Stripper’s Party

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My friend Janet was having a big party on the eve of her wedding. I thought it was just going to be a small affair with a few friends. I found out that Janet had rented out a big hall and she invited close to one hundred women. I didn’t even think she knew that many people. Janet told us to put on sexy clothing. There might be some special guests.

I did as she asked. I had a tight red skirt that barely covered my crotch. I have big tits and they were barely covered by the skirt when I got to the hall. The music was blasting and the disc jockey was dancing around on the stage. Everyone had a drink in their hand and I went to find a glass of wine. Janet was in rare form. She was practically naked in the outfit she was wearing. I wondered who she was expecting. I didn’t have long to wait.

The music stopped and Janet took to the stage.

“Girls, I have a special announcement tonight. Strippers!!”

Out ran five guys covered in the smallest trunks I had ever seen. The material barely covered their cocks. The women there started to scream out loud. It was almost like a stampede as the dancers ran out into the crowd. Women were running their hands over these practically naked men. I know I was getting worked up. I am not much of a drinker and the wine was going to my head. Before too long it all got crazy.

I saw some girls on their knees and they had pulled down the dancer’s trunks. Out came these giant cocks. I saw them starting to suck on the men’s dicks. I have to tell you I was getting so wound up. I could tell my pussy was getting wet. We were all dancing when I felt someone come up from behind. It was one of the male dancers. I had to quickly put my drink down. This dancer reached around kırklareli escort and cupped my breasts through the material of my skirt.

He was rubbing his sweaty body against my back and I could feel his bulge pressing against me. I was so horny right then. My dancer started to pull the top of my skirt down. My tits came popping out. I don’t think anyone was really watching us. It was all too chaotic in the hall. My dancer was squeezing my big melons and he was getting me hotter by the second. He removed his hands from my tits and he started to hike up my skirt. I felt him pulling my panties down.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. A few moments later I felt his big bone sliding up and down my ass crack. Damn, I knew what he was trying to do and I felt like I was going to let him. I spread my legs for him and he pushed his knob up between my folds. I could feel him sliding deeper into my pussy. I pushed back against him and he thrust all the way inside me. He was fucking me like mad now.

His cock felt so long and thick. I don’t think I had ever felt anything so large in my life. I’m sure a few women saw what was going on but they were getting into the music and the other dancers. My dance lover was driving his hard prick all the way into my belly. I managed to clamp my muscles around him and squeeze tight. I think I might have even screamed out loud but you couldn’t hear me. The music was way too loud.

I have no idea how long he fucked me out there on the dance floor. His face was right next to my ear and I heard my lover grunting. I suddenly felt his cream rushing up into my pussy. My body was shaking as he pumped his hard meat deep afyon escort inside me. I could feel his cock pulsating in my tunnel. He shot streams of his seed in me and I took every drop.

My dancer eventually stopped fucking me and he held his cock inside me. I think we were just trying to calm down. I soon felt my lover pull his dripping member from my hole. He kissed me a few times on my neck and then he pulled his trunks up. Just like that he melted back into the crowd. I tried to compose myself and I got my clothes back in order. I quickly made my way to the women’s restroom. I found a stall and I sat down. I pushed all that male cum out of me, as much as was possible.

I was panting the whole time and thinking about the fucking I just took. Thank God I was on the pill. I had no idea who that guy was who just got done fucking me on the dance floor. I finally left the restroom and I found a chair in the hallway and sat down. I could still feel his cum leaking out of me and I knew my panties were soaked. I soon saw Janet walking towards me.

“Emily, what are you doing sitting out here?” She asked me.

I told her I had to catch my breath. I said it was getting too hot in the room and I felt like I was going to pass out. Janet told me to get myself together and come back in and join the party. I had enough of partying for the night. I slipped out to my car and I drove home. When I got out of my vehicle there was some cum stains on the seat. I tried to clean it up as best I could and I went inside to my apartment.

I was spent, that much was for sure. I stripped out of my cum stained clothes and I hopped into the shower. I tried to push out the rest amasya escort of the dancer’s cum and then I dried myself. I put a bathrobe on and I sunk into my bed. My head was spinning as I thought about what had happened earlier. I am normally not like that. I let a complete stranger fuck me and in front of a bunch of partying women. I felt a little embarrassed but I couldn’t do anything about it now.

I did pull my bathrobe apart and I reached down and felt my pussy with my fingers. There was still some cum oozing out of me. I slowly pushed a finger into my pussy. I started to finger myself. I slipped another finger into my hole. I soon was finger fucking myself like mad. I hated to admit it to myself. I wished that my lover was here right now and that he had his thick cock buried in my pussy.

I fingered myself until I came to a climax. I brought my legs up and I had one orgasm after another. I had made myself wet but I didn’t care. I woke up the next morning and my bed was wet with male cum and with my juices. Once I got myself under control I called Janet later that day. She said she had a splitting headache from all the alcohol. I asked her where she found those male dancers. She gave me the agency where she hired them.

I didn’t say a word about what had happened. Janet did let it slip out that she had gotten so drunk that she went down on one of the men. I asked her what all she did. She said that she sucked her dancer off and that he shot his cum down her throat. She made me promise that her fiance’ Rick could never know this. I promised to keep my mouth shut. I was more interested in finding out who fucked me that night.

I knew I was going to have to be discreet. I was probably being stupid. I wanted to find my lover if I could and have him again. I knew he probably does this all the time. Those dancers get sucked off and the fuck the women at those parties. I didn’t care. I had to at least try and track him down and see if there is anything more to our one night fucking on the dance floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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