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Luke pinches his own arm to wake himself up. Today’s class in this giant lecture hall couldn’t be more boring. He looks around at the swath of largely empty seats surrounding him. Halfway into the semester and most of his classmates have traded attending these early morning lectures for doing literally anything else. It’s just Luke and a few other stragglers keeping the rows from being an empty room, doing their best to not fall completely comatose.


Luke shifts his eyes to his right. A few seats away, a girl is leaning towards him. He had noticed her on the way in earlier. A pretty face, with messy hair balled up, like it received less effort than the blank notes document open on her MacBook.

“Do you understand any of this shit?” She shoots a subdued look the professor’s way. Luke smiles.

“It’s not too bad. I just wish attendance wasn’t factored into our grade. Otherwise I’d just read the material at home.”

“I’m pre-med. Why the fuck do I need to know any of this?” She rolls her eyes, and Luke notices the sweatshirt she was wearing on the way in is sitting in the open seat next to her. She’s actually quite sexy under the baggy, comfy clothing. Breasts pushed together under the tight tank that exposes tan shoulders. A little silver necklace with some colorful stone on the end of it. Luke wishes he’d looked to his right sooner.

Luke leans in closer. “But how are you gonna help save sick people if you don’t understand plate tectonics?” She laughs a bit too loud. The professor pauses speaking for a moment, looking around the large space for the source of the noise. Luke moves behind his laptop. Seconds later, the professor begins pontificating again in that low monotone that literally sucks the energy out of students.

“That was close!” Her whisper breathes new excitement into Luke. “At least we’re awake now. I’m Tara, by the way.” She smiles and reaches her hand to meet Luke’s. Her fingers are soft and squeeze his slightly when they touch. They linger a little longer than is usual. Luke can’t help but smile as she continues to hold back giggles.

It’s 10:15AM. The room shifts nervously as the professor drags on his final statements. Everyone starts packing their things. New life breaths into the lecture hall as the prof turns his back and the prisoners are set free. Tara walks over to him.

“Hey, you said you get the material, right? Would you be down to study with me?” Luke stands to meet her.

“Yeah, I’m down. Just let me know when works for you.”

“How about right now?”

Luke raises an eyebrow. She pushes her laptop into her bag. “I’ve got a few hours before my next class. And my shitty roommate is probably at her job.”

Luke does his best to act cool and not convey his excitement. “Sure, that works for me.” The two head towards the exit.


The çekmeköy escort door of a 5th floor dormitory pushes open. Luke follows Tara in. He looks around to see the usual accoutrement – wall posters, cheap furniture, and some colorful lamps and throw pillows. He notices another person in the far corner, sitting cross-legged on a bed. He follows Tara as she walks towards the beds.

“Luke, this is my roommate, Debra.” Luke waves. Debra barely looks up from her studies.

“Hi.” Her words are more half assed than Tara’s note-taking during class was. Luke sees Tara roll her eyes. The two turn to her bed, which sits directly adjacent to Debra’s. The classic college dorm. Far too little privacy. The kind of close knit quarters that require two people to get along. These two girls clearly don’t. Luke can feel the tension.

He barely has any time to let the awkwardness in the air register, before Tara pulls him down to the bed. “Do you care if we spread our stuff out here? I do basically everything in bed.”

Luke laughs. “Fine by me.” They start opening their laptops. Tara leans back against the wall along the side of the bed. Luke does the same.

“Can you two keep it down, please?” Tara and Luke look to Debra. She’s shooting them an annoyed look. “I’m trying to study.”

Luke tries to cut the uncomfortable silence with some casual banter. “We’re about to start studying too.”

Debra laughs. “Tara NEVER studies. All she does is party and bring back guys while I’m trying to sleep.”

Tara half jumps off the bed. “You’re a bitch!”

Debra grabs her papers and gets up. “And YOU’RE going to flunk out by the end of next semester.” The roommate walks away, placing her laptop on a desk and walking into the bathroom.

“Ugh. She’s the WORST. Sorry you have to deal with this.”

Luke shrugs. “Just keep bringing back guys at night and keep her sleep deprived.” The two of them laugh. Tara pulls open the giant textbook sitting between them.

“So what should we go over first?” Luke starts chatting about the recent class discussion, and what is expected to be on the upcoming exam. He thumbs through the huge textbook until he finds the right chapter.

The book sits upright on his lap, pages open to face him. His eyes are focused down on the content and section headings. It takes him a few seconds to realize Tara has shifted her body directly behind the book. He feels her hands pull down his shorts and her take his unexpecting cock into her mouth. It happens so fast, he barely has any time for it to register mentally. Is this…really happening? He lifts his back off the wall behind him slightly so he can see over the top of the textbook. There she is. Slurping his manhood like it’s pasta, bobbing her head as she does. He feels blood pumping into it, head and cevizli escort shaft growing inside of her mouth. Her free hands squeeze his balls in between them, just firmly enough.

Luke looks down, unsure of what to say. Unsure if he should say anything at all. He hears the toilet flush.

“Um…” is all he can manage. Tara looks up at him, mouth still stuffed with his cock. She pulls away slightly, taking his meat into her hands.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Her words have a casual air to them that turns Luke on to no end. He feels himself throbbing against her fingers.

“Your roommate though…”

Tara looks towards the bathroom door. The sound of running sink water is vaguely perceivable.

“Fuck her. She’s probably too into her studying to even notice. Don’t even worry about it.” Her lips jump back to his dick.

She takes the whole shaft into her mouth in one gulp, letting his head sit in the back of her throat. Luke can’t help but be impressed. He stands a whole foot taller than her, and he’s big for his height as it is. His cock must be halfway down her neck. Her eye contact with him doesn’t even break. As if they’re still having a conversation. Luke feels his body shudder again. The sight of Tara almost choking on him is too much. The suddenness of all this, the adrenaline of Debra walking out at any moment—he’s not gonna last long.

He looks nervously to the bathroom once again.

“What if she does see, though?”

Tara pauses again to look up at him. “Do you want me to suck your dick or not?”

Luke nods eagerly. Tara smiles and begins running her lips up and down his wet shaft. A little moving kiss that heads from his swollen head down to his ball sack. She pulls one of his balls into her tight mouth. He sees its shape pressing against the inside of her cheek. It’s too fucking hot. His eyes roll in the back of his head.

The bathroom door opens. Luke watches wide-eyed as Debra walks over to her desk and sits down with her materials. She doesn’t even look their way. He looks back down at Tara, who has moved her efforts back to making his cock fully disappear inside of her. He can feel her throat tightening on his head. She lifts her neck, lips staying tight on his shaft until they meet the bulbous mushroom of his head’s skin. Then back down again she goes. Fully engulfing him until he feels her lips pressed against his pubic hair. And she stays there, her head vibrating slightly back and forth. It’s like a massage for his entire dick. She’s an absolute pro. She seems like she’s done this a lot. And in this moment, Luke is very, very thankful for it.

He feels himself close to cumming. The realization makes him look over to the desk. Debra is still engrossed in her work. He really hopes she doesn’t look up. Then again, he doesn’t really care erenköy escort at this point. He’s going to cum no matter what happens. Everything else leaves his mind. Luke looks down at Tara. Her gaze meets his. She can tell he’s about to explode. His fingers move to her hair, squeezing her scalp beneath that messy bun he first noticed this morning in class.

She moves her lips to the top of him, enveloping his throbbing head in her mouth. Lips locked just under the thickest part of him. Her hands move to his shaft, twisting it with the wetness accumulated from the depths of her throat. Her pace quickens, lips and mouth suctioning against him and fingers squeezing tightly and swiftly. The technique she is using is very noisy, and very effective.

He conveys his imminent climax with his fingers in her hair and the look on his face. Little gasps begin escaping his open mouth. He resists the urge to close his eyes as white waves overtake his vision. His eyes can’t break from hers as he thrusts his hips up off of the bed, his whole lower half shuddering against her movements and the eruption spewing from him.

Tara doesn’t blink. Her movement quickens and tightens as she feels Luke’s cum shoot onto her tongue. It starts filling her mouth. She doesn’t stop. Her strokes pull drop after drop out of him. She milks him even harder, his head still throbbing against the inside of her lips. She can feel it expanding and contracting rapidly. His hands press deep into her scalp, his face contorted in orgasmic ecstasy. This is her favorite part. She feels his pumping slow. His face starts to relax. His eyes flicker back and forth between focus and wandering. When his gaze settles back to her, she pulls her mouth off of him, and opens it wide. Luke looks down at his cum, a little sea of white surrounded by the rosy pink of Tara’s lips.

Tara swallows it all and smiles. Luke’s heaving shoulders press heavily into the wall behind him. His hands relax in her hair. SLAM. The two of them turn to the front door of the dorm. Debra is gone. A long silence follows her loud exit. Luke starts laughing wildly. So much so, it shocks Tara. He can’t hold back, as the post orgasm energy still courses through him. His laughter fills the dormitory.

“What’s so funny?” Tara starts laughing along with him. He composes himself just long enough to answer her.

“I don’t think she got much studying done.”


Luke places his completed exam on the professor’s desk. He heads across the front of the lecture hall, back to climb the stairs to his row. He sees Tara still scribbling away at her answer sheet. It’s been a week since she gave him that first blowjob. After which, she told him that if she passed this exam, she would take him right back to her dorm and fuck the shit out of him. He’d never worked so hard to make sure someone else learned the course material.

He sits back down in his seat, just as Tara gets up with her exam in hand. She heads to the front and places it on the desk. Luke watches her as she makes her way across the front of the lecture hall. As she does, she looks up at him. And smiles devilishly. He feels his cock stiffen and jump a little in his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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