Succubus Master Pt. 13

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Part 13: Max’s house is finally in order, so now what?

Big thanks to neuroparenthetical for helping edit my story. And big thanks to all of fans that supported me, and to help make my story better.

Chapter 37

After I finished making out with my sister Liz, the newly-enslaved member of my harem, we – well, mainly me – proceeded to have a few more rounds with her and our mother. I used them and all of their holes until I had my fill, and that mostly involved them getting filled to the brim with my thick cum. It was especially satisfying to fill Liz’s mouth, since I’d seen her using it plenty in her OnlyFans videos. To end the night – or the part with just the three of us, at least – I fucked her mouth for all it was worth until she memorized every ridge and vein of my shaft. I’d unleash a torrent of my hot, potent seed down her throat only to get hard again almost instantly and start the process over.

By the time we were both “filled” in different ways, Liz’s room was permeated with our combined juices. The stench of my potent spunk, and Liz’s and mother’s feminine creams, was so strong that I thought the room might never smell the same again. I resigned myself to at least replacing her mattress, but didn’t worry about it too much, since I was planning on her sleeping in the same bed with the rest of us from then on.

After our lengthy fuck session finally reached its climatic end, we proceeded to head towards the master bathroom. Well, I proceeded to take them to the master bathroom, as they’d both seemed to lose the use of their legs. With one woman in each arm, I expertly managed myself out of the room, down the hall, into the master bedroom, and finally into the master bathroom with the incredibly large shower. From there, I placed them on their feet, turned on the water, and began to wash away the sex from our bodies. Of course, that meant that I was in a steamy, enclosed space with two hot ladies that were soaking wet. A man – or, more to the point, a half-breed sex demon – could only hold out for so long. I had them each bent over, hands against the wall, and demolished each of their pussies one last time. The grand finale had both of them on the floor, with thick facials running down their bodies.

It was a sight that outrivalled any top-tier porn scene on the net. They were sitting cheek to cheek, tongues out, and panting like true bitches in heat, ready to receive their master’s treat. They were definitely in sync when it came to submitting. It was too hot for me to handle, so, when I unleashed upon them my final climax, it truly felt like I was completely emptying my balls onto their lovely faces. Naturally, the facial command kicked in, and they both experienced one more pleasant climax before we headed off to bed.

I had to carry them to the giant mattress in the master bedroom; they still couldn’t walk well enough on their own. Liz’s collar and cuffs had reverted back to their natural default states: the celtic heart knot, a symbol of everlasting love between two people. The metal cuffs around her wrist and ankles had disappeared as well. I still had no idea what those metal cuffs meant, or what exactly they did, and Liz was so far gone that she did even register the change. It was already on the list, though. It was a problem for ‘tomorrow me.’

I gently placed both of them down, like a parent tucking their kids into bed, and proceeded to get into my sleeping position, too. I’d assumed I would be sleeping in the middle, but Liz had other ideas. Instead of me being on my back, she had me on my side. She made herself the big spoon, rather than the little one, and that immediately brought back old memories. Liz would be in my bed because she was scared. She’d said she felt safer when she slept with me like that, like a girl hugging her teddy bear while she drifted into a peaceful dream. Of course, instead of a plush teddy bear, it was me who had brought her comfort. I couldn’t help but smile at that nostalgic feeling as I tried to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in.

I’d just about settled in when the sound of three pairs of footsteps filled my ears. Ella, Rayna, and Azura all came back from their girls’ night with Janice. I didn’t have to look up and see the looks on their faces; the bond we shared told me everything. They didn’t say much. I just heard the sounds of clothes softly hitting the ground, and then of the bed springs being compressed by the new weight.

“Hey there, my love,” Ella whispered softly as she snuggled up in front of me.

“Hey yourself, how was girls night?” I asked, matching her tone.

“Great.” Ella smiled at me as she began to trace her arms up and down my body. Her warm skin felt good against mine. She noted Liz’s hands against my body. “I see things went well over here.”

“You could say that.”

“Hmmm,” she softly chuckled. “You know, if you keep this up, we might need a bigger bed.”

“Yes. Master is a stud,” my succubus cooed as she got behind Ella şahinbey escort and snuggled up against her. I was going to refute her, but someone else spoke up before me.

“Noooo,” Liz groaned. “No more women. He only needs me.”

Then to emphasize her point, she began to curl her arms and legs around me, like a snake enveloping its prey. The other two laughed softly at that, but I was relishing in the fact that Liz’s big, firm tits were pressed into my back even harder. It was a great feeling, and one of which Ella didn’t seem to like a whole lot.

“You mean Max needs us,” Ella softly growled back. “Most importantly, me.” To emphasize her point, she drew in closer to me.

“No, he needs me.”

“No, me.”

“Ladies, ladies, let’s just get some rest,” I groaned. I didn’t want to be in the middle of whatever was going on between them – though I supposed being literally in the middle of it was a done deal.

They seemed to take the hint, as they went quiet after that. Still, Ella didn’t want to end on a losing hand, so she decided to play dirty.

“Here, rest in my bosom,” she whispered out loud as she scooted up my body and planted her perky breasts right on my face. They weren’t as big as Liz’s, but they did feel good against my face.

A flash of anger and jealousy radiated from Liz’s bond as she saw what Ella was up to. Not wanting to be left in the dust, she also decided to play dirty.

“There, there, little brother,” she whispered, though loudly enough for Ella to hear. “Let big sis take care of you.” She scooted even closer, reached around, and grabbed onto my soft cock… though it wasn’t really all that soft anymore. A wave of anger and jealousy came pouring in from Ella’s bond. My succubus silently laughed it up, finding my dilemma very amusing.

“Let’s just get some sleep,” I gruffed out once again.

“Okay,” they both said with the exact same measure of reluctance. Both began to relax into me. Still, even though I couldn’t see them, I could feel them still staring each other down, like two opposing coaches trying to win the championship game. If looks could have killed, I think they both would’ve died.

“This is going to be so much fun,” Rayna cooed as she snuggled closer to Ella. Then, as she did every night, she began to snake her tail towards me and wrap it around my leg. It was a nighttime tradition for her, one of which I had grown quite fond of. Even though I could feel the strong bond that we had for each other, that little extra physical sensation made it all the sweeter.

Conflict was in the air, though, and Rayna fed off of it almost like she fed off of sex. It made her mischievous.

“Hmmmm,” Ella moaned over me as I felt her body slightly tremble.

“I didn’t know you could do that with that thing,” she whispered, that time only loud enough for the supernatural to hear.

“Oh, sweety, there is a lot I can do with this thing. You should have seen some of the fun things I did with my tail back in the day. I can really make a pussy purr” Rayna then purred like an actual cat, and I started to feel her tail move for real. I assumed she was rubbing it against Ella’s sensitive pussy even more vigorously. It was a very hot idea, but it was cut short when Rayna’s tail bumped against Liz’z hand and startled her.

“Max, what was that?”

“Nothing Liz,” I said. “It was Rayna having a little fun with Ella. Go get some sleep.” I said the last part more like a command than a request.

“Okay,” she yawned as her response, then she proceeded to fall asleep right there and then, her hand still firmly wrapped around my stiff cock.

I still didn’t know just how badly Liz was going to react when I told her the whole truth: sex demons, hellhounds, magic swords, and all the rest. I was worried she’d take it even worse than Mom had; she just seemed the type: very close-minded, and no curiosity about science fiction or fantasy. I knew I needed to find a way to transition Liz into the new world that she was going to live in. It suddenly occurred to me that Rayna and I could take another trip into Liz’s dreams that night and be a little more proactive. Satisfied by that clever idea, I sighed, snuggled into Ella’s perky breasts, and let my cock rest in Liz’s grasp. I felt like a king resting in his kingly bed with all his love slaves surrounding him.

That wonderful feeling persisted through my reasonably leisurely sleep, all the way into the morning, as that first ray of sunlight hit my face. When I opened my eyes, I saw and felt a mound of pillowy flesh pressed up against my face – all big and soft, like they were made for me. Then I remembered the sleeping arrangements, and that Ella’s breasts weren’t that big or that incredibly soft. Curiosity got the better of me; I had to know who it was that was in front of me. Strands of crimson hair and piercing blue-green eyes gave me my answer. They were staring down at me, full of love.

“Good morning, Master,” Rayna cooed as escort şahinbey she stroked my hair with her soft, delicate hand. “Did you sleep well? I know I did.”


I tried to tell her it was the best sleep of my life, but it was hard to get a word out when my face – most importantly, my mouth – was full of tit flesh.

“Hmmm, that tickles. Don’t worry, Master. With all the woman you had in your bed, I’m sure you must have felt like a king last night, but…” she started to trail off as if she was deep in thought, but I could tell that she was just playing it up. Those eyes of hers had that mischievous glint in them. “You know, for someone who said they were going to take it easy and not bring on too many more slaves, you’ve been rather busy. You managed to add two hotties over the weekend – incredibly sexy, incredibly kinky ones, by the way – plus whatever you did to Kate.”

She was referring to the fact that I hadn’t made Kate my slave, but instead had created more of a familiar-like bond with her – very weird, since Kate was human. Rayna knew that because, as she normally did every night, she’d visited my dreams, and I’d told her everything. Mainly I did so just so we wouldn’t keep any secrets from each other, but also because it seemed that hardly a day went by in my new life when I didn’t need her thoughts or opinions on some crazy supernatural event. As I’d guessed, though, Rayna had had very little idea about what was going on with Kate. I chalked it up to my unique skill, ‘Ultimate Mastery,’ being so powerful that she’d simply never experienced anything like it before. I highly doubted there was a ‘how to’ manual for it anywhere else out there, either.

She had found it fascinating, though, and had expressed great interest in seeing Kate as soon as possible. Still, I had yet another thing on my mind as I gazed up at her in the new morning light.

“Where… where is Ella?” I asked, finally detaching myself from Rayna’s soft breast. My body hated me for doing that.

“Oh. She is at school right now. As for the others, your mom got a call saying that a couple wanted to look at a potential home like at the crack of dawn, so she had to rush out of here. As for your sister, she decided to go on a run. Something about not wanting to ‘lose out’ to any of us. You know, Master, you sure can pick them.” Rayna chuckled one more time as she drew me in closer. I was about to ask her what she meant, but then I realized that if everybody was gone, then I was late for class, or going to be.

“What time is it?” I asked in a bit of a panic.

“Don’t worry, Master. You got a message on your phone this morning. Apparently the whole accounting department is in some kind of staff meeting, so all of the accounting classes are canceled for the day. Those were your only ones, so, huzzah! No school!”

“No school,” I said, mainly to myself. I thought about spending the entire day in bed with my slaves, and it sounded just heavenly. Unfortunately, Rayna had somewhat read my mind. She preempted my daydream with yet more news.

“Yes Master, I know you would like to spend the entire day in this bed, pounding my sweet pussy into submission over and over and over again. Hell knows I would love that, too, but… Sophia left a text message for you. She said that she found something interesting about that sword that you keep carrying around. She said if you have time, that you should meet up in her office around ten. So…” Rayna scooted in closer, but also down, so we were finally eye to eye. I was fine with that, though. Her massive breasts felt very nice pressed up against my muscular chest.

“Are you going to see her, or are you going to be lazy for the day?”

I thought it over for a bit, and decided to be ‘tomorrow me’ for once. I knew I had to go see what Sophia had found out. Plus, I also wanted to investigate that strange feeling I’d felt in the occult shop on Friday night. I’d already told Rayna about it in my dreams, and she’d confirmed that she’d also sensed something.

I figured I should take Rayna with me when I went to see Sophia. Two demon heads, or noses, or whatever else would probably be better than one. That did mean that I had to get out of bed. With a loud sigh, I answered her question.

“As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, I know we must go.”

That answer seemed to be the right one, as I saw a radiant smile, brighter than the sun itself, coming from Rayna pouty lips.

“That’s a good choice, Master. Want me to come with?”

I nodded my response to her, and that seemed to please her even more. I knew she was my slave and that her reaction shouldn’t matter to me, but I wanted to make her happy. I wanted to make all my slaves happy. I wanted them to be the happiest they would ever be, so they would want to be by my side for the rest of eternity. I don’t know if that was the demon inside of me, or something more, but I knew that was what I wanted most in the şahinbey escort bayan world. I wanted all of them to be happy, no matter how many slaves I had under my control. If they were a part of me, then it was my life’s mission to bring them joy, and Rayna at that moment was very full of joy.

Then her smile took on a more sensual, mischievous form.

“Good, well…” she started off, and I felt something start to wrap around my cock. I knew it wasn’t her hand, or any hand for that matter. It was her tail. It wasn’t the first time she’d used her tail in that way. In fact, she was getting so good at using it on my cock that sometimes it actually did feel like it was her third hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, you know. It’s only eight in the morning, plenty of time to have some fun with both of us.”

“Both of us?”

Just when I asked the question, I felt the bed shift right behind me, and a long, gray, powerful hand came wrapping around behind me – Azura’s.

“Hmmm, Pack Master,” she said in more of a yawn than in her usual heated way. She wasn’t awake, but she wasn’t asleep either. It was as if she was trapped in between the fog of dreams and the sunshine of the waking world. That didn’t really matter to me, though, as all I cared about at that moment was the fact that her entire body was pressed into me – most importantly, those two massive, gravity-defying melons that would give any other woman serious back problems. It wasn’t the first time I’d woken up to her nearly draping herself all over my body, but it was what I preferred most, at least when she was in her hybrid state. I remembered the first time I’d woken up with her in my bed, but instead of the beautiful naked stackhouse that I’d grown to love, it had been her 500 pound hellhound beast form. Azura had turned back into her animal-like form while she’d slept. To say I’d been scared out of my mind would have been an understatement, especially when I’d seen her huge maw full of razor-sharp teeth no more than a few inches from my face.

Of course we’d addressed the issue – well, mainly Rayna had – by telling Azura that Pack Master would be more pleased if she would stay in her hybrid form. I’d thought Azura would be upset by it, but her overwhelming desire to please and obey her Pack Master had made it almost a nonissue. I’d had to seal the deal by leaving a creamy load inside of her, but it wasn’t like I hadn’t been planning on that anyway. Ever since then, I’d had the pleasure of feeling Azura’s massive tits pressed up against some part of my body virtually every morning. That morning, I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t register the pouty look Rayna was throwing out at me.

“You know Master, a girl can get jealous from the way you’ve been lusting over Ash’s breasts like that.”

“Oh… ah, ah…” I stumbled all over my words; she sounded genuinely hurt. I was about to apologize, but Rayna apparently felt some pity for me and decided to drop her act.

“Oh I’m just kidding, Master. I don’t mind if you like big, well… humongous breasts. I mean, Azura’s are quite more than a literal handful, but…” She got a look in her eye – a look that told me we were about to have fun. “If you want big, humongous breasts, then all you had to do was ask – or, better yet, command.”

As she finished speaking, I felt a strange pressure on my chest, and once it was there, it kept growing. At first I thought it was me, or that Rayna was doing something to me, but one quick glance down cleared up my confusion. Rayna’s once-merely-big breasts had started to grow, and grow, and grow. They were acting like balloons, being inflated until they looked like they were about to burst. Before that happened – if, indeed, it was ever going to – Rayna stopped, and the alteration was complete. I had no idea what cup size she was, but I knew one thing: they were bigger than Azura’s, whose own unnatural melons were an impressive HH cup. My best guess was that Rayna had beaten her by two more.

“How… how are you doing that?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Hm hm hmm,” Rayna cutely chuckled, “it’s amazing how boobs can turn the most intelligent of men into bumbling buffoons. Remember, Master, I’m a succubus; I change to fit my lover’s desires, just like your cock does. I can just do it with my whole body”

As if to emphasize her point, her ass started to grow as well. By the time she was done, I was sure Rayna could give Kim Kardashian, or any of the Kardashians, a run for their money.

“You see, if you want something different, then all you have to do is ask. I could be tall, short, skinny, pleasantly plump, young, old…”

With each and every descriptor, her body morphed and changed to go along with it. It was a flesh whirlwind. The changes were happening so fast that I started to feel seasick, and then she decided to one-up herself again.

“Or if you want…” She paused, looking at Azura’s hand. “I could be another bitch for you to hump.”

Right before my very eyes, I saw her once perfectly tan skin turn gray; patches of soft, silky fur began to pop up in different places. Before I knew it, I was staring at a Rayna version of Azura. The chief difference was that, instead of electric-blue frosted tips all over her fur and hair, Rayna had opted for bold crimson. It was like Player One and Player Two in some old video game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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