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Double Penetration

[Tap. Tap. Tap.]

“Who could this be at my door at this ungodly hour?!

[Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.]

“Aaaah!! One minute!!” I yell as I roll out of my bed to see who is knocking at my door at 2:37 in the damn morning. I stumble through my apartment as if I haven’t been living there for the past 2 years with the same furniture placement.

[Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.]

I finally make it to the door and open it and what I see shocks me; sunlight bursts through and illuminates my home. I’m so confused; I could swear that my clock said about 2:30 something in the morning. My eyes focus and adjust to see my friend at the door with a bewildered look on her face. Her expression quickly changes to anger when I asked for the time.

“It’s 2-fucking-30 Jai!! 2:30!! YOU told me to come over here so that you could help me with this software! Do you know how much trouble it took for me to reschedule my appointments today?! I had to -“. My brain drowns her out as I try to remember what I drank last night. I close the door behind her as she makes her way into the now lighted apartment. I offer her a drink as I grab myself a bottle of water to help sober up.

“Lyrik! Lyrik!! Lyrik!!” I exclaimed over her voice. “Calm down. You’re here now and I’m up. I told you I’d help you with this and that’s what I’m gonna do. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll buy you lunch or something. Ok? Have a seat over there on the couch and I’ll grab my laptop so we can get started.” I grab my laptop from the bedroom and head back to the living room. I sit down next to her on the emerald green couch that’s only big enough for the two of us, start it up for her, and get the software running. “Scroll through my pictures and find one that you think you would like to edit. I’m about to take a shower.”

“I wasn’t gon’ say anything with ya funky butt”, she says jokingly.

I start a hot shower and step in. The water feels so good hitting my skin and washing away the amnesia of last night. I close my eyes and relive as many moments as necessary for me to figure out why I can’t remember most of the night; then it hits me: I ate the worm when I finished the tequila bottle! Never again! I laugh to myself as I wash away grit, sweat, and the scent of wasted alcohol with my Axe Body Wash. I immerse myself in the body wash’s ambiance and find myself in an even greater state of relaxation. I step out of the shower, grab a towel, wrap it around my waist, and head to my bedroom.

“Jai!! I can’t get into the pictures because you have a password on them.”

“Oh, my bad. One second”, I tell her as I lean over and put the password in for her. “There you go.”

“H-huh? Oh. Um. Yeah. Th-thanks”, she stutters. She stares at my dripping wet chest before her eyes fall to my towel and the bulge it’s concealing. “Boy, go put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see all that”, she states in a flustered tone while clearing her throat.

I laugh to myself and head to the bedroom. Normally I prefer to walk around the house naked until I’m dry but I can’t since she’s over right now. I quickly dry off and put on my favorite pair of basketball shorts. They’re red with a somewhat wide black stripe on the left pant Göztepe Escort leg that flairs out towards the bottom of the shorts. I pull the drawstring, but not tightly, and head back into the living room.

I notice she’s found my folder of women’s heels and feet. I immediately run over to her and take the laptop away to close the folder. “Um…You must have a thing for feet or something? What’s up with all THESE pictures?”

“So, um…yeah. Can we go ahead and get started please?” I ask nervously while finding a picture to edit. “Here we go”, I mutter as I begin showing her the basics that I’ve taught myself on the Adobe Photoshop software.

About 2 hours pass and I decide to get myself a bottle of water. “Hey, you want anything to drink while I’m up?”

“No thank you; but I wouldn’t mind a foot massage. I’ve been standing aaaaaaall day holding it, I begin gently rubbing her ankles as I alternately point her feet towards and away from her body to relax the muscles. I take my thumbs and place them atop her foot and massage firmly. I can feel the built-up tension from being on her feet hours at a time leave her body as my fingers rest under her foot and rub gently. She pulls her left foot away and lifts the right one up so that I can begin massaging it; I start at her ankles again before working my way to her toes.

This time I apply pressure to the sole of her foot with my thumbs while my fingers caress the top of the foot. Her head falls back and her long, silky black hair hangs over the arm of the couch as she moans with satisfaction. I take my fingers and firmly massage her toes; she gasps loudly and begins sliding her left foot across my lap because of the pleasure; my dick gets harder each time I feel her foot on my thighs. Eventually her foot rubs across my dick as it lies stiff on my leg; she realizes it and continues to rub it before standing it straight up in my shorts.

I don’t know how she did it but she managed to maneuver her foot into my shorts, loosen them, and slide my dick out; now she’s playing with it and moving it around in a circular motion. Her head still hangs over the armrest of the couch as all of this goes on. My eyes have fixed themselves on her toes and I feel myself licking my lips while I think about the things I would do to her feet. I extend my tongue as far as it will go and place the tip of it right in the arch of her foot. She jerks but my quick reflexes allow me to pull her foot back towards me.

This surge of aggression has forced my hand and I begin sensually biting the inside of her right foot. “Oh my God, Jai, that feels so good” she states while inhaling deeply; with her exhaling breath she tells me, “I’ve never had this done before. Please don’t stop.” I continue biting and kissing the inside of her foot and doing the same to her heel. I notice she has her hands in her shorts and is rubbing herself.

I start sucking her toes and things really begin to heat up. She takes her free hand, lifts her yellow tank top above her breasts, and begins squeezing them very hard. She’s squeezing so hard that I can see one of her nipples slip from behind the vertically-striped orange on white push-up bra she İstanbul Escort is wearing. She continues to rub her pussy while my tongue makes its journey between each toe before finally ending up at her heel once more. With her foot still being entertained by my mouth, I lend both of my hands to her and pull her shorts off to reveal her moist pussy.

My mouth opens wide as I marvel at how tight and wet it is. She begins jacking my dick off with both her feet and places my hand on hers to show me exactly what her pussy feels like. She feels so good on my fingers. I wonder if she tastes better. I continue to rub her pussy and get it wetter. I think this should be enough.

No; it’s not; time for a different approach. I slide my middle finger in her pussy; she winces at first; I go deeper and she moans. I pull it out slowly but only to the tip. “Put it back in…” she whispers.

I suck my finger to taste her and respond, “One second, baby”, while a smile forms on my face. She tastes so good. I lean my upper body closer to her so that I can insert my right middle and ring fingers into her juicy pussy while she continues to rub her clit. Her moans are now louder; her gasps get deeper; her pussy is wetter.

I can’t take it anymore! I have to have her pussy on my tongue! Using my fingers as the middle man just isn’t getting it. I pull her on top of me; kissing her passionately before standing her up, moving her underwear to the side, and sucking on her pussy as if I am trying to get the last drop of soda through a straw. One of her hands grabs the top of my head while the other grips my shoulder. I use my left hand to reach behind her and pull her underwear to the side some more and play with her breasts with my right one. She is really into it; she slightly thrusts her pelvis into my face; grinding on my mouth. Our eyes look into one another’s; welcoming the challenges being put forth right now.

I reach for the clasp on her bra and undo it; her breasts sit gloriously in my face as she pulls the tank top off to prevent any further coverage. She squats down and presses them against my face while she grabs my dick, stands it up, and gets ready to sit down on it. She bites her bottom lip as her tight pussy takes the head of my dick inside of her. It’s warm and wet; her pussy has to be the best I’ve ever been in; I hope the sex is as great.

Still holding my dick in her hand, she only rides the tip until she’s ready to take all of me inside of her. I close my eyes and lay my head back; it feels so good even though I’m not looking at her. “Why aren’t you watching, Jai? Don’t you want to see the way I ride you?” she asks seductively. “Look at how wet my pussy is”, she says aggressively after placing her hands behind my head and pulling it back up. “Look, baby, doesn’t it look good?” She bounces slowly, taking all of me inside of her while my hands rest on her waist.

Her moans make my dick harder as her hands pull my face closer to her chest to hold me tighter. My lips touch the center of her chest right between her breasts and her lips find themselves on my forehead. I wrap my arms around her some more while my hands caress her back. Our bodies Anadolu Yakası Escort create a “warmth” that one only feels in the heart. No longer squatting to ride me, she rests on her legs and continues to bounce on my dick while breathing heavily into my ear. “I love the way you feel inside of me, Jai; you’re so deep.”

Things get a lot more passionate and she bounces herself into an intense climax. We roll over to my right and I lie her down on her back while remaining inside her. I thrust deeply inside of her while brushing her hair out of the way. She grabs me and kisses me passionately; her nails slightly digging into my back; my face cringes but I continue to go deeper. Her left foot rubs against my right calf while I push her right leg back with my hand. “Just like that! Keep going, baby, I’m bout to cum!!” I thrust faster and harder; her nails are beginning to hurt my back but I don’t let it stop me. She wraps her legs around me firmly and sinks her teeth into my neck.

I go deep one last time and she lets out a loud scream. Her breaths get heavy as her muscles relax and she begins to smile. I sit up, return the smile, and begin to massage her clit with my thumb. I put my right leg on the couch and sit up straight. I put my dick back inside of her and stroke slowly; she reaches back and grabs the arm of the couch to brace herself from moving. My thumb continues to move in a circular motion as she gets wetter; her creamy cum is all over my dick while it enters and exits her in a rhythmic motion.

She smiles at me again, this time seductively, as she rests her feet on my chest. I hold her feet to my chest and rub them against it. Her silky smooth feet against my chest almost make me melt. I feel myself getting more turned on; I hold her feet closely and stroke her harder and deeper. She bites her lips as her moans increase in volume with each stroke. Her right hand grabs my thighs and I feel her nails again; it’s not as painful this time but it still hurts a little. Using my lower body strength, I lift myself a little for an even harder thrust; I can tell I’m going to need Band-Aids when this is over but that’s nothing compared to the crutches she may need. My thrusts are so hard that the sound of my balls smacking against her moist pussy can be heard throughout the living room.

In all of my ferocity, I begin sucking on her toes; in all of her satisfaction she begins squeezing her breasts. “Yes, Jai! Harder! Harder!! I’m cumming!!” she exclaims with every breath in her body. I lick the arch in her feet as she climaxes. She finishes and opens her legs wide. “Your turn to finish now, baby.” She sits up, scoots closer to me, and pushes me back before giggling and grabbing my dick. Her hands feel so good while wrapped around my cum-soaked dick. “You like that, huh?” she asks as she watches my eyes roll in satisfaction.

“Yeah, keep going.” She slowly strokes my dick up and down as my body begins to tense up.

“Look at me touch myself for you”, she whispers. “I love the way your dick feels in my hands while I touch myself, Jai.” She strokes me faster and my body tenses up more.

“Here it comes, baby!” I say loudly.

“Cum for me, Jai!!” My body relaxes as those words flow through my ear and I cum all over my chest and her hands. “Did you have fun, baby?” she asks me.

I let out a deep sigh and nod before she laughs and asks, “Well um…can I come back by tomorrow for another ‘study session’?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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