Strictly Physical

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My ex is short, 4’4″. She has long wavy hair, hypnotic eyes, breasts the size of grapefruits, a comely figure, and a voice like a bird.

She ended our relationship four years ago. I tried to reestablish it, but she wanted me to move to another country with her and I just didn’t have the resources for that. She clearly wasn’t going to be able to support me if I went with her and I had no idea how I would even begin to try to support her. Two years ago, she propositioned me.

Most guys would jump at the chance for sex with no strings. But I was hesitant. The decision was really hard for me. I loved this girl and she’d gone off and forgotten about me. She had even started sleeping with some parolee douchebag she’d gone to high school with. She told him she wasn’t interested in a fling, but once he got his end in, he up and disappeared on her.

As much as I couldn’t stand the thought of being second choice to this guy, I gave in to her request and we had a summer thing.

She came to town again and seemed to be wanting to see me. But she only told me she was going to be in town, she didn’t say for how long or what she would be doing. She always visits with her family and friends and doesn’t really have time for me so I didn’t want to go running to her only to be told I’d have to wait like a dog with a bone.

A week later, she finally told me she wanted me to come over. She told me çekmeköy escort she had done nothing and seen nobody for a week. Why the fuck didn’t she call me sooner? I was a little put off by it especially when she told me that had I come by the previous week, she’d have gone home with me. She also has this habit of rubbing her ass against my crotch if I happen to stand behind her. Suddenly, she had me propositioning her. I was do everything I could to convince her just to come over. That night, I slept over. Although her family was in the house so she wouldn’t do anything substantial, I couldn’t resist touching on her. I was kissing her, rubbing her, licking her nipples, stroking her, fondling her, and she was loving every minute. But we had been out late to karaoke that night and she started to fall asleep. I went home the next day telling her to come over.

She finally came to me that weekend. She told me she didn’t want to wait so I stripped as she sat on my bed.

I went to her, kissed her, massaged her breasts through her dress (I don’t remember the last time she wore a dress), I pulled her off of my bed, turned her around and bent her over. I raised her dress and put my dick against the outside of her panties. She was pushing back against me.

I raised her arms and took her dress off over head (I kind of regret that, I usually love to fuck her with her clothes on), I cevizli escort took off her bra and started fondling her breasts while still rubbing up against her. She had her hands in my hair and on my dick. She was all but begging.

I finally pulled her panties off and I threw her on the bed. I pulled her to the edge, worked my prick into her gave a couple hard thrusts. I tossed one of her legs over the other and began to hammer her. She stared at me intently, drawing me in with those entrancing eyes. After a couple minutes, I picked her up, wrapping her legs around me before I sat on the bed with her astride me. She has never been particular toward this position. It has always given her trouble. But I just wanted to get close enough to kiss her and suck her tits. Her body is so perfect, who could blame me for being trapped in her web?

I began to realize she was bleeding, so I stopped. She had tried to warn me earlier but I hadn’t listened. I didn’t want to bring it up, so I laid her down beside me and began fingering her to climax; manual stimulation being the only way she has ever been able to get off. I still wanted to get my rocks off, so I cleaned up my dick and asked her to fellate me. A couple of seconds of some pretty decent head later and she was suddenly crying.

Well, this has always seemed to be my real role in her life. To let her cry on me. I told her she was erenköy escort just upset because she was on her period. But she explained that the bleeding was an injury from last night. Last night? What? Yeah. She was with that same douchebag last night. She’s telling me that I’m second in her life again. Then she told me she was able to go down on him without any problem. She was all upset about the whole thing. Why did she go and do it? He even had a girlfriend now. For some reason, she just didn’t care. Goddammit, why are you telling me this? She called me sweet, got cleaned up and we went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep. I was so fucking irritated. Not only that, but she kept taking my blankets. I woke her up about 1:30. It’s okay, she’s always said she likes to be woken up for sex. I kissed her, sucked on her tits, rubbed between her legs. I stripped off her clothes and mine and sat her astride me again. But I still wanted my dick in her mouth, so I made her turn around. Because she wasn’t on her period, I was confident I could eat her pussy without her bleeding on me (I was right), she had my dick between her lips. I guess being too tired to care made it easier. I could feel her long hair caressing my legs as her tongue danced around my pole. I humped up to tap the back of her throat with the tip of spear. Despite that she doesn’t really like to give head, I say she gives the best I’ve ever gotten. I brought her to climax with my tongue as I held her head down on my dick as it spewed hot jizz into the back of her throat.

Going back to sleep, I was still irritated about that douchebag, but at least I was no longer hard up. Ah, fuck him. I could care less.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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