substitue teacher incest

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It was her first day in class and she was hot as fuck. Miss Lane the substitute teacher was in for Mr. Wells 12th grade English class and I was happy as hell. She’s about 5 “6” with brunette hair and a slammin body. Tit’s the size of melons a sweet ass, nice legs, pretty face what more could you want for a fuck. Best part of it all she’s an old MILF not too old but in her mid 40’s just the way I like it. During class I look around and every guy is whispering and laughing probably about how they want to get their dick in her. She is not dumb and knows exactly what their talking about but just kind of ignores them. At times she even cracks a little smile. Its probably a complement knowing that guys more then half your age still find you hot as shit.
Like every substitute day we end up watching some lame movie and I just fall asleep. The bell rings and the day is over and we all exit the class and we get our final looks at Miss Lane. I am about to eave school when I realize I left my math notes back in class. I walk back and enter the class room and there she is sitting on a desk with her legs crossed reading people magazine. I could definitely see all the way up to her ass and she knew it to. Surprisingly she just sat there and lowered her magazine.
“Ricky… right. What can I do for you.”
“I just left my notes here.”
I look in my desk and find what am looking for but while am looking my book bag is half open and Miss Lane peers inside
“You play a sport.”
“yeah cross country.”
“really cool I used to do the same.”
“oh really.” OH Fuck I said it in a really surprised manner but who wouldn’t be surprised. Running CC with jugs the size of melons It was hard to imagine.
“wow you sound really surprised.”
“yeah sorry.”
“no… no I understand its these right. Well if your wondering they were this big back in high school and it was tough running with them. It was even tougher ignoring the stares but I did it anyway. Actually my daughter runs as well. Here look.”
Miss Lane pulls out a picture of her daughter May. WOW she was hot as shit as well. Her tits weren’t that huge but they were still nice.
“your daughters cute.”
Miss lane had this tone in her voice when she said thanks.
“should have I not said that.”
“No… well my daughter is very sexy I can admit that. Its just that shes kind of a slut.”
“really I never thought moms admitted that kind of stuff.”
“Its hard not to admit. One day I see a program running on the computer. Am a little curious so I check it out. it’s a 30 minute video of my little 15 yr old girl getting pounded by five guys who are clearly way older then 15.”
“really. Holy shit.”
“yeah. I mean these guys were late teens early twenty’s. fucking my daughter. I mean they were double stuffing all her holes and cumming in her mouth. I start asking questions and find some very nasty secrets about her.”
“you watched the whole thing.”
“yep Halkalı Escort with my daughter. She was pretty embarrassed and upset. Then we got to talking and…”
“uhhh I cant say anymore.”
“oh come on you told me this much.”
“Well the next time those five guys came over I let her fuck them only as long as I got to join in the fun.”
“you fucked your daughter.”
“yes well its really good for our relationship.”
“Yeah am sure.”
“no really it is.” She says franticly.
“Oh really well I want to see for myself.”
“you… you want to join us.”
“fuck yeah.”
I couldn’t believe what was going on im about to have a 3 way with a milf and her daughter. But I didn’t want to leave the class room with. Out a little something.
“You get on your knees.”
“here now someone could walk in.”
I just stare at her and without another word she falls to her knees and opens my pants.
“oh fuck yeah. Go deep go all the way to the base of it.”
She has a little trouble and starts gagging and coughing but with a little thrust of the pelvis and help from my hands she makes it all the way down.
“ughgugguhg.” She pulls away and looks up at me. Her her eyes watery and eye make up running down her face she remarks.
Again miss Lane has trouble going down but I give her a little help
“ughgughgu.” she gasps for air and starts coughing up spit
“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Where’s the cum give me the cum.”
Jacking me off nice and fast I cant hold for much longer and I bust all over her face.
“Oh that was fucking awesome. What happened to your pretty face.”
“Oh you know how it is when eyeliner, cum, spit and tears mix together.”
Miss lane stands and walks to her desk and wipes her face clean.
“When’s a good time to come over.”
“here is my address. Come tonight at say 7.”
I go home incredibly happy and get ready for my night. The whole drive to her home I have this massive bonner. I park in the drive way and I ring the door bell. then she answers.
“Hi am May. You must be Ricky.”
May is beautiful. Brunette with a nice size b-cup tits and a great figure over all. Dressed really preppy in a pink Hollister shirt and mini jean skirt but I didn’t mind.
“Mother told me about you and how you‘ve opened up a whole new world to her.”
“new world.”
“yeah you know… the gagging thing. She’s really into it. I‘ve been stuffing a dildo in her mouth all night but she says its not the same.”
All the sudden she grabs my crouch and feels and squeezes my hard on.
“wow mom was right you are pretty large.”
She pulls me in and slams the door and to my surprise Miss Lane was to my left sitting on the stairs completely naked and legs spread wide open. May daintily skips past me gets on her knees and puts her moms right leg over her shoulder.
“Mom and I got started a little early hope you don’t mind.”
“No… uhh not Escort Bayan at all.”
“come on get over here and help me out.”
I walk over and we both eat her mom. I must admit taking part in a incest 3 way kind of felt weird but I got used to it. At first the first few licks were awkward but I look over at May and she’s devouring that pussy. I just joined in spitting licking and fingering both her ass and pussy.
“Oh fuck yeah. Ummmm oh yeah. You two are a great team.”
“wow you really like your moms ass hole.”
“yeah I love tossing her salad. Hahaha. Here you take over the south.”
May gets up and steps up beside her mom and they lock lips making out like teenage lesbians. I am too curious to keep eating so I finger a lot and eat a little eyeballing the mom and daughter action. May sticks her tongue down her throat and her Miss Lane does the same. Their so into it the mouth isn’t enough and May licks her moms face from the chin to fore head and goes back down the her throat. May pulls away and her mother gazes into her eyes as she stands up. Miss Lane starts smacking and licking her lips she know exactly what’s next.

May undoes her skirt and tosses it aside and with a little help from mommy her light blue thong is also pulled down and tossed aside. Mom lays her head down and May spreads her legs across three stairs and Miss Lane starts munching down. May closes her eyes and starts breathing heavily.
“oh yeah mom. Oh yeah. So what do you think so far Rick.”
“very good.”
“Oh god yeah mom.”
I get up from the pussy and I step up so my waist is right in front of May. She also begins licking her lips knowing what’s coming.
“you going to open up a whole new world to me as well.”
I un zip and out pops my 7.5 and May smiles.
“Ooooh uncircumcised never had that.”
She opens up and at first starts off gently with my head. Slowly twirling her head and tongue my cock senses are tingling. She’s taking in the head then the shaft very slowly savoring every centimeter. Eventually making it to my base. At least trying, like her mom she needed help. I grabbed the back of her head and I thrusted nice and hard. Like her mom her gag reflexes kicked in
She pulls away
Her mom pops up from her pussy to see what’s going on.
“Oh come on May do it for mom. Here I will help.”
Miss Lane places one hand behind Mays head and holds her jaw with the other.
“Ready baby.”
I thrust in and she gags and coughs and her eyes are watering like fucking crazy. I pull away and she coughs violently and falls back against the railing of the stairs. Huge globs of saliva are running down her chin.
“aw. Its OK baby you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
The two of us fall to our knees and begin to lift up Mays pink hollister shirt.
“honey I always thought you dressed a little too preppy.”
“Mom come on that’s how istanbul Escort I want to dress.”
“Am just kidding honey.”
We pull it up and undo her bra.
“Very nice. don’t you think Ricky”
“Not as big as yours but still nice.”
I got the right one and her mom got the left one. We both got to share her pussy and ass hole.
“Oh…Oh… Oh. I… love being the center of attention.”
That’s when I saw it. A strap on dildo at the top of the stairs.
“you like being the center of attention.” I remarked
“um yeah.”
“I think me and your mom needs to really stretch that pussy.”
I run upstairs and grab the strap on.
“you up for some DP in your pussy.”
“I only did that once and it hurt real bad.”
“oh come on baby it’ll be fun.” remarks her mother
I sit on the stairs with my cock in the air and May sits on it piercing her as far as it can go. She leans over her perky tits pressed against my chest. We watch as her mom straps on the strap on and gets on top of her girl.
“May shhhh you’ll wake the neighbors.”
Mays pussy has been double plugged and there isn’t much room for me to move but I can definitely feel the harsh thrusts coming from Miss Lane. She is viciously fucking her daughter.
“told you my girls a fucking slut didn’t I.”
“hell yeah you were right.”
I gaze into Mays eyes and what was pain turns into pleasure. She cracks a smile and begins biting her lip.
“ooooh yeah mom.”
“Ricky you can have the pussy am going for the ass.”
Slowly she pulls out and puts in the ass we both fuck the shit out of her holes and she moans groans and curses.
“I didn’t know I RAISED SUCH A SLUT.”
Miss may pulls her hair up and her bobs up and down.
“Ricky slap my slut of a daughter.”
“yeah ricky slap me am such.”
“I slap her a few times and she loves it.”
After a few minutes miss Lane gives ne final thrust then pulls out.
“I am so tired am not as energetic as I used to be.”
“Its Ok mom me and Rick will play alone.”
She gets off my dick and we make out passionately while she jack me off.
“Oh fuck I cant hold for much onger.”
I get up and walk over to Miss Lane and she knows what am gonna do. All the sudden she gets an adrenaline rush and opens her mouth. I fuck her mouth like it was the loosest pussy I’ve ever fucked. Like earlier she gags coughs and her eyes water.
“Oh fuck… Oh fuck…OH…”
I quickly thrust as far down her throat as possible and hold. Her arms are flailing in the air and she’s choking when I bust in her mouth. I take it out and she coughs up some of my load then fiddles with the rest in her mouth.
“mommy can I have some.”
May lies on her back and Miss Lane leans over and spits all that’s left in her daughters mouth. She closes up her mouth and takes a big gulp.
“I am going to take a shower and go bed. It was very fun…very fun. Ricky in a couple of days me and May are throwing a Bukkake party. Would you like to join us.”
“Fuck yeah how many guys.”
“you will be number 14. Goodnight”
Me and May are left alone on the stairs.
“How long till you get hard again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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