Strip I Never

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Tracy ducked her head under the hood of her black fleece jacket as she hurried across campus. The rain had started earlier than she had expected, resulting in her getting caught outside without an umbrella. It was okay though…she didn’t have far to go. Soon she saw the dorm in front of her and almost ran up the stairs to the entrance. The R.A. at the front desk didn’t give her a second glance, and she went up the stairs to the third floor.

She was a sophomore at the state university, studying psychology. She was a good student, making nearly straight A’s. She didn’t do things like this too much, but she didn’t have any homework to do this weekend and was ahead on her textbook reading. It would be fun to hang out with some of her friends for a change.

She easily found room 311, the second one down the right hallway on the left side. She knocked rather shyly, not wanting to barge into Ashley’s dorm room even if she was expecting her. Within a few seconds, a slim blond wearing a tight halter and mini skirt was at the door.

“Hey Tracy!” she said. “Did you bring some snacks?”

“Yeah I did, Ashley,” Tracy said, shucking her backpack off her shoulder. “I didn’t know what people wanted, so I just got some Doritos and sour cream and onion.”

“That should be fine. Cassandra loves Doritos, anyway, so good call. Come on in!”

Tracy walked into the room and set the chips on the small black end table. She took off her jacket and laid it on the couch, leaving her in her university tee and a pair of jean shorts that reached about halfway down her thighs. It had been a while since she had been in one of the suites. This was a four-person suite, with two bedrooms and a reasonably-sized living area outside with a bathroom.

There was a cheap – yet comfortable looking – couch out in the living room, with what appeared to be about a 35″ flat-screen on a TV stand in front of it. The couch only extended about a third of the way across the room, leaving plenty of floor space for a table and chairs, not to mention a mini-fridge, near the bathroom.

The bathroom was filled with the expected curling irons, hair dryers and straighteners, among other assorted feminine supplies that Tracy could see. Ashley went in to one of the bedrooms, and Tracy caught a glimpse of light blue sheets and papers (presumably class notes) scattered around the room.

Ashley came back out and sat on the couch, motioning Tracy over.

“So how many people are coming?” Tracy asked.

“Oh, like four I think. Glenda, one of my roommates, might be here, and you already know Cassandra is coming.”

“Yeah, Cassandra,” Tracy said. “That should be…interesting.”

Ashley laughed.

“Yes, she does have quite the reputation around campus.”

Cassandra was an endowed redhead who Tracy had had in a couple classes, or at least that was what the roster had said. Cass had rarely showed up for those classes, however, probably hung over or sleeping with someone (or both). She was probably most notorious for letting six football players run a train on her. “Slut” was too polite of a term for her, but she did have a way of spicing up parties.

As if on cue, there was a loud and confident rapping on the door. Surely it was Cassandra, since Glenda would have just walked in to her own room. Sure enough, when Ashley opened the door a big-chested redhead in a V-neck shirt and shorts that barely covered her ass walked into the room.

“Hey Cass!” Ashley said and gave her a hug.

“I brought the booze!” Cassandra said, holding up a couple wine bottles and a fifth of vodka.

“Oh, that vodka will work perfectly with the carton of orange juice I have in the fridge,” Ashley said as she opened the fridge. “Screwdrivers all around!”

Tracy was just transfixed by Cassandra, who had already opened one of the wine bottles and was drinking out of it. Ashley hadn’t noticed and went about preparing the screwdrivers. Cass had already downed about half the bottle of wine by the time Ashley walked over with her glass.

“Jesus Christ, Cass, save some for the rest of us!” Ashley said. She started to withdraw the glass of pale orange liquid, but Cassandra reached out and took it from her anyway, also snatching the bag of Doritos off the table.

Ashley just shook her head and turned to give Tracy her glass before taking a seat on the floor next to Tracy. Tracy drank on occasion, but she was a lightweight; a couple of glasses of wine and she would be done. No telling what just a few screwdrivers would do to her. It was okay though…apparently Cassandra would make up for her.

“So when is Glenda going to get here?” Tracy asked Ashley.

“Oh, she had to work but should be getting off almost any time. Say, you all want to play ‘I Never’ while we wait for her?”

“I porno izle Never?” Cassandra said. “Damn, you all are really trying to get me drunk, aren’t you?”

“I think you are doing plenty well enough on your own,” Ashley said with a smirk.

Tracy giggled.

“Oh, I will show up you two sissies!” Cassandra said. “I’m going first.”

She looked at Ashley and Tracy, studying them for a minute before sharing.

“I have never dyed my hair,” she finally said.

Tracy had to drink for that. She had died her hair for almost her entire freshman year. Ashley also picked up her glass.

“I dyed it blue for a week in high school,” she said. “I have never had a tattoo applied.”

“Oh, you don’t know what you are missing,” Cassandra said, and she lifted up the back of her shirt to show off her tramp stamp before taking a big sip from her glass. Tracy had gotten off without drinking this time.

“Your turn, Tracy,” Ashley said.

Tracy had to think for a minute. Finally, she came up with one.

“I have never gotten a D in a class.”

“Seriously?” Cassandra asked, a bit incredulously. “I’ve got more D’s in one semester than I have in my shirt!” She cupped her boobs. “And these are DD’s too!”

Ashley spit out her drink mid-sip and couldn’t stop laughing. Tracy giggled too. Cassandra was very raunchy, but it was really funny.

“I guess you better drink then,” Tracy said.

“It’s my turn now. Finally, I get a break from drinking.”

“I bet that doesn’t happen too often while you are awake,” Ashley said, having recovered from her laughing fit.

Cassandra just fitted her with a mock glare.

“Oh, I will get you good,” she said with a smile. “I have never had my clitty pierced.”

Ashley just flipped her the bird as she drank.

They went around several more times, having topics ranging from the mundane (mainly Tracy’s contributions) to the vulgar extreme (Cassandra’s contributions). Not to anyone’s surprise, Cassandra downed three screwdrivers before Tracy even drank half of her first. It was Ashley’s turn after Cassandra got another refill.

“I have never smoked marijuana,” she said.

Cassandra just laughed. “Oh, you are such a liar!” she said, taking a drink. “You better drink too! I remember you getting really stoned at Tom’s kegger!”

Then something happened that Tracy did not expect. While Ashley was taking her drink, Cassandra reached into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. But she did not pull a cigarette out of the pack. It looked kind of like a cigarette, but was lumpier and had a light green tint to it. She handed it to Ashley.

“Take a whiff of that beauty!”

“Is that…a joint?” Tracy asked.

Both Cassandra and Ashley just cracked up laughing.

“Been living in a bubble, have ya?” Cassandra asked. “Ah, it’s okay. I’ve met quite a few naïve kids like you. Stoners now, all of them.”

She said that last part with an air of pride, and Tracy got the idea she was the one responsible for turning them into potheads. Ashley handed the joint back to Cassandra.

“I have…been curious as to what it is like,” Tracy said.

“I need to get an ashtray. You better light that up,” Ashley said. “Someone is about to lose their pot cherry!”

Cassandra took the joint and put it between her lips. Then she flicked the lighter into life and held it up to the end of the joint. Tracy saw orange as the end caught fire and Cassandra took a long drag and held it in. She handed the joint to Tracy, who gingerly took the end stained with Cassandra’s lipstick.

The first thing Tracy noticed was the smell. It had a very strong odor, very similar to that of a skunk. It was very different from the dirty smell of cigarettes. She put the end to her lips and took a long drag like she had seen Cassandra do. Not a good idea, she realized, as she erupted into a coughing fit and blew smoke everywhere.

“Easy now,” Cassandra said. “It takes experience before you can get the really big hits. You probably should start out slow. Oh, and stop breathing in when you feel a tingle on the back of your throat. Go on, take another one.”

Tracy tried again, but this time she breathed in slower and stopped when she felt the smoke starting to hit the back of her throat. She handed the joint to Ashley, holding her breath like she had seen Cassandra do. She then turned her head to the side and exhaled, seeing a cloud of white smoke.

Ashley was obviously not new to this either, as she took a drag almost as big as Cassandra’s. She walked over and handed the joint to Cassandra, and paused in front of Tracy on her way back to blow smoke right in her face. Tracy coughed and Ashley giggled.

“Oh, that’s bush league there,” Cassandra said.

They amatör porno passed the joint around a few more times until Cassandra finally put out the small roach in the ashtray. Tracy was already feeling different, getting the sensation that her legs were weightless.

“Say,” Cassandra said. “Let’s raise the stakes in this little game. How about instead of having to drink, you have to remove one item of clothing?”

Ashley readily agreed, but Tracy wasn’t so sure.

“Oh, come on, it will be fun!” Ashley said. “Have some new experiences!”

It must have been the pot affecting her, because Tracy felt like it was someone else saying “Okay” from her mouth.

“It was your turn,” Cassandra said.

Tracy was having trouble coming up with one. Her mind kept wandering and she couldn’t stay focused.

“I have never…felt this way before,” she said. Cassandra and Ashley both laughed loudly at Tracy’s sudden lack of communication skills. Tracy hadn’t meant for that to be her turn, but it apparently had sufficed. Ashley took off one of her socks. Cassandra glanced at her and snickered, then she reached under her shirt and unclasped her bra, sliding the straps off of her shoulders and pulling the black bra out the bottom of her shirt. Ashley’s eyes bugged out as she saw what Cassandra was doing, clearly not expecting that her bra would be the first item of clothing she would take off. Tracy could see Cassandra’s huge tits hanging free beneath her shirt

“Little Ms. Prim and Proper is going to get hers,” Cassandra said. “I have never made an A in a college class.”

Both Ashley and Tracy had to strip then. Tracy had worn flip-flops and had taken them off at the door, so she was already a little behind (or ahead, depending on the perspective).

“Oh, no footwear to take off?” Cassandra said. “What a shame. I guess it will be the shirt or the shorts.”

Tracy reluctantly decided on her shirt. She was lifting it up slowly, a little scared to reveal herself to the other girls, but she was getting bolder by the second. When her shirt cleared her white bra and C-cup breasts Cassandra gave a little whistle.

“You’ve got a pretty nice rack there,” she said. “You shouldn’t be so ashamed to show those off.”

“Thanks,” Tracy said sheepishly, turning red.

“Seriously. I bet you get quite a few stares from guys.” Tracy just turned away, embarrassed.

Ashley cleared her throat. Cassandra and Tracy turned to look at her.

“It’s my turn,” she said. “I have never worn a white bra before.”

Both of them seemed to have her number. There was no getting out of this one, since her bra was clearly visible to everyone. But she wasn’t the only one stripping; Cass was taking off one of her flip-flops. She smiled, enjoying the little tease she was creating. Tracy undid the button of her shorts and quickly pulled them off, covering up her panty-clad pussy with her hands.

“Oh come on, you can’t cover it up!” Ashley said. “We have to be able to see!”

Cassandra just shrugged and said, “House rules.”

Tracy took her hands out of her lab so they could see her white panties.

“Okay, now get up and do a little twirl,” Ashley said.

“Don’t push it,” Tracy said. Cassandra laughed.

Tracy already had hers ready.

“I have never exposed myself to other women…before tonight, that is.”

Of course Cassandra had, and she looked at Ashley as she started toying with the bottom of her shirt. She lifted it up a little bit, showing off her navel and the very bottoms of her tits, before quickly pulling the shirt back down and throwing off her other flip-flop. Tracy was surprised when Ashley started taking off her skirt, and it must have shown.

“One word: Cassandra,” was all Ashley said in response to Tracy’s unasked question.

“Ashley, you are overdressed,” Cassandra said. “And I know how to fix that.” She paused for a moment before saying, “I have never had sex in a football stadium before.”

“No, you’ve just done it with football players,” Ashley said.

“I didn’t say whom, I said where,” Cassandra said. “And you have to strip.”

Tracy was very curious. Clearly there were a lot of things she didn’t know about her friend. Ashley removed her shirt, revealing a red bra to match with her red thong.

“Alright, I’ve got one for you, Cass,” Ashley said. “I have never been in a gangbang before.”

“Right, I knew that one was coming sometime. Well, I think that one deserves to release the tig ol’ bitties.”

She stood up and started swaying her hips back and forth, and then leaned against the wall like it was a stripper pole. She caught Tracy staring at her and came over and started giving her a lap dance. Tracy surprised herself by not trying to stop her, and just anal porno kept staring as Cassandra lifted up her shirt and released her large melons. Cassandra rubbed them in Tracy’s face playfully.

“Those are really big!” Tracy said.

“I know,” Cassandra said. “Would you like to touch them?”

“Ex-excuse me?”

Cassandra gave her a knowing smile.

“I know you were staring. Do you want to feel them?”

Without waiting for Tracy to answer, Cassandra grabbed her hands and put them on her boobs.

“Go on, give them a little squeeze.”

Tracy couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she started squeezing and massaging Cassandra’s breasts, pushing them together and rubbing them. She pinched a nipple and Cassandra let out a little squeal.

“Oh, you’re feeling a bit naughty, are you?”

Cassandra took one of Tracy’s hands and moved it down between her legs and pushed it into the front of her shorts. Tracy quickly discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and her pussy lips were already moist. She started rubbing her finger up and down Cassandra’s slit, eliciting moans of pleasure from the girl in her lap. Tracy leaned forward and started sucking on Cassandra’s tit, licking around her areola and flicking her tongue across the tip of her nipple.

She hadn’t noticed Ashley come up behind her until she felt her bra suddenly loosen. She helped Ashley take it off and Cassandra reached over and started playing with her tits. Now it was Tracy’s turn to moan as Ashley slid a hand inside her panties and started rubbing her pussy.

Cassandra’s pussy was getting very wet, and Tracy helped her out of her shorts while Ashley continued her ministrations on Tracy’s pussy. When Cassandra’s shorts were off, she kissed Tracy passionately on the lips, probing the inside of Tracy’s mouth with her tongue. Tracy inserted two fingers into Cassandra’s very wet vagina, and they slipped right in. Cassandra moaned into her mouth. Tracy felt her hands on her breasts again, rubbing and lightly pulling on her nipples. She moaned into Cassandra’s mouth and started rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Not wanting to be denied, when Tracy came up for air Ashley grabbed her head and started frenching her. Cassandra started screaming and bucking against Tracy’s hand, and a flood of fluids poured out. She forced her way into the kiss, so that all three of them were kissing and licking each others’ mouths and tongues.

Then Cassandra pushed Ashley down on her back and pulled her thong off with one quick motion. She knelt down and started licking Ashley’s pussy with vigor. Ashley’s eyes closed in delight as she moaned with pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked at Tracy lustfully.

“Sit on my face, Tracy,” she said.

“Sit…on your face?”

Ashley moaned again.

“Take off your panties and put your pussy in my face.”

It seemed a strange request. She had engaged in oral sex with guys before, but never had she sat on anyone’s face. But she was really wet from already being fondled and fingered, so she quickly took off her panties and positioned her pussy right over Ashley’s mouth. Ashley reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled her down so she was smothered by Tracy’s pussy.

Tracy gasped as she felt Ashley’s tongue start licking her pussy lips and suck on her clit. She had never had a woman do this before, and it felt amazing! She seemed to know exactly what spots to hit and when, and how hard or soft to suck. Watching Cassandra eat Ashley out was also making her juices flow. She could see the glint of Ashley’s piercing rubbing against Cassandra’s teeth and lips. As Tracy was nearing her climax, Ashley started rubbing her asshole with her finger.

“Wait…I’ve never…”

She never finished her sentence. Ashley just buried her face in Tracy’s snatch and started darting her tongue in and out of her cunt. Before Tracy had time to recover, Ashley had dipped a finger in her vagina, lubed it up with her juices, and inserted her finger in Tracy’s ass.


The sensation sent her over the edge and she bathed Ashley’s face with her cum. Ashley was also getting close, moaning and panting on Tracy’s vagina. Tracy got off of her face and knelt down and started sucking on Ashley’s nipple. Her breathing got faster and her moaning got louder, and eventually she screamed and her body tensed up. Tracy kept licking and sucking all the way through her orgasm – or rather orgasms, as Ashley tensed up again in what seemed to be a second one.

Cassandra got up from between Ashley’s legs, her face all slimy and sticky with Ashley’s cum. She kissed Ashley full on the mouth, tasting Tracy’s juices and letting Ashley taste her own juices. She then licked all of Tracy’s cum off of Ashley’s face, and Ashley licked her cum off of Cassandra’s face. They all collapsed in a heap on the floor.

They all laid there a while before Sandra broke the ice.

“Oh, did I mention that this pot makes me horny?”

Ashley and Tracy giggled and playfully swatted her on the shoulder.

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