Sudden Streak

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I’d lead you to the bedroom. You would have no idea what is going on or that anything special is about to happen.

Then, slowly, I’d undress you… if you reached for me I’d step back and say no, but I’d never stop looking you right in the eyes. I wouldn’t touch you more than necessary to remove your clothes but you would know that I was there just for you, with you.

Then, when you were completely naked, I’d lead you to the bed, lay you out on your back, and tie both of your hands together above your head to the headboard, and your feet to the footboard.

You’d lay there, watching me as I stripped just for you until I wore nothing but a pale pink, sheer bra and panties, garters and stockings.

And then I’d climb on top of you, but not really touching, not yet. Just hovering over you, the heat of my body warming you.

I’d lean forward, run my nails over your palms, your wrists, your forearms… SOOO lightly. You can barely feel my touch, just raising goosebumps. You’d strain up towards my breasts teasingly out of reach for your mouth, the nipples hard and pebbled against the sheer fabric.

I would punish you for moving – I would dig my nails in, and rock my ass against your hard cock. Then quickly raise out of reach again. You would curse me, order me to untie you, tell me how hard you’re going to fuck me when you get free, but I’ll just laugh, knowing you love it.

I’ll start scratching down your arms again, harder… raising welts. Leaving marks, because you belong to me. Down over your shoulders, your chest, your nipples. You groan, and I take pity, first barely flicking your nipples with the tip of my tongue, then lapping with the raspy flat, finally suckling, nipping, biting, laving until you’re thrashing under me, trying desperately to wrench free so you can rip my panties off me and fuck me until I know who’s boss.

I glance up at you straining against the ropes and I smile, so wicked, knowing I have you all to myself. Knowing I’ll get to play until I’m done with you.

I rise up again, quick as a snake, and suck your Adam’s Apple into my hot mouth. Nip at the point of your chin. Nibble on your bottom lip until you give in and let me into your mouth… so angry with me, thinking to deny me. But I suck your tongue and lick your teeth until you’re helpless to fight me again.

Back down to your chest, poised above you, my weight supported on my hands and knees (just how you like me best with my pretty, pink ass raised in the air), I lick the lines of your pecs, angling down to your naval… slow licks like lapping ice cream. The salt of your skin tastes so good to me; I’ve longed to have my wicked way with you. Lower, lower, the silk of my stockings torturous whenever it rubs against your legs as I slide down your body, only my tongue and the tips of my hair trailing over your skin. Until finally, my mouth is where you really want it. My breath hot and moist on your cock, my hair tickling your thighs, my eyes on yours as you strain to keep your head up to see every delicious thing I’m going to do to you. No longer fighting me, just praying I won’t stop and hoping you won’t have to beg… but knowing you will.

Slowly, I lower my mouth to your flesh. You strain up, trying to reach me… but you’re tied too tightly and I stop just before contact. You snarl my name, angry again, wanting, desperate…. I laugh and suddenly dip lower to graze my teeth against the base of your cock. Your sudden jerk forces me to grab your hips, use my weight to drive them down to the bed. Now I’m sitting fully on your bound legs, my ass on your shins, my thighs clenched around your knees. Sliding my hands around to grip your firm ass, I suck your testicles into my mouth, all the while staring you right in the eyes. I work them with my tongue, grazing my teeth over the sensitive skin of your scrotum, chuckling at your continued snarls of desperation, the vibrations making you collapse back onto the bed, your head and eyes rolling back. You pull and tear at the rope binding your hands… but you’re not going anywhere.

Sliding further back, my breasts soft and silky against your knees now, I tongue your perineum, my hands pulling your ass cheeks apart, forcing your thighs apart as far as I can to allow space for me to work my tongue back to your asshole. A light feathering and your whole body convulses. I have to back off or you’ll ruin my fun.

When my weight eases off your legs, you look up sharply – half hoping I’ll untie you and half afraid I will. You love everything I’m doing to you… you want to me to use your body. You’re so strong and I’m so small, so fragile… you worry you’ll hurt me sometimes because you want me so badly… but I know and I’ve taken the pressure off you. I will do the taking and you love it.

I sit up on your thighs and just look at you, my head cocked to the side. Like I’m asking what you want, but you know if you tell me, I’ll be sure not to give it to you. I’ll torture you with what you want from me. And you’re so close to begging now, you seal your lips together, clench every muscle gebze escort in your body, and just try to hold it together. After all – you can smell how wet I am. See my nipples straining against the sheer fabric of my filmy, flimsy bra. How much longer can I really hold out?

You watch me as a wicked gleam comes to my eyes, and a slow, evil smile spreads across my lips. My tongue slides out to wet them, and my teeth slowly let the bottom one slide out from between them. I reach behind me… and unfasten my bra. The cups spring loose, the huge mounds they were barely restraining desperate to be free. Slowly I slide the straps down my arms… until I can toss the scrap of fabric away. You could see my pale, full, heavy, round tits the whole time behind the see-through fabric… but having them fully exposed still sends a shock straight to the tip of your cock. It twitches at me… wanting to be inside me so badly.

When I start playing with my nipples, lightly running my nails over them (you remember how that felt), then scratching harder (you can feel the echo in your own nipples), then pinching, squeezing as much as my tiny hands can grasp, then cupping and lifting them to my own mouth, my tongue snaking out to lap at the hard, pink tips, you start to wonder just how long I’ll make you wait as your mouth waters and your tongue desperately tries to moisten your own suddenly dry lips.

Once my nipples are glistening and shining, I lower my hands back to the bed beside your hips, and keeping eye contact with you the whole way down, I slowly settle the soft, heavy, warm weight of my tits directly over your twitching cock until it’s nestled right up deep in between them. And then I start rocking on my knees. Slowly, gently, softly. Your cock sliding so hard between my tits. Licking my lips again, I rest more of my weight on your thighs, and cup my tits… squeezing them together, making the sheath you’re sliding through tighter, but still so soft… so warm. As I speed up my rocking, the silk of my thighs rubs harder against your legs, the friction of my tits on your cock has your spine bowing, and as the tip of your gorgeous cock peeks from between my breasts, I lick it. Stealing a drop of pre-cum. You watch me tasting you, savoring you, rolling your flavor around in my hot, little mouth. You’re so close to begging me… when I suck you in on the next thrust. Inch by inch I take in as much as I can, as much as I can reach, but you’re so big – I’ve never managed to take you all in anyway.

It’s too much. You feel your testicles start to draw up, the tingle at the base of your spine. You start to warn me that you’re going to come… in my mouth, on my tits, fuck you’re going to come all over me….

And that’s when you feel the snick of the cock ring.

The look of utter and complete betrayal in your eyes wars with the just-about-to-come twist of your mouth. You literally stop breathing for a moment, your body taut as a bowstring under mine, your raging cock engorged and purple with unfulfilled lust… I have never wanted you so badly. Having you at my mercy, the power to use you as my own personal, life-sized sex toy…. With a last, cruel swipe of my tongue against your cock head, I back down your body – so slowly. Letting you feel every inch of my body against yours, dragging my breasts along your legs, trailing my hair down them, running my teeth over your thighs, tickling your knees with my tongue, until finally I stand up on the bed, my feet straddling your legs, looking down on you with a tilted head, a wicked smirk, and one sardonically raised eye brow – a goddess in sheer pink silk, sent to Earth to torture you with pleasure.

You are beyond words. You want to rage at me, beg, demand, plead, command. You’re dying for release and so afraid I’ll leave you like this. You can’t take your eyes off me as my thumbs hook into the sides of my panties. You can see how the silk has been made even more sheer by my wetness and all thoughts of your raging cock fly out of your head – your mouth watering, your tongue suddenly desperate to be put to use.

Instead of tugging down, my thumbs just play with the waistband of the tiny scrap of fabric. Both running from my hips to meet together in the middle, where my fingers press in and slide down over the slight mound of my mons, to delve between my legs, rubbing over the wet, clinging fabric, all while my thumbs pull the fabric so that it dips and creates slack for my fingers to press and prod into my wet softness. You watch, mesmerized as my breasts are pushed together by my upper arms, my hands shoved down hard into my crotch, my fingers dipping and playing, squeezing and sliding over the saturated fabric.

Suddenly both hands begin to rise back up my body, the fingers of my right hand stopping to slide under the waistband, and you watch them through the sheer fabric as the tips part my vulva, as my erect, hooded clit is exposed, as they spear through the lips to the dripping opening of my cunt. They circle that opening that göztepe escort you long to enter with your own fingers, your tongue, your angry, solid length. My fingers gather moisture, then backtrack to my clit. I moan, low in my throat, my head thrown back, my thigh muscles twitching. You expect me to collapse any moment as I struggle to maintain my balance standing over you on the bed, my breaths coming faster and faster, my breasts rising and falling rapidly.

My left hand continued to travel up my body, past my naval, over my stomach, to cup one heavy, pale mound. My nipple peaking between my fingers, begging to be pinched, licked, sucked. My hand begins to squeeze and massage my breast to the same rhythm as the fingers of my other hand are rubbing in small circles around my clit. I pinch a nipple between two fingers, rolling it between them as I do the same to my clit. You watch me touching myself… putting on a show just for you, straining with your whole body to touch me, anywhere, in any way. You are starving for me, aching….

And this breaks you like being denied your orgasm didn’t. You beg, finally, groaning, “please… please let me touch you.”

I lower my chin to my chest, my breasts continuing to rise and fall rapidly with harsh breaths, and I meet your starving eyes. My hands continue their ministrations, slower, but no less intense. You see me consider your plea, deciding whether or not to take pity on you as I continue to pleasure myself. Finally, my breathing gentles, my hands still, and slide back to my waistband, thumbs hooking in again, this time to draw the material down over my hips, my thighs, over the garters, the stockings, until I can let go and they flutter the rest of the way down, pooling at my feet. Gracefully, I step out with one foot, then the other, kicking them over the side of the bed.

As you watch them float away, I pounce, landing on your chest, my arms and knees braced at your sides on the mattress, bearing my weight. I attack your mouth again, my lips and tongue and teeth forcing a response from you as you struggle to keep up. My breasts are flattened to your chest, my thighs squeezing your hips, the silk of my skin softer than the silk of my stockings, my pussy hot and wet against your stomach, and my ass torturing your cock head with every movement of my hips as I grind my cunt against you.

Pressing harder to your chest, I stretch against your length, nipping down over the point of your chin, along the line of your jaw, to your ear, my breath hot and ticklish on your neck. I whisper, “do you want to taste me?”

Your reaction is immediate – your whole body risng from the bed, taking me with you, my weight settling fully against you as my hands and knees are lifted from the mattress, supporting us on your straining shoulders and your feet braced against the footboard.

I pull back to look at you, chuckling…, “I’ll take that as a yes. Should I ride your face, your mouth?”

In reply, you lick your lips, your mouth falling open in a harsh exhalation, a guttural groan of longing.

“You need to lower us back to the bed if you want that.” We drop like a rock and I laugh again as I slam into you even more heavily, losing my laughter as the bounces of the mattress rock my cunt against your stomach muscles.

With clenched jaw, I slowly begin to crawl up your body, my nipples peaked and rasping against your skin, until you turn your head lightning fast and capture one in your mouth. Suckling hard, twisting your tongue around it, you latch on as roughly as you can before my movement up your body forces you to let go. As soon as my breasts clear your vision, as my chest lifts off you when I reach to grab the headboard, your eyes drop to watch my pussy inching closer to your face. You can feel my moist heat as I hover over your chest, my thighs clenching around your ribs as I work my way above your mouth, finally poised right above you. This close you can practically taste me already. Your head is lifted from the pillow as high as your straining arms and shoulders can raise you, but I remain just out of reach. You force your eyes off my beautiful, glistening wet pussy and look up the length of my body, past the valley of my breasts, to meet my eyes.

“Don’t make me beg again”, your voice pleading anyway.

With a smile, I spread my knees, and your gaze snaps back down to watch me get closer, closer, until the tip of your tongue can begin to gather my flavor, your eyes rolling back in your head as I settle fully over your lips, just stopping short of resting my weight against you. Normally you would take your time, slowly working every part of me, licking, kissing, sucking, biting, but I’ve pushed you so far… you’re ravenous. Your jaw stretching wide, sucking in as much as you can, my pussy lips engorged with blood, hot and full and so fucking soft. You spear your tongue into me, curling it against my walls, gathering as much of my flavor as you can, swallowing convulsively. The moans and whimpers of my pleasure haramidere escort are driving you insane. You need me to cum. You need to feel my cunt clench around your tongue, taste the flood of my orgasm. You force your attention away from my opening, wrapping your lips around my clit, sucking hard, sliding your teeth against it, thrumming your tongue against it, all as fast and as rough as you can. Without being able to hold my hips still, I’m jerking against you, screaming, writhing, begging you to make me cum and you thrill with this bit of power you’ve regained.

Suddenly, every muscle in my body goes tense. I jerk against your mouth, mashing your lips into your teeth, practically breaking your nose but you don’t care because you can see my head thrown back, hear my cries of pleasure, feel the fluttering of the muscles in my thighs…. Until finally I go limp, and you quickly rip your mouth down to my cunt to lap up my release, drowning in my taste, arrogant with ego that you’ve brought me this pleasure.

My body goes more and more limp until I slide off you, curling next to your bound body on the bed, cuddling into you, my breasts so soft against your side, one leg still thrown over your stomach, my warm, damp cunt pressed to your hip.

Minutes seem to turn to hours as I recover. You begin to worry I’ll fall asleep before I can untie you, before I release your cock from the ring, before you get to fuck me as hard and as fast as I deserve, goddamnit. Finally I begin to stir against your side. I push up with one hand against your chest, my hair falling in curtains around my face until I push it back with my other hand. My eyes seem glazed over, out of focus and you know I haven’t really gotten over the tongue lashing you gave me yet. Sitting up fully, I reach out, seemingly almost in a daze, and run my fingers gently, softly over your engorged, rigid length, sliding the foreskin between my fingertips.

“God, I love your cock”, I mutter, under my breath, almost like I don’t even know you’re there. But then I turn my head and you see my eyes have cleared… I look a little evil again, and a thrill races up your spine wondering what is going to happen now. “Time for the best part.”

Sitting up fully, I swing my legs off the bed and walk out of the room. I’m gone for several minutes, but you can hear me moving around in the house. You’re desperate to know what I’m up to. What could I possibly have planned now? Still, the thought of me walking through the house in just those stockings… that’s really hot. You wonder if you could convince me to walk around that way all the time.

Lost in your imagining, you don’t immediately notice I’ve returned. I clear my throat and your eyes snap over to me where I’m standing in the doorway, leaning on the jamb, just watching you, clearly amused. My hands are behind my back and a shiver of both fear and lust tingles through your whole body wondering what I’m concealing.

With a slow smile, I push lazily off the wall and stroll back over to you and the bed. “Maybe I’m not holding your attention? Maybe I need to try harder?” You watch as I pull one hand out from behind my back to reveal a strip of black cloth. A blindfold? No way… I wouldn’t blindfold you… I know how much you love to watch my tits sway, my ass clench, my pussy take you in. I wouldn’t deprive you of that… would I?

You can’t see the other thing I’m holding as I bend to set whatever it is on the floor next to the bed, then crawl up beside you and lean forward to, sure enough, tie the piece of fabric over your eyes. You try to twist your head out of reach, you toss and turn and try to buck me off, but I just stay with you until it’s tied firmly over your eyes and you can’t see a thing.

“Why?” you ask.

But there’s no answer. Unless the other piece of fabric wrapping around your head and between your lips is the answer. Not just blindfolded but gagged now as well, you feel my weight leave the bed and hear me pick up whatever I set down. You’re dying of curiosity and half dreading something painful or awkward. I’ve never done anything like this… we’ve never discussed adding kink to our sex… you’re at such a loss to know what to expect…. But, you have to admit – this is really freaking hot.

You hear me moving around in the room, turning your head this way and that to try to track my movements, figure out what I’m doing by the sounds I’m making, but you just have no clue. What in the world am I up to?

Suddenly the mattress dips again and you know I’ve climbed back up. You feel me swing a leg over you as I move to straddle you again. The silk of my stockings slithers against your thighs as I climb up your body, seemingly balancing only on my knees, until you can feel my warmth centered above your cock.

Not able to see what I’m doing, the anticipation is killing you… god, won’t I just touch you already… something?!?! Without warning, my hot, wet pussy is pressed against your cock, sandwiching it between your belly and my soaked cunt. I begin to move back and forth on you, my lips opening and enveloping you, the slick glide pure heavenly torture. You feel my hands on your thighs, my hair tickling your knees, and you realize I must be reaching back, bracing my weight on my hands…. You can picture me arched, my head hanging back, my breasts thrust out and high, swaying with every movement of my hips grinding against yours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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