Stranger by the Sea

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Stranger by the Sea

Cape Cod in late August is quite beautiful. The world has settled into summer, everything slows down, in the mind the knowledge of the coming end of the season is muted. One’s body adjusts to the temperatures and the sun’s bathing rays leave a feeling of being embraced by the season; wholesomely healthy. After a day’s play, the sun settles to a warm evening, a glass of wine, and perhaps a bit of nakedness…unless you are alone.

I had not planned to visit the Cape by myself; however, life often takes turns we can’t predict, nor control. Julie and I had been together for two years, seemingly fine, then she told me she had become interested in someone else. As hard as that was to take, when I found out who it was I was devastated…my brother Rich. I probably should have noticed how they would joke, pull pranks together and just enjoy each other’s company. I had no idea this was going on or how long. Maybe it is true that the spouse is always the last to know.

Since the house was already booked, I said; “fuck it”, and headed out for a few days of adventure. I brought enough to keep myself entertained, not looking to drown my sorrows in a bar. I was determined not to carry a banner for my own ‘pity committee’.

In this area known for fun and sun, I had prepared myself for a quiet time of reading and self- reflection. I found a bit of calmness here and thought maybe I should explore. The smell and feel of the ocean air opens one’s other senses as nothing else can.

One evening I headed up to the National Seashore to walk and found myself on a quiet, isolated piece of beach. No one was in sight of where I was…except a solitary women seated, silhouetted against the cresting sea. As I was nearing her, I notice her brown, flowing hair cascading to the mid of her naked back. I cleared my throat as a subtle notice of my presence, she turned and noticed me.

I said hello and asked how she was this evening she smiled and responded that she was quite well. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, arms holding them. It was then that I realized she was totally naked.

We exchanged, what was for me, a slightly uncomfortable conversation. She said her name was Terry and she was visiting friends and just needed to walk out here to clear her head. I told her my name was Vic. She smiled as she looked me up and down. As the conversation continued, she suggested that maybe, if I shed my clothing, we would feel more comfortable; on the same level so to speak. All that I could see of her was hot and as I tried to be non-nonchalant in removing my clothes, my cock springing from my boxers gave me away.

Terry sprang to her feet, running to the water, telling me to catch her if I can. There was no way that I wasn’t going to catch her. And there was no way she was going let me not catch her.

We both tumbled into the water, the cool feel of the Atlantic pulling the heat from extremities…but certainly not everywhere. Our lips met in a deep embrace, my cock hardening against her smooth, flat belly, her hard nipples pressed into my chest. My hands pressed down Terry’s back, caressing the smooth roundness of her ass checks, pulling her to me more. We didn’t know each other, but we both wanted this, needed this and were not bayburt escort about to let the opportunity escape.

Terry clasped my hand, pulling me up the beach to a spot where her clothing and a blanket were piled. She pushed me onto my back and proceeded to take my aching cock into her mouth. Her tongue traced the head and then down and up my shaft, teasing the slit at the tip. She slid her lips over the head twisting and sucking while stroking below. I had to stop her before exploding in her mouth…her lips pulling from my dick with a pop.

Now it was my turn to taste her, even after being in the water, her scent was intoxicating. I licked and kissed around her mounds, finally parting her lips and finding my way to paradise. Terry lifted her hips, grinding and gyrating her hot, wet pussy harder in my face. My tongue working circles around her clit, she grabbed my hair, held me to her glistening pearl, she pressed harder to my face, her orgasm building from deep within. I pulled back quickly to catch a breath, only to be yanked back to her snatch. She was not about to be denied, and she was not, as she shuttered and moaned loudly. As her breath relaxed she let go of my hair, releasing me to pull back and look into her eyes… and a look that said she wanted more.

As I laid back on the blanket, Terry straddled me, slipping my cock into her drenched, dripping pussy. She was rocking herself on me, her exquisite tunnel engulfing all of me, clenching, almost milking me. I noticed another couple approaching, but there was no stopping now. As they passed, they smiled, not saying a word. I could have sworn the women said to her partner that was so hot, she really need to fuck…and soon.

I could feel the pressure building from my balls, I couldn’t hold back for much longer. Terry moaned loudly, she was coming again, which pushed me over the edge, spurt after spurt of cum mixing with her fluids.

We kissed, as she lay on top of me; two strangers, yet in some way, no longer strangers. One could feel the evening chill coming on, so we both headed back into the water to rinse off. Any thoughts of discomfort of each other long passed. Suddenly, the feelings of betrayal seem more distant.

As we walked back up the beach, we paused, me looking into Terry’s soft brown eyes, a connection that I didn’t…or couldn’t understand. A deep kiss brought a realization that such understanding was unnecessary.

We dressed and walked back to the parking lot. As we arrived, Terry said she came to the Cape after breaking from a relationship. I explained that I had a similar situation and was also processing it as best as I could. We both agreed we were glad this evening happened…and we would meet here tomorrow evening around the same time. A warm embrace, a deep kiss, we said good bye and good night. We got into our cars driving away…looking to tomorrow.

After a great night sleep, I awoke looking forward to tonight. I could not seem to stay focused on anything all day so I went from reading to walking to watching TV; yet the day still seemed to drag. Finally, the evening arrived and it was time to head up to the Seashore…and meet up on the beach we were at last night.

I arrived at the parking lot bartın escort and noticed only one car there… Terry’s. I also noticed the marker plate frame had the emblem of the same dealership as my car. Maybe we actually live near each other. That was a question for later.

As I neared the spot where we had met last night, I spied the beautiful lady, completely nude. She saw me approach, she leaned back on her elbows on the blanket, one knee in the air, which gave me full view of her wonderful attributes. She smiled and said that I was a bit overdressed and should really consider doing something about it fast. I didn’t need to be told twice, shedding all before I got to her blanket. I knelt down and kissed those sweet lips, picked her up and carried her into the ocean.

The water felt amazing as I let her down, holding her, the waves pressing us together with each swell. My hardness pressed to her belly, her stiff nipples poking my chest, we could remain this way forever in my mind. Her gaze was melting me inside…and inside her is where I knew I needed to be.

I picked Terry up and carried her back to the blanket, both of us breathing hard, not from the effort, but from what was to come. As I kissed her lips, she grabbed my cock, lubricating it with my precum, softly, slowly, stroking the length. I kissed down her neck, slightly nibbling and sucking gently her tits, tongue lapping, sucking and finally biting and pulling her sweet, brown nipples drawing a soft moans from her.

My fingers played up her slit, parting her folds and she worked her hand up and down my cock, a slight twist each time she just touch the head, as my fingers circled, then flicked her clit, she pressing to my hand in excitement.

Terry and I were at the point where we needed to stop or else we would come at each other’s hand. I grabbed her, forcing her onto her hands and knees as I approached her from the back, rubbing my dick up and down he slit. Her cunt was moist and mixed with the dripping precum from my dickhead. She was moaning loudly. I also heard other moaning and looking to the right, noticing the couple we saw last night, fucking away on a blanket nearby. This ramped up our excitement even more.

I pressed my cock into Terry’s folds, she pressing back on my engorgement, taking me deeper inside her with each thrust, my hand manipulated her clit, first circling, then rapidly stroking at that pearl. She pushed back, stopping, a deep, low groan and hissing as her orgasm over took her. I paused, held in tight, not moving giving her a moment undisturbed.

Suddenly, she slammed back on me, grinding and gyrating, squeezing my cock with her internal muscles, milking me. I could feel cum building from a depth long forgotten. I groaned and growled, cum rising up my cock. She was moaning, squirting and covering my cock with her wetness.

I withdrew from her drenched pussy, stroking a very few times covering her ass and cunt with each spurt, finally collapsing across her back…as her knees and arms gave way.

I lay over Terry for a while, both of us watching the other couple as they finished their love making. They were just too hot to ignore…not to mention loud. As they recovered, they looked at us, ığdır escort smiling. We all gave each other a thumbs-up…and no words exchanged.

The twilight of the day was settling upon us, so we took each other’s hands, walking to the water for our final rinse. As we walked, we noticed the other couple not far behind us, heading into the surf to do the same. At this point, they introduced themselves as Francois and Natasha, Canadians from Montreal. This explains the exclamations of “Ah, qui” that we kept hearing them say during their passion. All four of us naked, but none of us cared. After some small talk, we bid our Adieu and went to dress and head back to our cars…and tomorrow, back to our daily lives.

Walking back to the parking lot, I told Terry that it looks like we got our cars from the same dealership. She smiled as she told me that she lived only a half mile from me. I asked her last name to which she answered; “Stone”. She asked mine and I said; “Sarken” and we are the only family by that name in the area.

I noticed Terry’s face was ashen, asking her if she was ok. She then shared that the reason she was here, that she had recently broken up when she caught her boyfriend cheating …and his last name was Sarken…Rich Sarken. She had caught him entering a hotel with another woman.

My heart sunk, not knowing what to do. So, I went with the truth. I had planned to come here with my wife until I found out she was in a long term affair…with my brother. And yes, my brother’s name is Rich Sarken. Not sure what to do or say we held each other’s hand tightly and quietly. This went on for several minutes until I started to snicker. Terry smiled and asked what I found so funny.

Hoping she wouldn’t find me completely crude, I said this is kind of like an unknowing revenge fuck. She stared at me with the most serious look on her face…then burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard, tears were rolling down my cheek, as was Terry. When we calmed down, I pulled her to me, kissing her, tongue fucking each other’s mouths. As shitty as this time at the Cape had started, it is magic had brought our visit to this end. Tonight, I was not to sleep alone, this beautiful lady would spend the night with me.

As autumn has come, back here in our town, Terry and I are together. My divorce is in process, nothing contested. The distance from my brother is quite evident. He nor my wife know that I am in a relationship or with whom.

A lone naked woman on the beach, who shared a moment of freedom with me, when we both most needed it. No one knows what or why things draw people together…but for this I am most grateful.

In the end , vengeance can be sweet, I wish my brother no ill will, but he really needs to squirm…wondering if, or when Terry will tell Julie that he was also fucking around on her.

My mother called today, asking if I could put things behind me enough to come for Thanksgiving dinner. She didn’t want me to be too uncomfortable. I said it would not be me that will be uncomfortable…and that I have someone I would like to accompany me, someone who has a special place now in my life. She was thrilled at the prospect. Terry said she is more than up for it!

Holidays can bring out the best and the worst in folks sometimes, and at the least, some drama. And I for one can hardly wait to see the look on my brother’s face come Thanksgiving. Vengeance will be sweeter than the whip cream on the pumpkin pie!!

And speaking of dessert, where is Terry… I would love eat something a little sweet right now!

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