Submission Heaven Ch. 01

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~ This story contains foot worship, incest, chastity, cuckoldry, willing feminization and female dominance. The themes will be slowly introduced throughout the chapters.

This is my first story here, and I appreciate any feedback or criticism!

If it’s not your cup of tea, check out other stories. If you’re curious… I hope you enjoy the read. ~


I watched my mother’s feet slowly rubbing each other, the nylons of her pantyhose making that distinct, delicious sound that I was so weak for.


One foot resting on the other, gently and slowly moving, caressing each other in an hypnotic movement, the sheer tan nylons showing perfectly the beautiful shape of her toes, her French pedicure, her nails of a deep red color.

I removed my gaze and adjusted the raging boner in my shorts. As most evenings, I was trying not to make her notice I was watching her feet resting on the couch in front of the tv, and switched my view on that boring drama she liked so much.

“Well Chris, how was uni today?” she asked, in her usual stern tone. Every night my mom, Grace, would ask a complete rundown of my university day, all the tests, the exams, even the random questions professors threw while teaching.

I was an average student in any way and barely got by, even now, in my first year of college. My strongest source of motivation had always been the strict discipline my mother imparted.

I mumbled quickly about the failure I took in miss Celeste’s history class.

“We talked about this, I cannot give my word back. You’re going to turn in your laptop to me, for a week. Agreed?” her voice cold, her disappointment making a deep part of me burn “It’s for your own good…” she added, her reassuring tone immediately comforting me a bit. It was her magic formula I could not oppose.

I looked at her, laying on the large couch, a glass of wine in her hand. She looked stunning and elegant in her night attire as much as in her office clothes. She was wearing an expensive satin night camisole, ornate with laces, that didn’t do much to hide her ample bosom and went down to expose much of her long, shapely legs, covered in sheer tan nylons, my favorite ones. Her sandy blonde hair went down to her shoulders, and framed her sharp blue eyes. For a 38 y/o woman, she was drop-dead gorgeous, her maturity only adding bonus points to her allure.

She was not actually my mom, but the woman my father married some years before passing away, when I still was a kid. She inherited all my father’s wealth, and took it upon herself to raise me. Lovingly, but strictly.

“Yes mom…”

“Uhm…I’m glad you’re not fighting this. It means you’re maturing.”

“It’s… I really don’t care” I felt the tears running up to my eyes.

“Oh, is that so? Should I find a better punishment, then?”

I dreaded her tone getting even more strict, but tonight there was something else on my mind.

“No, the thing is…”

I could not hold it anymore. I burst out crying, the tears running down as I barely could breathe.

“Oh, my…what’s going on? Are you seriously crying over this?”

“It’s not this mom… Gwen left me!”

“What? Why?”

“We were hanging out just fine until yesterday, and suddenly…” I scrolled through messages on my phone and showed her “s-she tells me that I’m…not right for her…and that she’s seeing other guys too!”

“Babycakes, what do you mean with ‘not right’? I thought you and her had been very close in the past months”

“It’s…it’s embarrassing, I can’t…”

In front of her suddenly cold stare, I shivered and started talking, my strict education kicking in, making it easy for me to simply give up and tell her everything.

“She told me she tried, but couldn’t make herself touch my… penis. That it’s just…it’s just too small. And now she sent me these pictures…oh God, was this taken in September? All these pictures of her with other guys…why is she so cruel, mom?”

“Wait, Chris… you two never had sex in over half a year?”

“No…she always bursa escort seemed reluctant, and I respected her…”

“Not even oral sex? Some form of preliminary?”

“We didn’t…I guess she kissed me sometimes, especially in front of other people…wait, now everyone knows she was cheating on me! Oh, I’m screwed! That fucking BITCH, I told her to go to hell!” I yelled.

I was furious, and ashamed, and desperate.

At that time, I could barely notice the look of disgust on my mother’s face, that turned into worry, and then into deep thought and… calculation.

“What did you call her? A bitch? And you’re surprised she left you? Get up. On your feet”. Confused and intimidated, I stood up.

“Now, the reality of what happened seems very different, to me. Show me your penis.”

“But mom…”

“You know I’ve seen it when you were younger, now it’s no different. Sweetie, before I go ahead, I need to know if she’s just a vicious brat or if she’s right.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked at my mother, her cold gaze as she sat there, waiting. I was not the tough type, and now, crushed and confused, I couldn’t offer any more resistance. I dropped my pants and lowered my boxers, and felt a sudden rush of shame: I was fully erect.

A chuckle echoed in the room. My mom tried to restrain herself, amused at the sight of my penis. There it stood, my short nub of a penis, hard, desperately trying to reach 10cm, but failing just under that.

As she watched desperation in my eyes, she took a full breath to control herself.

“Now the situation is clear, darling. I’m so, so sorry that you’re suffering. My little boy, come here to mommy…”

“I’m not little!” I protested, and stood there refusing to sit.

I was about to storm off.

“She simply doesn’t know what she’s missing, right darling? I’m sure you have all the potential in satisfying a woman…look” and she adjusted her seat, extending her legs on the couch “I had a long day, Chris. Put your…dick away, and massage my feet” she said, and she resumed her firm tone.

I had always been one to jump to attention whenever my mom’s feet and legs were involved. They had been my main fantasy during my long masturbation sessions. I endured seasons upon seasons of girly tv shows every night with her, just for a chance to look at them, dreaming to touch, smell, worship. Of course I was deeply ashamed of it. Most of all, I dreaded she realized my strong fascination for feet and nylons, despite all my efforts to keep it a secret.

I was suddenly confused. My breathing slowed down as I stood there for a second. Then I sat.

She held her breath as she extended her feet right on my lap, watching my rage dissipate, and she released it with a sigh of relief as I started to massage.

“Oh yes, darling, your momma was in those heels the whole day…” and she purred with a sigh of pleasure.

She could see me trying to dissimulate how much turned on I was, but I could not take my eyes off her perfect feet, and my dick pressed hard against them under my pants.

The sweet scent was the first thing that hit me, and I felt and intoxicating wave of prohibited pleasure over me. I always admired her feet, masturbated to them, but never once I had the opportunity to touch them.

I massaged her toes first, then running up to her soles, and then her heels, the feeling of sheer nylons on my hand heavenly. Her feet were soft and warm, and as I kept massaging the scent became stronger.

“See, you’re such a prize, doing such a great job. Now, give me your phone” almost as an automatic reflex, I handed it to her.

She was going through Gwen’s messages, in which she presented me all the boys she fucked with while dating me. My mom scrolled through the pictures, and I caught her smiling a little.

“Now you’re going to apologize. The language you used is not admitted in this house and you know it… you called her a bitch? That is not the Chris I raised all these years” and she gently pressed her feet on my aching erection.

I bursa escort bayan gasped, and tried to protest “I’m sorry mom…but..s-she cheated on me! She cheated, she is the one on the wrong side, right?”

I could feel my emotions getting all mixed up. I was ashamed, humiliated…and my dick had never been so hard.

“Are you sure, darling?” she said, slowly tapping my crotch with her foot, a signal for me to resume massaging her.

“You know I love you, son, and I want the best for you, but see, I think you simply misunderstood your role.”

“We never really talked about these topics, but it’s time for me now to educate you on the matter” she said, softly wiggling her toes in response to my touch, offering me her smooth ankles and shins to touch too. She could see me paralyzed by my raging excitement, so she continued:

“A man with a big, strong cock — that is a man. He’s allowed to fuck a girl’s brains out, to dominate her. But a guy like you, with that equipment?
Yes, my dear, you are incredibly small, and she has every right to be turned off by it. Yet, she dated you! What a brave, young woman! And what is your response to that? You shame her. Can you feel the negativity coming from your side?”

I was beyond confusion, trying to piece together the fragments of my mind being scattered around, all the while feeling my excitement bringing me on the road to an orgasm. I shifted the erection in my pants again, and moved her feet more on my thighs and away from my crotch. If I were to cum right now, I might as well have to bury myself in the ground forever.

“T-then why did she go out with me in the first place??”

“Because you’re a cute, sensitive and serviceable guy. Look at you, so obedient, you prepared dinner tonight, you’re giving your mommy such a great massage…”

“The other guys are not like that though..”

“Oh, no. See this photo? This guy ripped her pantyhose, ready to take her. A man like you is different…just look at yourself, here, at my feet. You were supposed to serve her, to be kind and understanding. Were you?”

“Y-yes! I always paid the bill, I always drove her where she wanted, also massaged her feet and back… but why was she going out with other people?”

“She’s an 18-year-old girl, she’s fresh in university, of course she’s telling you she wants to experience a lot of sex with true men. She has the right to. I am shocked by your lack of understanding.”

Was this true? I immediately felt guilty, thinking about this new perspective.

“A woman has to feel spoiled, it was your duty and yet you are slut-shaming her. If you truly loved her, you would accept her. Oh, I know you never knew your father well, but I didn’t think you had such confusion about your role. Don’t worry, son, I will help you, I don’t want you to be hurt like this again. You’ll find the perfect girl for you…but things will have to change…”

She raised her foot to my mouth. The smell was deep, sweet and intoxicating. “First, we’ll start with respect. Show me your gratitude by kissing my feet. I know you’ve always wanted to do it…”

I couldn’t think straight anymore, attacked by my mother’s words and her feet together. I wanted to fight, to tell her I didn’t do anything wrong… but then the scent was right there, under my nose…

My mind went blank as every cell in my body gave up. I gently began to kiss her toes, a shiver going down my spine. I was finally experiencing one of my secret dreams.

“Don’t be shy…” and she pushed her toes in my mouth, the taste of her feet now adding to the smell and the soft touch.

I kept on kissing, as I waited for new orders, but she switched her attention on the tv show, while I kept on smelling, massaging and, more bold at every passing minute, licking her feet.

Everything was driving me crazy. The smooth texture of nylons in my mouth, the numbingly exciting smell and a deeper feeling, a rush of humiliation, that was making my dick rock hard. Almost too hard.

I gently rested her feet on the escort bursa couch and tried to get up. I had to stop immediately and release my load somewhere, anywhere but on that couch with her.

”Uhm, I’ll go to the bathroom”

“Are you going to masturbate?”

I froze.

She looked deeply straight into my eyes.

“I am not doin…I mean, I have to go do something else…well…”

She did not move, and kept her knowing gaze on me, expecting me to tell the truth.

“…I think I’m about to…”

“About to cum?”

I felt blood running over my face, the shame rushing over me as fire. I felt the instinct to drop on my knees and ask forgiveness, to run away, to disappear. And then again, the strange feeling of arousal, growing with the humiliation.

Caught by these conflicting emotions, I simply stood there, paralyzed, excited and confused.

I nodded.

“You’re being selfish, once again. I asked you for a massage, and after a few minutes you interrupt it? And for your own pleasure? Baby look at my feet. Do you like them?”

I nodded again, my eyes filled with lust, my mouth half open. “Y-yes…”

“Now think at your little guy. What has the highest priority, my sore, beautiful soles or your dicklette?”

A voice, deep inside me, in a place yet unknown, told me that she was right.

I attempted to sit again.
”Say it”

“Y-your beautiful feet are more important, mom.”

I kicked myself mentally over how pathetic I looked. Did I really need to say ‘beautiful’? And yet, it felt so natural.

“Good boy. Resume”

Once again I started massaging, kissing and licking her feet. I quickly forgot everything else, my brain turned into complete mush as I feasted on my fetish, quickly losing any sense of inhibition.

This time, she was actively rubbing on my dick – excuse me, dicklette – with her foot.

I quickly began to lose it. She was rubbing it through my pants, but it was enough for me to start feeling an enormous orgasm build up. I inhaled a full breath from her other foot as I was worshipping and felt I was almost at the point of no return.

I desperately looked at my mother, but she was not returning my gaze, focusing instead on the tv show.


I didn’t dare to disobey and stand up again. She kept rubbing. It was too late. Rubbing. With her toes in my mouth, I left out an high pitched moan. Rubbing. All my muscled tensed up, and I released a huge load in my pants. Rubbing. A wave of pleasure like never before radiated from my dicklette and through all my body, as I spurted more and more warm cum. She didn’t stop rubbing until my spasms finally ended.

I cummed all over myself, making a mess of my pants, after barely a minute of my mom rubbing her feet on my pathetic excuse for a dick. And it was the best orgasm of my life.

I gasped for air and tried to recompose myself. I saw the damp, sticky spot on my pants. Throughout all this time, my mom was focused on the show, and she once again moved her feet on my hands, as to resume.

I finished with my massage, hearing her moan from time to time, in the radiant afterglow of my explosive orgasm, having the object of my sexual desires that I dreamed for so long in my hands, so precious.

When she was satisfied she sat next to me, cuddling me, stroking my hair, as she said “From now on, you are to be obedient to me. From now on, you will do as I say, and you will never have to suffer like today. But first, you have to agree on one thing.”

“What is it, mom?” I whispered, my head gently pressed on her breasts.

“That you are not allowed to masturbate anymore. You will entrust me with your release. You see how that can be good and pleasurable, don’t you?” and brushed her thigh against my crotch.

“I will play with you as I see fit, but you won’t touch your dicklette no matter what. Is it clear?”

Embraced in the warmth of my mother’s bosom, I felt she was the only one who really cared for me, and that would never betray me. Never cheat on me.

“Yes, mommy”.

~ Thank you for reading. Once again, feel free to give your feedback! I have a complete timeline of the events for this story, but it can be a product of your wishes as well. Write what you would like Grace to do to Chris, how she would make him the perfect beta lover. ~

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