notice her noticing me, sizing me up so to speak.

She stepped closer to me, reaching down to cup my balls in her hand, and ran her fingers over my cock. I could feel myself surging to life again, and she stroked my cock gently, looking down at it.

She cooed, “So you think I’m just a tease, do you?” and she bent over, and gave my tip a kiss, then took the whole glans in her mouth.

“Oh my,” she looked at me from up close. “We are standing proud and tall!” She stroked it a few times, and remarked on how hard it was, yet so soft.

Kissing and licking it, I swooned as all my blood seemed to rush for my penis and away from my brain. I put my hand on her shoulders for balance as I fought to keep standing. I could feel the throb deep down, and as she took more of me in her mouth and gently stroked the length of my organ as it hardened beyond what I could have imagined. I knew I could not last long. All the teasing, the closeness, and promise of sex climaxed in an incredibly intense contraction starting from the base of my cock and I pulled her head away as the first rope of cum shot powerfully past her face. She jerked her head back, then placed her lips over my cock again, as the lesser contractions continued, murmuring at the newfound taste in her mouth.

Stephanie stood up and I staggered into my shorts. She was pressing herself up against me in a full frontal, and İstanbul Escort bayan she reached up to grab my head to her, and gave me a wonderfully full kiss, lingering ever so long.

“Time to get home,” She murmured. And so we headed back home, and I was sorely disappointed that it wasn’t to the same home and bedroom.

That night, lying alone, I wondered at the incredible change in our relationship. It seemed to natural, but I wondered if I was the one following Stephanie’s lead. She was teasing me mercilessly, but I was game, playing along because I knew that this is how she needed to go forward. Nevertheless, it was in a state of near bliss that I drifted off to a deep and profound sleep.

Waking the next morning, I realized that if I was indeed a little behind the eight-ball, I had better do some of my due diligence in finding out how to please a woman. Not in the daily activities per se, but if things progressed the way I was thinking and hoping they might, I needed to be a little less naive, more prepared in fact for some major anatomic explorations.

So with this in mind, I headed out to the “library”, to do a little research of my own.

Unfortunately, as often happen, life gets in the way. University, the local university where we both had been accepted, started and all of a sudden, every waking minute was filled with studying, social events (together) and sports activities. It was several weeks before we had a chance to be together alone again, without a parental chaperone, or a group of rowdy, intoxicated college juniors as company.

This finally occurred after a party in one of the dormitories in which Stephanie had a friend. The party itself was pretty tame, a few foolishly drunk souls, and a lot of disinhibited kids doing silly but not stupid things. We left together, and Stephanie took my arm around her shoulders, with her other around my waist, and we meandered across campus in the general direction of home.

“My parents are out this evening,” was all she had to say to change our direction to more of a beeline towards her place.

Entering her place was like going home for me. It was my second home, and her bedroom was just a comfortable a place to be as my own was. We headed there, I being guided by Stephanie’s steady hand.

Sitting on the bed, she wrapped her hand around me and we started kissing. Not frantically, but with enough passion to block out the rest of the world. Nothing else would matter, nothing else was this important.

I kissed her lips, and after some furious jousting with our tongues, I started up her jawline to her neck and her precious earlobes. She moaned with pleasure and I found the courage to start exploring with my hands, gliding them gently up her waist to her breasts, still sheathed by all her clothing.

She stilled my hand and murmured in my ear that she was not protected, so we had to keep our heads. I replied that a double coating of underwear was pretty good protection if that was her limit, and she pushed my hand back up to her breasts.

Pretty soon, my kisses had reached her collar and hemlines, and I struggled to extend the boundaries of our discovery. I started pulling her blouse up and over her head, and she responded by doing the same with mine. I had always been quite dextrous, and I got lucky flicking her bra clasp undone first try. We collided skin on skin, and I marvelled in the incredible feeling of closeness which it instills.

This was not like the quarry and its cold water and playful daring. This was an intimacy which was a first for both of us, and we realized that it could only ever be the pinnacle of our relationship.

I kissed her gently, savouring our discovery, and she lifted her hips for me to slide down her jeans. She fumbled with my belt, finally unclasping it and tugging down my jeans.

I lay against her and she pulled at my waist, bring me onto of her. My penis was now fully awake and engorged, straining at my boxers and indeed, poking out of the front slot of the shorts. Stephanie had wrapped her legs around me, so I was pressing on her delicate areas with the end of my cock, and the only thing separating us was her layer of delicate pink panties.

We kissed and rocked, driving each other just a little beyond the bounds on reasonable self-control.

I pulled up, bending down to kiss her navel and lower. With my chin, I pushed her panties down, but she reached over and arrested my advance.

I kissed her through her panties, and her moaning only increased. I pushed hard with my tongue, indenting the panties, and rubbing my nose up and down her cleft. She pushed against me, and encouraged, I let my tongue explore the edge of her panties, lifting the hem with my fingers and exploring with my tongue towards her cleft.

As I managed to get up toward the top of her cleft, and found her clitoris, she thrust against me even harder, and the dampness of her precious parts invaded our space, the aroma of sex and desire Escort İstanbul almost becoming unbearable. I pulled her panties aside further as I thrust with my tongue harder and faster, and Stephanie growled in a way that I had never heard before. Pretty soon she was arching and convulsing, making no end of incomprehensible sounds, and clutching my head to her groin.

I straightened out, and pulled her panties aside further, placing the tip of my cock between her generous lips at her entrance, pushing the head in, crown deep into her canal. Gliding up and down a few times between her lips to moisten my tip and make it really slippery, I wasn’t really sure of my aim or her entrance, but she seemed to regain her composure before I could find my path. Her hands were suddenly on my hips, pushing me away instead of welcoming me to her.

“No, no, no,” was all she said, sharply sending me away, and I moaned, moving back to send my kisses back up her abdomen and to her breasts. I kissed then sucked on her nipples, eliciting an incredibly loud response. Encouraged, I sucked at them and pulled at them with my lips over my teeth. She pulled my head into her, and I continued. Covered again, she was thrusting her mound into me again, with great fervour, and I was a little beyond myself. I thrust at her, panties notwithstanding, and felt the rise of the great pressure in the base of my cock.

I groaned, and she pulled me to her harder. I felt the onset of uncontrollable contractions as I lifted my hips, as jet after jet of semen flashed up onto her breasts, and beyond. I collapsed onto her, and she held me tightly.

We lay together for a long time. Finally, she roused herself, and nudged me, calling me back to our world.

“My parents will be home soon,” was all she had to say, and we were cleaned up and dressed in a flash, and back downstairs, with a board game out, and a couple of glasses of water on the side.

I looked at her, and she returned my stare as if to say that nothing would ever be the same again. And I was thankful for that because this would be an adventure of a lifetime, and for a lifetime.

Weeks went by, and Stephanie was always close, but seemingly unattainable. We studied together in the libraries, cycled, ran, walked, talked and ate together, but always in the midst of a coterie or our peers, never seemingly to find the time to be alone together.

Thanksgiving came and went. Then, on a cold day in early December, I told Stephanie that my parents were planning a weekend trip for the following week. We could finally have a bit of privacy, and togetherness which we had been missing in our lives.

The Friday finally came, and I walked Stephanie home after a late lab together. In spite of the lack of private time together, we had grown closer, paying attention to each other’s needs and wants, and non-verbal signals. I could tell what she felt like just by being close to her. She could read my mind, I swear. She knew what I was thinking before I knew what I was thinking. It was scary, but it was so good.

We bought a bottle of wine at the local wine store on the way home. I let her in, and as soon as the door was locked, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her with a passion that went beyond description. She put her finger to my lips after a bit and suggested we should try the wine.

Afterward, we sat on the porch, just watching the world go by. Eventually, Stephanie took my hand, and lead me to my bedroom.

“I need a bit of you,” was all she had to say, and we lay together, gently kissing and exploring each other’s faces.

I was kissing her on the ears, and delving deeper, down her neck, when she sat up and flung off her top, freeing her bosom next with a simple flick of her wrists. She pulled at my shirt, freeing me also of my civilized attire.

I’ve always thought that the most wonderful feeling in the world is not the act of sex, but the feeling of skin on skin with a person you love, and this feeling made me soar to heights seldom known. I explored her skin as she did mine.

Finally, she lifted her hips and nodded to me. I slid her pants down, leaving her clad only in her light blue panties, and she returned the favour, watching in amusement as my member strained against its restraints.

“You can’t see my desire,” she cooed, as I tried to hide mine.

“Oh but I can,” I whispered noticing a wet spot on her panties, “and I can certainly smell it too.” The aroma of her sex and need filled the room.

We kissed and touched each other, sliding our hands over the expanses of skin.

As the intensity of our exploration increased, I could feel Stephanie’s breathing change. It was time to set out on a voyage of discovery!

I kissed her nipples, wrapping my tongue around each one, in turn, gently tugging at them eliciting a throaty moan from deep within her as they became turgid. Stephanie had her hand in my hair, pulling me closer, willing me to increase to attention and intensity to her breasts.

Dragging my kisses lower, I trailed them between her breasts, and followed her valley floor lower, to the flatness of her stomach, and lower still to the edge of her delicate blue panties. Carefully, I pushed them down, exploring the edge of her hairline. The moans continued.

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