Suburban Sweetheart Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of the story… For those who haven’t read part 1, the basics are that I have managed to persuade a stranger I met on a train to take me home with the promise that I would lick her to orgasm. That achieved things moved forward…


I sat up and studied her. There were traces of her age, but I’d seen a lot worse on women half her age, even though I didn’t know what that was. Maybe she was young, but had an older face! I moved so that I was kneeling next to her, a hand idly playing with a breast, fingers rolling around the nipple. She shifted, and moved her head towards my groin again, kissing up my thigh until she reached my soft cock and then kissing that too, making it stir. She opened up and took the whole of my flaccid penis in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue while it was held tight. Now I really had no idea why she was single. I altered my position, propping myself on my right arm and leaning over, kissing her belly button, pressing my tongue into it. She giggled around my prick as I swished in and out and her vibrating mouth stirred the blood flow more. I moved down, kissing as I went and soon had a mouthful of sticky hair. Her legs opened to allow my head room and my eyes were right over her vulva, vision full of the dark lips as they yawned into life again. I used my left hand to pull at her labia, peeling it aside and exposing the deep pink cleft. I moved my legs, stretching out so I was alongside, my cock still being sucked, but hardening by the second.

She spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy to my gaze even more and I marveled at the sight of the river of cum that was still oozing from her hole. The lips close to the entrance were coated with spunk and I moved my tongue down, brushing her clit and then into the groove to taste the salty tang of my cum on her body. As her clit was touched she pulsed and a bubble of cream was expelled from her body. It rounded up and then dispersed against the lips, bursting and running down towards her perineum and her arse hole. I lapped up the cum that coated her labia, sucking a fleshy lip into my mouth and stretching it with my lips. My face was pressed onto her and I could smell the funky aroma that poured from her body. She reeked of sex and I inhaled deeply to savour it.

She was moaning again, muffled by having me in her mouth. I was almost completely hard now and she’d move her mouth down to allow for the extra inches. I tilted my head to look up, across the matted fur of her pussy and her heaving breasts to see her face, mouth pouting around the swollen shaft of my penis, slowly moving up and down, the red skin of the head coming into view before vanishing into her warm mouth again. I jerked my hips and watched as I thrust into her, her cheek bulging as the cock pushed into her mouth. She pulled back a bit and I tried to stop the natural instincts to start bucking into her throat. I licked her left labia with a long stroke of my tongue as she slid her mouth down me, her eyes catching mine and she slid off me, holding me to her mouth and extending her tongue across the exposed head. I groaned and turned to bury my mouth on her pussy and we both resumed our oral administrations.

I was enjoying tonguing her clit as I could watch the cum be squeezed from her cunt as I did so. She had started to breath heavier and soon she released my cock from her mouth and I looked to see her drop her head back, mouth agape and eyes closed. I ran my tongue along her crack, dipping it into the seeping hole and then swirled it around. She moved her hips to meet my mouth and I then started to kiss her pussy lips as I would her mouth, tongue snaking between the lips and seeking what was within, entwining it around the hard clitoris and smothering it with saliva. She was gasping, her pelvis pushing up into me to kiss me back. I was now feasting on her wet snatch, sucking the labia and clit into my mouth, lashing them with my tongue and speeding up the licking as her panting quickened. She moved her hips to point her clit towards me, so I fastened my lips around it and ran my tongue over and around, pinging it back and forth over the captive organ. She bucked, so I sucked harder and her cunt started pushing more liquid out, a frothy mix of our cum and fresh juice that sloshed and flowed around, getting stirred with my saliva by my busy tongue.

She yelped as I placed her clit between my teeth, I didn’t bite, but the hard material in stark contrast to the softness of my lips. I sucked her into me again and she moaned, long and loud. brazzers I pressed the point of my tongue onto the bud and she shuddered, her pelvis squirming under me and she arched her whole body, nearly throwing me off. I held tight, pushing onto her and squeezing my lips tight.

She let out a strangled cry and her hips bucked and then stayed pressed upward, onto my head that was pressing down on her. She shook, groaned and vibrated and then dropped back down on the bed, her hands reaching down to swat me away.

“Stop. Please stop.”

I rested with my face lying on her groin, smelling the fresh scent of her body as it mixed with the old smell of dried cum.

“Oh god.” she groaned and I kissed her open pussy.

She rolled over, despite the fact I was still across her, so I moved away to allow her to lie on her side, my head still level with her pubic thatch.

Her hand grabbed my hard cock again and I looked down as she took it into her mouth. I raised my head, propped myself up and reached across to put my other hand on her bottom and pulled it down, rolling her again so that her arse was pointed upwards, its curve profiled for me. I moved over and kissed the soft skin of her buttocks, there was very little flab, it was a fine behind for an older woman. As I moved my face closer to her crack I noticed the skin was wet and glistening, coated with semen and juices that had flowed down from her vagina. I moved closer and in doing so I pulled my cock away from her kiss.

“Awwww.” She complained as her mouth was emptied, but then moved so that she was prone on the bed. As much as her sucking felt good, I had other plans.

I moved her legs apart and knelt between them gazing at her round buttocks and up her slender back. Her hair was cut in a bob so I could see the nape of her neck and longed to suck and nibble on it. That would have to wait though. I reached down and pulled her upwards by the hips, her legs bending under her to support the weight and her back bending gently to allow her behind to point up at me. I used my knees between hers to spread her open and she complied, her body opening under me and letting me glimpse her anus. Her buttocks were now spread as she widened her legs. Underneath, her labia dropped down, heavy with blood. They parted like red velvet curtains, the juices lubricating them and making them shine. Against the dark pink of her pussy was a white arrow pointing the way. The cum was still oozing from her and acted as a beacon to her tight hole, which was also glinting with the wetness.

I moved closer, bending my hips to position my penis. The wet head brushed against her lips and I shifted so that the rounded head slipped between them as they dangled ajar. I followed the creamy path and felt her body against me. She moved her hips to position herself as she wanted and I pushed into the opening hole. She parted for me and I glided up her tunnel, being washed by her juice flow as I moved. I paused to look down, the head was inside her and the bright red skin under it was being gripped by her labia. I inched up, watching as the shaft entered, pushing her skin in as it went. She adjusted her hips, bending her back and pressing down and back towards me. I thrust and the final inch or so slammed up and our bodies slapped, my balls swinging to knock against the front of her pussy. We both gasped. We remained still for a moment to catch our breath and then I moved backwards, watching in fascination as the skin at the base of her vagina was drawn out, still holding tight to the retreating penis. I placed a finger on it to stroke it as it was pulled taught and it caused her to shudder. I withdrew until the domed head came into view, the flap of skin riding up over the ridge and wrapping around the smooth red head. I pushed back into her slowly, her sigh matching the insertion into her body. I pressed so my pubic hair tickled her anus, clearly visible now as her legs were so spread. I pulled out again, moving slowly backwards and then equally slowly inwards. As I penetrated her her anus would pucker and pout, matching the sigh coming from her mouth. It was smeared with liquid, some dry and some sparklingly wet and the ridges of the sphincter twinkled like a little star as they moved with the rhythm of the fucking.

I put my finger to her lower labia again, stroking it as I withdrew and caressing it as it was stretched back, continuing the stroke from her body to mine so that the tip of my digit was soaked with her juice. I placed it to my mouth and licked. I then spat cuckold porno on it and sucked it so that it was even wetter and placed the tip against the tight hole of her anus. As I moved forward the hole was pressed against tip. The next time I pressed harder, right up to the sphincter so that when I glided up her the edge of her anus had to push against the digit, causing it to part slightly so that I could feel the inside edge. I kept the finger there as I withdrew and increased the pressure. The next time I pushed forward her anus opened more around the tip of my finger and I could see the end of the nail being vanishing as the sphincter kissed it. She didn’t object, so I pressed harder as her rectum breathed in with my withdrawal and as it exhaled I pushed and the brown hole opened and only the cuticle was now visible. She still didn’t say anything, just groaned. I slid my cock up her tight pussy until I was buried in completely, her walls gripping me and moulding to the contours of my penis whilst bathing it with hot liquid. I held her hip with one hand and then pressed the other harder. The cuticle of the fingernail vanished as the wrinkled hole swallowed it and soon the first joint was opening her to allow it to get inside. She squirmed and pushed back on me, pressing my cock deeper in her cunt and my finger further up her rectum. I could now feel the hot, tight skin inside her arse and wiggled the finger against it, causing another squirm. I upped the pressure and the second joint nudged against her sphincter. I gently pulled out of her pussy up to the halfway point and then moved back up, pressing into her anus in tandem with the move and she opened, her anus relaxing and my finger slipping in fully just as my balls touched her vulva.

I wiggled the digit again and she groaned. I bent it and felt it pressing onto my cock in the next tunnel. Keeping it bent I pulled back and the tip dragged along the shaft and I could feel the rounded ridge of the head as it bumped the digit out of the way. The curve of the tip was clearly felt and I stroked it through the membrane of her body. It was an incredible sensation, possibly too good and I realised I should stop before it ended quickly! I straightened up and pushed into her and then slid the finger back, watching her wrinkled hole being dragged out as the bobble of the joints pressed from the inside. She turned her head to look at me as I played with her anus.

“You are a dirty one, aren’t you?” and then laughed.

Having her say that and look at me whilst I fingered her arse was enough to make me stop. Not because she looked like she didn’t like it, far from it, but because I was enjoying too much. I slid the finger from her and then placed the hand on her hip, holding her still for a while to calm myself. I moved my hands up her back to grip her shoulders and pulled myself along her, moving my head to whisper in her ear.

“Not dirty at all, your arse is very clean.” and then I moved to open my mouth across the back of her neck, sucking and nibbling on the tender skin as she sighed, moaned and then twisted her hips so that her bottom ground against my groin.

I held a piece of her neck between my teeth, biting softly and we started to move, both bucking until we were fucking like the dogs whose position we were in, short stabbing thrusts into her welcoming body as I nibbled and gripped her neck. My pace increased and my balls started to swing, occasionally looping up to slap against her pussy, making us both groan. I let go of her with my mouth, pressing my face next to hers over her shoulder and we panted together, side by side.

I raised myself and put my hands on the small of her back and bucked and ground into her. I pulled back and she would match my moves so we slammed together, the head of my cock burying itself deep inside her and opening her insides. We didn’t speak, just grunted and settled into a tempo that suited us. Then, on one withdrawal, she moved forward more, my wet cock slipping from her body, drawing strings of juice out of her that hung like vapour trails before their slender hold broke and they swung down to land on our legs.

I scrabbled to get back into her, reaching for her hips automatically, but they moved as she rolled onto her side.

“Here. Come her.” She beckoned with a wave. “I want you in my mouth.”

I shimmied up on my knees, not very elegant, but there is only so much you can do with a raging hard cock. I knelt on the bed next to her head and she reached out and placed czech porno her hand on my hip and closed in on my penis with her face.

“Hello” she said and then opened to engulf the soaked head with her lips. I threw my head back at the glorious sensation of her hot mouth. After the tightness of her cunt it was almost a relief to feel the hollow heat of her face, the lips warm around the base of the head and her saliva hot as it bathed, but with no skin pressing onto the sensitive skin it is a sure was to make a guy gasp with joy. She looked up and then moved her mouth down, taking most of my slippery cock easily inside her mouth, my glands feeling the tickle as they hit the back.

She pulled back, holding me tightly in her hand and looked up. “I want to see you cum.,” she stated before swallowing me again.

Who was I to deny her. I was pretty close and that urged me on. I moved my hips forward and slowly fucked her face as she gurgled around me. Her tongue would flit over the head and around the shaft and I jerked faster, involuntarily. I placed a hand on the back of her head and pressed down and I moved my hips up. She jiggled and adjusted her head angle and soon her nose was pressed into my dark pubic curls. She groaned and hummed her approval and the vibrations caressed the length of my cock. I had to pull away and drew back until just the head was in her. My feet were tingling and my whole body was electrified. Soon my balls were tightening and aching and I could see stars as my head swirled with pleasure as she twisted her tongue around my cock. I felt my cock swelling as the liquid boiled up and I groaned, trying to get the words out, but lost in pleasure.

She knew though. She pulled back and got her wish. Her eyes lowering from mine to fix on the Cyclops of my penis. Her mouth was still open as she watched the hole open as a stream of cream spat from it, stringing through the air between us and landing on the side of her nose, just below her right eye. It splattered down her cheek, with the trailing edge dripping over her lips. I let out a loud groan and felt the next burst traveling along the hard shaft, opening the tube as it rushed for the opening. She moved quickly, engulfing me just as I erupted again, the liquid slamming into the back of her throat as I bucked and she swallowed. She moved back to give my swollen head more room for the next wave of sperm, holding me in her lips tightly as the cock twitched and pulsed, filling her mouth with semen. I felt dizzy with the pleasure of the sensations and I bent over, my hands on the top of her head that was sucking the cum from my balls. Again I ejaculated, once more she sucked. I convulsed again and her mouth remained there, like a limpet around the end of my penis, taking everything that was shooting from me. One last burst from my scrotum and I threw my head back and groaned, my body shaking as it was emptied by her, with her eyes smiling up into mine.

“Oh goddddd.” was all I could manage as a trickle of creamy liquid escaped the corner of her mouth and ran down to her chin. She released me, sticking her tongue out to lick the drenched head clean of cum, squeezing the shaft with her hand to get the last drops out and onto her tongue. I shivered and slumped down, just staying kneeling by steadying myself with my arms. She grinned and more cum dripped out and as her smile widened there was a white froth along the line of her lips. She stuck out her tongue again, in jest and it was covered in globules of my sperm. She closed her lips and swallowed and I fell back on the bed, exhausted. She moved over me and kissed me, my tongue entering her mouth and tasting the cum. She then rolled off me and onto her back, sighing deeply. I moved next to her, staring at the profile of her face, her straight nose and solid jaw line, the gentle pout of her lips and the curve of her cheek. She had a good face, the features were clear and nothing was out of place or exaggerated. It did look odd that she had a large stream of cum across it though. It was meandering down across her cheek, leaving a damp trail on the edge of her nose. She licked the bits that flowed to her lips and a small stream of it trickled around her mouth, following a small line in her skin towards her chin. In the hollow between her bottom lip and the tip of her chin was a small pool of liquid and I moved over and opened my lips around it, sucking the cum from her, tasting the salt of her sweat and saliva and that of my sperm. She smiled again and some sperm ran into the creases as her face lit up. It was the only real sign of her age and my fluids were filling them and then leaving their pattern when her face tightened up again.

I lay next to her and wrapped an arm around her as we both drifted off. Yes, we were both very relaxed now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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