Strangers on a Train Ch. 05

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The afternoon sun was painfully bright as it poured through Joaquim’s window finally forcing him out of his deep sleep. He was a sweaty mess on top of the sheets, completely naked, and still clutching an empty bottle of whiskey.

“Fuck,” he grumbled as he forced himself vertical, planting his bare feet on the cold wooden floor, and setting the empty bottle beside them. He sat on the edge of the bed—the stale taste of cigarettes and alcohol lingered on his tongue—placed his head in his hands, and rubbed his palms against his bloodshot eyes. Then, running his hand through his hair,

“What did I get into last night?”

It had been four months since Sofia had accepted the position in the postgraduate program and had left for New York, abandoning Joaquim to his own devices in Barcelona. Although the couple had fought, split up, and got back together countless times, this somehow felt different and, as a result, Joaquim felt alone and forlorn. He searched for temporary comfort at the bottom of countless liquor bottles, but only found a toxic combination of drugs, nameless women, and more depression, all of which began to consume his daily life. As an artist, his friends and family were used to seeing him go through emotional peaks and valleys, which most of the time could fuel the passion that was channeled into his art. Which is why, for the most part, no one intervened as he wandered further and further down this unhealthy path. It had been almost six months since Sofia had left, and each day had gotten progressively harder; especially as the time between emails and phone calls stretched further apart.

He pushed himself up, unsteady on his feet, as he stumbled towards the bathroom. A sense of relief swept over his body as he sighed, releasing a long stream of urine. Then, after washing his hands and throwing some cold water on his face, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Red bolts crisscrossed his inflamed sunken eyes, his lids heavy, with dark circles surrounding them. His normally purposeful stubble had grown coarse and unkempt adding to his disheveled look. “God, I look like shit,” he muttered to himself.

Still naked and hollow, he left the bathroom and was about to go find his jeans when he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. He lumbered towards the direction of the noise, pushed, open the kitchen door to find a fairly attractive young woman—several years younger than he—attached to a long pair of legs, wearing nothing but Joaquim’s oversized shirt, standing on her tip-toes reaching to put away some plates. She noticed Joaquim and pleasantly chirped,

“Good morning, sleepy-head. I didn’t think you’d ever get up. I hope you don’t mind I borrowed your shirt.”

“Wait,” Joaquim thought to himself. “Isn’t that the bartender from last night? I remember flirting with her a bit. God I was fucking wasted. Did we sleep together?” Then out loud, his voice muğla escort horse and dry, “Ummm, yeah, its fine. Good morning.”

“You were so good last night, sexy. I came so many times,” she commented answering Joaquim’s unspoken question. Then, as Joaquim stood there still naked and scratching his head, she sashayed over and teased, “Aww, you look so sleepy. Maybe this will wake you up.”

The nameless bartender placed her lips on Joaquim’s, her slender hands on his rough cheeks, and nuzzled her body into his. Joaquim, still a bit lost in the morning’s fog, kissed her back albeit with considerably less effort than she. The girl then began to lower her head and she slowly fell to her knees, never once breaking eye contact.

“This is to say thank you for last night,” she purred seductively as she ran her hands over Joaquim’s soft hanging member. Of course, Joaquim had no idea to what she was referring, but at this point he figured that there was no point in mentioning that. Joaquim watched the slender brunette as she placed her lips around his fat cock, then turning his head upward, he let out a sigh as he felt himself stiffen from her wet touch. Truthfully, all Joaquim could really think about at that moment was getting a cup of coffee, but he resigned himself to enjoy the expertly executed blowjob he was receiving instead.

The pretty bartender bobbed her head on Joaquim’s substantial pole coating it in saliva while jerking the base with her wet fist. Occasionally, she would pull back and flick her tongue over the bulbous head darting around his oozing urethra. She lapped up his precum eagerly before diving back down, never really trying to swallow him whole, just happy to open wide and have whatever she could fit in her mouth.

As her mouth continued it’s diligent work, the bartender moved her free hand between her thighs and worked her fingers between her moist folds. Using her middle and ring fingers, she massaged her hard little clit through its protective hood, stimulating her desire and in turn, instigating her oral efforts. As she slipped her fingers inside herself, she could feel how wet she was and she knew then, that she was ready for Joaquim to enter her again.

With one last lick of his length, the bartender stood up and spun around, her upper body falling forward onto the kitchen counter. The hem of Joaquim’s oversized shirt rode up exposing a narrow but firm little ass, which framed her small, thin-lipped young pussy—slick and ready.

“Fuck me like you fucked me last night,” her lusty tone somewhere between begging and commanding.

Joaquim honestly had no idea what she meant by that. Did he do something unusual last night? He couldn’t remember. Besides, he was still groggy, and frankly, not in the disposition to put in the physical effort required for doing anything bizarre. Then again, the blowjob ordu escort had gotten him surprisingly hard and he was now fully prepared to ram his aching cock into her inviting pussy.

He placed is hands on her petite hips and lined himself up against her slit. He dipped his head into her waiting opening a few times like he was checking the temperature of the pool, making sure it was just right before diving in. Satisfied with how hot and wet she was, Joaquim took the plunge, her tight little lips parting around him as she received his length. He paused for a moment letting her get used to his abnormal girth and when he finally felt her relax just enough he began to fuck her with long controlled strokes. Although he wasn’t ramming into her with reckless abandon, his strokes were nevertheless strong and powerful. With each thrust he pushed the bartender against the kitchen cabinets, her upper body still splayed out over the counter.

As Joaquim fucked this nameless woman who he had found in his flat that morning, he began to feel invigorated, even if only temporarily. The feelings of self-loathing and neglect dissipated. Feeling a bit adventurous now, he let a dollop of spit escape his lips and land on her flesh and it made its way between her splayed open ass cheeks. Softly at first, he began massaging her tight little rosebud with his thumb, using the spit at lubricant. Then, when he felt she was ready, he pushed his thumb past the tight sphincter and let it rest inside her.

“Yessss…” she howled as his digit entered her. “You love playing with my tight little ass, don’t you? Fuck you’re so dirty.”

“Oh, is this what you want?” he goaded back as he increased the frequency of his thrusts, his thumb wiggling around in her tiny, young asshole.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she encouraged, “make me cum you dirty old man! Yesssss!”

Joaquim watched her body convulse as her orgasm ripped through her; her long thin legs shaking as she reached forward flexing her fingers. He pulled his hard cock from her and watched her sex spasm taking pride in the job he’d done, his thumb still working her ass.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked not really caring if there was an answer. He removed his thumb from her and moved his cum-slick cock head in its place. The girl gasped,

“What are you doing?” she asked with a genuine sense of nervousness. “I don’t know if that’ll fit.”

“You’ve never been fucked in the ass before, baby?”

“I… I… have…” she stuttered, slightly embarrassed.

“And you didn’t like it?”

“No… I liked it… a lot. It’s just that… just that, you’re so much thicker than the last guy who tried it. Will you be gentle?”

Joaquim was in no mood to be patient or gentle, but he also wasn’t interested in really hurting this girl either. So, instead of pushing himself in with one aggressive osmaniye escort thrust, he used a mixture of her cum and his spit as lubricant and let himself sink in slowly, giving her time to acclimate to the new sensation of her ass being so full.

“Fuck, you feel huge. I feel like you’re going to tear me in half.”

“Just relax, you’re doing fine… god, you feel amazing.”

Slowly, he started working himself in and out, mostly remaining buried inside, but allowing himself small motions. She was almost painfully tight around him and he could feel her holding him like a Chinese finger trap: the more he tried to escape, the harder she clamped down.

Joaquim had run out of patience and decided this girl had adjusted as well as she could. He was ready to fuck her. Again, he held her hips as he pulled back, slowly extracting himself, just leaving the head buried past the tight sphincter. The girl moaned as her cavity constricted, overcome with a feeling of emptiness. However, Joaquim didn’t want her to get used to that feeling and so with one steady movement, he pushed his entire cock back inside her. In response the girl let out a loud shriek.

“Ohhhh my god!!! Fuuuck!

“Are you ok?”

“Yes,” she whimpered, breathing heavily. “It’s just so OHHHHHHHH—”

She yelped again as Joaquim repeated his motion, but this time faster. With each slow, full stroke he picked up the pace, gradually reaching a point where he was fucking her impossibly tight asshole forcefully. The girl’s screams morphed from pain to pleasure and at one point she even reached back to fondle her clit while her asshole was getting repeatedly plowed.

Joaquim couldn’t last long with his cock in such constricting confines. Each stroke brought him closer and closer to exploding. With one final push he released his hot load deep into the bartender’s bowels, grunting as he came. Almost simultaneously, the girl let out another involuntary scream as she rubbed her pussy to its second climax, her juices dripping down her inner thighs.

Slowly, he pulled himself free of her stranglehold and watched as his cum spilled from the distended opening. The sticky white fluid flowed over her pussy lips and intermingled with the wet remnants of her own orgasm. The girl reached back scooping up some of the mixture and brought it to her lips to taste it.

“Mmmm… don’t we taste good together,” she teased playfully. “That was so fucking hot,” she added as she turned over and pulled herself up. “Mind if I take a shower?”

“Go right ahead.” Joaquim replied. She placed a quick peck on his lips and pranced off towards the bathroom, still wearing his shirt.

The brief sense of euphoria wore off quickly and Joaquim was left naked in the kitchen, to confront is actual emotions. He walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. He took a shot from the bottle, wiped his lips with the back of his bare arm, and proceeded to put on a pot of coffee. While waiting, he sunk to the floor, back against the kitchen cabinets, clutching the comforting whiskey bottle, the tile cold on his naked skin.

“What the fuck am I doing? This isn’t what I want. I don’t even know her fucking name.”

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