Story of Monika Ch. 04

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Monika closed the door after her three girl friends had left for their respective rooms. The session with the two black strippers was something she had never experiences in her life. It was intense, arousing and even disturbing to her, whether she had been unfaithful to her future husband.

The opening of the presents had calmed her down a little. She had received a number of naughty presents from her friends. Among them were some naughty lingerie, vibrating penis rings, KY jelly and a pair of stilettos that had extra long heels. Ones those strippers would wear.

Now that everyone was gone she was ready to get comfortable. She went to the bathroom took of her dress and inspected herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. The black panties and the lift bra showed her to be well endowed. She was sure that her husband would love her for her body. Many men had in the past commented about her butt. She gathered her lose hair and put a ponytail. It made her face look even more youthful and even a little vulnerable.

Monika moved to the bed, where all the presents were sprawled over. She touched the lacy lingerie and enjoyed the feel. The bra had a little slit in the front as did the panties. She touched the fabric to her body and enjoyed the caress.

At an impulse, she reached back and unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground. She reached down the side of her panties and stood naked. The cool air of the night touched his nipples and hardened them further. The sound of waves brought the wonderful realization where she was and why.

She placed the naughty bra on her breast, locked the hook and the back and placed the shoulder string in place. Pulled the flimsy panties between her legs and pulled them up her crotch. The turned to inspect herself in the mirror in the room and wondered how sluttish she appeared.

Next she inspected the stilettos, rolled her finger over the long thin heels. She even caressed the point end over her body. Felt good. Very soon she had the pair on her feet. She gingerly stood up. Not used to such high heels she almost lost her balance. She started some walking practice up and down the room as if it was a ramp. Her ample hips swayed with each step.

A knock on the door startled her. She was not expecting anyone but she was sure that it would be one of the girls. She swung the door open.

Trevon and Morris were standing in front with smile on their face.

“Sorry for disturbing you miss Monika.” Apologized Morris.

Monika did not know how to react to the situation. She knew she was inappropriately dressed. But also having seen these men a little while ago in a naked state made her feel a little appropriate.

“Yes..?” She inquired.

“I believe I dropped my cell phone in your room. Did you find it?”


“Would you mind, if we looked for it real quick. Sorry for being a bother.”

Monica wanted to say no to their request. She wanted a little time to get herself a little proper.

But before she could say anything, Morris pushed her gently and made their way inside. Trevon followed him in. Monika hurried to persuade them to leave and let the door go. Like all hotel doors this one to shut itself quickly behind her.

The men while looking for the mobile phone were also eyeing Monika. The conservative and coy Monika was looking like a stripper herself. The hard nipples and the aureoles were visible through the thin fabric of the bra. The high heels gave her a hookers look and the ponytail made the face of the Indian woman vulnerable.

“Do you know Monika. You look hot!!” Exclaimed Morris.

She decided to keep quiet.

“Look at her butt.” It was Trevon’s turn to comment.

“Monika. Would you like to dance the butt with me.”

“You should be leaving.” Said Monika. This was getting little beyond what she was able to tolerate.

Morris taking a no for an answer started to dance. The sensuous dance he was so good at. He had changed into a tee-shirt and jeans, his lithe body moved sexily with each gesture. The slow but deliberate movements were too difficult for Monika to keep her eyes off.

“Come on Monika. Dance with me.”

Monika stood tall in the center of the room with Morris in front of him. In the meanwhile, Trevon had started back the music system. They olgun porno were both dancing with Trevon behind Monika.

She was not sure where this was going. She was stumped and stood centered in the room.

Morris held both her hands and coaxed her to move his movement. She budged step. He kept at her producing some movement.

“You are dancing great in those heels.”

“uh huh.”

“You look sexy.” He said. Tightening his hold on her.

Monika knew that she was looking sluttish and was provoking these men. She should get this stopped.

That moment Trevon who was dancing behind her, moved close to her and caught her sides. His dark hands were touching her bare skin. The touch caused goose bumps and sent a shiver up her spine. The thinking side of her pushed back on Trevon and breaks lose.

“Please leave me alone. I do not want to dance.” Monika wanted to stop at that time.

Monika’s nipples were not poking out of her bra. Creating a shape with her small nipples. She had started to get wet and the juices were starting to leak out. They had started to wet her panties. In the black color the small wet patch was still not visible.

Trevon grabbed Monika tighter then before and then pulled her back towards him. Her panties covered hips were now touching Trevon’s pelvis. She felt the rough fabric of denim touch her and then she felt the hardness poke her. Having witnessed it earlier in the evening she was sure what it was.

“You have a great body, Monika.” Whispered Trevon. Speaking for the first time.

“Can you feel me?” He whispered again.

“No.” She countered.

Now he was deliberately grinding his pelvis to her rear.

“No. Please let me go.”

“Why? You do not want to us again?” Said Morris. “You were so eager to see us earlier.

“No. Please. I do not want to see you again.”

He reached out and touched her nipples that were hard and were protruding.

“What lovely nipples. Why are they so hard?” He pinched her nipple.

“Pleasse..No. This is not right.” She cried.

Trevon was caressing her sides and was dry grinding her hind.

“You want to see my black cock.. don’t you?” asked Morris.


Monika’s panties were very wet and a large patch was starting to emerge.

Morris opened his belt and pull down his pants. He had changed from the Speedo earlier to briefs below. The tent there was noticeable. He then placed Monika’s right hand over his tent.

“You want him, don’t you? Say yes.” Morris demanded.

“No. No way.” The obstinate in her cried.

Morris pulled down his briefs and placed her hand straight on his cock and pressed.

“Please. I cannot do this. I am about to be married.”

Monika was totally wet. The juices were trickling down here thighs, beyond her skimpy panties.

“Come on. You are drowning with juices. You want to be fucked.”

He reached down into her crotch and placed the palm of his hand. The juices oozed on to his hand.

“You are flooding. Tell me you don’t want to be fucked?”

“Let me go. This is for my hubby.”

Contrary to her words she tightened her grip on Morris’s cock. Morris shoved a finger inside the slit in the panties and felt her nicely shaven pussy that was swollen with desire. He moved the finger around to find the slit.

At that moment she felt some hard skin touch her crack. Apparently Trevon had taken off his pants and exposed his enormous cock.

“Okay Monika. This is your last turn. Nod your head if you want it. We are leaving otherwise.”

Monika who was moaning aloud cried.

“Noooo.” And she was nodding her head. Her moans went on uninterrupted.

“She nodded.” Shouted Trevon from behind.

Morris with a swift move grabbed the flimsy panties and ripped it off her pelvis. She was now standing in the center of the room with her Slittetos and the ponytail. The slutty bra was hardly any modesty. Trevon moved his hand over her breasts and gave it a tight squeeze. Monika yelped in pleasure.

Trevon unhooked her flimsy garment and flung it to the ground.

“Look at this bitch. What big ass she carries.”

“I think she loves a black cock.”

“Tell me Monika. You love a black cock?”

“Yesss.” She affirmed her desire for them for the first porno time.

Both the men quickly lost all their clothing and were as naked as she was.

For the first time she looked at their cocks with uninhibited desire. The black circumcised cocks were dark with purple scar streaks.

Morris could fathom her line of sight. He pulled her close to him. Pushed her down on the knees, took her head and brought it to the cock.

“Suck the black cock. Will you.”

Monika could see the enormous cock at the closest quarters. The swollen animal was huge with a bulbous glans. There was no way she would be able to get this in her mouth.

“Suck me.”

She placed her lips over the tips and start a slow sucking action. She had at best the tip. The precum from the cock smeared on her lips. The musky man smell was overpowering.

This time instead of giving her instruction, he pushed her head toward himself. Her teeth grazed on the side of the cock, but her mouth was popped open and the cock was halfway in. The size of the cock had stretched her mouth to it extreme. She felt so full. The cock barely touched the inside of her throat. Any further thrust would make her choke.

Morris starts to move his pelvis. The cock moved in and out but at best only half of it went in. Monika was salivating profusely. The saliva was dripping down by the sides of mouth and dripping down some of them landing on her breasts.

“I want you to take all of me inside you.”

Monika shook her head as best she could. There was no way she could do that. She had never sucked a cock this big and even taken in all the way.

“Help me.” Said Morris to Trevon. They both carried Monika the bed and made her lie. The made her fall across the edge with her mouth facing the Morris’s cock. He entered one more time halfway and starting fucking her.

“Relax.” Morris shouted.

Trevon meanwhile straightened her face such that the throat was in a straight line. Monika knew that Morris wants her to take him in deep. She wanted to do it. She was always fascinated by the cock deep inside.

“OK?” He queried. She gave the slightest nod.

Morris increased the pressure. This time the cock touched the base of her throat and the reflex action kicked it. She pulled back coughing. The saliva all over her face and her outer throat.

She felt Trevon’s hands all over her caressing every part of her body. He touched her hard nipples. Squeezed her breasts. She felt his tongue over her body too. He was licking. And then she felt Trevon’s mouth on her bald pubic area. She knew that she had been wet all evening and still leaking. She pushed her pelvis to meet his mouth to her pussy.

Morris place his cock tip on her lips again. This time she positioned herself properly and tried to relax her herself. He pushed in with more success. The cock passed the base of her throat and she mouth was fully extended. She closed her eyes and start to feel the sensations.

And then as if the world came to an end. She felt a stab in her pelvis. She could not move her head to look down. But she knew that Trevon’s cock was trying to enter her. For a second she tried to evade being fucked but the animal instinct took over. She opened her legs wider to allow the giant cock, as it seemed to enter her.

Trevon pushed harder and move some.

Monika unable to move, just moaned. The woman in her would have said “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Morris now more confident start to move back and forth. Monika was cooperating and moving her head in tandem.

“You are so tight here. I bet you will be tighter down there.” Morris commented.

“You will not believe this. She is tight. Fucking tight.”

With every stroke from Trevon, Monika body was moving back and forth. It was hard to keep her mouth in one place for Morris. But she held him with both her arms. She was taking the cock deep inside her mouth as she could.

Morris began to move rapidly. Monika could feel the big cock getting even harder. The cock tip was tugging the top of her mouth. She could sense that he was near. She was still unsure whether to take him in her mouth.

Down below, Trevon had bent her legs and opened them wide. He was resting on his arms so not put his weight on her. But was moving rapidly. Monika Porno 64 could feel his cock like a piston move through her tight pussy. She was able to hear the sound of his slapping against her bald crotch. She could smell Morris’s musky smell. Her eyes were closed.

Even with her mouth full with Morris’s cock she was moaning. She was now frantically moving her crotch up to meet and tighten the contact with Trevon’s cock. A weird sensation was enveloping her one that she had not experience many times before.

She did not know where she was. She tightened her mouth. Morris’s strokes got shorter. The animal sounds of two black cocks fucking her were resounding throughout the room and melding with the ocean sounds.

“Monika.” Shouted Trevon.

“Mmmmm” Was all Monika could manage with her mouth full.

“I am about to come.” Trevon moaned from the distance

“What?” She takes the cock out for a moment.

“Can I come inside you?”

“What do you mean?”

Trevon went on pounding her.

“You are wetter then anyone I have ever fucked.”

“Then fuck me harder.” Monika cried. The pounding become incessant. The cock in her mouth kept her shut. And was plugging her deep.

“I am coming.” Came a trailing voice from Trevor.

“Come inside me. Fill my pussy.”

It seemed almost surreal. The sense of time was lost. Just the movement of two cocks with body fluids was the physical presence for Monika.


And then it erupted. She tightened up within herself. She felt the first wave of warm lava at the back of her mouth. And so did she felt Trevon cry out aloud and give her the biggest tug and she felt something fill her pussy. She had wrapped her legs around him which she now squeezed together as if wanting him to stop. Her own ecstasy was taking over

Morris’s next one was in her mouth. By instinct she pushed him back. The cock came out with a popping sound and the next thrust was on her face, on the upper lips. And the subsequent ones coming at slower pace smeared her on the nose, an eyelid and then her cheeks.

Morris was crying like a horse in pain, but kept pumping. Monika had almost passed out. Her eyes were closed and she lay limp on the bed. Her breathing was erratic and the moans still coming with each wave that she felt.

She had lost track of time. She felt fulfilled.

They all rolled down on the bed. Two black bodies interlinked with the Indian girl. Their legs intertwined. They all dozed off for a little.

It was a while when Monika felt Morris again play with his right nipple. She gently opened her eyes and found herself between the two black men. She shivered a little.

Her hand moved a little trying to fathom what was where. Her fingers accidently caressed one of the men. Apparently it was the same man who had touched her nipple. He pinched it again and she could sense it getting hard.

The little commotion made the other man to stir too. Monika could feel that she was being caressed elsewhere. This was a different set of hands. Very soon they were a mix of hands legs and body parts touching each other. She found herself holding a cock in her hand that quickly turned hard.

Morris came close to Monika and whispered. “One more time?”

“Uh huh.” Replied Monika. She tightened her hold on the pole that she was holding.

“Tell me.”

“I want it.”

“Want what?”

“Your black cock.” Monika replied.


“In my mouth and down there” She was blatant in what she wanted.

“Down where?”

“In my pussy.”

Trevon lost no time and position himself around her face and Morris open her legs.

“I am going to fuck your brain out.” Said Morris and he pushed himself inside her pussy raw with earlier fucking

“Fuck me. I want it”.

She now had two cock working in tandem. One in her mouth and other down there. The sound of the cocks moving and the emanating moans were filling the air. She was reaching out to take as much cock in her mouth as possible.

The end was quick and strong. The feeling of an impeding climax rose all over her as she pushed her hips hard to meet Morris in his crusade.

It was Monika who started the chain reaction. She froze with the climax engulfing her and then she felt her mouth fill up. Morris in quick succession gave her his strongest push and moaned aloud. They were all coming together again. Cum was overflowing from her mouth and trailing down her cheeks as she felt spurt after spurt enter deep inside her.

She felt herself to be complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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