Streets of London Ch. 03

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Monday morning, Josh awakens to the sound of his alarm. He grabs his phone and hits buttons randomly until it stops. Rubbing his eyes, he looks around and wonders where the fuck he is – hastily checking the bed beside him for a woman. Still half-asleep, he turns the torch on his phone on and scans the room he is in; finally it dawns on him – he is in the room above the pub.

Stretching, Josh checks the time – 7:30 – plenty of time to get ready for work and grab some breakfast. Pulling the bed covers off of him, he wanders along the landing and jumps in the shower, turning the water on full blast to wake himself. When he is sufficiently awake he searches, without success, for some soap or shower gel. Grunting, he washes his body as best he can in the water before getting out and grabbing a towel, drying himself off. Hoping that no-one else is in the pub yet, he exits the bathroom naked and starts to make his way back to his room. As he is about halfway to his bedroom door he hears a quiet cough and turns to see a middle-aged woman wearing a black silk kimono staring at him.

“Looks like I chose the wrong man to spend the night with,” she commented, her eyes feasting on his naked body.

He had been frozen in her gaze until her words startled him back to his senses; his hands moving to cover his cock which was still suffering from a morning woody.

“No point now honey,” she whispered, “I’ve seen everything you have to offer and it is very appealing.”

She edged towards him as she spoke, a look of lust on her face, her eyes frequently looking down to where his hands struggled to cover his erection.

“I – um – I need to get ready for work,” he blurted out, making his way hastily to the door to his room.

“What’s the rush, sweetie? The pub doesn’t open for another four hours – I’m sure we can find some ways to kill the time together!”

“I…I don’t work in the pub, I’ve just started lodging here – I work in an office,” opening his bedroom door and closing it hurriedly behind him as he said the final words.

“Nice arse as well, sweetie – oh well, another time maybe – I know where you live now,” she laughed as she made her way to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

As she peed, her eyes focussed on a pair of boxers lying on the floor near the shower. After washing her hands, she picked them up and carried them to Josh’s room, knocking on the door.

“Room service,” she announced as she knocked.

Opening the door so that he was hidden behind it, Josh looked at her.

“I told you; I’m not interested – I haven’t got time!” he advised her.

“I thought these might belong to you,” she stated, holding his boxers to her nose, before placing them between her thighs and wiping her pussy with them. When she had covered them with some of her pussy juice she handed them to him.

He snatched them from her grasp and closed the door, before wrapping them around his hard cock, finding the damp patch from her pussy and stroking himself. Having been aroused by the woman’s advances, it didn’t take long before he came, catching all of his semen in the boxers before tossing them on the floor.

Cursing his lack of self-control and trying to persuade himself that the older woman had not appealed to him, he hurriedly got dressed and tentatively opened his door. Listening, he could hear the woman’s voice and that of Geoff coming from another room on the same floor. He quickly locked the door to his room and made his way downstairs, letting himself out of the back door to the pub and locking it again before he headed for the High Street.

With the pub having no facilities for him to make breakfast, he decided to go to “The Salsa Café” to get something to eat. He was warmly welcomed by Ally who prepared him a pot of tea while he decided what he wanted. Having placed his order, he sat at a table next to the window and watched as the early morning commuters he used to play for strode past, on their way to the station. His recollections were disturbed when Ally delivered the bacon sandwich to his table.

“So – you’ve moved out of Lucy’s I hear – probably for the best from what I understand – she was torn between the two of you and it wouldn’t have been fair on Tom, after all they’ve done for you,” she opined as she stood watching him.

It crossed Josh’s mind to reveal to Ally his suspicions about Tom and Megan but he decided against, in case she blurted it out to Lucy and he was portrayed as a jealous former boyfriend, out to ruin Lucy’s life.

“Yeah – you’re probably right,” he agreed, taking a bite from the sandwich, “I’ve got a room above the Saracen’s – for now at least – till I can find something better.”

As Ally returned to the counter and got on with her work, Josh reflected on what she had said. “Torn between the two of you” – his heart jumped as he played those words over and over in his mind. Had Lucy confided in her sister? Was she really torn between him and Tom? “I will win you back Lucy Ataşehir Escort – I’m the right man for you, not that cheating fiancé of yours” he thought as he munched his way through his breakfast.

Leaving the café, he made his way towards the main entrance of Jenkins, Friendshaw and Grieves before remembering about the “staff” entrance he had been told about. Changing his route, he made his way down the side street and rang the bell. The door was opened by Bernie, who greeted him cheerfully and led him to the post room.

The morning passed without incident; he shadowed Bernie on the morning post delivery, paying a lot of attention to Tom’s office but Megan was nowhere to be seen. He took his break with Bernie and they ate lunch together in a small park to the rear of the offices, chatting about their weekends and commenting on the woman as they walked past. Before he knew it, his first day was over and he was preparing to leave.

“I’m sure you were told, Josh, but one of us has to stay late every night to receive any late courier items that arrive. You won’t have to do it this week while you get to learn the ropes but starting from next week, you’ll have to take your turn,” advised Will.

“No problem – in fact I’m happy to stay tonight or any night just to learn the procedures before I have to do it single-handedly,” he offered.

“Well – if you’re sure – it seems a bit harsh to keep you late on your first day,” responded Will.

“I’ve got nothing nor no-one to rush home to – just a dingy room above a pub, so I’m happy to stay,” he replied.

“Okay lad – it tends to be quite boring – there’s nowt to do until something is delivered and some evenings, we don’t receive anything at all. In fact, it’ll be good to have some company – someone to chat to, to pass the time,” stated Will.

When Sally and Bernie had gone for the evening, Josh made himself a coffee and Will a hot chocolate. They sat at the recreational table and chatted about what was happening in the country, the rising prices, sport, anything that came to the surface. Eventually a courier arrived and delivered a letter for one of the partners. After showing Josh where to log it, Will led him to the lifts and out onto the second floor. They walked past a number of empty offices before passing one where the sound of soft moans could be heard.

Noticing Josh’s attention being drawn to the room, Will advised him that a lot of “out of hours shenanigans” took place in the office and that he’d soon get used to hearing such things. They reached the office of the partner that the letter was for and Will knocked, waiting patiently until he was told to enter. When they entered, there was a faint smell of sex lingering; as Will handed the envelope to Mr Finnegan, Josh looked at the young lady standing by the window. Her back was turned to him, presumably in an attempt to hide her identity but he could see her reflection in the glass. A pretty young girl who he had encountered earlier in the day whilst shadowing Bernie. Her breathing was a bit ragged and her skirt wasn’t quite pulled down properly. Smiling, Josh left the room with Will and they returned back to their domain.

“So, after work sexual liaisons happen a lot, do they?” he asked Will, once they were back in the privacy of the post room.

“Hell yeah – I sometimes wonder if there’s a competition between some of the partners to see who can fuck the most of the interns. All of the single guys are at it and a few of the married ones – but it’s a bit like Vegas here – what happens here, stays here – no-one ever tells tales out of school.”

Making them a fresh drink, Will suggested that they play some poker to pass the rest of the time. They played several hands and Josh soon found himself thirty quid in debt to Will at which point to declined to play further, realising that Will was a bit of a card sharp.

“It’s okay Josh – you can pay me half this week and half next week,” laughed Will as he put the cards back in his jacket pocket.

When the clock reached seven-thirty, Will put his jacket on, “Time to go, youngster,” he stated and before Josh could respond, Will had left the room and made his way to the exit. Grabbing his anorak, Josh briefly considered returning to the second floor to check on Tom’s office but he persuaded himself to be patient as he would have no reason to be there should he be discovered. He tried to re-trace his steps to find the staff door and after several wrong turns, finally made his way outside.

Reaching the pub, Josh spied the friendly face of Amy behind the bar and decided to have a pint and a chat. Being a Monday evening, the pub was quiet and she had little to distract her. She listened intently to the details of his day, laughing at the encounter with the partner and his little plaything until Josh ran out of things to say. Eventually to break the silence, he asked her whether Geoff lived above the pub. She advised him that he didn’t but that Acıbadem Escort he used a room there for “entertaining” on some evenings. When Josh described his morning’s encounter to her, she laughed again – “One of Geoff’s pick-ups”, she commented, before advising Josh that he needed to be wary of walking around naked as there was no knowing when Geoff would be spending the night. Finishing his pint, he thanked Amy for her company and made his way upstairs, ordering some food to be delivered, he spent the next hour playing his guitar.

The week went smoothly and Josh picked up the routine very easily – as Zack had advised him, the work was not intellectually stimulating and in normal circumstances, he wouldn’t have stayed. He had given his word, however, and it was also the perfect opportunity to catch Tom with his pants down! He crossed paths with Lucy and Tom on a couple of occasions, with Lucy, in particular, interested in how he was getting on in his new digs.

When Friday came around, Josh rushed to the newsagent to get a copy of “Great Music Monthly”, taking it with him to Ally’s café to read over breakfast. He treated himself to a full English and started to eat as he turned the pages looking for the article. He’d almost given up; thinking the act hadn’t even warranted a review when he saw a picture of him and Shannon on the inside back page. He read the article quickly, catching phrases like “promising new act” and “skilled guitarist”, before reading it a second time, this time slower, trying to interpret every nuance in the report. He looked again at the picture, not having been aware that Steve had taken any shots of them; he couldn’t help but smile at the flash of Shannon’s panties that Steve had caught but was happy with the shot of him as he strummed his guitar.

Hurrying into work, almost late as he had spent so much time reading the article, he dropped the magazine on the recreational table as he got ready for the day’s post. The others were already in the post room and Sally picked up the magazine and idly flicked through the pages until she blurted out, “Wow – you’re in here – you and Shannon.” She showed the picture to Bernie and Will before starting to read the review out loud, with Bernie, in particular, listening intently.

“Sounds like you made a good impression lad,” commented Bernie, “you going to resign and concentrate on your music career?”

Smiling, Josh responded, “It’s only one review and it’s not even one of the major music rags – I don’t think I’m going to make my fortune based on that.”

“Even so,” continued Bernie, “Promising new act and what was it? Expert guitarist? Sounds like you could go a long way with the right breaks.”

“Yeah – maybe we’ll try out for one of those tv talent shows one day – we’re still new and getting to know each other’s idiosyncrasies for now. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t try to find a different singer – Shannon is such hard work.”

“Oh, but she’s so pretty and sexy – and she has a lovely voice,” chipped in Sally.

“Yeah – I can’t deny she’s all of those things – but she’s also hard work and I don’t need that at the moment,” responded Josh.

The morning post arrived and after it was sorted, it was Josh’s turn to distribute it around the office. He bumped into Lucy and Megan at the water cooler and exchanged pleasantries with them both before delivering post to the individual offices. When he entered Tom’s office he was greeted warmly by Tom, who introduced him to Courtney, the newest recruit to his team.

“This is the star of the future I was telling you about, Courtney,” Tom enthused, “he was living with me and Lucy until a week ago. You really should come with us to one of his gigs – him and Shannon will be in the charts before you know it.”

A coy smile crossed Courtney’s lips as she held her hand out to Josh, “Well – I never expected to meet a pop star while working here,” she remarked, her handshake lasting longer than was usual.

“I tell you Courtney, get in while you can – a good looking pop star like that ain’t gonna stay available for long,” Tom’s mouth smiling as he tried to fix them up.

“Umm – I’m not really looking for a relationship, right now,” mumbled Josh, “Not that you’re not attractive – it’s just – well things are a bit complicated right now,” he continued, avoiding her gaze.

“Hey, Josh – Courtney here is new to London – she doesn’t know anyone – be nice, show her around – who knows? You two might have a lot in common,” averred Tom.

“Okay,” Josh said, resignedly, “How about we meet up after work on Monday and go catch a film?”

“Sounds cool,” agreed Courtney, “and I’d love to come and hear you play.”

“Hell – we could all go tomorrow – if you’re free Courtney. Make sure our usual table is reserved Josh,” stated Tom.

Nodding his head in agreement, Josh left the office and continued on his post round, finally arriving back in the Post Room in time for the mid-morning coffee İstanbul Escort break.

Having volunteered to do the afternoon round as well, in the hope of catching Tom up to no good, Josh was called over by Courtney to her desk in one of the communal offices.

“Look, I’m sorry about Mr Friendshaw,” she apologized, “he was a bit pushy – don’t feel obliged to go to the cinema with me. I’m sure I can make my own friends.” She smiled at him a bit nervously as she finished.

“No….no…. he was just being nice. I’m single and I’m guessing you are too – I guess he was just trying to play cupid. But really, I’m happy to be a friend – maybe just not a boyfriend – it’s just that I’m still getting over someone.”

She lowered her gaze to her computer keyboard briefly before looking up at him again, “I’m sorry to hear that – going through a break-up can be tough, I’ve had my fair share. Going to see a movie would be good though, if you’re still up for it.”

“Sure – there’s a new complex just recently opened in the High Street – you pick a film over the weekend and we can go together on Monday – or Sunday if you prefer? Maybe we could catch a bite to eat beforehand.”

Her face lit up as he suggested going for food as well, “Sure – what sort of films do you like?” she asked.

“Oh – you choose – we could be here all day discussing various genres – just nothing too weepy – not into films that make me depressed,” he advised her.

“Okay – give me your number and I’ll send you my suggestion. If you don’t like it – and be honest – I can look again.”

Having swapped numbers, Josh continued on his round. The door to Tom’s office was closed and ignoring the usual protocol, Josh opened the door without knocking. As he entered, he saw Megan quickly rise to her feet from a kneeling position, some fluid dripping from her mouth as she hurriedly turned her back to him.

“What the fuck!” yelled Tom, “Don’t you know how to knock? I could have had a client in here.”

“Sorry Tom – I” he looked at Megan’s reflection in the window as she adjusted her bra, “I just wanted to thank you for fixing me up with Courtney – she seems a nice girl.”

“Not a fucking word of this to anyone – you understand? Especially not Lucy – if I hear that you have been gobbing off around the office, I’ll have you fired faster than you can count to ten. Now, get the fuck out of here and never enter again without knocking, you understand?”

“Y yes – sorry Tom,” stated Josh, casting one last look at Megan, who was giving him daggers in the reflection, before leaving and closing the door behind him.

As he continued on his round, Josh’s mind was filled with thoughts of how he was going to catch Tom and Megan in action. Deciding that they probably were a bit more adventurous after normal hours, he started to develop a plan. As he returned to the Post Room, his plan was forming nicely and he was whistling happily.

“God, I hope your guitar playing is better than your whistling,” stated Will, causing Josh to stop instantly.

The day passed slowly with Josh checking his watch on regular occasions; the post-room was quiet which gave him the opportunity to carry out some preparation for his plan. He used his phone to research security companies which specialized in hidden cameras, making an appointment the next day to see someone who could discuss his needs with him.

At the end of the day, Josh wished his co-workers a good weekend, with Sally responding that he would probably see her as she was planning to go to the “Saracen’s” on Saturday night to hear him and Shannon in action. He smiled at her and thanked her for her interest, intimating that he would try to discreetly ascertain whether Shannon was bi-sexual or not.

He decided to treat himself to a nice steak from a recommended steak-house on the High Street and ambled home to change. Passing through the pub, he said hi to Amy before making his way upstairs. On reaching his door, he found a pair of panties dangling from the handle and removed them, unable to stop himself from sniffing them before he entered his room warily. Relieved to see no-one was there, he placed them on his bedside table, wondering who they belonged to. He quickly undressed and wrapped a towel around himself before making his way to the shower, his mind switching between Courtney, his encounter with Tom and Megan and his plan to obtain evidence as he washed the day’s grime from his body.

When he had dried, he opened the bathroom door cautiously as he thought about the panties hanging from his handle. There appeared to be no-one around and he hurriedly made his way to his room, locking the door behind him. He got dressed – smart-casual, as befitted his chosen eatery – still trying to work out who the panties belonged to. Amy? She was downstairs and would have had plenty of opportunity to place a pair of her panties on his door handle. He couldn’t ask her outright but he needed to know so that he could dispel any thoughts in her mind that they could be an item.

Making his way downstairs, he decided to stop for a pint before making his way to the restaurant. He stood at the bar, sipping his drink and biding his time. When Amy had a quiet moment, he called her over.

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