Store’s Open Ch. 03

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Store’s Open Ch. 3

Please read Store’s Open and Store’s Open Ch. 2 before reading this, in order to get the context. Thanks. Also, in Ch. 2, I realize I somehow left a small part out at the start, a part about Lyn heading for a summer skills development camp. My apologies.


While Mel and I definitely enjoyed the remaining time we had before Lyn returned from her trip to camp, I was wondering what would happen when she returned. Would she and Mel be okay with each other? Would they both be okay with me? Would Mel ‘hand back’ to Lyn when her younger sister returned? Or would she insist she was now to be the sole ‘object’ of my affections and sexual interludes? I was about to find out.

Lyn arrived home, Dad driving the car. They drove in, parked, and Dad began to get Lyn’s ‘stuff’ out of the car.

Lyn, meanwhile, walked right by me without so much as a hello, went right up to Mel, and demanded “Well?”

Mel replied with a grin, “Absolutely!”

Lyn took that in, said “Good?”

Mel responded immediately with “Fantastic!”

Lyn said “Awright!”, gave Mel a high five, and walked back toward the house.

About that time, Dad said “Ron, give Lyn a hand. This bag of hers is heavy. Carry it up to her room for her.”

I was quick to respond, grabbed the bag, and headed after Lyn. She led the way through the kitchen to the stairs, turned to climb them (which put her out of sight of the rest). I walked closely behind. As soon as she knew no one could see, she wiggled her ass at me as she climbed. I was suddenly getting hard.

I followed her up to the top of the stairs, down the hall, and into her and Mel’s bedroom. There, I dropped the bag on the floor – and in a moment, we were tearing at each other’s clothes, removing everything except, for some reason as always before, her top. That remained in place.

We had so little time before we were expected back downstairs. Our sexual tryst, fed by urgency, was hot and heavy, raw and raunchy. In no time at all, we were both fucking, fucking, fucking, exploding, cumming.

We dressed, and walked back downstairs. As we came into the kitchen, I saw Mel, sitting there in top and slacks, sorting through vegetables. She looked up at us, then off to the side, saw no one was looking – and slid a zucchini between her legs to her pussy, at the same time moving her left hand up to her right breast, giving it a quick squeeze and lift. She smiled. I smiled back, nodded, and she returned to her work.

The next day, the family was heading off to town. We were all supposed to go, when Mel said “I thought Ron and Lyn had too much study to do to be able to go.”

I mumbled something about yes, that was the case, but I felt I should go. (In my mind, I blessed Mel for her awareness.) Lyn expressed a similar sentiment. Mom would hear none of it. If we had studying to do, we had to do it. Money for college didn’t grow on trees, and if we had work to do, that had to be first. And so the family, Mel along with them, headed into town while Lyn and I remained behind.

While we now had time on our hands, we weren’t about to waste it. We went up to the bedroom, undressed and lay together on the bed. We didn’t immediately begin to fuck; instead, we touched, stroked, nibbled, and talked.

At one point, Lyn asked “So, how did you and Mel get going?”

I told her about the day at lunch, when Mel had suddenly suggested I help her with her homework – and had begun running her fingers up my legs, then fondling my crotch.

Lyn laughed “That’s just like Mel! Risky as hell, but loving every minute of it.”

I told her that I was initially scared stiff. She said with a grin “I can imagine you were stiff!” I had to admit I was.

I recounted how I had then got upstairs to their bedroom, and found Mel waiting on the bed, book in hand, completely naked.

At that, Lyn broke in, saying “She has a great pair of tits, doesn’t she?”

I was a bit taken aback. How do you answer a question like that? The only thing I could think to say was to be honest. “Yes”, I said. “She does.”

Lyn grinned, then continued “I can imagine you enjoyed getting your hands on them. And your mouth. And she likely loved having them sucked.”

I decided I may as well match her comments, so I said “Yes. And fucked.”

Lyn laughed. “You bastard! I guess I asked for that. I can imagine the two of you had a great time together.”

I said, changing the subject, “There’s one thing I’m wondering. Every time we’ve made love, you have kept your top on. Why is that?”

Lyn paused, somewhat uncertain. Then she said “Well, I know mine are nowhere near as big as Mel’s. I’ve always been a bit embarrassed that they are so small, that somehow they wouldn’t measure up.”

I said “Well, I’ll Girne Escort be the judge of that.” And without a moment’s pause, I whipped her top up and over her head. She tried for a moment to stop me, but it was too late.

Her breasts were, indeed, much smaller than Mel’s. They were, as my brother-in-law had once described, “like fried eggs”. That, though, wasn’t the whole story, far from it.

Her breasts may have been small, but her nipples were amazing. Mel had gorgeous boobs, full and round. Her nipples would get hard, but remained small. Lyn’s, on the other hand, towered above her boobs. To my mind, they just screamed to be kissed, licked, and sucked. I set about to do exactly that.

I had no idea what a pair of nipples like that would be like. They were wonderful! Their feel in my mouth, my tongue circling them, my lips and mouth sucking them, was amazing. I was enthralled by their texture, taste – and by Lyn’s response. As I revelled in them, she moaned her appreciation, I think not just for how it felt to have me kissing, licking, sucking them, but for what that was saying to her about this intimate part of her body. My actions were letting her know I thought she was/they were not just acceptable, but beautiful. And she responded accordingly, letting me ravage her nipples, suck them, pleasure them, enjoy them.

What happened in me, too, was different than I had anticipated. Of course I thought I would enjoy them. But I found that, within me, there also developed a greater appreciation for Lyn herself. While originally we had tolerated each other living in the same house, now I was coming to experience her as a beautiful person in her own right, someone not to be invaded and plundered, but to be embraced, pleasured, enjoyed. I was a lucky fellow.

After some time treating myself to those marvellous nipples, with my hands meanwhile doing the rounds of her body, I stopped, pulled back. We lay there together, continued to chat.

“So”, she asked, “was there anything special about the way you and Mel made out?” I didn’t get the sense that she was insecure, wanting to be the top person. Instead, she was genuinely interested, perhaps even excited at the fact Mel and I had also connected, enjoyed sex together. Again, I felt an appreciate for her.

I said “Well, yes. There was something in about our third day together.” I paused. She waited, intrigued, as the memory of it came back to me. I continued. “We were on the bed together, both naked, as you can imagine. Mel had a little more work to do before we could continue, so she lay on her stomach, book in front of her, reading. I rolled on top of her, rested my cock in the crack of her ass. I then asked her to lift herself a bit, so I could slide my hands under her, hold her tits. I knew she liked me playing with them, squeezing and fondling them. She lifted herself a bit, I slid my hands under, and she rested back down. I began gently playing with her tits, and she gave a bit of a murmur of contentment as she continued reading.”

I paused, then continued, saying “Just for fun, I decided I would do a bit of dry humping, slowly sliding my cock up and down the crack of her ass.”

I described how, after a few strokes like that, Mel murmured sexily, “You’re doing something to me with that.” I had just grinned, and continued, very gently.

I described to Lyn how, at one point, Mel began moving herself, her hips rotting slightly, her ass rising to meet me. Nothing major, just a gentle rocking between us, as she continued to read – though I thought she was having more difficulty doing that.

I said “Then somehow our timing missed. And suddenly, instead of us sliding together as one, back and forth, the head of my cock was at her asshole, she was moving back and up as I was moving forward. And the head of my cock slid inside. Just the head, but definitely inside.”

Lyn’s mouth dropped open, her eyes bulged out. “Ohmigosh.” Her breath caught, in shock. Then her face changed, broke into a huge grin, and she said, a hint of excited incredulity in her voice, “You fucked Mel in the ass!? Omigawd, how did that go?”

I answered “Well, it definitely surprised us both. And I wasn’t going to go any further. But it was what happened then that really surprised me.”

Lyn had a look of questioning wonder on her face. “What happened?”

I said “As you can imagine, Mel was suddenly no longer reading. Her hands were gripping the sheets, hanging on.” I described hoe Mel’s breathing stopped, her breath pushing out of her body in an explosive gasp. I continued “Then suddenly her right hand reached for your night table, opened the drawer, and pulled out a tube. She squeezed a dollop of liquid onto her left hand, then reached back with it and Kıbrıs Escort slathered it on my cock. Then she said ‘go slow’. I was stunned. She was actually giving me the okay to fuck her ass!”

Lyn chuckled. “That is so much like Mel. She wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to be fucked in the ass. But now that it was happening, she would want to know where it would go, what it would be like, and so would help it along. That’s her alright. So, what happened?”

I described how I had slowly, ever so slowly, pushed my way in, then would pull out a bit, then in again, a bit further each time. I also described how, several times as I pulled out a bit, Mel would reach back and slather a bit more lube on my cock, easing my entrance. The asshole isn’t designed for that kind of activity, needs all the lube help it can get. As I recounted the experience, I saw on Lyn’s face a look of combined fear and excitement.

Eventually I had made it in all the way, my hip bones pressing against the cheeks of Mel’s ass. She was still breathing heavily, but as we rested there, she began to relax. I, on the other hand, was still rock hard.

Then, as she relaxed, her breathing slowing, she had said “Okay, start fucking me.”

I described to Lyn how I had begun moving slowly withdrawing further than I had on the way in, then sliding my cock in to the hilt, pressing against Mel’s cheeks. Mel had begun to move with me, meeting me. We had moved together, faster and harder, until I was literally ramming my cock into her ass. Then she was cumming, and cumming again. And I was exploding, filling her, my balls being drained.

Lyn was entranced by my account. The look on her face was one of uncertainty. It had sounded so exciting, so desirable, and yet she was clearly uncertain about it all. She asked “Did you do it again?”

I said no, that we had talked about it, how it had taken us both by surprise, how we had enjoyed it, but that somehow we had no sense that we wanted a ‘repeat performance’. We talked about the possibility that perhaps one day we would try it again, but this time facing each other, her on her back, me standing beside the bed and lifting her, bending her back to gain access to her ass. That would allow us to see each other’s faces, be far more aware of each other as we had an anal fuck. That might happen some day, but not at this point, and perhaps never.

That seemed to satisfy Lyn. She said “I’m not sure I would want that. But I’m glad to hear you and Mel did it, and that even if you never do it again, it was good for you both.” She paused, then with a grin, “I imagine her ass was really tight.”

I reminded her of the first time she and I had fucked, and how her cunt was so incredibly tight that we, too, had had to go very, very slowly. The difference, I said, was that her cunt had eventually relaxed, my entry becoming a natural and desirable activity for which her whole body was built, whereas Mel’s ass was never built for that. Yet there was no question fucking her ass, while something we might never do again, had eventually proved pleasurable, for both of us.

That discussion over, Lyn said “It’s so good to be back together. I think we should take full advantage of this time.” And with that, she took me in her mouth, got me hard. It didn’t take long!

Now rock hard, I said “I think there’s something I need to do.” I got up from the bed, stood at the side. I took Lyn’s legs, pulled her to the edge, lifted her feet over my shoulders, and slid my cock into her cunt.

She gave a satisfied “Ummm..”, then “I like the way you think.”

I began long gentle strokes. We were in no rush, so we may as well enjoy the time. I took her legs, spread them in a wide V, and continued my thrusts. She laughed.

“I love it like this” she said. “I can see you so clearly, the look on your face, your smile. And I can feel you inside me, sliding all the way in, then out and repeat. It’s wonderful.”

After a brief time of gentle fucking like this, she asked “Did you and Mel have any positions you particularly liked?”

I responded “Well, we tried various ones, as you and I have. And generally, we liked them all. But there is one we find particularly exciting, in a strange way.”

Lyn was clearly intrigued, wanted to know more. I continued.

“I came in the one day, found Mel naked and ready. She was standing behind the easy chair over there.” I pointed to it. “She said she wanted me to bend her over the back of it, and take her that way. I was happy to oblige.”

I described how I had pushed Mel against the back of the chair, then bent her over and, her ass and cunt looking absolutely beautiful, had drive my cock into her cunt, forcefully, in one long stroke. It was shear bliss.

I Kıbrıs Escort said “My god, I loved it. And from the sounds of her, she was loving it too. I was holding her hips, ramming her cunt, my hip bones bouncing off her ass, causing ripples in the flesh of her ass and hips.”

My thoughts went back to that time, the wonderful memories of it. I continued “Then at one point, I bent forward and ran my hands down and under her. There, I found her tits swinging and bouncing with every thrust. I couldn’t see them, but their movements felt wonderful. I couldn’t resist, so I reached forward, took hold of them, felt them full in my hands, squeezed them. Suddenly they were like handles in my hands, and I was using her tits to pull her back onto me as I fucked forward, releasing when I moved back, then tugging again as I rammed her once more. I was loving it, and from the way she urged me on, I knew she was loving it too.”

For a moment, I was lost in delightful thought. Then I caught myself, and continued. “We exploded, and I do mean exploded. It took a while for us to get our breath, and get back up, over to the bed. Once we had recovered a bit, we shared our thoughts and feelings.”

I already knew Mel had loved it as much as I had. I explained to Lyn that I had asked Mel what it was about the position that she found so good. I told Lyn what Mel had said.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I know it’s you fucking me. But it’s like I can’t see who it is, and so I don’t know. I just know I am being thoroughly and wonderfully fucked. Maybe it’s the mystery of it, and so the sense that it’s somehow forbidden, but my gosh it turns me on! And then when you reached underneath, grabbed my tits, and pulled on them… Well, in no time I was cumming. And cumming And cumming. As you know. And I could feel you were, too. My gosh, I didn’t realize you could cum so much. It felt like you put a gallon inside me.” She laughed. “Have to do that again!”

Lyn had a bright look on her face. “I can completely understand why Mel would love being fucked like that, as though she doesn’t know who is fucking her, just that it’s the best fuck ever. And then, having her tits squeezed and pulled… Omigosh!”

I could see the images of that event were really turning her on. I began thrusting harder and faster, as seeing her that way was doing the same to me. I brought her legs in close, held them tight against me, and rammed her hard and fast.

Suddenly she said “I want to swap.”

I wanted to continue as I was, but if she wanted something different, I figured it would still be good. I withdrew, let her take control.

Lyn rolled over, motioned me to get on my back on the bed, stretched out. She straddled me, leaned forward to drop one extended nipple in my mouth. Naturally enough, I sucked, hard. It was exquisite. After a brief time with that one, she pulled up, moved over, and gave the other nipple to me. Again I took it in my mouth, ran my tongue around it, sucked. Again, it was exquisite. I loved the way they felt in my mouth.

Then she lifted, pulling her nipple free of my mouth. She sat back, sliding down on my cock, all the way until I was completely embedded in her. And then she began to ride me.

She rode me like a woman possessed. She was marvellous! Her body lifted, slammed down, lifted and slammed down again. She was giving me a fucking like there was no tomorrow. In fact, the way I was being taken, I wondered if I would survive to enjoy tomorrow if indeed it happened.

And before long, I was cumming, my balls unloading deep within her cunt. She could feel my explosion; that sent her over the edge, and suddenly we were both cumming, our whole bodies enjoying the wonderful feeling of exploding in orgasm.

When we were lying together again, Lyn said “You know, I would love to see you fucking Mel the way you described. And I’d love to see her tits bouncing with every thrust. I think that would be fantastic to see. And then to watch as you reach underneath, grab hold of them… Oh wow!”

I said “Well, who knows? I mean, Mel bought a video camera a while ago. She can’t see all of what’s happening, and she has said she would like to. Maybe she would be willing to have you video us fucking. It would give her the images she can’t really see when they are happening, like my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. You could video all of that, get close-ups even. That would give you the chance to see everything you want to see. And maybe we could all watch it together. And that, in turn, might give us more ideas of what we would like to see.”

I paused “And who knows, if you and Mel want, we could have Mel video you and me together as well. What would you think of that?”

Lyn said “I’d absolutely love to video you and Mel together. And I’d be happy to have Mel video you and me together too. I bet we could make some great movies.”

Life was good. The only question remaining was how she, Mel and I would work out our relationship over the longer haul. For the moment, though, all indications were we would manage very well indeed.

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